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2019-06-21 12:59 53003650 Anonymous (1578237132178.png 588x446 209kB)
how do you cope with >tfw ywn be a girl?

0 min later 53003662 Anonymous
>>53003650 transitioning gender I am pretty happy with the results but I don't pass very well

1 min later 53003667 Anonymous
This world is made of suffering and you have to accept it by letting go of foolish, impossible dreams.

3 min later 53003688 Anonymous
>>53003650 just buckle up and take it like man, you could be a tranny but they are just faggot not girls, or you kys hoping for reincarnation, and being a girl wont solve your problems the world will still be shit

9 min later 53003790 Anonymous
>>53003688 >just buckle up and take it like man phrases like this hurt me more than any other why do I have to be a stoic asshole simply for what I'm born as? I'm a human too, I have feelings, I don't care if people expect me to be a hard-headed man, I'm an oversensitive crybaby and I don't think anything is going to change that. maybe it won't solve all my problems but maybe being a girl would at least make me content with being alive and existing

12 min later 53003827 Anonymous (1548631580683.jpg 456x846 70kB)
>>53003650 Don't listen to sinister manipulators like >>53003662 , pic related is the kind of operation they want you to go through. What you do is this: >get into investing >make it a life long side thing >buy into life extension (around 2050) >sit on your ass until cloning becomes a thing >first in line (with the right money) for those sweet, vat grown Stacey bodies That's my plan, good luck!

16 min later 53003896 Anonymous
>>53003790 >stoic asshole i didn't mean like, i meant that you're a dude and nothing will change that, you can be sensitive and cry all you want, you should probably find a gf that likes sensitive types, maybe that would make you change your mind, if not you should just take and endure it, or you turn into a faggot, but you should probably be good looking for that and not mentally unstable otherwise it will only end in disappointment and even more suffering

18 min later 53003924 Anonymous
>>53003827 yea, dont turn into a tranny, just a normal faggot if want but like i said be good looking for that and not mentally unstable

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