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2019-06-21 12:59 53003649 Anonymous (rex_512337sL011009-1-920x584 (1).jpg 920x584 75kB)
>be me >listen to shoegaze bands like My Bloody Valentine, Whirr, My Dead Girlfriend, and other such bands >then start listening to dark Post-Punk like Joy Division >for the first time in a long time feel inspired >write a song >actually feel proud of it even though the vocals could use some work, the mix is rough, and the production is laughable what do you anon's think about it? https://soundcloud.com/luis-cisnero s-214055251

12 min later 53003841 Anonymous
>>53003649 I wouldnt walk out of the basement show so its not bad

18 min later 53003932 Anonymous
>>53003841 thanks anon, when i listen to it I also try to imagine it in a basement show setting and it helps to not make me hate it too much, although Ill definetly be learning production and mixing techniques and Ill continue to take my singing lessons haha

19 min later 53003947 Anonymous
joy division is gay as fuck. thast why the singer hanged himself. gay as a bunch of 28 bananas

23 min later 53003989 Anonymous
>>53003947 he could suck cocks everyday on the regular and I would still jam out to his music

28 min later 53004047 Anonymous
>>53003649 I wouldn't mind if I had ability to make music like this

35 min later 53004134 Anonymous
>>53004047 I don't know if he has a drum set but it wouldn't be hard not even a little. >>53003649 I thought it sounded like a bunch of bigginers jamming together as a goof, reminds me of high school. I liked it, though the vocals made me angry because it reminded me of me.

48 min later 53004297 Anonymous
>>53004134 >the vocals made me angry because it reminded me of me in what way?

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