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2019-06-21 12:42 53003378 Anonymous (811AEF01-172E-40EC-9745-FA9F73041A30.jpg 695x855 145kB)
Why are you a social outcast? t. Moved a lot as a kid and never made friendships that lasted over months which made me socially retarded

2 min later 53003418 Anonymous
I'm an autistic sociopath and don't want to interact with others.

4 min later 53003456 Anonymous
>>53003418 Based and teenpilled

4 min later 53003463 Anonymous (chad.jpg 593x594 65kB)
>>53003378 Pretty sure if this guy moved a lot he wouldn't have been a social outcast.

8 min later 53003530 Anonymous
>>53003463 >Youre alone cause youre ugly! Shut the fuck up faggot

8 min later 53003531 Anonymous
>>53003378 >disfunctional family when i was a kid >poor >weird deformed head and face >autistic (retarded) That's it

8 min later 53003533 Anonymous
>>53003378 I've been kept from going out and my parents took me to/from school every time until I was like 13 or so. This aside from the hell I lived at home, I couldn't really connect with anyone and still have difficulties to talk to anyone if it's not work related and I get autistic once someone says thank you or compliments me, can't even thanks correctly I go full ah shfazohthanks

20 min later 53003696 Anonymous (1560576919352.jpg 720x461 48kB)
>>53003378 >introverted >ugly >weird That's basically it. People kicked me around and abused me until I became a mentally ill schizoid that barely leaves his room. My only "social" interactions nowadays are on 4chan and with cats.

1 hours later 53004343 Anonymous
>>53003378 I don't understand, i was raised fairly normally but never developed any real social skills or ability to care for myself. Now in my 20s i live in squalor, have no drive for anything and just want to sleep 24/7. Nothing interests me.

1 hours later 53004394 Anonymous
>>53004343 Did you have friends growing up?

1 hours later 53004396 Anonymous
>>53003530 Ugly faggots, stop coping you know this is true. I've made good friends by just sitting down and looking at them. Have you?

1 hours later 53004404 Anonymous
>>53004394 Sometimes but whenever i wasn't forced into contact with them like school or a job we stopped talking. I never really enjoyed being with them but i always saw it as a way to pass time and something you're just expected to do.

1 hours later 53004450 Anonymous
>>53004404 So you basically felt disconnected from everyone?

1 hours later 53004459 Anonymous
>>53003378 Stopped hanging out with friends and never developed a hobby past videogames.

1 hours later 53004473 Anonymous
>>53004450 I guess, i wouldn't say i felt that way though, it's hard to explain.

1 hours later 53004475 Anonymous
I think it is because I overthink everything and come off as fake and needy. My desire to be liked leads to nobody liking me.

1 hours later 53004483 Anonymous
I don't even know, might have been the being raised by a single mother and not having much family or experiencing much, but at the same time I wonder if I was just born socially weird.

2 hours later 53005523 Anonymous
>>53003378 More like Haj Amin al-BOOsseini am I right?

2 hours later 53005568 Anonymous
>>53003378 I have no idea. Interacting with people is the most uncomfortable thing imaginable next to being in incredible physical pain

2 hours later 53005593 Anonymous
>>53003378 abused in early childhood. labeled an autist when i acted out and put in a tard school. the rest is history as i was raised as THE problem

3 hours later 53006014 Anonymous
>>53003378 I al not a social outcast. I dont like how things are now I avoid neighbours and stay home. If I had a car and could drive well I would call them to get ready and we would travel and travel, and I would have a gf in a city far from the KGB like hellhole here where there are sociopaths who try to know everything about every girl and how rich her dad is like fucking gays.

4 hours later 53006130 Anonymous
i was normal up until about the time i turned 16. something happened during that time, but i don't really know exactly what happened. i found myself not fitting in anywhere, i couldn't really make friends, the friends i used to have moved on, and i just felt lost and didn't know what to do. it was like i missed a step in life that everyone around me already took. it got worse and worse from there, and i slowly became miserable and a recluse. i became a vidya addict for a cope, i didn't even realize that's what i was doing at the time, i wasn't aware that i was using gaming because there was something missing in my life, it just felt normal.

4 hours later 53006145 Anonymous (if you want i could be decent.png 540x616 389kB)
weird overbearing protective suspicious mother abusive distant father with anger issues spent childhood moving around, with large part of it in communist country (im an american...ish) would do weird shit as a kid that gave me a reputation of being the weird kid not to hang out with, feel like such a useless, empty, bland pussy alien. have huge crushing ambitions. wanna end up like kurdt kobain.

4 hours later 53006176 Anonymous
>>53006145 also autistic druggie friends, dysfunctional family, money problems. introvert, stunted, yet sheltered, i feel delusional sometimes.

4 hours later 53006186 Anonymous
>>53004343 >i was raised fairly normally me too, some people are just destined to fail, no excuses required

4 hours later 53006236 Anonymous
>>53003378 Different race hating faggots and extensive use of the internet. I just generally dont try anymore.

4 hours later 53006289 Anonymous (119FD4A2-0DD4-465D-932A-40CF4B2386A1.jpg 720x529 53kB)
>>53006236 Get rich. Get educated. Be original. Women like these more than anything.

4 hours later 53006302 Anonymous
>>53003378 I never stood up for myself and the group of people I hanged out with bullied me for years.

5 hours later 53006913 Anonymous (481293189.jpg 694x695 36kB)
>Abusive mother >Absent father >No siblings or extended family >Only white kid at my elementary school, bullied >Girls at school made fun of me for being quiet/creepy >Hostile environment at both home and school >Used old computer games for escapism when I could >Nightmares where mom murders me >Wanted female acceptance badly, but too alien >Developed deep misogyny >Retreated further into computers >Became strange enough to even put off my teachers >Misogyny slowly morphs into full blown misanthropy >Move out of mom's house, get IT job >Even the other IT guys seem like "normies" to me >Climbed the career ladder and socialized more >Still feel empty and isolated many years later >Literally just alive to chuckle at 4chan posts

5 hours later 53006938 Anonymous
>>53006289 basically everything women aren't

5 hours later 53007005 Anonymous
I dont have any legs or balls or pp.

6 hours later 53007797 Anonymous
>>53006938 why are you holding your standards of behavior to that of a woman? would you like to be fucked in your vagina and raise chads baby?

6 hours later 53007809 Anonymous
i'm a pussy. instead of solving my problems or building skill and talent i retreated into videogames and drug use. now i'm oblivious to reality, stupid and a pussy.

6 hours later 53007875 Anonymous
>>53003378 I'm really more of a hermit that a social outcast. If I need to interact with someone, I can do so at a competent level. I just find the vast majority of people rather annoying, so I don't interact with them.

6 hours later 53007953 Anonymous
>>53003378 I was pretty amicable growing up and was popular, but I was narcissistic and found it hard to really care about other people even though they cared about me. I was also a huge pussy and basically was traumatized from being bullied when I was little. It always put me on fear mode around others, which made me guarded and manipulative. Eventually, people grew up and developed more meaningful relationships with others and I started getting left out of social circles. I became even more anti-social in college as I found I had little friends and would just feel lonely every time I was on campus. I still had friends but any time I was alone, I would just feel anxious and broken. It's hard being alone and seeing everyone else be in groups. Almost would feel like crying every time I'm walking through the halls. It sucked. So I retreated more and more until I became completely shut in. Ta-da

7 hours later 53008333 Anonymous
Dad never taught me how to be a man, because he never learned, himself. Overbearing mother. Neither parents knew what they were doing. Didn't even plan on having me, I was a "happy accident", my much older sister was supposed to be an only child. Oh yeah, my sister is an extremely successful engineer and was a total cunt to me until she had her kid and simmered down. I've always had low self-esteem. Always put everyone else before me and basically acted like a doormat my entire life. I'm afraid of people. I really believe I'm one of the very few truly rational and morally good men and everyone else is a hairless chimp. I literally fear for my life, like if I don't behave the way the normies want me to, they'll literally stab me in the back or something. Most social interactions feel like me trying to socially-wrangle some 200 lbs. down-syndrome retard into not caving my face in.

8 hours later 53008597 Anonymous
>>53003378 Moved a lot and I'm ambiguously featured, therefore I fit in with the few other mixed kids. I also have some social awkwardness and sperged out a bit.

8 hours later 53008611 Anonymous
>>53003378 >Naturally shy and intimidated by new people >Bullied intensely in school Thats about it. I prefer my own company over other people.

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