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2019-06-21 12:39 53003325 Anonymous (1468959619880.png 650x773 48kB)
my parents are shit and the reason I have a fucking shit life. I dont have the energy to overcome them. they made me bothj genetically weak plus fucking unbearable bare bones fucking poverty. I dont want to ghost them completely but jesus Christ I dont know what the fuck to do. I cant even get away from them they birthed me into such fucking stupid ungodly levels of poverty and im so fucking tired I cant even get out of bed or keep my eyes open holy fucking shit dude I dont even know what the fuck to do. its like I was born with life on lvl 99999999 fucking difficulty plus my body is just such fucking shit. I cant even wake up or keep my eyes open im so fucking tired plus I have lvl 99999999999999 poverty to beat. and then as soon as I beat it gods like lol nope and rips it all away. plus this FUCKING small town shit. how much of a fucking LOSER fucking piece of shit do you have to be to even visit a small town. let alone fucking live in one. let alone fucking be trapped in one financially. fuck my parents failed so god damn bad and I was meant to be a god damn fucking winner and I dont even have the fucking energy to fight

25 min later 53003725 Anonymous
>>53003325 We are playing Life on impossible mode Being a poor Black Male is the hardest thing you can be Im despised too so Im playing it at lvl 99999999999999999999999999999999999 99999999999999999999 xinity

27 min later 53003753 Anonymous
And that's exactly what a loser would say. Look at this as a test of intelligence. If you get out of this and win in the end, you surely killed any doubt about your potential. You can do it anon.

29 min later 53003782 Anonymous
>>53003753 I have to fucking sleep 12 hours a day plus lay down the other 8 and then im still fucking tired and I was born like so fucking disadvantaged. like everyone in life has a 20000 mile lead on me and im like 500000 miles behind the start line and my car wont even start

31 min later 53003803 Anonymous
>>53003782 why do you have to rest for 20 hours? there must be some disability claim for this

32 min later 53003828 Anonymous
>>53003803 yeah there is im completely fucked. plus I have no medical insurance and in FUCKING AMERICA everyone just says lol shut up were all tired but im literally like dying. I dont want to be poor and on disability forever but I am so god damn tired

36 min later 53003899 Anonymous
>>53003725 Try being a curry nigger in the west. At least black guys can get laid here.

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