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2019-06-21 12:30 53003214 Anonymous (F2FCBDF0-C309-458A-A9C7-4F72484F0E4F.jpg 540x387 22kB)
Does she even get completely naked? I've seen her flash a titty, show a bit of ass and have some partially covered nudes but I've never seen the whole thing. I thought she was a camwhore but she doesn't even have the decency to post porn on her pornhub account. Then Im told that she doesn't show her little pussy on her Patreon. What the fuck do people give her money for? She's not even that fucking cute. Sure she's attractive but she's nowhere near attractive enough for orbiters to be funding her goddamn lifestyle while she doesn't even show her asshole. I respect pornstars more than I respect women like this. At least pornstars work for their money.

1 min later 53003230 Anonymous
theres probably less than ~50 unique posters here, if you dont include the airmen. belle has millions of followers.

2 min later 53003238 Anonymous
>>53003230 But for fucking what though? If she's not busting it open for her audience, why the fuck does anyone care to give her money?

3 min later 53003248 Anonymous
>>53003230 >airmen what is that? you mean lurkers?

3 min later 53003254 Anonymous
>>53003214 She would be less popular if she was doing porn

3 min later 53003256 Anonymous
>>53003248 y-yes! lurkers, sir.

4 min later 53003277 Anonymous
>>53003214 Her whole image is (cute memelord who shows off her body but wont go that far) and there are many cucks that actually pay for her to reveal herself just barely more than she does on instagram. She has no reason to do porn until she has no other option.

6 min later 53003300 Anonymous
>>53003254 Why the fuck is she popular in the first place though? Literally what would compel a man to give this bitch money if she's not taking her clothes off?

7 min later 53003316 Anonymous
>>53003277 >there are many cucks that actually pay for her to reveal herself just barely more than she does on instagram most of her fanbase actually gets off by the idea of being denied, as they are beta cucks into femdom

8 min later 53003332 Anonymous
>>53003277 She has no reason to do porn period, she probably has enough money to live her whole life comfortably, she would only do porn if she gets greedy, and that would be her own fault, but i dont think shes retarded otherwise there would already be porn of her

9 min later 53003345 Anonymous
>>53003277 I'll never understand the mind of someone who gives this hoe money just so she can make hentai faces. What the fuck. I hope they all get robbed at fucking gunpoint. At least they'll have an exciting experience to go along with someone taking their money.

13 min later 53003415 Anonymous
>>53003332 >"She has no reason to do porn period, she probably has enough money to live her whole life comfortably" >expecting a dumb e-thot to not blew everything after a few years

19 min later 53003518 Anonymous
>>53003214 I think the whole gimmick or whatever of what she does is that she doesn't do porn. The second she actually gets fucked by 3 black guys, she'd be no better than any other porn star. Dunno why people pay money for her, though.

21 min later 53003548 Anonymous
>>53003518 She's probably been fucked by 3 black guys. She probably gets fucked by all kinds of guys all the time. But she keeps it secret so her orbiters keep paying her. This is like that weird Japanese idol nonsense. One of these clowns is going to kill her one day.

32 min later 53003708 Anonymous
>>53003548 If she ever publicly states that she has a boyfriend or posts a lot of pictures with the same guy she is getting murdered for sure.

42 min later 53003867 Anonymous
>>53003518 streamers dont get naked and retards throw money at them. its the same concept. jews saw an opportunity. easy money. fast money. dumb girls. I mean girls are literally retarded to begin with but these things...jesus Christ easy prey. lots of money. jews attacked.

43 min later 53003888 Anonymous (43392174_310138916478520_2508854609216035056_n.jpg 1080x1350 81kB)
>>53003214 She is too pure for porn.

45 min later 53003906 Anonymous
>>53003888 >too pure What does pure even mean to you?

45 min later 53003917 Anonymous
>>53003867 >cucks thousands of men out of their hard earned money >dumb girls

46 min later 53003925 Anonymous
>>53003888 look at this retard wasting trips on such a delusional post, i cant fucking beleave that people can be this stupid. I just hope youre trolling

46 min later 53003929 Anonymous
>>53003888 Give it a couple of years.

47 min later 53003935 Anonymous
>>53003906 He means she looks cute and childish and makes funny faces. Guys see girls with certain features and think that means she's a virgin.

48 min later 53003950 Anonymous (1560903030788.jpg 1080x1350 75kB)
>>53003925 >>53003929 She is femcel incarnate. The physically manifestation of the class struggle between whores and chaste women. The cock tease that doesnt put out yet remains virgin.

52 min later 53004000 Anonymous
>>53003950 >remains virgin. this our goddess is so pure

54 min later 53004030 Anonymous
>>53003888 >pure >literally makes a living on cosplaying in lewd outfits while making lewd getting fucked silly faces She makes money off of being a slut

56 min later 53004048 Anonymous
>>53004000 >our goddess >trips of truth No...it cant be true!

58 min later 53004077 Anonymous
>>53003950 >doesnt put out >yet remains virgin >YET Learn english, cumbrain. Also what you were trying to say is wrong

58 min later 53004078 Anonymous (cc131aS0q2SjYHQZ2UzCKrgqL8lNLkkhj9lNTizPS8-DKjGH1jC4sY_VJDCzMTIAuoKtfKzNSgAoh1kqwMdQqAOLWixCqrIB0A.pr1056452-2-5137102.jpg 650x650 105kB)
>>53004030 She isnt giving sex. Dressing up in a costume doesnt make you a slut.

59 min later 53004090 Anonymous
>>53004077 You forgot a period.

1 hours later 53004098 Anonymous
>>53004078 She makes money pretending to be a slut and because AWALT is guaranteed to be a slut for Chads and not the incel simps who pay her

1 hours later 53004102 Anonymous
>>53003214 >he missed the threads of depressed anons who thought she was a pure virgin She got popular in the first place because she appeals to this growing niche of autistic, delusional weaboos, who thought she was somehow different from the regular instawhore. If it makes you feel better, she's going to make actual porn now, though.

1 hours later 53004112 Anonymous
>>53004102 That doesn't explain why these niggers give her money >If it makes you feel better, she's going to make actual porn now, though No she's not

1 hours later 53004185 Anonymous
>>53004000 why would anyone think a girl like this is a virgin

1 hours later 53004283 Anonymous
>>53004112 There was a twitter cap saying she was going to make a pornhub account that was being passed around and making some orbiters suicidal, idk if it's fake or not. Anyway, you're underestimating the power of autism. I think many orbiters seriously believe that this literal prostitute is going to be their pure virgin gf if they throw money at her.

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