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2019-06-21 12:47 53003470 Anonymous (D1fRG2aX0AEbxrP.jpg 1200x675 74kB)
At what point do feminine penises get too big?

3 min later 53003540 Anonymous
>When the fucking tranny, someone who doesn't even want to be a man, has a bigger dick than you It's a surreal, frustrating and humiliating kind of feel.

4 min later 53003549 Anonymous
>>53003540 /thread I hate my microdick

5 min later 53003563 Anonymous
There are no women with dicks , only men with boobs

5 min later 53003566 Anonymous
>>53003540 How have we come so far, yet sunk so low?

6 min later 53003591 Anonymous (file.png 958x669 677kB)
lol what the fuck my dick looks something like that compared to this tranny dick how is this possible??

7 min later 53003599 Anonymous
>>53003563 Uh there's one right there???

11 min later 53003656 Anonymous
im appalled. how do they get penises like this and i h ave 4" to work with? they hate their dicks and want them gone yet the main reason im depressed is because my self confidence and esteem is shot..because of a small dick. is it the hrt?

15 min later 53003698 Anonymous
>>53003470 looks like a shop

18 min later 53003748 Anonymous
>>53003470 simply when it's bigger than yours

18 min later 53003750 Anonymous
>>53003698 there are videos of him dangling around that fucking monster can of a dick, it's definitely not shopped, surreal how big it is desu

20 min later 53003779 Anonymous
>>53003656 I've been exclusively ejaculating to shemale porn for the past 4 years now. Most shemales don't have big dicks because female hormones causes their penises to atrophy. Most I've seen are far smaller than OP's pic. Some of the ones I can remember off the top of my head are as follows: Bailey Jay (qt years ago, now fat), Alexa Scout (not fat yet), Chanel Santini (fake tits are more obvious when >she was well known flat before), Sienna Grace (probably got srs, quit porn I believe), Sue Lightning (quit porn, cuter than most trannies even in unflattering angles), Dominic Presley (quit porn I'd imagine, been at it for years), Venus Lux (incredibly famous for years, but I refuse to watch any of the newer vids in case >she's hit the wall), Natalie Mars (transitioned at 30, quite impressive I'd say), Vicats (Shemale/Female lesbian duo, probably the only female I masturbate to on a frequent basis), Daisy Taylor (new to the scene, a bit too masculine for my liking especially with the new haircut), Ella Hollywood (also new and looks feminine, but the deep voice is a boner killer), Korra del Rio (nice looking, but as they always say: don't stick your dick in crazy), Sarina Valentina (like real life genderswapping, had so many surgeries there's about as much human inside it as a sex doll), Kimber James (a total bimbo, shame about the pseudo-vagina), Jessy Dubai (just another generic shemale, I remember this one due to a collab with Sarina Valentina). This is all I remember right now. The only ones I purposely left out are the generic Latin American trannies or those Thai Ladyboys with names serving only as a way to identify one video from another.

22 min later 53003813 Anonymous (D9fgRplXsAEEZ_e.jpg 720x406 42kB)
>>53003470 So adorable! I want her. I'll make her wear short skirts and no panties when we go out in public together.

23 min later 53003820 Anonymous (1509673766445.jpg 1000x1000 191kB)
>>53003698 >looks like a shop Dicklet cope

24 min later 53003853 Anonymous
>>53003470 for anyone who wants a bigger dick look at the change in bailey jay's dick over time. He uses a pump, it works if you're careful

29 min later 53003919 Anonymous
>>53003853 Bailey only uses a pump? I assumed she had some surgery since that's what it looks like with some silicone injections. Damn.

30 min later 53003942 Anonymous
>>53003919 I don't know, it's possible she's also had silicone injections. I do know she pumps though, and the significant girth gains especially around the middle of the dick is textbook pump

32 min later 53003965 Anonymous
>>53003470 bigger dicks unironically makes you gayer anons, be careful what you wish for

34 min later 53003982 Anonymous
>>53003965 actually it's both. The further you get from the average in both directions, the gayer you get

41 min later 53004068 Anonymous (stub.webm 360x640 1584kB)
>>53003470 >these two dicks belong to the same species >one is something 99% of men would kill for and the other is suicide tier >it's pure luck what you end up with What did God mean by this?

49 min later 53004174 Anonymous
I just want a qt trap gf. I don't care how big her penis is.

50 min later 53004179 Anonymous (IMG_0001.jpg 1240x1753 547kB)
>>53003470 There is some functional atrophy, and softens, but to actually reduce the tissue mass we would have to get that partial surgery (overseas, not sure if anywhere in the 1st world does it yet).

50 min later 53004193 Anonymous
when it's bigger than mine so 4.5"+

53 min later 53004230 Anonymous
>>53004179 >partial surgery explain Who would willingly want their dick smaller? Trannies I could see wanting it gone, but smaller?

56 min later 53004257 Anonymous
What's the size of this dude dick? I think it's 9" or 10"

1 hours later 53004329 Anonymous
>>53003470 I mean trans people are disgusting etc yada yada yada but wtf his cock is huge this dude could get any pussy he wants

1 hours later 53004368 Anonymous
>>53004068 jesus, poor dude, that dick must have done a number in his self confidence, but its not that important really, at least he can still jerk off, you can have a giant dick or a little pinto bean dick it wont matter if you cant have sex

1 hours later 53004436 Anonymous
>>53003470 God what an abomination. Look at that skinnyfat fridge body and those manly big arms and shoulders. No one of any gender or sexual orientation should find this attractive

1 hours later 53004480 Anonymous
>>53003779 You are truly cultured! You should become the next Jordan Peterson and have lectures. The metaphysics of different shemale archetypes.

1 hours later 53004512 Anonymous
>>53003470 >feminine penises there's no such thing anon. penises are inherently masculine and you're a fag if you think otherwise.

1 hours later 53004553 Anonymous
>>53004230 Actually not much else to explain... the human variety, while I try to fit the female gender binary, but others possibly perceive themselves as more on a spectrum between these 2 opposites.

1 hours later 53004589 Anonymous (w.png 1291x722 230kB)
>>53004436 >>>>desu, the cope

1 hours later 53004690 Anonymous (1561070865730.jpg 1200x675 266kB)
>>53003470 this is starting to approach too big

1 hours later 53004726 Anonymous (CCEAD5D0-3E78-41CC-A37A-1F2099E4809F.png 734x971 390kB)
>>53003470 >feminine penises >imagine being this retarded Seriously kill yourself you sub human trash

1 hours later 53004796 Anonymous
>>53003470 anything above 5 inches

1 hours later 53004889 Anonymous (m5xoym81qd1uwa.jpg 400x301 50kB)
>>53004726 You know every one of those statistics drops to almost the world average if they have supportive parents? Wacky right? Calling people subhuman for years on end and saying they deserve to die makes them depressed, whoda thunk it?

1 hours later 53004894 Anonymous
>>53004553 >enby support >on /r9k/ holy based

1 hours later 53004923 Anonymous (ouch.webm 1280x720 1620kB)
>>53004889 It's hard to support your mentally ill son's mutilation and delusions.

2 hours later 53004958 Anonymous
>>53004923 it's probably hard to support a transphobe moron

2 hours later 53004970 Anonymous
>>53004923 Theres a difference between >i dislike this And >you're mentally ill and dont deserve life go dilate your axe wound and kill yourself Pretty much every single transphobe is the latter. Seethe harder, strawman harder, cope harder.

2 hours later 53004977 Anonymous (44BF982A-4930-449C-B213-41EA56EBF420.png 663x544 574kB)
>have a huge dick >become a tranny What a waste. If i had a dick that big... i would be a literal pimp. God I hate trannies so much.

2 hours later 53005602 Anonymous (IMG_0001.jpg 1100x1100 181kB)
>>53004894 There probably are at least a few immutable properties to the masc and fem binary poles, but not every collective or individual expresses those 100% (and whether it seems practical or attractive to boot) So whether cis or trans like myself... this probably became the mainstream position now actually (whether on tttt, eeee, or in real life) I mean there is need to refine the gender critical theories.

2 hours later 53005620 Anonymous
Reminder that there is literally no such thing as a transphobe. Can't be phobic against something that doesn't exist and there is literally zero objective evidence that trannies are a thing. Enjoy dilating your wounds.

2 hours later 53005647 Anonymous (fuckyou.gif 625x626 55kB)
>>53005620 >trannies dont exist >dilate

2 hours later 53005689 Anonymous
How am I supposed to feel manly if the trap has a bigger dick than I?

3 hours later 53005732 Anonymous (1560999971934.jpg 1568x1920 193kB)
>>53005689 obviously by pushing him down and fucking his boipussi and using his mouth to nut deep inside of. If a trap or femboy has a bigger dick then you, do not fear. Most of them won't be into topping you, or even having you suck them off. Most of them will be bottoms, and at most they MIGHT ask you for a handjob. DESU the LEAST gayest thing you could do with another man's dick is jerk him off. Sucking and letting him fuck you are PURELY homo

3 hours later 53005831 Anonymous
>>53003470 >tranny having a bigger dick then you. I sometimes heavily question the human species on what their choices are and wonder if going back to just relying off of our primal instinct is the best choice for all of us.

3 hours later 53006036 Anonymous
>>53004068 there's no way that is pure genetics. nobody would be able to reproduce like that he must have had some sort of hormonal disorder

3 hours later 53006085 Anonymous
>>53005732 >DESU the LEAST gayest thing you could do with another man's dick is jerk him off. Sucking and letting him fuck you are PURELY homo Exactly, I'm not even interested in doing that. Tbh I don't even understand why traps have grown on me in the past couple of years.

3 hours later 53006119 Anonymous
>>53004068 thats an actual boy clit, and i thought it was just tranny linguo

4 hours later 53006184 Anonymous
>>53003563 with self-induced gynecomastia*

4 hours later 53006211 Anonymous
>>53004889 That's not true. That statistic compaers "trannies with supportive parents" with "everyone". The statistic should compaer insetad; "trannies with supportive parents" vs "everynoe with supportive parents" otherwise it is insincere statistics

4 hours later 53006450 Anonymous
>>53003779 Have sexual intercourse, incel. Originally.

4 hours later 53006474 Anonymous
>>53003470 I bet this young tranny chad is part of the 60% club.

4 hours later 53006524 Anonymous
>>53003470 I wish I could look like that, be that cute, being that feminine and have a dick like that. But I can dream

4 hours later 53006706 Anonymous
>>53003813 Rook's music is good

4 hours later 53006759 Anonymous
>>53003470 Anyone got his vids? Emp has nothing

4 hours later 53006831 Anonymous
>>53003470 Never. I would suck her penis dry if she flopped that monster against my face.

5 hours later 53006967 Anonymous (IMG_0001.jpg 1304x733 86kB)
>>53005647 Basically every school of psych accepts some form of trans now indeed... (not any surprise, we knew of AIS >200 years ago) >>53006036 1 single gene must be passed for its survival (but combinations ? not necessarily) >>53006211 This came up before and the thread got slid before I could reply... That said, you do not know what you are talking about, because that "supportive environment" statistic did not directly compare any cis vs. trans suicide rates ! (rather than everyone, it just compared the different trans groups actually, 40% vs. 4%) So a true comparison between cis and trans is only something I as a reader extrapolate... but if anything was insincere, like at least try recognising that trans are literally excluded from homes at much higher rates otherwise (even within 1st world countries) Yet instead of trying to understand the multiple statistics or how they relate, you are (still) grasping at a straw that does not even exist... sad.

5 hours later 53006990 Anonymous
>>53003470 Once they existed.

5 hours later 53006996 Anonymous
>>53003591 you got a tiny little manclit

5 hours later 53007080 Anonymous (IMG_0001.jpg 792x612 126kB)
>>53006967 Continued... it was not much of a stretch to suggest that trans people would uniquely benefit from something we so very much lack, which was precisely what was seen after the transition (like in other studies, all suicide rates converged towards 4% in the long run, to no surprise).

5 hours later 53007142 Anonymous
>>53003470 over 3 inches is masculine penis and gay

5 hours later 53007167 Anonymous
>>53004958 time 2 DILATE

2.577 0.084