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2019-06-21 12:35 53003275 Anonymous (1560712484655.jpg 325x325 27kB)
Why do homeless people constantly pester me and ask me for money and seemingly never someone else? I don't look wealthy at all. I don't get it.

3 min later 53003322 Anonymous
>>53003275 I always say if I had money I wouldnt be walking

3 min later 53003327 Anonymous
>>53003275 You look considerate/ generous (beta)

5 min later 53003359 Anonymous
>>53003275 It's because you look like a "mark"

7 min later 53003396 Anonymous
>>53003327 this, you look like you'll say yes. turn your beta frustration into misanthropy when you go into public. convince yourself that everyone is a cockroach and it'll show on your face and people won't bother you (and women will love you)

14 min later 53003526 Anonymous
>>53003275 One strategy I used to use was to asked them for change before they asked me.

18 min later 53003581 Anonymous
less-than-wealthy people are easier to guilt money out of. that's one of the reasons why they're less than wealthy.

26 min later 53003690 Anonymous (44C8AA43-4781-44AD-BF3A-7AA306916C65.jpg 474x427 8kB)
>walking downtown >homeless man asks if I have any change >"Sorry, I only have a twenty on me" >angrily huffs and rolls his eyes at me I didn't realize why until like three hours later

28 min later 53003721 Anonymous
>>53003690 >dude asks me for money >give him a fucking five dollar bill >disappointed "thanks" fuck that faggot

29 min later 53003734 Anonymous
>>53003690 Wait what did you do wrong? I don't understand, help me.

30 min later 53003755 Anonymous
>>53003275 homeless people never pester me and only ever ask if im with someone else. i have no idea why, it's like i'm so off everyone's radar even homeless people ignore me

33 min later 53003791 Anonymous
>>53003275 To be homeless you have to be a retarded asshole with retarded asshole parents. Homeless people dont deserve shit and should die, so that no one is homeless anymore

34 min later 53003805 Anonymous
>>53003275 You look like someone that can't be assertive or say no. Typical beta yes-sayer I guess. Also you probably make eye contact with them, once you make eye contact with a beggar you got a personal connection to them which makes it harder for you to say no and easier for them to approach you. Simple psychology, even hobos understand this.

35 min later 53003824 Anonymous
>>53003791 Homeless people should just buy a house, then they wouldn't be homeless anymore

36 min later 53003848 Anonymous
>>53003275 Maybe you actually look at them instead of ignoring them like they're less than human?

37 min later 53003859 Anonymous
>>53003275 Was in San Francisco once. Homeless dude had a sign that said "Fuck you, give me money". Everyone thought it was funny and kept giving him cash. It's amazing how some people give money to people who aren't even remotely thankful. Proof San Fran is shit tier city

38 min later 53003875 Anonymous
>>53003824 No, because then we wouldn't be able to tell the difference between homeless people and real people

39 min later 53003890 Anonymous
>>53003859 really the people giving these fucks money are the real problem, more than the bums themselves. the bum problem would go away on its own if people weren't cucked enough to open their wallets for them.

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