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2019-06-21 12:35 53003278 Anonymous (blackpill.jpg 480x360 11kB)
What did you feel when you swallowed the black pill? What was it like to finally accept that girls only ever truly care about looks, and that there is no way around this fact ever? I just laughed out loud when I finally accepted it. This world is doomed forever, it will always be deeply unfair and hard for so many people. Dating is no exception to this fact.

1 min later 53003294 Anonymous
probably when i started getting hardcore trolled by an entire base of Alphas

3 min later 53003329 Anonymous
>>53003278 >Be a virgin outcast for 30 years >Go on the Internet and get blackpilled >"Oh that explains it" >Move on with life and jack off to anime

4 min later 53003351 Anonymous
Feel like i wanna connect with a girl and talk about ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING AND BE MYSELF. oh I can't do that because i don't look like a FUCKING NORMIE. I used to be okay. But now I'm just done.

5 min later 53003356 Anonymous
>>53003278 I think it just came to me as a gradual conclusion over a long period of time. I'm sure in my conviction as well, because it doesn't stem from a lack of female interaction, but rather the opposite

5 min later 53003362 Anonymous
I don't care about girls, but I like listening to Eggman's rants while playing 2005 Battlefront 2.

9 min later 53003428 Anonymous
>that girls only ever truly care about looks this is false though, girls care just as much about clout, dick size, and money

14 min later 53003512 Anonymous
>>53003428 And even if you have all of that, the weak little wench still expects you to risk sacrificing it over her because she's a unique little princess.

37 min later 53003864 Anonymous (14a131169145c0b3963706078912.jpg 310x453 18kB)
>>53003428 >girls care just as much about clout, dick size, and money They care about those things in general when looking for a partner, but they are not physically attracted to those things. And hence, while they are important to some degree, they are not nearly as important as looks. Looks (facial aesthetics) are 95% of the equation at least.

39 min later 53003895 Anonymous
>>53003864 It's not really even looks. It's just the fact that they know all the girls are after that too, and they want to mark their territory. The hivemind of people in general is warped as fuck.

41 min later 53003927 Anonymous
>>53003864 >looks looks aren't even importatn, as girls derive looks from popular opinion example: popular ugly guy vs handsome unpopular guy they need to be told what's beautiful case in point ugly niggers being THE absolute best rn

54 min later 53004083 Anonymous
>>53003362 Was just playing battlefront actually. First time since ps2 days

58 min later 53004131 Anonymous
>>53004083 Nice, it's a pretty good game that has sadly been forgotten for the most part. I'm trying to play a match on every map without dying, currently got 7 maps done. Admittedly I use vehicles a lot, but only after I get all possible awards.

1 hours later 53004733 Anonymous
>>53003278 >What did you feel when you swallowed the black pill? Not much of anything. The coating on it kinda nullifies the taste of the charcoal, and the pill is small enough that it doesnt feel weird swallowing

2 hours later 53004912 Anonymous
Meh if this was true they wouldnt be fucking niggers as much as they do. Red/black pill bullshit is just cope cause ur too pussy to improve yourself and actually talk to women

3 hours later 53005929 Anonymous
I saw one of the many couples where the girl is a Goddess compared to the guy and shaked my head at believing that idiocy for a minute

3 hours later 53006082 Anonymous
the true blackpill is realizing that nothing can "produce" happiness. ask any normie what makes them happy. the answer will always be vague and simplistic. they already *are* happy, so the only way they can answer is to list their pleasures or whatever $5 philosophies they've picked up. if you're not happy, and i reckon alot of robots aren't, it's because you are missing some fundamental thing your brain was wired to want. now MAYBE that thing really is just a loyal gf and a family, but for 90% of you, i guarantee it isn't and you'd end up funneling your car exhaust into the garage at some point. the black pill is realizing that because of how large and complex our world is, so many of us will never find that spark that makes our minds and hearts come alive. so we just exist, filling our time with passive, distracting hobbies or whatever normies to for fun, because hey, "it works for them" right? "i must just not be enjoying this ENOUGH or 'the right way'" it'll never be enough, and most of us will never find our reason for being.

5 hours later 53007001 Anonymous
>>53003278 I was never administered the black pill per se by another person so I cant exactly pinpoint a moment where I "swallowed" it for the first time. As a naturally socially outcasted kid who spent most of his developmental years introspection on his own mind and eventually questioning the fundamentals of existence, the the natural conclusion that I came to myself. It was years later when i was exposed to the internet that i saw that other people had actually arrived to the same conclusion that i had. I now had an entire branch of philosophy dedicated to my years of rumination and it was called nihilism.

6 hours later 53007683 Anonymous
>>53004912 >Meh if this was true they wouldnt be fucking niggers as much as they do. They are not doing that nearly as much as you think they do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zA bHooWQNA

8 hours later 53008687 Anonymous
>>53003278 Psh, I moved on to colorless pill a long time ago.

10 hours later 53009550 Anonymous
The real blackpill for me is that i'm autistic. I cannot deal with peoples shit for ulterior motives because if anyone annoys me i ghost them. Only people i talk with on the regular are coworkers and family members who insists themselves in my life but thats risky for their sake because recieving a phone call automatically puts me in a bad mood. I listen to mu brother dealing with his friends and girlfriends shit and i think to myself why bother. I'd cut them out long ago. Nothing is worth that. And thats why its only a matter of time before i kms. Normies play their games with stupid rules and i cant.

10 hours later 53009585 Anonymous (8EA32471-3817-41D8-BFF7-2ED5D2234337.png 469x452 283kB)
You have to be a complete ignorant faggot who never leaves his house to believe the black pill. If you faggots would go out more often you'd see cute girls dating ugly guys all over the place. I've seen balding manlets with cute girls, the other day I went to a fair and saw a bunch of little balding dwarfs with their hot wives and kids, they were all over the place. You could tell these guys were never good looking to begin with, yet they manage to get with an attractive girl. The girl I liked started dating this ugly 5'5" brown Mexican dwarf, and she's taller than him too. You people need to go out more often, I'm thankful to r9k for pushing me towards my sociopathic lifestyle towards people but fuck, you people are fucking retarded with this black pill shit.

10 hours later 53009622 Anonymous
>>53003278 >What was it like to finally accept that girls only ever truly care about looks, and that there is no way around this fact ever? Brainlet level dark pill, seek out the darkest blackpill, seek the vantablack pill

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