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2019-06-21 12:58 53003637 Anonymous 4 months nofap (1560903030788.jpg 1080x1350 75kB)
Today my dick will receive a grim reminder.

1 min later 53003657 Anonymous
I don't get why you like her so much. She looks like a trap and doesn't have a dick

3 min later 53003673 Anonymous
>>53003637 its like high school all over again. reaching my boiling point with these hos, im tellin ya

8 min later 53003749 Anonymous
>>53003637 turns out she made a fake account she destroyed her income

9 min later 53003768 Anonymous (52331996_576000506233965_5633282837572762438_n.jpg 320x320 19kB)
Nevermind. Just a scammong whore. Im done with this shit

53 min later 53004336 Anonymous
>>53003749 ? I don't know what this statement means can u explain. I live under a rock >>53003768

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