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2019-06-21 12:42 53003381 Anonymous (1561022669894.jpg 640x640 60kB)
>tfw no legionary gf to cuddle with and sniff her hairy armpits after a long day of exterminating barbarians

2 min later 53003433 Anonymous (ASvhKTb.jpg 677x782 84kB)
>>53003381 Iktf, anonicus. I lost mine in the dark woods of the Teutoburg.. To those filthy barbarians.

3 min later 53003451 Anonymous
>>53003433 Don't worry, she's waaaaaay more happy now :)

7 min later 53003520 Anonymous (1561039891149.jpg 850x1202 128kB)
>>53003433 >he wasn't fighting alongside her, ready to jump in front of the barbarian spears for her You are, what we centurions call, a cvuck

11 min later 53003586 Anonymous (1483489799057.jpg 407x438 59kB)
Y-you are right. I tried but there was too many of them.. I am a coward and deserve nothing but decimatio.

31 min later 53003876 Anonymous (romanSlavegirls.jpg 1086x843 218kB)
>>53003381 >tfw can't buy a slave girl who has to do anything I order her

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