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2019-06-21 12:54 53003592 Anonymous (download (1).png 205x246 8kB)
how do I completely destroy my neighbors? how do I get my neighbors taken away and killed? every single one of my neighbors dogs. I want them taken away and one by one killed. I want every single one of them dead. >neighbors are fucking retards >get the most annoying god damn dog in the world >BUILD THE FENCE RIGHT NEXT TO THE GOD DAMN ROAD AND IN FRONT OF EVERYONES HOUSE >let it out every single day first thing in the morning at 6 am >starts fucking barking >vicious cock sucker >every time i walk past the house the fucking retard jumps out of the shadows fucking CHARGES up against the fuck jumping barking freaking the fuck out >they leave it out all night >barks at 4 am, 5 am, 6 am, 3 am, midnight, 10 pm, all day all night >I WANT IT DEAD >go for a night walk in the middle of the night >buzz instantly killed >retard dog charges the fence starts barking at 3 am pisses everyone off >sits outside my house and barking for hours straight >have not had one night in 10 years where i can sleep peacfully or take a nap or anything >freezing cold arctic winters it sits outside for hours barking >freezing cold nights sits outside in 30 degrees all night barking >they do nothing they are fuck old Podunk rube ass hillbillies. I want to just walk up on their porch knock on the door and just fucking fly into them beating the living fucking shit out of them. I keep hoping they die it wont happen and they are like 900 years old and fat. I am going to start flipping them off every single time I walk by their house and screaming fuck you but I want to fucking slit their throat. every time I close my eyes to sleep. shit dog barks. every time I try sleeping past 6 am. shit dog barks. every time I go outside. shit dog barks I want them dead. I WANT THEM DEAD

1 min later 53003607 Anonymous
>>53003592 just give him a big bone so he eats it instead of barking

2 min later 53003623 Anonymous
>>53003592 Give it poisoned food at night

10 min later 53003741 Anonymous
>>53003623 I want to personally attack the owners tho. I want to poison it but afraid of getting arrested

1 hours later 53004509 Anonymous
>>53003623 Don't listen to this retard, that's the first place they would look. Give him poisoned food in broad daylight. 1pm is your target time. You want to get some rodent bait, weed killer, peanut butter, cheese. Make a pit in the cheese and fill it with weed killer, stuff it shut with the rodent bait, smother it in peanut butter. Alternative: Caffiene pills, you want about 3g of caffiene (12 250mg pills). completely cover each on in peanut butter, jam them into a little block of cheese, and toss it to the dog. Don't let me down.

2 hours later 53005331 Anonymous (1444333848074.png 680x778 259kB)
>>53003741 >>53003592 move out? getting heated over a retarded animal?

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