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2019-06-21 01:00 53003665 Anonymous Just a reminder (4949393.jpg 718x836 85kB)
Most normies think this way

1 min later 53003682 Anonymous
>>53003665 >normies constantly engage in empty, half-baked virtue signaling we know nigga

1 min later 53003685 Anonymous (,m.jpg 500x450 48kB)
>>53003665 why would i care, retard OP is a massive faggot

3 min later 53003714 Anonymous
>>53003665 I agree with him. That's not to say that they aren't plenty attractive and bangable at 18+, but it's a big gap in experience/perspective. Might just be because I work in education around high schoolers. They really don't know shit about anything. Certainly not someone I would seriously date as a grown adult. Hell, I wouldn't seriously date a 23 year old at this point. t. 32 y.o.

3 min later 53003720 Anonymous
>>53003665 Most don't, especially men. Listen to old rap songs and they were joking about fucking teenage girls in their songs all of the time. Of course it was a different time, but still. LxnWolf is just trying to get female approval. You can tell by his beard and the way he wears his hat. He probably posts relationship advice and motivational quotes to women on his Twitter. I'll go check.

4 min later 53003731 TRIPFAG
>>53003665 Half your age plus 7 isn't just for normies anon. I know limiting the dating pool might seem like a bad call for you, but in your case 80% of 0 is still 0. Besides, if the only way you could get laid is by emotionally manipulating a young adult, then maybe it's not the normies who are at fault.

4 min later 53003736 Anonymous
>>53003665 Im 25 and even as a fucking virgin I wouldnt daye someone under 21. Some 20 y/o was trying to fuck me a month ago and i was like fuck that, as badly as i want to im not some fucking weirdo. Probably my friends stigmatized me but whatever

4 min later 53003738 Anonymous
I will admit that I changed my tinder settings from 18 up to 21 now that I am a little older. I have no hatred for people who want to date 18 year old girls, they can be a lot of fun, but god damn are they immature. So many of them really do act like dumb teenagers still, which they are of course. Again, if you want to them by all means but for me they aren't worth it anymore.

7 min later 53003772 Anonymous (3133134B-F545-47D9-9E19-7A5C17B9241F.jpg 750x398 131kB)
>>53003720 He's one of these kinds of guys

7 min later 53003776 Anonymous
I'm 29 but i don't look it all. At most I look 26. I'm not gonna feel creepy until I am actually old.

11 min later 53003846 Anonymous
why in the HELL would u date an inexperienced, young girl? it's like buying a product with no reviews

19 min later 53003959 Anonymous
what's all this shit about dating? young girls are for fucking.

21 min later 53003983 Anonymous
>>53003846 more like buying a new car instead of a used car

24 min later 53004011 Anonymous
>>53003665 Not really. Most normalfags turn a pretty blind eye to pedophilia. For example, a lot of underage girls at my high school had sex and relationships with guys going to the local community college (age gaps up to 10 yrs). Most of their parents and friends parents don't care. The only time normalfags care about pedophilia is to virtue signal, or if the pedo happens to be a loser/outcast. Its probably one of the least mentioned double standards in modern society.

24 min later 53004018 Anonymous (soy_brain.jpg 700x734 109kB)
>>53003846 >Why would you drink a soda that hasn't had any dicks inside of it instead of one that has had 20 dicks inside of it?

26 min later 53004049 Anonymous
>>53003714 this dating someone isn't the same as wanting to fuck them

28 min later 53004071 Anonymous
>>53003983 >>53004018 and? they let u know it's worthwhile and not waste ur time

29 min later 53004086 Anonymous
>>53004018 that's your brain on inceldom

30 min later 53004088 Anonymous
>>53003685 this who gives a shit

32 min later 53004117 Anonymous (94CDF658-6630-41E2-8925-E50EDBAA4DF5.jpg 463x387 178kB)
>24 >use 16 year old as my person sex toy 16 is legal in my state so I'm good, thanks Mom for reconnecting with old friends.

35 min later 53004155 Anonymous
>>53003682 fbpb really all that needed to be said.

35 min later 53004157 Anonymous
Call me grandpa

38 min later 53004192 Anonymous
>>53003665 he specifies dating, not fucking i guess. I'm also gettin old and I don't think someone much younger than me would be a good option for dating, I definitely don't think i would be able to get along with an 18 year old in the long run. People that age still change a ton over the next few years and chances are very high that they change into a person you don't like very much anymore

38 min later 53004201 Anonymous
>>53003736 You're an actual fucking retard. I understand your point though. I am 25 and friends with a woman who is 28 and married and she is one of the few women I can talk to as a peer. Younger girls seem almost like children to me. I'd still fuck them though if any of them wanted me.

40 min later 53004216 Anonymous
>>53004011 Yeah pretty much. Hell this makes me regret not trying to nut in some girls when I was in CC. They were young but hey maybe...

42 min later 53004244 Anonymous
>>53003665 My mom and dad are 7 years apart, so I wouldn't view that as weird. I've had friends in their early 20's and late 20's date in college even.

56 min later 53004393 Anonymous
>>53004244 >My mom and dad are 7 years wow pedo alert

58 min later 53004413 Anonymous
>>53003665 what? no they dont, you commonly see 25 yos dating 13 yos, but maybe thats just the shithole that i live in

1 hours later 53004424 Anonymous
>>53003682 This. There's probably no real thought or introspection behind that retarded twitter npc's post. He just posted whatever seemed like it would make him look good for a moment of feeling superior. Personally I don't care what people's desires are and what they do as long as they are not hypocrites/ pretending their way is better

1 hours later 53004427 Anonymous (1426043943296.jpg 570x587 44kB)
>>53004018 >m-muh p-purity!!! >I only want a virgin girl!!! Lmao, no wonder you incels can't get sex. This is going to be you at 35: https://youtube.com/watch?v=tkFSAy1 1n0o

1 hours later 53004466 Anonymous (kpmuxk5ml5t11.jpg 643x463 28kB)
aight mr anon bout to head out

1 hours later 53004550 Anonymous (1501387442048.jpg 480x516 53kB)
>>53003665 >muh experience By that logic, if I'm a 30+ years old wizard, shouldn't I be looking to date 18 yo virgin girls, considering they will have a similar amount of experience and "maturity" as me? It's not like someone who was a kissless virgin his whole life would be able to relate to a divorced single mother anyway, but of course normies will just pretend people like us don't exist. It's amazing that normalfags who defend sexual "liberation" still try to shame men for being attracted to 18 yo girls, considering that for most of the history of mankind it was the norm for 30 year old men to get married to teenage girls, and it was never a problem until christian feminists started pushing for >muh purity in the XIX century.

1 hours later 53004564 Anonymous (1541339514929.png 1039x559 267kB)
>>53004427 >wOW some men actually want to marry a wholesome, loving woman instead of a rancorous whore dependent on Zoloft and Kariva like myself,,,,?????? >i better link this old clip from this obscure TV show of two VIRGINS who didn't even learn to KISS properly haHA what a funny joke just like your lives!!!!! >i said LAUGH ya fuckign INCELS!!

1 hours later 53004643 Anonymous
>>53004550 Stop fucking kids you lunatic

1 hours later 53004740 Anonymous (party van.jpg 597x391 72kB)
>>53004643 I just said I'm a virgin, you retarded tranny. I'm not fucking anyone. Know who was fucking kids, though? Every one of your male ancestors until the XIX century. Pedophilia is a modern invention, much like homosexuality and now transexuality, which weere considered diseases 30 years ago and are now suddenly acceptable to normies, because culture is ever changing. Anyway, are there any glowniggers in this thread? How much you get paid to shitpost all day? sounds like a comfy job. You don't do it for free like the jannies, right?

1 hours later 53004779 Anonymous
>>53003736 >>53003682 >>53003714 >>53003720 You're mostly idiots. The love between two youngsters is the most pure love you can find and the most likely to be successful in the long term. Especially if she's a virgin and you're her first. >b-but all girls are whores mostly yes. Find a nice traditional asian girl. They have much higher virginity rates.

1 hours later 53004922 Anonymous (yikes.png 612x676 264kB)
>>53004779 >asian girl >he fell for the gook meme >he has willingly accepted his children will look nothing like him, rather, like a subhuman version wew lad

1 hours later 53004939 Anonymous
>>53004740 That's wrong though. Historically people married early 20s and even in early civilization people matched up around the same age.

1 hours later 53004981 Anonymous
>>53003665 I mean my ex was 27 and I was 20 wasn't really weird and was kinda hot honestly

1 hours later 53005036 Anonymous
>>53004071 This! So, so much this. When my wife told me that she'd been with 12 guys before me, she was nervous and expected me to be upset or something. I actually laughed at her for being so nervous and said the same thing! Why would you want to eat at a restaurant with no reviews, versus a 5 star restaurant who all the critics in town are raving about? Just because she'd had sex with other men doesn't mean the sex I have with her now isn't "real" or is worth less or something. If anything, it's BETTER that she has this experience because now she's fucking kickass as fuck in bed.

1 hours later 53005094 Anonymous
>>53004922 says the inceI

1 hours later 53005100 Anonymous (not fbi.png 294x408 107kB)
>>53004939 Nah dude, just look at ancient Greece. Men couldn't even get married until they were 30 and got a young wife, and young boys were supposed to have pederastic relationships with older men before that. Children having sex wasn't just normal, it was the NORM. Historically, the family was responsable for deciding the age of consent, not the state, and it was generally considered that a girl was ready for marriage after her first menstruation (in other words, after becoming fertile), while men were expected to be more mature and well-estabilished first (to care for his wife). It was NEVER a problem until the modern age. This is not some wild claim I'm making, there is plenty of historic evidence to be found of this.

2 hours later 53005113 Anonymous (1FB19AF1-5C63-4F88-8D35-512398EAA687.png 1061x720 522kB)
My gf is 19 and im 32. It's normal in Asian cultures.

2 hours later 53005170 Anonymous
>>53003665 >caring at all what normies think Roasties constantly date guys older than them, including dating 30+ dudes when theyre 16 They only screech about it when they're too old to be attractive to guys like DiCaprio, who just laughs and dates someone younger

2 hours later 53005210 Anonymous
>>53005170 >Roasties constantly date guys older than them, including dating 30+ dudes when theyre 16 imagine thinking this

2 hours later 53005215 Anonymous
>>53003665 No shit? I have no fucking clue what I would even talk about with anyone below 30 if it's not stupid shit like video games or memes. They don't remember life before the internet, some don't even remember life before smartphones, their brains are wired completely differently and they honestly seem mildly retarded. It's hard enough to talk to regular retards.

2 hours later 53005223 Anonymous
>>53005100 more historic evidence of the complete opposite

2 hours later 53005268 Anonymous
>>53004779 kek being so dumb you fell for the asian girls are better and more pure meme. you dumb eternal virgin they are just as shit and hide it better. drop those silly delusions of some pure asian submissive waifu cuz they dont exist. and you marry her you marry her family and yes they expect you to cater to them and pay for them cuz "culture". dumb ass kid

2 hours later 53005276 Anonymous
>>53005210 It's true. Obviously not 100% of women date men older than them or men who are a decade+ older than them but it is pretty common. There's a reason men have fantasies about cheerleaders while women get fantasies from their daddy issues. Once they hit the wall, toasty roasties can't handle the fact that men are naturally attracted to younger women and women are naturally attracted to older men.

2 hours later 53005309 Anonymous
>>53004981 Fuck Outta here with your mangled pussy, roast beef.

2 hours later 53005328 Anonymous
>>53005276 >It's true. imagine thinking this

2 hours later 53005348 Anonymous
>>53003665 Time to play: Virtue Signaling or Overcompensating?

2 hours later 53005823 Anonymous
>>53003665 Would you really be OK with fucking someone who could be as old as your daughter or youngest possible sibling? Think about it

4 hours later 53006312 Anonymous
It's honestly weird, exposes you as mentally immature of handling someone your age and exploiting someone younger with selfish purposes. But of course all you can answer is your virtue signaling meme. Not sure how such stupid logic lets you sleep at night but hey, whatever that works

4 hours later 53006334 Anonymous
>>53005823 If it's legal and they make my peepee hard, yes. Why wouldn't I? Better than fucking some gross post wall roastie.

4 hours later 53006365 Anonymous
>>53004779 Anon young love is the most fickle thing in existence. Just because movies told you they were sweet and pure doesn't mean they actually are.

4 hours later 53006433 Anonymous (1560445772927.gif 800x800 182kB)
>>53003714 >>53003731 >>53003738 >>53003846 >>53004643 >"Having sex with a 18yo is NOT cool." Someone should rename this board to r/r9k. It's too late to fix this place

4 hours later 53006959 Anonymous
>>53004922 Sucks roastie, but I'm an ashkenazi Jew. My half brother is half chineses, and I'm half Mexican, and we both look like our father. My half brother doesn't even have the chinky eyes or the flat nose. If only I had inherited my jew dad's well defined jew jaw with perfect teeth including wisdom teeth.

5 hours later 53007088 FuckableFetus
>>53006312 >mentally immature of handling someone your age More like at that point you are not going to commit with someone your age and you just want to have a good time between two consenting adults. Stay salty lol

5 hours later 53007118 Anonymous
>>53003665 I'm 25 and I wouldn't date an 18 year old. we're not on the same level, I couldn't relate to somebody just out of HS. I am just not attracted to teenagers, sorry if that's controversial here.

5 hours later 53007172 Anonymous
Love is love, who gives a fuck what others think if it's legal and you've got some hot 18/19 year old pussy to stick your dick in

5 hours later 53007255 Anonymous
>>53003685 go to sleep brandon you degenerate

5 hours later 53007421 Anonymous (sen.jpg 1133x1080 73kB)
>>53007255 anon, who the fuck is brandon?

5 hours later 53007433 Anonymous
>>53003665 Honestly I'm 22 and I couldn't even date a 18 year old zoomer girl. I can never relate to anyone born after 2000 and my mind always registers them as children. I'm pretty sure I'll still think of them as children when I'm 30 and they're in their late 20s. Something must have happened sometime between 1996 and 2000 that makes people very different.

5 hours later 53007483 Anonymous
>>53007421 fuck you bitchtchtch

5 hours later 53007539 Anonymous
>>53003665 Nice virtue signaling strategy

5 hours later 53007542 Anonymous (c7c.png 612x491 99kB)
>>53007433 This, honestly. I was born in 1999 and find it difficult to relate to anyone born after 2002. I don't really envision any of them growing up and positively contributing to this world in any fashion. It's like being a father to all these children that never grew out of being children.

5 hours later 53007581 Anonymous (1560110897048.png 203x397 113kB)
>>53007433 >>53007542 I'm conflicted because I somewhat agree with not relating but I also think you both sound like stupid faggots

6 hours later 53007616 Anonymous
>>53003665 This nigger is high on virtue signalling. I am 29 and I am plowing a 18yo currently. Feminine, submissive, energetic, looks up to me, no feminist drivel and 1000 cock stare, low mileage. What's not to like? You can keep the hags that have ridden the entire campus though.

6 hours later 53007638 Anonymous
>>53007581 Ask me how I know you're 15

6 hours later 53007674 Anonymous
>>53007616 so let me get this straight, your "girlfriend" is 1. 18 years old and willingly fucking an old man but also 2. a chaste anti-feminist L M A O

6 hours later 53007710 Anonymous
>>53003665 I'm tired of homos and milf dillitantes trying to turn us into chubby chasers.

6 hours later 53007731 Anonymous
>>53004117 unless you are out of country is probably illegal. most (if not all) 16 year consent states still have a 3 year range until age 18.

6 hours later 53007821 Anonymous (1523215728085.png 469x452 283kB)
>>53007638 How? I was born in 99. Tell me why calling people bitching about another generation, or subgeneration within a generation, a faggot. It is different to some extent, but you attribute superiority to being part of the what? The good part of Gen Z? The good group of kids before everything went bad?

7 hours later 53008354 Anonymous
>>53003665 hes right you know prove him wrong

7 hours later 53008374 Anonymous
>>53003697 ummmm im gonna need a source on this. in my mind ive always thought it was whites. its whites.

7 hours later 53008409 Anonymous
>>53003665 what if you're 28 but look like you're 20? you don't have to actually tell everyone that, you can just lie

7 hours later 53008484 Anonymous
in my country you could even be fucked up by a mob if you are fucking an 18yo while being 25+

7 hours later 53008521 Anonymous
>>53003665 Oh Tyrone you are soooo wise, i bet you reject any 21 yr old that approaches you, damn you so mature

7 hours later 53008561 Anonymous
>>53003665 Ugly men who never took care of themselves and old hags think like that. Handsome masculine males fuck teens and early 20 year old chicks.

7 hours later 53008617 Anonymous (IMG-20190418-WA0002.jpg 720x712 52kB)
>>53003665 >wow look at this faggot he doesn't even want to fuck children or manipulate barely legal people 10 years younger than him who know absolutely fuck all about life bravo incels, well done

8 hours later 53008695 Anonymous
>>53005276 >women get fantasies about daddy issues who told you that? no women fantasise about old blokes with beer guts and bald spots who smell like patchouli and taint swear to god I only hear sketchy pedo types say this shit to justify the fact that child - like girls make their willy tingle

8 hours later 53008727 Anonymous
>>53005113 Asians are also low test Low test is tied directly to being attracted to kids and teens.

8 hours later 53008845 Anonymous
>>53003665 Anyone who uses twitter for anything but jokes or business is a goddamn fool

10 hours later 53009806 Anonymous
>>53007674 >29 >old man The chick is also normal. Not a feminist - not a doormat. A happy medium. >your girlfiend My plate

12 hours later 53010572 Anonymous
>>53003665 Personally I just discard everything said by an individual when they use "y'all" or something similar.

12 hours later 53010623 Anonymous
It looks like dating and fucking are the same thing to him

12 hours later 53010679 Anonymous
>>53008695 >who told you that? Not that guy but every woman I ever talked to for more than 5 minutes in the past 5-6 years. They usually ditch me as soon as I tell them I'm not into that creepy shit.

13 hours later 53011292 Anonymous
>>53003665 I don't want to date young women just put my dick in tbem

15 hours later 53012176 Anonymous
16 is prime pussy, you faggots dont know shit. thank god its legal in most countries

15 hours later 53012500 Anonymous
>>53003665 I dumped my 31 year old girlfriend for a 24 old that I met at a wedding and people treat me like a child snatcher. t. 32 year old male

15 hours later 53012530 Anonymous (1536039202837.png 580x771 318kB)
What if I'm an emotionally stunted retard that's still mentally 18? is it okay then i don't want to die without having experienced young love

16 hours later 53012888 Anonymous
>>53012530 Have sex, incel. Nothing wrong with more experienced women. Get over being intimidated by them.

17 hours later 53013198 Anonymous (1559850809723.jpg 1500x2122 1451kB)
>>53012888 >Get over being intimidated by them. i'm not intimidated by them i just don't want to die without ever experiencing the alternative

17 hours later 53013307 Anonymous
>>53003665 >7 year age gap is too big Next generation will only date within their birth month at this rate.

17 hours later 53013354 Anonymous
>>53007433 At my uni there are like two people that I know of who were born in 2000, and I heard one of them talking about how the iPad was a part of their childhood in the early 2010s. As a 1997fag, I'm one of the oldest people in the classes, and I feel like a dinosaur, even though people born in the 80s would still consider me a baby, since I wasn't a teenager yet when stuff like Youtube and the 360 first came out. I feel most at home with people born around like 1993-1998, I start to feel the generation gap with people born in 92, since they're old enough to consider themselves 90s kids, and the other generation gap comes with people born in 99, since they're the first ones that were too young for most early 2000s stuff.

17 hours later 53013374 Anonymous
All my girlfriends have been between 17 and 19. Its hot. Im 33 and they love it.

17 hours later 53013376 Anonymous
>>53003665 Im 25 i wait for my bois to be 14 Rather being predator than the prey

17 hours later 53013724 Anonymous
>>53012500 When you were 14 she was 6. That makes you a pedo in my book. >>53013198 Incel. Just like I thought. Virgin women are trash just like you. Experienced ones are.the best.

17 hours later 53013738 Anonymous (1538862707229.png 1024x1446 1751kB)
>>53013724 >Experienced ones are.the best. fr*ck off normalfag sex haver

18 hours later 53013755 Anonymous
>>53013738 t. Incel weeb chink lover.

18 hours later 53013804 Anonymous
having sex with is not the same thing as being in a relationship with >You're in a relationship with me. Everything will never be okay. (III Iron Man 114:49)

18 hours later 53013812 Anonymous
>17.999 years >OMG HOW COULD YOU EVER > 18 years > smash I'm not saying it's okay to fuck children, but god dammit the hypocrisy of some people...

18 hours later 53013831 Anonymous
I'd fuck a 21 year old, but not date them. I'd marry one when I get in my 50s though.

18 hours later 53013845 Anonymous
>>53013812 What's strange is that most states have an age of consent of 16. People act like it's 18 across the country.

18 hours later 53013893 Anonymous (file.png 244x73 4kB)
>>53013812 Given that the day of birth is what matters, the closest to 18 possible in the scenario you describe is 17.997 and not 17.999 >Attention, please! (I Spider-Man 2:03)

18 hours later 53013896 Anonymous
>>53013831 Another potential pedo like the on above. You'd molest a 1 year old when you're 30 if you'd marry a 21 year old when you're 50.

19 hours later 53014783 Anonymous
Younger people are for fucking. Still haven't though and probably won't but it's fun to think about sometimes. Would never date one because it simply wouldn't work. They'd never love me back either, let's get real. Infatuated, yes, maybe, but not love. For a relationship partner I need someone who's at least 30. Don't want anyone older than 34 though. t.32

19 hours later 53014895 Anonymous (1560419214329.jpg 665x574 25kB)
>be 29 khhv >19 year old girl makes moves on me >has to be incredibly blunt with her intentions for me to even start to think she wants me >the more we talk the more i realize she has daddy issues >fuck her a few times >she only comes around to cuddle and watch movies now not all norms have a problem with age

19 hours later 53014936 Anonymous
>>53004779 The only thing a "traditional Asian girl" is better for is hiding the fact that she's a whore underneath her innocent virgin facade. You're all a bunch of fucking retards.

19 hours later 53014965 Anonymous (13932891.png 1022x1144 1007kB)
>>53003665 I all only attracted to women who are over 35 and also 2d

19 hours later 53015011 Anonymous
>>53005036 >Hey honey I saw this restaurant on yelp that everyone who's visited has decided never to visit again. >Hey honey theres this new restaurant in town want to try it out Yeah mate good analogy.

19 hours later 53015310 Anonymous
>>53003846 Sexual experience is something men need, not women. For the most part women, no matter how experienced, are not the active participant. A man must demonstrate skill and technique and stamina, and the woman receives it as pleasure. The man has to actively think about what he's doing during sex; the woman usually just takes it.

21 hours later 53016656 Anonymous
>>53015011 Why do incels always gotta compare virginity to food and cars and forced analogies to make a point?

21 hours later 53016672 Anonymous
>>53015310 Shit like this is why everyone calls you a virgin.

22 hours later 53017396 Anonymous (1C5603BE-6CB0-468F-A7E0-22670C9ECD0F.jpg 1280x720 79kB)
>>53016656 What a stupid question. Why do retards complain about the way people make a point rather than just admitting they made one? >>53016672 "Everyone," as in normalfags, as in appeal to popularity, as in the opinions of people I don't give a fuck about.

22 hours later 53017556 Anonymous
Im 25 There's a 17 year old girl at work who keeps asking me to hang out, shes literally one of the cutest girls ive ever met. I have to refuse constantly otherwise im gonna be labeled as some predator by everyone I work with. Where the fuck was this attention when I was 17? Life is a cruel fucking joke lads

22 hours later 53017625 Anonymous
>>53013307 The zoomer girls I've fucked don't seem to care but I guess the neo-boomers will be as fucking retarded as their parents. Doesn't matter, I'll fuck them too!

22 hours later 53017644 Anonymous
>>53017396 no literally everyone, including yourself, virgin.

23 hours later 53018516 Anonymous (9m3oe3jg61y21.png 791x490 20kB)
>>53008617 >if an 18 year old has sex with an older person they're being "manipulated" ok anon

23 hours later 53018570 Anonymous (1559540551084.png 648x856 862kB)
>>53003665 I wouldn't mind a predatory weirdo 28-30 yo female wanting to date me (18) The problem is my face, however.

24 hours later 53019228 Anonymous
>>53017556 I'd still do it. Old whores and jealous men are no reason to deprive yourself or even this young woman from a happy life.

24 hours later 53019380 Anonymous
>>53017556 >Where the fuck was this attention when I was 17? Going to 25 year olds, maybe.

24 hours later 53019394 Anonymous
>>53004550 Sexual maturity isn't the only type of maturity that exists. Just because you haven't had a dick in you or put your dick into someone else doesn't mean you're on the same level as them. An 18 year old virgin girl is totally bangable but I don't think that's a standard that's very productive to have for a long-term mate. If you're 30+ you hopefully have other experiences to relate to someone with on a personal level and those experiences mean a lot more to you than the amount of sex you haven't had. I would hope you'd have an actual hobby by that point, that's something you could actually build a relationship on with another person. This is coming from an 18 year old girl who unfruitfully chases older men because I'm attracted to them and I have more common interests with them but I realise they have been through a lot more than me and there's a massive gap there just in terms of life experience. I'm not saying it's wrong to date someone much younger than you, I just don't think sexual experience is the thing you should base a relationship off of. Just because it's been the norm throughout history doesn't mean it's going to make either party happier necessarily. Just bang someone you like instead of prioritising their sexual inexperience being comparable to yours because your entire being doesn't consist of your untouched penis.

24 hours later 53019425 Anonymous
>>53019394 Protip: you're not special, you're going to stay the same forever too.

24 hours later 53019455 Anonymous
>>53019425 Amazing, it's almost like I never said I'm special or going to have a spiritual awakening when I'm 30 and this is a personally useful protip, thanks

24 hours later 53019546 Anonymous
>>53019455 Then why do you expect men to somehow become captains of industry over time instead of staying the same loser nerds as you?

24 hours later 53019574 Anonymous
>>53019546 I'm not sure where you're getting this from but I would like to know. All I said is that if you're older you should have a hobby and your penis does not comprise your entire sense of self.

24 hours later 53019658 Anonymous
>>53019574 Just a good thotdar, same way women can tell a creepy incel from the way he talks.

25 hours later 53019700 Anonymous
>>53019658 Ok explain how I'm a thot and how that's relevant to my point that you should bond with someone over an interest first and foremost over their mileage. Should add, if your only interest is staying pure and that's your partner's only interest too then I think it's a match made in heaven.

25 hours later 53019725 Anonymous
>>53019700 Out of curiosity, what really happened between you and Styxhexenhammer?

25 hours later 53019767 Anonymous
>>53019725 I barely know of the guy, what whore got dicked though? Is she cute?

25 hours later 53019817 Anonymous
Im 22 I would date a girl who is 18 not because im predatory, but because I have developmental issues. I still feel like a kid in high school

25 hours later 53019864 Anonymous
>>53019767 Come on, you can tell me, it's just for my personal use.

25 hours later 53019873 Anonymous
>>53003772 jesus i wish i could still cry

25 hours later 53019908 Anonymous
>>53019864 I would also like to know if there's a cute e-girl I don't have a folder saved of, do tell kind anon. It's just for my personal use.

25 hours later 53020023 Anonymous
>>53003665 > if Chad fucks a teen, its a love has no age meme > if Anon fucks one, you have Togo to jail because she is a week younger than you We are living with a thousand masks to avoid social shaming. This is fucking ridiculous.

25 hours later 53020276 Anonymous
>>53017556 you're a fucking brain damaged turbo retard if she's lawfully legal and you aren't going for it shit gets creepy or sad only if the age gap reaches 9

25 hours later 53020347 Anonymous
>misogynist normies taking away agency from women and telling them what to think >pretend to have moral high ground while treating women like clueless retards who cannot make choices for themselves There is literally nothing wrong with two adults dating. Yes, predatory sexual weirdos exist, but it has fuck all to do with 28 year old dating a 21 year old. I wish I could confront all these virtue signalling cucks and tell them to stop trivializing the hardships of those who have been actually sexually abused and manipulated. I'm so fucking mad.

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