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2019-06-21 12:21 53003070 Anonymous (141017463500472.jpg 355x355 43kB)
>accidentally used my sister's vibrator instead of my own

14 min later 53003285 Anonymous
>>53003070 diffrence?

20 min later 53003367 Anonymous
>>53003070 Are you freaked out, or is it a little exciting?

21 min later 53003380 Anonymous
>>53003070 Okay Maleanon

21 min later 53003387 Anonymous
>>53003070 Are you male or female? A male with a vib is a shame.

43 min later 53003723 Anonymous
>>53003070 You violated the cardinal rule of sex toy ownership: never buy one identical to someone else's if you're going to keep it in the family sex toy bin.

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