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2019-06-21 12:57 53003621 Anonymous (1525799225974.jpg 711x400 32kB)
Honestly only plant life deserves to live everything else should be wiped out

4 min later 53003676 Anonymous
>>53003621 Your wish is granted. All non-plant life is destroyed, including the nitrogen fixing bacteria in the soil that plants relied on, all bees and other necessary pollinators, all animals that fruit bearing plants used to spread their seeds, and a plethora of other non-plant organisms that plants evolved to rely on. All the plants eventually die, except for the most isolated of sea weeds and mosses.

13 min later 53003816 Anonymous
>>53003676 A shame for my plant bros but its for the best

27 min later 53004010 Anonymous
>>53003621 Too much oxygen would make the earth light into a giant blazing fire.

36 min later 53004121 Anonymous
>>53003621 This may yet be the decision that is made.

38 min later 53004145 Anonymous
>>53003676 You understand nothing about ecology. Plants don't require pollinators, they only help. Only a very small number of species of plants require a pollinator. And the definition of plant is not even settled so many organisms that a lot of people wouldn't even consider plants are considered plants by others.

1 hours later 53004434 Anonymous
>>53004145 Alright, you know where to go. Fucking tranny always fucking up a thread.

1 hours later 53004549 Anonymous
>>53004434 Be a contrarian anti-environmentalist asshole one more time. Plants are better than you. Trees should grow over your grave.

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