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2019-06-21 12:49 53003499 Anonymous NEET thread (1560655995392.png 564x542 110kB)
Let's chill goys

3 min later 53003557 Anonymous (norsk jente.jpg 287x470 59kB)
I've been a NEET for 3 months now, pretty chill aside from family that are abusive

8 min later 53003630 Anonymous (1546015729345.png 407x654 325kB)
>>53003499 where do your guys' neetbux come from?

11 min later 53003670 Anonymous
>>53003630 Living with parents but getting Autismbux soon.

1 hours later 53004521 Anonymous
bumparino tumbrite

1 hours later 53004646 Anonymous
ive been neet for two and a half years. i can't keep doing this, my family is too poor, i've been trying to find a job but nowhere has called me back yet. i think no one wants to hire a 21 year old with no work experience. i have really bad social anxiety too so i've been constantly stressed about the possibility of an interview and then subsequently dealing with people at a job if i get one. i've read many people say that getting a job basically cures social anxiety though so i hope i can handle it

1 hours later 53004671 Anonymous
>>53004646 get it while you can the job is good at least you can buy stuff >>53003630 I sell used stuff. sold my gba collection it was mostly factory sealed tho cause I've nver had a gba lol

1 hours later 53004697 Anonymous
>>53004646 >getting a job basically cures social anxiety horse pucky

2 hours later 53005004 Anonymous (6c29b9bd7c41ca6002481de72f85072e.jpg 800x680 337kB)
>>53003630 mine comes from the gubmint

2 hours later 53005035 Anonymous
I've been a neet for 4 years, maybe more can't really remember. I don't care about myself enough to try working out of this situation.

2 hours later 53005037 Anonymous
>>53004646 getting a job gave me social anxiety. fucking xxSJ normies and office politics

2 hours later 53005040 Anonymous
>>53004671 WHY???? but seriously I would never sell my games.

2 hours later 53005075 Anonymous
>>53005040 not him but i was able to sell a bunch of old games for alot. i have alot less clutter now

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