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2019-06-21 01:02 53003681 Anonymous (1427258453205.jpg 713x950 540kB)
>penis inspection day is tomorrow W-what do, anons!?

3 min later 53003732 Anonymous
>>53003681 Who the fuck cares? Shoot the bitch who tries to cut your dick off, youre twice as strong as she is

5 min later 53003775 Anonymous
>>53003681 Obviously I would resist. They'll take my life before they take my dick. Finally I'd find passion in life, a battle worth fighting, a cause worth dying for.

14 min later 53003915 Anonymous
Hey sometimes you gotta just relax and see where fate takes you. Last PID the nurse scolded me because I didn't blow a fat enough load to pass the test. They were telling me if I didn't ejaculate a man's load I would be put on hrt and turned into a sissy that serviced alpha male cock forever. But I insisted and they gave me a second chance. I spent every week edging and edging. I made sure to eat healthy, run every day, and massage my balls 15 minutes a day. When PID retests came I blew such a big load that the nurses even complimented me on the size and texture! You can do it anon, don't sweat it

15 min later 53003936 Anonymous
>>53003915 Fuck off. REVOLUTION!!

16 min later 53003946 Anonymous
>>53003732 >>53003775 >dicklets can't even get to 6 inches pathetic.

22 min later 53004015 Anonymous
>>53003946 >He wouldn't fight on behalf of his fellow man >Accepts the rules of women and obeys like faithful hound Ultimate cuck.

22 min later 53004016 Anonymous
>>53003681 Any more similar pics?

25 min later 53004058 Anonymous
chad 6 inch donger here

26 min later 53004069 Anonymous (1560978107537.jpg 600x900 136kB)
>>53003936 But a revolution did put in the new dick laws remember? With the new matriarchal government bent on closing the "orgasm gap" between men and women the female president declared that all men had to be hung like bulls, shoot big loads, and have implants that prevent a man from orgasming unless expressly given permission by his female master

27 min later 53004070 Anonymous
why do people get off to this? what went wrong in their lives?

27 min later 53004072 Anonymous
>>53004015 >start the revolution and stick with it the entire way through >chad switches sides at the last minute and kills their leader >he gets all the glory ITS NOT FAIR

27 min later 53004079 Anonymous
>>53004015 > he worries that his dick is under 6 inch hahahahaha lil man id laugh and fuck that girl as she chops your tiny dick off

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