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2019-06-21 12:45 53003434 Anonymous (wXpBvNR7.jpg 958x976 81kB)
>constantly reject average and below men >Men become desperate beta orbiters >know they crave love and affection >Exploit that for money This is actually fucked

0 min later 53003441 Anonymous
>>53003434 I hate this bitch because shes smart and actually knows what shes doing. I hate that I respect her

1 min later 53003452 Anonymous
>>53003441 She's evil nothing more nothing less

1 min later 53003455 Anonymous
Can't knock the hustle. I'm more mad at her orbiters for supporting this insanity.

1 min later 53003462 Anonymous
>>53003434 >know they crave love and affection >Exploit that for money >This is actually fucked every time I make this argument people say all the beta incels deserve it for being what they are

2 min later 53003465 Anonymous
Why are robots such babies? Nobody forcing you to follow and give money to these thots

2 min later 53003466 Anonymous
>>53003434 no its effin brilliant

2 min later 53003476 Anonymous
>>53003462 Because nobody cares about mens feelings

2 min later 53003481 Anonymous
>>53003452 She has low morals but she isnt evil. She isnt forcing anyone to give her anything, her cuck supporters do that willingly

3 min later 53003489 Anonymous
>>53003434 >Thinking you're special in a sea of beta nerds and Belle Delphine will pick you if you donate >As if you want her for any reason other than the fact that she's sexy and an e-girl S-STOP EXPLOITING ME

3 min later 53003494 Anonymous
>>53003462 Both orbiters and thots are shit, Anon, it's fucked but it's just how it is. A self-feeding loop of bullshit fuelled bu greed and lust.

3 min later 53003496 Anonymous
>>53003434 >love and affection >posts a whore epic

3 min later 53003497 Anonymous
>>53003434 No she just needs cunt cancer.

4 min later 53003502 Anonymous
>>53003489 At the root of it all they just want a girl who will love them

5 min later 53003522 Anonymous
>>53003462 So booze exploits people with an alcohaul addiction, right? Just stop it, youre just simply wrong

6 min later 53003550 Anonymous
>>53003434 I just like to give girls money to help them out

7 min later 53003558 Anonymous
>>53003489 This. If you expect "love and affection" from some e-thot just because you gave her some money you're a fucking a retard and deserve to get "exploited". I feel nothing for orbiters. They're waste of oxygen

7 min later 53003565 Anonymous (1539099802444.jpg 459x271 68kB)
if you ask me, i think it's absolutely pathetic that men would obsess over some random whore on the internet. there was a time where i was a significantly below average man, and not even i would have considered donating money to some stupid hoe online. i don't think anything she is doing is wrong, but i look down upon the men who support her lifestyle and become infatuated with a woman they've never even met.

8 min later 53003574 Anonymous
the pathetic thing is faggots that give women money.

10 min later 53003614 Anonymous
I wonder why orbiters act so irrationally, it's almost as if they're mentally/emotionally unwell

11 min later 53003617 Anonymous
>>53003522 Well booze can't exploit anything, but if it somehow became this bitch than ofc

13 min later 53003640 Anonymous
>>53003614 So am I, but I won't give bucks to some thot I never me because I'm not a retard.

16 min later 53003683 Anonymous
Honestly after this pornhub stunt she pulled, I would consider donating to her myself. Absolute comedy gold, orbiters eternally BTFO never to return. She went from e-whore ready for the noose to based in 12 uploads.

16 min later 53003687 Anonymous (1DCC2FC1-8051-43FD-99DD-00DEFDF53CF8.jpg 764x1024 97kB)
>>53003462 They do deserve it. Why the fuck would you give this bitch money? If you're lonely and crave love and affection, you could give your money to pornstars and at least they'll give you something in return. There are so many fantastic women out there that will do whatever the fuck you want for a dollar, but you choose to give it to this bitch.

17 min later 53003702 Anonymous (bowdowntoyouroverlordscuck.png 831x1042 1616kB)
Belle Delphine is only a sign of things to come. I think she is the first e-thot to really perfect the art of beta cuck puppetry. I have no doubt several social media marketing divisions and marketing agencies are eyeing what she's doing and will ape her style in the next few decades. Eventually each corporation will have their own e-thot mascot that will have the masses of beta men sending their work credits to Coke, Warner Bros., Disney, etc.

19 min later 53003722 Anonymous
>>53003502 No they fucking don't. They want a personal sex and cuddle slave who's way fucking out of their league that will listen to their subpar beta rants about vidya and anime and who is a totally blank slate otherwise and they project that onto Belle until she (of course) rejects them.

20 min later 53003740 Anonymous (1449326334277.jpg 888x1229 176kB)
I need a new e whore. Im done with this cock tease

21 min later 53003764 Anonymous
>>53003702 So this is how women plan on taking over. Interesting, that would explain normies general hatred of incels and virgins

22 min later 53003769 Anonymous
>>53003434 Not really. If the thottie rejects average and below men they need to go pursue other people for relationships/ Incels wait for their qt3.14 waifu to knock on their door when they should be going after what they want.

22 min later 53003781 Anonymous
>>53003434 this actually beyond high iq, are girls actually geniuses but they been hiding all along?

24 min later 53003806 Anonymous
>>53003722 Years ago, I would've argued with you, but after seeing my sister's relationship with her beta faggot husband, I 100% agree. Most of these guys don't want a real relationship or a woman to treat well, they just want someone who is obsessed with them and will fuck them whenever they like.

25 min later 53003817 Anonymous (1560843000773.gif 500x300 1816kB)
>>53003722 Are you a roastie? Just curious but either way kys.

27 min later 53003858 Anonymous
>>53003434 >Free easy money at the cost of your morals Are you suprised retard. You're fucked for falling for it.

36 min later 53003985 Anonymous
>>53003817 No, just speaking from personal experience.

39 min later 53004014 Anonymous
>Expecting high morality in a capitalistic society Commies out

39 min later 53004017 Anonymous
>>53003434 lol just a smart business move

39 min later 53004019 Anonymous

42 min later 53004054 Anonymous
>>53003434 i dont understand e-whores. not the e-whores themselves, but the people who follow them and give them money. What are they hoping for? sex? well that's not even happening, even for the chaddiest of chads. that's why anime girls are better to idolise, because there's an even less change (all the way to 0%) that you'll fuck them. plus they always look better.

42 min later 53004063 Anonymous
>>53003434 Fuck off lad. I hate attention whore but they would never existed if weak-willed fags wouldn't pay them up and give them attention. As a khv, i have more hatred for WK and those prideless fuckers than simple opportunistic bitches.

50 min later 53004146 Anonymous
>>53004054 2D is the greatest change a man can make

51 min later 53004163 Anonymous
>>53003434 There have been plenty of times in my life that I "craved love and affection" but there was never any time I would have given a girl like this ten fucking cents. Sorry, but "you made me a lonely beta orbiter so that's why I act this way" just doesn't cut it with me. It only takes about three brain cells to see that giving this girl money is fucking stupid.

54 min later 53004203 Anonymous
>>53003574 Name one thing that is wrong with supporting an entertaining woman

54 min later 53004204 Anonymous
>>53004014 >>Expecting high morality in a capitalistic society Thought experiment: If someone wanted to pay you to take a shit in a plastic bag and give it to them, would it be immoral to let them do that? You don't understand why your shit in a plastic bag is valuable to them, but they insist that it is. To be moral, do you have to interpose your own value judgment in the way of theirs? Or should you just let them make their own decisions about what they think is valuable?

54 min later 53004211 Anonymous
>>53004146 truly. endless fetishes and no limits.

56 min later 53004228 Anonymous (74CE5FA9-0D61-417A-99B3-E85F6B77F6CE.jpg 231x450 14kB)
>>53004163 >but there was never any time I would have given a girl like this ten fucking cents I treat a bitch like 7Up, never have and never will.

59 min later 53004272 Anonymous
>>53004228 >>but there was never any time I would have given a girl like this ten fucking cents >I treat a bitch like 7Up, never have and never will. And I'm not some true pimp nigga alpha or something, either. I'm a pathetic beta orbiting bitch. You wouldn't fucking BELIEVE how much of an emotional tampon I've allowed myself to be. So it's not like I'm some alpha tough guy. I'm just not FUCKING RETARDED. If a bitch wants to take advantage of my beta ways, she has to fucking do it in person.

1 hours later 53004299 Anonymous (2BE557C9-775A-4804-A714-1D736554672D.jpg 362x532 35kB)
>>53004272 Its just a quote from a Snoop Dogg song, your post reminded me of it. And I agree with you 100%. If I wanted to give my money to a bitch for nothing in return, I could hop on Tinder and take girls on dates for tacos and drive them home afterward. Even then, I at least get their company for an hour, not just a video of them eating fucking cereal or some other autistic shit.

1 hours later 53004305 Anonymous
>>53003455 stfu nigger. I'll knock the "hustle" as much as I please. Get the fuck out of civilization with your nigger-kike ways. If we cherished dignity at all this whore would be burned at the stake.

1 hours later 53004335 Anonymous
>>53003434 The ones giving her money are pathetic and deserve to be exploited. Lets not pretend like the idiots that orbit and become paypigs for these whores are any less to blame. I've never given any female on the internet money. Don't be a loser, keep your money. Porn is free.

1 hours later 53004355 Anonymous
>>53003722 >They want a personal sex and cuddle slave that will listen to their subpar beta rants about vidya and anime That's literally what you do for someone you love though? What else would you do?

1 hours later 53004367 Anonymous
>>53004204 >le subjective morality Apage Satanas.

1 hours later 53004462 Anonymous

1 hours later 53004531 Anonymous
>>53003434 Every single person that gives belle money is a retarded beta male. If you blame women for exploiting you while you willingly give up your money to them. YOURE part of the problem

1 hours later 53004560 Anonymous
>>53004531 A man is nothing if he doesn't provide something to someone. When you have so many men driven into a corner where no one even wants free shit from them anymore, you get this.

1 hours later 53004561 Anonymous
>>53003550 She's a fucking millionaire you idiot. She doesn't need or deserve your shekels. Neither do any of the other ethots. Go give your money to a dog shelter or a homeless guy. They NEED your money

1 hours later 53004620 Anonymous (E9157FF2-8307-418E-87CA-38A65FBC2CC6.jpg 624x416 62kB)
>>53004560 >A man is nothing if he doesn't provide something to someone Imagine being this fucking beta holy fuck

1 hours later 53004656 Anonymous
>>53004620 That's just how it is, feel free to give some counterarguments.

1 hours later 53004687 Anonymous
>>53003740 but anon the tease is what keeps you coming back, if she ever actually delivered she would lose all momentum.

1 hours later 53004700 Anonymous
>>53004561 most homeless are drug users so fuck those degenerates. if people have cash to blow then they should place it in an index fund

1 hours later 53004704 Anonymous
>>53003434 great argument you can use this to "fuck them" in the afterlife cort, buddy.

1 hours later 53004711 Anonymous
>>53004656 Chads and Tyrones run around fucking bitches and giving them nothing in return. Women are most attracted to men who don't seem like providers.

1 hours later 53004725 Anonymous (36B354A6-7B63-4435-9963-9826A5D43391.gif 501x585 217kB)
>>53004687 How much does she pay you to do this

1 hours later 53004749 Anonymous
>>53004711 So your argument is "you'll only be the true alpha if you change yourself completely to be the kind of man that a woman desires to have"? Hmm....

1 hours later 53004750 Anonymous
pfft. anybody who blows money on e-whores deserves to lose it. cmon. its the same scenario as the degenerate vegas gambler. you know its a lose situation. always has been, always will be. and yet these fucktards blow thousands trying to hit it big.

1 hours later 53004785 Anonymous
>>53003434 She's smart and they're dumb such is the circle of life

1 hours later 53004873 Anonymous (oh no.jpg 500x500 31kB)
>>53003434 She's neutral-evil. She knows what she's doing, she's fucking smart. I can respect that. However, for the chaotic-neutral-evils, that just won't work. The great equalizer shall be upon us all. It'll be a man, or a group of men. But no matter what, death and destruction will be in his wake. Purity will follow. It could be you, it could be me. It could be any one of us. But the creator will call. And one of us, or some of us, will directly follow that call.

1 hours later 53004878 Anonymous
>>53004749 No, my point is that alphas don't feel the need to provide. If you feel the need to provide for someone, even some fucking millionaire teenager on the internet, then you're just a fucking paypig.

1 hours later 53004903 Anonymous
>>53004878 True alphas have money to throw around.

2 hours later 53004926 Anonymous
>>53004785 I think you mean she's a slut and they're men

2 hours later 53004971 Anonymous (1560737768662.jpg 1052x520 74kB)
I see a lot of HATE towards our PURE goddess pls send positive energy

2 hours later 53004978 Anonymous
>>53004878 >No, my point is that alphas don't feel the need to provide. Then why do they do it? They provide the exact experience the woman wants, and they dedicate their entire lives to that. At least the "betas" aren't pathetic enough to do that, they just offer the stuff they already have lying around.

2 hours later 53004990 Anonymous
>>53004926 You make men sound disgusting. get out of here.

2 hours later 53004996 Anonymous
>>53003683 what pornhub stunt? I havent payed attention to this panty princess in months

2 hours later 53005143 Anonymous
>>53004228 >>53004272 >>53004299 dont forget the guy laughing in the background after he says it

2 hours later 53005179 Anonymous
>>53004656 no the purpose isnt to wait hand and foot on a female like a slave. are you single mom raised by chance? cuz you talk like a queer that's been single mom raised to simp for females. you're probably one of those insufferable white knight cucks that constantly looks to defend mladies

2 hours later 53005241 Anonymous
>>53005179 Alright, so what is the purpose of a man then?

2 hours later 53005292 Anonymous
>>53005241 not that guy but I was raised on a man defines his own path and not to go down the path of serve females as it's empty and unfullfilling in the end. so not sure what he ment but I live my life for me and a female is 2nd fiddle to myself. Works out aight for me. But I do not think the purpose of man is to serve female. thats beta and submissive 2 things females are not attracted to in any way in men.

2 hours later 53005317 Anonymous
>>53004978 They aren't consciously providing women with the experience they want. Theyre just being themselves. Who they are just happens to be what women want. If I take a shit outside, am I being a provider for fertilizing the ground or am I just taking a shit outside? No alpha dedicates his entire life to women, women dedicate their entire lives to HIM. I've hung out with alphas, I see how these bitches get over them.

2 hours later 53005432 Anonymous
>>53005317 >They aren't consciously providing women with the experience they want. Yeah Chads take roids and pay for hair transplants for their own amusement. You're retardedly naive.

2 hours later 53005443 Anonymous
>>53005317 >No alpha dedicates his entire life to women Then what does he dedicate it to, what is his ultimate purpose? What exactly does he even get out of life, except women, by making himself 100% subservient to their wishes and demands?

2 hours later 53005615 Anonymous
>>53005443 you clearly have a touch of the autism if you cant grasp this stuff. and you're probably the same cuck from earlier going on about being a women's bitch cuz that's a guys obligation or some horseshit

2 hours later 53005625 Anonymous
>>53005443 They dedicate their lives to whatever they like. The ones I know dedicate their lives to their cars. >by making himself 100% subservient to their wishes and demands? Fucking a girl then blocking her isn't making yourself subservient to her wishes. These guys treat women like whores. I've been invited to trains. That's a group of guys taking turns fucking one girl and then kicking her out. These guys pass girls to each other like objects. I've known guys who cut girls off because the girls were broke.

2 hours later 53005645 Anonymous
>>53005432 What fucking meme Chad do you know? What makes you think they're all on steroids with wigs on?

2 hours later 53005650 Anonymous
>>53003434 >caring about the scum that encourage whore lifestyles Just as beta as the orbiters.

3 hours later 53005691 Anonymous
>>53005625 If women want them, obviously they're what women want. What are you even talking about, how can you not understand this basic fact?

3 hours later 53005715 Anonymous
Bet she makes more money then most pornstars

3 hours later 53005733 Anonymous
>>53005691 They're not fucking women to please women though. They don't dedicate their lives to women. They fuck women for their own pleasure. They're masturbating with a "human". There's a difference between providing because you think it's your life's purpose and taking what women are giving to you.

3 hours later 53005756 Anonymous
Her pornhub exploits were so creative! I absolutely love her Donated 100 extra today, well deserved. it makes my heart warm supporting such an admirable talent

3 hours later 53005797 Anonymous
>>53003476 Men that support her are happy doing it Incels that rage about it fell hurt for some reason, when they are the ones not letting people enjoy things

3 hours later 53005804 Anonymous
>>53005756 The worst part about this is that this is more than likely the thought process of at least one of her orbiters.

3 hours later 53005807 Anonymous
>>53005733 Yes, and since women want to be objectified by a sociopath, they are doing the exact thing that women want, plus providing the experience of the sociopath in question being a roided up meathead that women want. How exactly is this not doing exactly what women want, I still don't understand which part you have a problem with, maybe I'm explaining it poorly.

3 hours later 53005830 Anonymous
She is very cute. But basically has got famous from pulling a face. I envy women for having life on tutorial mode sometimes.

3 hours later 53005859 Anonymous
>>53005756 wtf did she do? or anyone got a link to her pornhub trickery video I keep hearing about. looking around right now but nothing stands out and the newest is some strokes cocks and it's 2 hens... is that it?

3 hours later 53005866 Anonymous
>>53005804 It's no different than when you buy a videogame, a book, an escort, HRT or whatever. You make investments that make you happy. I can't fathom getting enraged over others being happy, it honestly sounds very autistic

3 hours later 53005868 Anonymous
>>53003434 e-thots and social media orbiters are just different sides of the same cancerous coin. One wouldn't exist without the other.

3 hours later 53005900 Anonymous (1553750041664.gif 444x225 368kB)
>>53005797 Yes very good keep the betas on the plantation very nice.

3 hours later 53005926 Anonymous
>>53005807 Let's get back on topic. Your original point is that it's in men's nature to provide for women. Women are attracted to men who are not providers. You then said that by having sex with women, alphas are providing for them. You're trying to conflate your original assertion that men have a natural urge to give bitches money with men giving bitches dick. It just doesn't make sense. One example is of a man caring for a woman and looking after her. The other is of a man taking care of his own needs and not giving a shit about the woman. It's not the same.

3 hours later 53005972 Anonymous
>>53005926 >Women are attracted to men who are not providers ...yet they provide LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE THING THAT WOMEN WANT IN LIFE. Jesus dude wake up. The only difference is that women don't want the shit "betas" have to offer, and they want the shit "alphas" have to offer.

3 hours later 53006004 Anonymous
>>53003434 They are just filling a demand. Relationships aren't a charity case, and these men are just as much to blame for their situation.

3 hours later 53006011 Anonymous
>>53005866 Because they're fucking up the game. They're the reason women's standards are so insanely high. Because even a somewhat cute bitch like Belle Delphine can become a millionaire without doing an hour of work or taking off one shred of clothing. You ever wonder why you girls have the fucking nerve to put their cashapp in their tinder bios? Because they know that these tricks will give you money. These clowns are funding these lazy bitches' lifestyles so they become entitled and goofy. If I buy a video game, I get enjoyment out of it. The person who made it put their creativity and time into it. It's worth my money. I bought an experience. If I buy I book, I get enjoyment out of it. The person who wrote it put their creativity, knowledge and time into it. If I fuck an escort, it's worth the money. I get a nut. She worked so I could achieve orgasm. She deserves my money. If I buy HRT, I'm paying for the next step on my path to becoming an abomination. Someone worked hard to make this drug. This bitch does literally nothing. Guys give her money and she gives nothing in return. She's worthless. Of no value.

3 hours later 53006037 Anonymous
>>53005926 >>53005972 Let me try to explain like this: Your "alpha" Chad who "only does things that he wants in life" starts wanting to collect model trains, loses interest in taking roids and gets fat because he's spending all his time building model train terrains and cities, and when his mind clears a bit from being in a drug/sex stupor 24/7 he also realizes that all this empty sex was pretty stupid and he wants to make a woman happy by being a gentle loving partner. He's still the "alpha Chad who does what he wants", right? So women are still all over him, right? Or.......?

3 hours later 53006040 Anonymous
>>53005972 >...yet they provide LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE THING THAT WOMEN WANT IN LIFE. No they do not. They provide nothing other than dick. Women go to betas to provide everything else. If she needs food, money, a therapy session, she goes to the beta. If she needs dick, she goes to the alpha, who may or may not give it to her. She's at the alpha's mercy. He fucks her when he wants and she may not even enjoy it. It's all about him. This is not providing.

3 hours later 53006066 Anonymous
>>53003455 >>53003465 >>53003481 >>53003558 >>53003574 >>53003614 >>53004335 >>53004531 >>53004750 This. Orbiters are stupid, hopeless fucks. Women wouldn't live life on easy mode if the guys who want to fuck them weren't so enabling.

4 hours later 53006128 Anonymous
>>53006037 I don't even understand what the fuck you're talking about. You also have this cartoonish idea of what an alpha guy is. You think any guy who gets pussy is on steroids and lives in a drug/sex fueled haze?

4 hours later 53006133 Anonymous
>>53004996 She said that she would make a pornhub account if she got 1 million likes on her IG post. She did but trolled everyone. For example: She titled on of the video STROKING A COCKS or something like that and she was just stroking an actual chicken

4 hours later 53006138 Anonymous
>>53006066 stay jelly p00rfag

4 hours later 53006143 Anonymous
>>53006128 >I don't even understand what the fuck you're talking about. I'll try it as simple as possible I guess: If the guy's interests suddenly don't align with what the woman wants out of him, is he still the big alfalfa, and does he still get women for being the big alfalfa? Just reread >>53006037 until you get it, I don't know what else to say.

4 hours later 53006166 Anonymous
>>53005830 >Life on tutorial mode There are probably millions of girls who are just as pretty as she is, but they're not rich and famous She identified an unfulfilled demand in the market, produced a service that filled that demand so well that people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for and got rich off that. She isn't rich just because she is pretty, but because she is also a business prodigy in a way. Welcome to capitalism. Nothing personal against any betas, it's just business.

4 hours later 53006177 Anonymous
>>53006143 >If the guy's interests suddenly don't align with what the woman wants out of him, is he still the big alfalfa, and does he still get women for being the big alfalfa? Yes. Because women like his alpha traits, they don't give a fuck about his hobbies. >Just reread >>53006037 # until you get it Part of the reason I didn't understand this post is because it made very little sense structurally but also because I didn't know where the fuck you were going with it.

4 hours later 53006241 Anonymous
>>53006040 You really need to stop basing everything on memes

4 hours later 53006243 Anonymous
>>53006177 >Yes. Because women like his alpha traits, they don't give a fuck about his hobbies. And which traits are those exactly? Just sociopathy? So you can be a fat bald model train stinky sociopath with a tiny dick, and women will still want you just as long as you pretend you don't want them?

4 hours later 53006273 Anonymous
>>53006011 What game? This is not a rap song dude Do you realize how stupid does that sound? "The bitch" can give you enjoyment like a videogame, maybe a nut, maybe even more than that. What is so hard to understand? Does it ruin your chances? Do you feel that dependent of what others do that a girl getting money from someone else makes you doomed to be alone?

4 hours later 53006299 Anonymous
>>53006273 Does someone eating an apple make it harder for you to get an apple for yourself? Are you retarded?

4 hours later 53006340 Anonymous
>>53006273 The game = dynamics between men and women. It's just a term used to describe how things work. >"The bitch" can give you enjoyment like a videogame, maybe a nut, maybe even more than that. Yes and if you get enjoyment from simply giving a woman money for nothing in return, you're a fucking fool and deserve to be ridiculed for your retarded choices. >Does it ruin your chances? It makes all men's chances harder. If a woman can put a cashapp in her tinder bio and some trick will give her money simply for existing, imagine what that does to her ego. And imagine how entitled and stuck up she'll be if she knows she can get rich just because she's pretty. Now imagine the average guy trying to talk to her. In the past, she may have given him a chance. Now she walks away with her nose turned up because she knows she's cute enough to make motherfuckers give her money without saying a word to them. Stop giving this bitch your money anon.

4 hours later 53006376 Anonymous
>>53006011 Of no value to YOU. TO YOU. I pity these assholes who throw money at her as well, but fools are their money are easily parted. What are you gonna do? Ban thots?

4 hours later 53006440 Anonymous
>>53006340 So basically you're just bitching because you don't want to improve yourself?

4 hours later 53006460 Anonymous
>>53006440 I'll improve myself for myself, not to give money to a bitch who has been getting beta bucks since she was 18 because she has big eyes.

4 hours later 53006674 Anonymous
>>53006299 Sure, orbiters murder them after donate so your dating pool decreases, it's a master plan Get your head out of your ass man, makes you lose neurons at a pretty fast rate

4 hours later 53006741 Anonymous
>>53003522 No but the people behind it, booze companies, do

4 hours later 53006765 Anonymous (1560263968424.jpg 540x720 33kB)
>>53005756 >admirable talent

5 hours later 53006947 Anonymous
>>53003434 >This is actually fucked It is. But much like prostitution if both sides didn't love it, it wouldn't happen.

5 hours later 53006965 Anonymous
>>53003434 She's hot, why should she settle for average and below men?

5 hours later 53006998 Anonymous
>>53004305 Using your own reasoning, would it be reasonable to say "if we valued dignity at all, the beta orbiters who finance her would be burned at stake? "

5 hours later 53007017 Klovod
>>53003452 How is she evil? Dumbass.

5 hours later 53007175 Anonymous (89909F9A-DE37-4751-9A2B-56EFAF9F3B2D.jpg 1080x608 41kB)
>>53004560 thats the most retarded shit i've ever read. Also even if that is true, it still doesnt excuse their foolish behavior. Think of how feminine your argument is. You're basically defending them doing something harmful and stupid not by defending the action itself, but by trying to excuse it by focusing on their motivations for doing such behavior. In other words, you're trying to excuse their shitty behavior because of their "feelings" and their emotions. If we are gonna accept this excuse as a reason to overlook the retarded betas who give her money, then it is only fair we are consistent. Belle isnt to blame either, since its only natural for a woman to seek validation and resources from men. So then I suppose we conclude that we cant blame either - the group of betas and the whore who exploits them are equally innocent. After all, they are only following their instincts in the only legitimate way society enables them to. Right? Or you can choose to ignore the motives, and instead judge people solely on their behaviors, reason be damned. If that is the case, then both the beta orbiters and the whore exploiting them are equally guilty. So I believe the final truth is that we have 2 options: either they are both equally excusable or both are equally at fault for engaging in this morally repulsive behavior. I think both lines of reasoning are equally valid, depending on which approach you take. However if you blame Belle while excusing the orbiters who enable her, you're being unreasonable.

5 hours later 53007356 Anonymous
>>53006965 This. I should be grateful that she lets me serve her, and I am

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