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2019-06-21 12:36 53003284 Anonymous room thread (room time.jpg 8064x6048 1980kB)
post 'em, guys n gals. someone asked in the last thread why i had meat cleavers on my wall -- my mum and i had an in-joke about them is all.

0 min later 53003292 Anonymous (cleaver.jpg 2534x3090 991kB)
>>53003284 someone also didn't believe this was my room )':

24 min later 53003675 Anonymous (thumbnail.jpg 2172x1312 485kB)
Here is the sad room

52 min later 53004066 Anonymous
>>53003675 your room is really comfy, anon. though i think it could use some rearranging

1 hours later 53004381 Anonymous (Home_Sweet_Home.png 1724x1272 1614kB)
My Temp room while I'm at summer work.

1 hours later 53004387 Anonymous
i'm not even gonna try to post an image on this shit website

1 hours later 53004408 Anonymous (room.jpg 1139x2560 833kB)
Still haven't hung anything on the walls.

1 hours later 53004566 Anonymous
>>53003284 Lady of my heart, are you proficient with bladed weapons and do you carry one while traversing through the bogan-infested wastelands?

2 hours later 53004879 Anonymous
>>53004408 Nice place you've got there anon. Ground floor?

2 hours later 53004957 Anonymous
>>53004566 my dear, i apologise for my lacking responses. frankly, i'm shit at replying to emails :') i am well practised with my weaponry and find myself frequently defending myself.

2 hours later 53004980 Anonymous
>neat and organized people disgusting

2 hours later 53005093 Anonymous (IMG_20190517_204553.jpg 1024x954 146kB)
>be right handed >calls himself a robot

2 hours later 53005097 Anonymous
>>53004957 You're ought to check it right now!

2 hours later 53005112 Anonymous
is everyone a fucking millionare here?

2 hours later 53005515 Anonymous (merge.jpg 4000x3000 1878kB)
>>53003284 Nice to see someone else posting this thread. Didn't you say you were going to take new pictures op? >>53003675 Could be worse anon, looks kind of comfy. Like the window. >>53004381 Not much to say but, I like the sort of bend or whatever you call it in the side of the room, it looks sort of comfy. I like small spaces.

3 hours later 53005985 Anonymous
>>53005515 i keep forgetting to take new pictures -- it's been a bit messy lately..

3 hours later 53006006 Anonymous
>>53004879 Nah it's a walkup >>53005112 Curious what makes you say that when none of us have a ton of space or expensive shit?

3 hours later 53006039 Anonymous (PANO_20190618_181331.jpg 912x2600 1184kB)
My comfy little hovel

5 hours later 53006757 Anonymous (Untitled.jpg 3000x1962 1482kB)
>>53003284 Nice update reptilebro. That's a fucking baller cassette player. >>53003675 Pretty bleak man. >>53004381 >attic dweller naisu >>53004408 Does the lack of a door on your bedroom ever bother you anon? Id hate that shit. >>53005515 Desu Vault >>53006039 I'm gonna need a cat pic bud.

5 hours later 53007006 Anonymous (cassette.jpg 3995x1272 1120kB)
>>53006757 assuming this was the cassette player you were referencing -- it's actually broken ): i have plans to open it and try fix it, otherwise i'll probably paint it and make something funky of it.

5 hours later 53007038 Anonymous
>>53007006 Looks cool through, aesthetic

5 hours later 53007092 Anonymous
>>53007038 thank you, anon. i think much of what i own fits that description.

5 hours later 53007114 Anonymous
>>53003284 how is your gecko doing friend

5 hours later 53007119 Anonymous (20190615_021908-01-1.jpg 2174x2299 955kB)
>>53006757 Here you go. My freeloading asshole roomate.

5 hours later 53007153 Anonymous (fbg.png 611x497 108kB)
sorry for my repost I really have nothing to do

5 hours later 53007156 Anonymous
>>53007119 Those pink lips are cute af.

5 hours later 53007194 Anonymous
>>53003284 Stop hoarding so much stuff. What would your boyfriend think if saw that clutter?

5 hours later 53007198 Anonymous
>>53007114 gecko is good going thank you (: he's as naughty as ever >>53007153 do you want to do a small art collaboration, anon? it would be fun to pass the time

5 hours later 53007234 Anonymous
>>53007194 I don't know, looks pretty clean to me.

5 hours later 53007276 Anonymous (1548341409902.jpg 2016x1512 845kB)
>>53007194 my room definitely isn't as bad as some. i think it's kind of comfy in fact. modern, minimalism is too cold and emotionless for me.

5 hours later 53007329 Anonymous
>>53007276 How's the vr treating you?

5 hours later 53007339 Anonymous
>>53007329 oh, not my room, just posted it as an example of a messy room

5 hours later 53007344 Anonymous
>>53007276 I've got the same keyboard but with the original logo that had sails instead of this edgy shit.

5 hours later 53007354 Anonymous (45b1aa2a4585400eabbe0a021bf3e0cc0a2f7a9dd68b50d869ce5ce0f484d50e.jpg 600x450 65kB)
>>53007276 >modern, minimalism is too cold and emotionless for me. I agree anon but living in a pile of literal garbage isnt comfy either... Nice sipp

5 hours later 53007364 Anonymous
>>53006006 probably just for having their own rooms, anon. I know a good number of people who have to share their bedrooms with their siblings, roommates, mothers. I feel like I'd die if I had to share a bedroom.

5 hours later 53007373 Anonymous
>>53006039 nice space but I snapped my neck trying to view it

5 hours later 53007377 Anonymous
>>53007119 this made me giggle especially with the comment you added. 11/10 kitty, would pet.

6 hours later 53007384 Anonymous
>>53007276 boomer exposed

6 hours later 53007387 Anonymous
>>53007364 I used share my room with my two younger brothers. I'm glad to have my attic room now.

6 hours later 53007593 Anonymous
>>53003284 So if you aren't a tranny does that mean you are just a cross dressing boy you faggot?

6 hours later 53007604 Anonymous (room e.jpg 4032x3024 535kB)
for a little bit of background info, i scribbled over my parts of the room in that pink-ish highlight. me and my older sister share a room, and she doesn't clean at allllll! we can't get a pet cat until she cleans because my entire family is afraid that the cat is gonna eat the garbage she leaves on the floor. in the bottom right corner there's a little diagram of the room also with the pink scribbles. also if anyone sees it, that dodecahedron rubix puzzle takes me about 6 min to solve. i can't get a lower time than that :L

6 hours later 53007612 Anonymous
>>53007604 Woo, attic bro. Welcome to the club.

6 hours later 53007622 Anonymous
>>53007593 The room screams underaged girl to me. >>53003284 >$300 enclosure for reptiles >Puts newspaper down. This bothers me more than it should. What kind of enrichment do your reptiles have?

6 hours later 53007641 Anonymous
>>53007604 How is the life of a fembot with a sister? Is she a roastie?

6 hours later 53007644 Anonymous
>>53007604 How old are you too? If there's one thing I'll never understand, it's underaged cis girls posting on this board.

6 hours later 53007646 Anonymous (1480643950850.jpg 657x527 39kB)
>>53007604 something about your room, art, and handwriting makes me really wonder if you're actually 18 or over

6 hours later 53007652 Anonymous
>>53007612 heck yes. i unironically love having an attic room, besides the fact that there's only two windows and they're on the far ends of the room. i get no breeze but other than that i think it's super comfy and strangely spacious because this is the biggest room in my house.

6 hours later 53007677 Anonymous (1474056287953.jpg 600x600 59kB)
>>53007652 she said HECK!!! IM RIGHT! MOOOOOOOODS!!!!

6 hours later 53007678 Anonymous
>>53007641 shes not a roasty, she's a tumblr lesbian. it gets super annoying because she lashes out at everyone every time we ask her to clean. she also insists on raising 20 monarch caterpillars in the dining room. >>53007646 i think what makes my room look like that of a kid's is the pinkish-purple light color i have on right now. if i were to put it to plain white it's just a normal room. also about my art, that was just a quick scribble i did because i was afraid the thread would die before i could post anything kek

6 hours later 53007693 Anonymous
>>53007622 >The room screams underaged girl to me. It's obviously a dumb attention whore. These threads have become unbearable because of her and her obnoxious orbiters.

6 hours later 53007709 Anonymous
>>53007678 >>53007646 aalso i forgot to add about the handwriting, i have a correction tool on the app i used to write it in. because i write fast, it misinterprets the line shape because cheap crappy free app (firealpaca)

6 hours later 53007713 Anonymous (rewm.jpg 2213x1601 138kB)
it's not much, but it's honest work. Now that I'm not a shutin it's nowhere near as busy/decorated as when I was younger.

6 hours later 53007728 Anonymous
>>53007713 How long did it take to set up your tv there?

6 hours later 53007739 Anonymous
>>53007728 an hour? I had a stud finder, a power drill, and an extra pair of hands, though

6 hours later 53007747 Anonymous
>>53007276 are you one of those vrchat anons that sleep with your headset on?

6 hours later 53007762 Anonymous
>>53007713 does the up high tv ever hurt your neck anon? if that were me i feel like every time i used it i'd have to snap my neck back in place. is it comfy? also your room does look really comfy to spend time in.

6 hours later 53007776 Anonymous
>>53007678 >shes not a roasty, she's a tumblr lesbian. That's even worse holy shit. My condolences. >she also insists on raising 20 monarch caterpillars in the dining room Why?

6 hours later 53007799 Anonymous (1547792848103.png 1685x813 745kB)
this is like the 4th thread in 2 days. Go post in /soc/.

6 hours later 53007828 Anonymous
>>53007693 You shut your whore mouth! That qt straw hat fembot is the best thing to happen to these threads.

6 hours later 53007851 Anonymous (FCB21A21-DAE5-464E-94C7-707405491C9C.jpg 4032x3024 1156kB)
>>53007776 >condolences thank you for your sympathy. it is deeply appreciated. when i finally save up enough to get my own little place, i'm doin it. >why well our landlord planted milkweed in our front yard and that's the only thing the caterpillars eat, and the only thing the butterflies lay their eggs on. also monarchs are endangered i think the caterpillars are really cute, and the butterflies are beautiful, but it gets so annoying and they shit all over the place. i'd live much better if it didn't smell like bug poop every time i sat down to eat kek >pic related, that's jimbo. his little antennae are two different sizes. ( he's the only one we can tell apart from the others)

6 hours later 53007912 Anonymous
>>53007851 >tfw no caterpillar-handling fembot gf

6 hours later 53007922 Anonymous
>>53007762 not really. I usually use the laptop screen and use the TV for when I'm in bed. And thank you anon, it is comfy! It's hard to get myself to leave sometimes.

6 hours later 53007926 Anonymous
>>53007693 my bad, dude. i'll quit posting if it really bothers you that much lmao. though, it's definitely not just me. like the chick with the dog or the one with the dildo.

6 hours later 53007932 Anonymous (1471564018800s.jpg 250x242 9kB)
>>53007799 Let them have their fun, damnit!

6 hours later 53007937 Anonymous (1553815763954.jpg 240x240 16kB)
Fembots only want one thing in their smelly basements and it's fucking disgusting.

6 hours later 53007946 Anonymous (1483167479850.jpg 375x592 29kB)

6 hours later 53007954 Anonymous
>>53007937 hyuhuhhuhuh But are you sure that's just a female thing? My friend was unpacking after a trip and I saw a 10-inch one of those fall out of his carryon.

6 hours later 53007955 Anonymous
>>53007937 is that a fockin snake m8? lad? my nigga? my fockin bruv?

6 hours later 53007964 Anonymous
>>53007926 >i'll quit posting if it really bothers you that much Yes, thanks.

7 hours later 53007971 Anonymous
>>53005515 Where do you live? What's all the monarchy shit?

7 hours later 53007976 Anonymous
>>53007912 i'm sure you'll find one some day anon. i can't be the only one out there that takes care of caterpillars. if i was then they'd be extinct :P >>53007922 that makes a lot of sense. is it worth investing in a tv like that? on the high ups? i might look into something similar. it looks comfy

7 hours later 53007978 Anonymous (1507343289704.jpg 300x360 21kB)
>>53007964 catch you on the flip side bro

7 hours later 53007983 Anonymous
>>53007976 >i'm sure you'll find one some day anon what is your criteria?

7 hours later 53007997 Anonymous
>>53007983 i don't exactly have a criteria kek i don't really think i'm in a good place rn to have a bf though because i don't think i'm in a good place to be a good gf. you did make my day though. i hope you find someone worthy :}

7 hours later 53007999 Anonymous
>>53007971 BC, Canada. The Red flags are the Red Ensign, the old Canadian flag before 1965. The portraits are of Queen Elizabeth II. I also have one of King George VI and his wife but it isn't up yet.

7 hours later 53008008 Anonymous
>>53007976 I mean, I got the setup and tv second hand. I wouldn't say it's worth putting in any more than 300$, but that's just me.

7 hours later 53008028 Anonymous
>>53008008 thanks for the advice. i appreciate it! it looks like it'd be worth spending at least a little on. and yeah, spending more than $300 would be out of the question for me lol

7 hours later 53008030 Anonymous
Last time I saw one of these posts an absolute Chad posted the most disgusting, trashed, barf stained dungeon I have ever seen in my life and I'm really hoping to see that again here.

7 hours later 53008046 Anonymous
>>53008030 Kind of what I expected. Not the worst though so far.

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