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2019-06-21 12:34 53003262 Anonymous (file.png 576x768 886kB)
why not date an older lady, anon?

0 min later 53003272 Anonymous
i got a woman i need to care for.

3 min later 53003313 Anonymous
>>53003262 Fuck? Sure. Date? No.

4 min later 53003330 Anonymous
>>53003313 actually this is a good rule for women of any kind

5 min later 53003346 Anonymous
I am, mom kicked me out and her friend took me in. Also took me inside, if you know what I mean.

6 min later 53003363 Anonymous
>>53003262 How old are we talking? I dated a girl 3 years older than me and that didn't work out either

7 min later 53003372 Anonymous
>>53003262 My moms friends hit on me all the time and it sends shivers down my spine

9 min later 53003410 Anonymous
I tried but brad got in the way.

14 min later 53003493 Anonymous
>>53003262 Even when they have nice bodies their faces are instant boner poison.

27 min later 53003691 Anonymous (1381647389673.png 1198x899 75kB)
Because older women are used up, selfish and so desperate for babbys they will do anything it takes to get pregnant before its too late. And that's only if you're lucky enough to even find one that is attractive and not divorced with two kids already. I used to have a cute fuckbuddy 16 years older than me that never said no to sex and let me creampie her several times a week, but then it fell apart because she tried to rope me into a serious relationship so I noped out before she could trap me with an autistic babby. She told me she was on the pill but I never saw her take any. Definitely one of the best things to ever happen to me though. Makes me sad I'll probably never have something like that ever again. Oh well.

34 min later 53003795 Anonymous
>>53003691 I got baby trapped by an older lady but it's not so bad, she enables my need lifestyle as I'm basically a stay at home dad for her.

36 min later 53003833 Anonymous
>tfw no Boomer femnon GF Where are all of you aaaaahhhhh

41 min later 53003910 Anonymous (1550392775627.png 580x548 300kB)
>tfw no gilf sugger mommy

41 min later 53003913 Anonymous
>>53003691 really in this day and age I wouldn't be willing to sleep with any woman of any age without first having documented proof of a vasectomy

45 min later 53003962 Anonymous (question.gif 181x222 33kB)
>>53003262 Id date a woman into her 30's as an 18 year old man. But I'm an incel, why do people think if I just date and older woman will fix things? They won't go for me, older women still have standards just like young women

58 min later 53004118 Anonymous
I've fucked women in their 60s and 70s. Shit is cash. Just got to use a ton of lube because their pussies dont get as wet.

1 hours later 53004187 Anonymous
>>53004118 >60s and 70s what the fuck

1 hours later 53004334 Anonymous
>>53004187 Don't knock it til you try it. Fucking women is great, age doesn't change that

1 hours later 53004398 Anonymous
>>53004187 hey man, some people like old, wrinkly stuff like raisins it's taste

1 hours later 53004435 Anonymous
>>53003795 >all you can fuck pussy >a place to stay that is not your parents >neet it up Cracked the code

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