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2019-06-21 12:42 53003377 Anonymous (__original_drawn_by_ray_k__566a25bc85b3748ce8b413a6d25169ff.jpg 1000x752 579kB)
I want to make people happy. What's a good way to meet and potentially sleep with lonely, terminally ill women?

1 min later 53003400 Anonymous
>>53003377 A hospital you fucking retard

2 min later 53003417 Anonymous
>>53003377 Don't disguise your lust as a kindness please.

11 min later 53003570 Anonymous
>>53003400 Sure, but I can't lurk around hospital wings for weeks, chatting up people who can't even get away with me. I'd just be a regular creepthen. >>53003417 Hey, I'm people too.

29 min later 53003832 Anonymous
>>53003570 Go in and pretend you're from a church or some shit, pretend you want to comfort people (non-sexually). Talk to some dudes too, so it's not so obvious

1 hours later 53004470 Anonymous
>>53003377 bumping for OP originamentalate

1 hours later 53004484 Anonymous
>>53003570 >regular creepthen. maybe you are, but i feel you on wanting to make people happy

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