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2019-06-21 12:32 53003233 Anonymous (sad girl.jpg 1920x1080 183kB)
Why don't you ask the depressed shy girl out at Starbucks? Nobody even notices she exists. She's so lonely. She's waiting for a confident man like you to come into her life.

1 min later 53003243 Anonymous
>>53003233 >"local man arrested- and subsequently shot for making a woman feel uncomfortable in downtown Starbucks, and now to the weather"

2 min later 53003263 Anonymous
>>53003233 I cant cold approach. Its something that seems so fucking foreign to me. I feel like it would be extremely awkward going up to a girl and asking her out without knowing her

2 min later 53003265 Anonymous
>>53003243 >forecast looking good for hero cop who saved his new girlfriend from being accosted by an incel

2 min later 53003270 Anonymous
>>53003233 because im also depressed and shy, i wish she would ask me out

3 min later 53003286 Anonymous
>>53003233 I don't go to starbucks though, too expensive.

5 min later 53003303 Anonymous
>>53003263 Do you ever meet people through anything other than work or through other people?

10 min later 53003379 Anonymous
My """depressed""" cousin likes to invite me to spend time with her. Going to Starbucks and listening to her vapid bullshit is part of why I don't want to fuck her anymore.

11 min later 53003412 Anonymous
>>53003379 >anymore so did you fuck your cousin at one point and then stop?

14 min later 53003468 Anonymous
>>53003412 No, when I did want to fuck her she had a boyfriend and I'm not a degenerate who cucks others. I'm no longer attracted to her, but I spend time around her because I have some good childhood memories of her and it's hard for me to straight up ghost her.

15 min later 53003479 Anonymous (Berserk.png 902x2552 850kB)
>>53003233 Too busy thinking about that lazy hack Miura.

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