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2019-06-21 01:07 53003763 Anonymous (c3acba9525539847b1906373d76095bb64aec9075b3bc558722d9cd06590a237.png 310x261 172kB)
W-where can i make a bf online?

1 min later 53003789 Anonymous
Look at all these desperate losers below, let's laugh at them

3 min later 53003807 Anonymous (285.jpg 334x506 43kB)
>>53003763 Provide an application of stats and I may review.

4 min later 53003836 Jew Slayer
>>53003763 Go on discord, create another account, a bf one, use your own account and talk with yourself. Problem solved.

5 min later 53003847 Anonymous
>>53003763 I'll be your bf(girl). Are you a boy?

15 min later 53003991 Anonymous
>>53003763 if u want a shallow bf go to discord, you will most likely fall in love with one easily and break up a few months later

37 min later 53004265 Anonymous
>>53003763 cmon babe, lets get out of here. Whats your digits?

42 min later 53004308 Anonymous
In Dragons Dogma you can make your own companion, its a decent game. You could pretend it's your bf for a while. Also try those ai chatbots maybe but I don't know any.

45 min later 53004339 Anonymous
>>53003847 can i be your gf(male) original comment for some reason

46 min later 53004350 Anonymous (3471668331_bab07acc9d.jpg 334x500 50kB)
>>53003763 W-would you like to play Pokemon and stardew valley with me, A-anon?

48 min later 53004364 Anonymous
>>53004308 OP, just get an actual boyfriend game like Mystic Messenger or Amnesia: Memories or Tokimeki Memorial or something.

48 min later 53004374 Anonymous (1560819214368.png 800x877 688kB)
In steam, there is plenty of losers on that site you sure can grab some e-bf there. I used to catfish people in there and make them believe that i was a '' le cute femboy '' so they gave me free csgo skins. Ez fucking money man

58 min later 53004476 Anonymous (3017212B-E97A-44F7-BA75-8011645FAB85.jpg 713x1150 140kB)
Easy just follow @latbrah on Instagram Instant e bf

1 hours later 53004487 Anonymous (7b7bd5cacbdebd5eadd4426da69fcf3b8f9664d48668b09b942fe6f7b386f5bd.png 457x645 131kB)
>>53004350 Yes of course !I'd love to

1 hours later 53004513 Anonymous (148hfh.jpg 1280x720 55kB)
>>53004487 Y-you actually want to play g-games with me? Wow... I'm shocked! What's the catch, Anon?

1 hours later 53004514 Anonymous
>>53003763 >online ya dont, dont kid yourself, everyone online is ugly irl and you would be dissapointed 99% of the time, and e-bf isnt a real bf its just larp, no better than furry roleplayers

1 hours later 53004544 Anonymous (242b808f0367bfe3ea32268be91408f46a42c8d0a04ede2085f34948307986a4.jpg 852x852 43kB)
>>53004513 You are very cute >>53004514 Idc really the internet is a second world created by humans,can you define what is real anon?We can meet eventually anyways.

1 hours later 53004570 Anonymous (7857643.png 500x532 333kB)
>>53004544 I am NOT cute, Anon! I'm just a dumb boy!

1 hours later 53004592 Anonymous (1560724711.png 601x1080 1034kB)
>>53004570 So what?I still find you very cute i want to squish you

1 hours later 53004615 Anonymous (6wefibh0irt01.png 586x634 282kB)
>>53004592 That's awfully kind of you, Anon... I think y-you're pretty cute t-too! But I think it's a bit too soon for squishing, we're not even married yet!

1 hours later 53004623 Anonymous
WHY egf always ignore me for stuttering anon? Me dum dum but not beta, me chad esque

1 hours later 53004631 Anonymous
>>53004544 >we can meet eventually anyways. you can but i just told you, you would be dissapointed 99% of the time, that holds true for fucking facebook and other normie shit, people are never the same irl what they are online, be appearance wise or socially wise, on fucking 4chan though the chances of finding someone you'd be satisfied with and not immensely dissapointed with are probably 1 in million

1 hours later 53004669 Anonymous (d46384b55e78822208b5be06b7449b897aac6c03180f70dd2d41bea5e0a0bdb8.gif 500x458 1981kB)
>>53004615 Let's talk and get to know each other then,post contact :p >>53004631 Yeah that might be true but who cares anon,this is what i want to do right now.Thanks for trying to help though.

1 hours later 53004685 Anonymous
Where do I find a gf irl friends? Baffles me how people even come across females.

1 hours later 53004698 Anonymous (1512054252966.png 569x569 573kB)
>>53004669 Post yours, it's your thread, Anon!

1 hours later 53004702 Anonymous
>>53004685 thats the million dollar question, good luck figuring that out

1 hours later 53004727 Anonymous (b171cccedd9b0bbc5691baaf80234f3afa0ea3b8b768e2d7700ed77b285e433a.png 456x653 298kB)
>>53004698 Do you promise to add me no matter what?I don't want to post it for nothing

1 hours later 53004757 Anonymous (Oumuro.Sakurako.full.704989.jpg 1137x1400 600kB)
>>53004727 desu I'd like to learn a little more about you before we exchange discords, Anon...

1 hours later 53004770 Anonymous (6e508a7a351188fe918b7e34f55bf335a1aa985fd9e0a044d8333c83ae1a0bd7.jpg 1000x1000 468kB)
>>53004757 Sure ask anything fren.

1 hours later 53004775 Anonymous
I found my gf on chatroulette

1 hours later 53004781 Anonymous (103588.png 800x800 598kB)
>>53004770 Eh, just tell me a few things about yourself!

1 hours later 53004788 Anonymous
>itt larping trannies

1 hours later 53004791 Anonymous (2c25ca2857260db2c6665c8008d57b449d88c5c9b4aff0f408e114418cad16d7.jpg 381x342 68kB)
>>53004781 On second thought let's just add each other first i don't want ppl to see..

1 hours later 53004800 Anonymous (cd7ed26d591016becf78690d33183c7aefb595d15f932d9111d7db2a8278f0d8.png 301x414 87kB)
>>53004781 Can't we just go on discord?I don't want ppl to see..

1 hours later 53004802 Anonymous (5LYzTBVoS196gvYvw3zjwC4s9asIklO8HA02LeSObKI.gif 360x360 434kB)
>>53004791 I wouldn't want to add you just to find out we have little in common and live far, far away from one another...

1 hours later 53004806 Anonymous (81484c230aab4aa8b0d1fe85344a9e19fefe02427b3593502558e5cf1ee3f0d8.jpg 380x380 95kB)
>>53004791 >>53004800 This is weird af fuck 4chan servers

1 hours later 53004816 Anonymous
>>53004791 thats code word for: " im a 5,5 overweight hairy ugly tranny"

1 hours later 53004833 Anonymous
>>53004802 > far, far away do you live in the UK? negroso

1 hours later 53004838 Anonymous (83afb69139e8d35cd4b90d79e986c66a40d2c6e64ffbb1c6e28e6f6cad7d218b.jpg 599x600 38kB)
>>53004802 Well if we are on the same continent its good enough(europe)

1 hours later 53004850 Anonymous (dMecNcX.gif 362x480 155kB)
>>53004833 >>53004838 why are there two of you now... and yes

1 hours later 53004888 Anonymous
>>53004850 Now there is three

1 hours later 53004890 Anonymous
>>53004850 you're not mute anon right? i hope not

1 hours later 53004898 Anonymous (381e22237438c8e0c1083c37fbfb2f4c2a55bea921927f798d73d1f99aa3278b.png 671x603 160kB)
>>53004850 Ok then here is my discord add me higurashi#7081.He is trying to steal you :/

1 hours later 53004940 Anonymous (Girlsfrontline+aka+your+favorite+rifleshotgunhandgun+and+machine+guns+are+now+_50b29e8316fec2a715e33adedfc0f2ba.jpg 1000x1412 163kB)
>>53004888 >>53004890 >>53004898 explain yourselves, retards

1 hours later 53004959 Anonymous
>>53004940 explain what, im just wondering if you're mute anon.

1 hours later 53004965 Anonymous (edc5c89692b2b4b8923ffdc5216ec38b71718cef2f9c73a676cf18e6e829fd1f.gif 500x281 478kB)
>>53004940 I'm the anime poster you've been talking to this whole time,so will you add me or are you just making fun of me :/

1 hours later 53004968 Anonymous (56745769098097976.jpg 215x235 10kB)
>>53004959 No. Now go away >>53004898 Where are you from

1 hours later 53004973 Anonymous (smile.jpg 538x264 50kB)
>>53004940 im just here to talk and have a bit of fun

1 hours later 53004988 Anonymous (1560984852880.jpg 919x1200 189kB)
I can't wait for the "relationships" made in this thread to fail after you guys decide to ghost each other once a few days pass!

1 hours later 53004989 Anonymous (0f01237651483c77800a442f48889955fbf258adaf6f7afef9d211f83b8d2a48.jpg 768x614 257kB)
>>53004968 Europe like you we will be able to play games together

1 hours later 53005003 Anonymous (654654.jpg 600x750 202kB)
>>53003763 I want a wholesome relationship with another anon

1 hours later 53005013 Anonymous (5905832095.png 820x718 561kB)
>>53004989 Europe is a large place, Anon.

1 hours later 53005028 Anonymous
>>53004988 i'll never ghost >>53005003 r9k wholesome pick one

1 hours later 53005029 Anonymous
>>53005013 Ok so you just made fun of me,i can't say where i'm from here.Not cool :/ bye anon

1 hours later 53005054 Anonymous (6785654.jpg 1000x1400 186kB)
>>53005028 >r9k wholesome pick one I know there are sweet and wholesome people here! I just need to find them

1 hours later 53005056 Anonymous (a77c9124b6d711ab153bc3b7f1eca92395f054c0_hq.jpg 1024x826 70kB)
>>53005029 Okay, well if we're not from the same country then it wasn't going to work out anyway.

1 hours later 53005066 Anonymous (d0f7b8af0ebde70e225ebf1b94b8609281cd401691dcc30461b0510266ca3585.png 500x500 431kB)
>>53005029 wew lad originali commento

1 hours later 53005068 Anonymous
>>53005029 > where i'm from here you're too fucking paranoid, he already told he from UK just asnwer how close is that, migth as well be another continent if you cant meet

1 hours later 53005076 Anonymous (wholesomecake.jpg 750x870 89kB)
>>53005054 This is the most wholesome i got with it i'll wish you luck m8

1 hours later 53005123 Anonymous (hataraku_maou_sama-09-emi-bored-displeased-unhappy-comedy.jpg 1280x720 111kB)
>>53005066 >>53005068 It's okay Anons, I'm used to /r9k/ boys being a total fucking mess. I expected it, if anything.

1 hours later 53005124 Anonymous (07364f24a7d1ebbe756a84c94b2aa842b434c250f1b107ed481c44891180a7f6.png 983x547 780kB)
>>53005056 I'm sorry for being mean if you want to be game buddies you can add me.I want to end this conversation on good terms.I wish you the best anon.

1 hours later 53005140 Anonymous
>>53005123 are you a dude? shouldnt that be the first question?

1 hours later 53005146 Anonymous
>>53005140 Are you fucking retarded? originally commenting

1 hours later 53005150 Anonymous
this thread is the reason why this board needs to be erased, also because of the trannies.

1 hours later 53005160 Anonymous
>>53005140 he is a /cuteboy/

1 hours later 53005161 Anonymous
>>53005146 yes, i am, wouldnt be here if i wasnt

1 hours later 53005171 Anonymous
>>53005150 erase me daddy uwU

1 hours later 53005178 Anonymous (13817.png 192x193 45kB)
>>53005140 Everyone here is a boy, dumbo.

2 hours later 53005188 Anonymous
>>53005178 But how many are cuteboys and or can become cuteboys?

2 hours later 53005190 Anonymous (__sonozaki_shion_higurashi_no_naku_koro_ni_drawn_by_takae_poupee_en_biscuit__eea024dc50c48397d34740bf4386a2c9.jpg 880x1434 345kB)
>>53005054 Hello there, Anon! oreororieoeororiginao

2 hours later 53005201 Anonymous (1559160579020.png 381x594 207kB)
>>53004898 I added you, did you get my request?

2 hours later 53005218 Anonymous (Rena-ryuuguu-2624.jpg 300x415 21kB)
>>53005190 Hello fellow Higurashi anon how may I help you?

2 hours later 53005233 Anonymous (93238960374.png 540x482 274kB)
the cute r9k boys are never in the uk >:(

2 hours later 53005238 Anonymous
>>53005056 europe will be a single country in less than 10 years because of the european union

2 hours later 53005246 Anonymous
>>53005233 i've heard of a few but there are zero in the deep south boy

2 hours later 53005262 Anonymous (dlet.jpg 1024x578 62kB)
>>53005238 Yeah, but if he's that far away then we can't frot while playing vidya and cuddling every day.

2 hours later 53005323 Anonymous
>tfw just want a qt robot boy to talk to my depressed ass

2 hours later 53005361 Anonymous (tenko fast.gif 343x400 474kB)
>tfw have been in an online relationship with someone for 3 years going on 4 and about to meet them since they live 4 hours away >they like 2hu just as much as I do

2 hours later 53005448 Anonymous
>>53005361 >3-4 years why'd it take so long?

2 hours later 53005470 Anonymous (1560886849316.jpg 1000x1000 154kB)
>>53005361 Jaypees falling in love is a beautiful sight, you have my congratulations anon!

2 hours later 53005485 Anonymous
>>53005470 kys tranny, originally of course

2 hours later 53005533 Anonymous
>>53005485 Don't be mean to Anon! That's not very nice! >:(

2 hours later 53005694 Anonymous
>>53005233 im in the uk but I found a gf from another board

2 hours later 53005721 Anonymous
>>53005694 i'm a boy, you retard that said a gf would be nice, too

3 hours later 53006107 Anonymous
>>53003763 Please be my gf, you can make me into whatever you want and I'll be online at the time of your choosing

3 hours later 53006220 Anonymous (1501567480224.jpg 550x450 24kB)
ITT in a nutshell lamo@fagits

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