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2019-06-21 12:48 53003474 Anonymous (5BA32FDA-A83E-4B91-835F-81591DA4E847.jpg 514x515 62kB)
i like binging on Adderall and masturbating and Mountain Dew and cigarettes

0 min later 53003491 Anonymous
Don't binge on Adderall. It can cause serious damage to your nerves, including the nerves in your penis.

1 min later 53003492 Anonymous
>>53003474 U kno how to parti

1 min later 53003508 Anonymous
Try anal masturbation while you're stimming

10 min later 53003642 Anonymous
>>53003474 Mountain Dew is the worst soda, no clue how it became a meme. Variations of it taste good, but definitely not original. Root beer is the true robot's choice in beverage.

11 min later 53003660 Anonymous
>>53003642 Root beer is the best, no doubt. Anyone who says otherwise is a faggot

13 min later 53003672 Anonymous
>>53003474 >>53003642 Also, switch to Nat Sherman cigarettes. They're fucking great. Not the ones that look like a normal pack of cigarettes, though. The premium ones where the pack opens up sideways. It's only a couple extra bucks for a pack, totally worth it.

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