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2019-06-21 12:19 53003051 Anonymous (3df62adc3b28cc69ea9099a435646caa.jpg 236x282 22kB)
tfw truly alone >no social life >no friends >estranged from family >shut in for last 3 years only leaving house to go to uni >Spend most of all day playing vidya Anyone else like this?

3 min later 53003087 Anonymous (Wojattik.png 625x350 267kB)
Are you me? I have one Steam friend, he was a friend from IRL but he went to college and I haven't seen him in years. Haven't talked to him in months either. Was a NEET for two years after HS and now I leave the house to go to college but just snap back into the NEET mindset of sitting in a dark room staring at a screen all day whenever I'm home. I have no aspirations and nothing to live for but am too cowardly to put an end to my miserable life.

6 min later 53003137 Anonymous
>>53003087 >no aspirations >nothing to live for This. So much this

10 min later 53003189 Anonymous
>>53003137 Doesn't seem like it's gonna get better. The years pass by in an instant because every day is the same. We just weren't made for this world, I guess.

16 min later 53003279 Anonymous
>>53003051 Yea i do the same thing. Its sad whenever i talk to an old friend on snapchat or playstation because they will ask me where i work and how my gf is and stuff.i have to ghost people and I dont even join party chats anymore and am stuck playing multiplayer games by myself because im too ashamed to admit ive done nothing with my life and it will be awkward to tell people that. Even when randoms use game chat i dont go there and pretend like i dont have a mic so i dont have to make small talk or sit there in silence awkwardly. >>53003137 Faggot

18 min later 53003315 Anonymous
>>53003051 I have one friend who keeps chatting to me on steam every few months for a couple of minutes. Apart from that no one knows I exist

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