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2019-06-21 12:29 53003185 Anonymous Why does /r9k/ love asian women so much? (s1200.jpg 736x1414 94kB)
>Weird faces >9/10 times no ass or tits >Crazy as hell

0 min later 53003202 Anonymous
>>53003185 This image is Photoshopped as fuck.

1 min later 53003210 Anonymous
>>53003185 Well Im only attracted to white girls

1 min later 53003216 Anonymous
>>53003202 I would love for it to be real, looks hot as fuck

3 min later 53003237 Anonymous
>>53003185 Cause white girls don't like them they think Asian girls will

4 min later 53003247 Anonymous
i like them. owo

7 min later 53003288 Anonymous (74710976_p0.jpg 1723x2374 1767kB)
Why are you so obsessed with 3DPD? None of you are ever going to have sexy so you may as well search for a true ideal, and a fluffy tail.

7 min later 53003301 Anonymous (1560812441131.jpg 1200x465 93kB)
>>53003185 >Why does /r9k/ love asian women so much their eyes

8 min later 53003305 Anonymous
>>53003288 OP Here Bruh I lost my virginity in high school senpai. But I respect your mindset

9 min later 53003333 Anonymous (1557150203894.jpg 750x750 86kB)
>>53003185 Cute, feminine, small. Mostly lustful attraction, but they also tend to be more appreciative of intellectual accomplishment, in my experience. I'm having trouble reconciling my attraction for them and having white children of my own. Yes, I know this isn't always the case, just a tendency I've observed. Also, I like crazy hapa girls even though it is certainly not in my best interest.

11 min later 53003352 Anonymous
>>53003333 white women have been taking loads on their face since age 14.... sooner usually. Asian women have something in their head telling them not to be sluts.

12 min later 53003368 Anonymous (53832723_1490481664419065_3544665466058309632_n.jpg 600x960 48kB)
>>53003305 Oh I've had sex myself and experienced the evil side of 3D females which is precisely why I find comfort in 2D. In most cases it's not worth the time or effort.

14 min later 53003408 Anonymous
>>53003301 >not green or hazel Dropped. What colour are those even? Its like they're black holes sucking in all the light

15 min later 53003431 Anonymous
>>53003408 >Its like they're black holes sucking in all the light all the better for gazing into

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