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2019-06-21 12:26 53003141 Anonymous (1a5 (1).jpg 160x267 7kB)
>anime hentai ads >of hentai ive seen already

2 min later 53003174 Anonymous (1509673766445.jpg 1000x1000 191kB)
>ads oh no no no, ahahahahahhahahahahah

3 min later 53003195 Anonymous (1529738953604.jpg 960x540 80kB)
>seeing ads on websites

17 min later 53003388 Anonymous
>>53003195 >>53003174 Yeah,i do it to make assmad dicks like you seethe.

17 min later 53003406 Anonymous
>>53003174 Well what are they then? Enliten me

26 min later 53003560 Anonymous (84b.jpg 1914x939 412kB)
>>53003406 >seeing ads OH NO NO NO NO, OH NOOOOOOOO

28 min later 53003589 Anonymous
>>53003560 I feel like youre just fucking with me, but its a loose theory

29 min later 53003605 Anonymous
Oh fuck I get it. Im too lazy to get Adblock, and they dont really bother me too much desu

34 min later 53003664 Anonymous
>>53003605 >they dont really bother me too much desu they should. people are literally trying to scam you with every single pageview. and you put up with it like a cuck

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