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2019-06-21 12:18 53003031 Anonymous /drugfeel/ (1559622532676.jpg 2912x2649 1589kB)
Should I drop dxm tonight? edition

0 min later 53003047 Anonymous (3111-26869-26813.jpg 640x645 62kB)
>>53003031 >Should I drop dxm tonight? Yeah

15 min later 53003251 Anonymous
>got 98% on my assignment >didn't even finish it I don't think the professor even read the whole thing. Good thing all my professors like me as a person

16 min later 53003268 Anonymous
>tfw the Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome is kicking in I still have 11gs of dank shit left. Man, this sucks.

17 min later 53003282 Anonymous (wabbit hole.jpg 350x350 126kB)
damn this new heroin is sooo gud. it pairs nicely with the long tolerance break that I ended yesterday last night I nodded for almost 4 hours consecutively without needing to re up. it was easily one of the best highs I have ever had on heroin, or any drug actually. feels gud to be back baby pic very related >>53003031 nah op, pick pretty much any other drug and you will enjoy it more.

24 min later 53003376 Anonymous
>>53003031 Holy shot just found out nutmeg oil contains all the myristicin with none of the deliriants no dry mouth no hangover just pure psychedelic bliss wtf i for it off amazon

24 min later 53003382 Anonymous
>>53003047 My only conundrum is that I'd have to interact with people a few hour's into the trip if I take it tonight and after the last time I tripped i'm scared to because I was about to tell people my darkest secrets. luckily they went away before I could do it but still it makes me not want to do dxm again because i don't know what I'll end up saying to people i know.

25 min later 53003413 Anonymous
>>53003282 >nah op, pick pretty much any other drug and you will enjoy it more. Just because you don't enjoy a drug doesn't mean everyone doesn't. How hard is this to understand?

31 min later 53003504 Anonymous
>>53003282 >nah op, pick pretty much any other drug and you will enjoy it more. DXM pretty much just feels like long lasting ketamine to me

31 min later 53003507 Anonymous
>>53003376 I hope this is a joke or just bad bait anon, some of the underage/dxm posters >>53003382 its not a good drug for socializing. ketamine is ok but dissos are really not the best class of drugs to be using around other people, especially if they are not on that same drug. >>53003413 I know that some people like dxm but ime most of those people have not yet tried a wide variety of drugs, and most people who get to try a lot of drugs will leave dxm behind. lets be honest, most of us tried dxm when we were 15. it was ok by my standards then but i grew out of it like a lot of people do. its a wonky drug that people often take just for the sake of getting fucked up, almost like getting drunk just for the sake of it, except its way weirder and more unpleasant

31 min later 53003514 Anonymous
>started taking 150mg bupropion (wellbutrin) for a week Man, is this stuff supposedly be this good? I'm motivated, my concentration increased to more of an "workable" level, I become less anxious when talking to ppl, I felt happier and hopeful (Im not that depressed desu) I know this is a (weak) stimulant, do any of anons here find bupropion this helpful?

32 min later 53003524 Anonymous
>>53003507 >he doesn't know about nutmeg oh, kiddo

34 min later 53003564 Anonymous
>>53003524 >he doesn't know about nutmeg no, anon. I do know about it, thats why I don't think you should take it. its in the same tier as sniffing markers for fucks sake. just forget about it and move on to legitimate drugs

35 min later 53003578 Anonymous
>>53003382 >i don't know what I'll end up saying to people i know This is a real concern. It sounds like you've got a great reason not to do it tonight. When was the last time you took it?

36 min later 53003603 Anonymous
>>53003564 Anon was talking about the oil. The oil has none of the side effects apparently.

38 min later 53003622 Anonymous
>>53003603 oh, my mistake, i misread that then. I know nothing about nutmeg oil, I cant really comment then.

38 min later 53003628 Anonymous
>>53003514 Bupropion caused me to go from bipolar type II (light) to bipolar type I (severe). Gave me some OCD and made me manic for the first time in my life. Also, wellbutrin/zyban/bupropion competes for the same liver enzyme as DXM, which makes it an absolutely horrible combination. It's like grapefruit juice times a million, not in a good way. Just throwing that out there.

43 min later 53003679 Anonymous (FF809A8BEDCE4CE7890936276E034475.jpg 811x811 64kB)
Thinking about taking DXM as well but I took 600~mgs about 7 days ago and 600mgs 7 days before that (that was the first time in about half a year) Just from a health perspective how bad of an idea would it be to take 900mgs tonight or should I wait? If so how long?

46 min later 53003724 Anonymous
>>53003031 I jus remembered i have been saving a bag of shrooms for almost a year. Are they still edible? Is the effect any weaker/stronger?

48 min later 53003756 Anonymous
>>53003507 I've been purposefully avoiding replying to you, but I also just ran out of my dab pen so my resolve may not last. Don't get into your condescending heroin addict shit again or I will come after you again. also it's super easy to see how and why your writing style changed

48 min later 53003762 Anonymous
So how do I pgp encrypt my address to the seller?

51 min later 53003798 Anonymous
>>53003724 Depending on the storage condition they could have lost substantial potency (heat, light and open air) The only way to know is to test them Have fun :^}

53 min later 53003842 Anonymous
>>53003679 If you're asking if you should wait, you should wait. The "one week per plateau" rule is a good suggestion. 600 mg sounds like a second plateau trip, therefore wait at least two weeks before doing it again. Honestly the longer you wait, the better it is. To truly reset DXM tolerance all the way takes months if not years. Seriously.

55 min later 53003866 Anonymous
>>53003628 antidepressants seem to affect everyone very differently. a few people i know are lucky enough to have one that works for them but all of them had tried half a dozen others or more first that didnt work at all or made shit worse. I gave up after two horrible antidepressants in a row. Also, youre right about the dxm interaction. this applies for all SSRIs to anyone who reads this, dont mix them with dxm. i think theres a few other less serious drug interactions involving SSRIs but i dont remember them all >>53003679 i dont think that amount of dxm is physically bad for you,it takes a lot of that drug to do any damage. >>53003756 >again damn i wonder if you are the same anon lol. if youre the one from 10/18, then yeah, you are right (about this). Its the heroin making me combative again. I feel so good that anger doesnt even feel negative, i barely notice it. I still think that anon should not take dxm in a social setting around people he cant tell secrets to. I think thats a reasonable suggestion that is not just based on my own opinion of dxm >also it's super easy to see how and why your writing style changed I didnt realize that I changed anything, Ive been fucked up for all of the posts I made in this thread. whatever the change is, its not a conscious or self-aware decision >>53003762 anon if you have to ask that here maybe just dont buy it. >>53003798 make sure theyre not moldy at least. they get even grosser with time but they are probably still good as long as your dealer didnt sit on them for a year or more too.

56 min later 53003893 Anonymous
i mixed shitload of ritalin with booze, i took hours and hours of walk and im still lost please help me please

1 hours later 53003949 Anonymous (0163 - P5GYYWJ.gif 774x690 395kB)
>>53003893 Sounds like you need some benzos

1 hours later 53003975 Anonymous
>>53003949 i dont wanna take benzos now, i dont wanna take any more drugs i just need to go trough this

1 hours later 53004013 Anonymous
>>53003893 whats the trouble

1 hours later 53004028 Anonymous
>>53003893 Water and rest. All you can really do right now is stay hydrated and ride it out.

1 hours later 53004041 Anonymous
>>53004013 idk too many ritalin with alcohol im really confused and anxious with no reason why, i think im having a panic attack >>53004028 well that was my guess, im just keeping on drinking water

1 hours later 53004044 Anonymous
>>53004013 well, all this white stuff on my sleeve... is LSD.

1 hours later 53004133 Anonymous
>>53004041 stims give me panic attacks too.

1 hours later 53004198 Anonymous
Me and my buddy are going to try LSD for the first time, how much should we take and should we both go at the same time?

1 hours later 53004252 Anonymous
>>53004198 What other drugs have you done and how many times?

1 hours later 53004275 Anonymous
>>53004041 Breathe deeply and slowly. Do not panic about panicking. If you're chatting with us, it's unlikely you're having a panic attack.

1 hours later 53004316 Anonymous (ShanxiMountains.jpg 800x533 98kB)
hey drugfeel, whatup tonight ?

1 hours later 53004333 Anonymous
>>53004252 Mostly just bushweed, at one point oxy and codine and the occasional DXM trip

1 hours later 53004356 Anonymous (John Wick 3.jpg 858x1200 130kB)
Took 1500mg of gabapentin, don't feel any different. I feel for the meme boys. I did my research, and followed all the guides. I spaced my pills 30 minutes apart, ate a big meal, washed it down with soda. Welp, you live and learn I guess. What a waste.

1 hours later 53004366 Anonymous
>>53004333 Go for 1 full tab. Half a tab if you showed signs of being a drug-bitch on the other ones. Acid imo is best to go in blind with so don't do research too much and don't expect anything. Just chill and know that you're going to be fine and it'll be fine.

1 hours later 53004468 Anonymous
>>53004356 Why are you abusing gabapentin? You fell for the meme? Jesus Christ. >>53004366 >1 full tab This. Also, make sure you're in a good mood, psychedelics are not escapism drugs. Acid will magnify whatever you've got going on.

1 hours later 53004528 Anonymous
>>53003031 I tried 4th plat dxm the other night and didn't really have a fun experience (I've done 2nd/3rd plat a couple times before, they were a little better) I threw up and felt sick for like half of the trip, but besides that the slight visuals were cool. Has anyone tried extracting dxm? Does it improve the trip at all? I think the next time I try to chug syrup again I'll puke

1 hours later 53004578 Anonymous
>>53004366 >>53004468 I'll go 120ug thanks for the tips anons

1 hours later 53004610 Anonymous (8888.jpg 1000x762 122kB)
>>53004468 Had a bunch lying around the house. Did some research, people said it was a decent high. Welp, no harm no foul I guess. The only difference is it is hard to concentrate on doing things, and I walk with a lean now...go figure. I guess I can try mixing it up with some oxys or valium.

2 hours later 53004868 Anonymous
>>53003031 Op here I'll probably just smoke weed instead I'll wait untill I get a nice day with a lot of free time to do dxm. On a side note has anyone here ever done dxm in the woods? I'm thinking of doing 600 mg in the woods next time and I'm wondering how much more intense the trip is when your actually walking around in nature. so far I've only ever done it in my house.

2 hours later 53005139 Anonymous
anyone got any good opi-songs rn? on the edge of having a panic attack rn but i think I can steer myself away f i replace the shitty thoughts with normal comfy heroin thoughts. idk why this happens every once in a while.. i know i didnt take too much, if anything i should take more ree im spooked that someone is going to knock on my door or sneak up behind me. it souinds so stupid when i type this though

2 hours later 53005177 Anonymous
>>53004316 doin drugs

3 hours later 53005362 Anonymous
>>53004356 Drink a beer or 2 I personally loved gabapentin until the magic wore off, have probably done 100,000+mg in my life because my script got so high, although during that time I gained 40 lb because I was eating so much at night for the high boost

3 hours later 53005489 Anonymous
>>53004316 very stoned watching yt and ranting to myself in my head

3 hours later 53005513 Anonymous
>tfw bipolar and can't even smoke weed or drink according to the doctor

3 hours later 53005547 Anonymous
It's going to snow tonight. In the middle of June!

3 hours later 53005548 Anonymous
>>53003282 Don't do drugs, relapsing once doesn't mean you didn't make any progress. Stop before someone makes you

3 hours later 53005583 Anonymous
>>53004198 If you're an anxious or manic type of person, don't do acid unless you have someone sober with you. The only time I've ever heard of someone freaking out on acid was when they also were on meth.

3 hours later 53005627 Anonymous (1502499430786.png 1200x900 66kB)
how good of a combo is dxm + dph lads? i heard the music enhancement on 300mg each was really good.

3 hours later 53005698 Anonymous (IMG_20190620_183029.jpg 1200x2133 1140kB)
Looking forward to the weekend boys, gonna do some mushies, drink a couple beers and maybe watch pulp fiction or dr strangelove. >>53004528 Man, fuck chugging that much syrup. Makes me sick even thinking about it. Extracting it gives you less nausea at the beginning that you'd usually get from chugging so much syrup but a hour or so in the nausea is more or less the same. >>53005547 It's weird, there was snow up on the hills where I live yesterday too.

3 hours later 53005803 Anonymous
Guys, I have a tab of lsd, it's late night and I don't have anyone to talk to. Never done psychodelics before. Should I do it?

3 hours later 53005867 Anonymous
>>53005849 >>53005803 this. shit's more intense on LSD so if you live at home and your mom is down the hall i don't recommend it.

3 hours later 53005886 Anonymous
>>53005867 i cant even handle being around my parents on weed

3 hours later 53005896 Anonymous
>>53005698 The devil gave your hills some dandruff? That sounds nice. 8)

3 hours later 53005922 Anonymous
>>53005886 yeah nah m8 sit on it. LSD is weed x1000.

3 hours later 53006057 Anonymous (1532381422501.jpg 702x478 28kB)
Addy ganger here finally deciding to get some rest. Been up about 40 hours and have gone through 180mg of Adderall since I started this binge. It's finally time to deploy my landing gear (clonazepam, doxylamine, and beer) to get some motherfucking sleep. Goodnight ya'll

3 hours later 53006058 Anonymous
>An Edible >DXM >Xanax >MDMA >LSD Is this the best non-interaction cocktail possible?

4 hours later 53006081 Anonymous
>>53005548 >Stop before someone makes you. no, this time no one else could make me. only I can make that decision. I've stopped on my own volition many times. The time somebody else made me quit was the most shitty thing that ever came from me using H and its the thing I most want to avoid. If they find out and want me to quit again, they should talk to me like adults this time instead of ambushing me, costing me a lot of $, and making my parents suspicious. I dont fault them for what they did because at the time they couldn't have known that they were picking the wrong choice. They were trying to do the right thing, and the right thing for ME specifically, which is very selfless of them and I credit them for that. But to try that angle again would be a big mistake on their part and it would certainly backfire. >dont do drugs thats a bit of a bold statement to make here dont you think? drugs are love, drugs are life >you didn't make progress. I stopped because I ran out, needed a T break, then some markets got shut down, then I was busy for a long time. After the first couple of weeks I just wanted to get high again, there was no will to be sober after that, just delays. I like heroin. It doesn't just get me through the day, (sometimes it doesnt cause I'm often not even a daily user). Instead, heroin got me through this whole year. The last 12 months were suicide tier. The knowledge that I was going to feel sweet sweet heroin eventually, that really helped keep me going I hate myself so fucking much but this drug makes me feel content in my own skin just for a little while. Nothing else in the whole world has done that for me in a decade or more, not even even for a second. Heroin alone can make me just chill out and not want to die for a short time. H hasnt done that tonight however, something is off. I think I'm gonna crash hard cause I took a lot and didnt even feel good for much of the night. fuck it lads, I just dont want to feel sad anymore

4 hours later 53006113 Anonymous (1504803147081.jpg 1020x1440 499kB)
>>53005627 It's pretty comfy anon. If you have a sensitive tummy you should maybe take a couple of tums with it.

4 hours later 53006189 Anonymous
>>53003507 >its a wonky drug that people often take just for the sake of getting fucked up, almost like getting drunk just for the sake of it, except its way weirder and more unpleasant yes, because drugs work exactly the same on everyone. if it affects you one way, it must affect everyone else that way too. should people who don't enjoy the effects of heroin call you a faggot for using heroin and be baffled as to how you enjoy it?

4 hours later 53006230 Anonymous
>>53005627 I didn't like it at all, the DPH basically causes amnesia and I could hardly remember any of what happened. It wasn't even much either, 300mg DXM and 200mg DPH with some grapefruit juice

4 hours later 53006233 Anonymous
>>53005513 Oh my fucking god stop posting this. No doctor is going to condone drug use. They feel like recreational drug use trivializes their profession. Do whatever the fuck you want.

4 hours later 53006254 Anonymous
>>53006058 DXM and MDMA will cause a pretty bad reaction. Both are very serotonergic so using both will put you at significant risk for serotonin syndrome.

4 hours later 53006266 Anonymous
>>53006233 Well to be fair, weed could be dangerous with bipolar disorder because it could cause a manic episode.

4 hours later 53006362 Anonymous
>>53004868 it's honestly just like "what the fuck?" mostly, on a high enough dose if I go outside I perceive life in 1fps with each frame being a renewed feeling of horror and "where am I?" and by the end of the frame I would gain some vague understanding of what was going on but then it would flash away. It's in the past though for me, if I get real sick in the wintertime I might take like 300mg just for the novelty once in a while but like haha I totally don't have a problem refusing deexxer and never did

4 hours later 53006388 Anonymous
>>53006266 I'm bipolar and in my experience the risk is vastly over blown. Obviously don't just jump into dabtown, but some nice balanced weed will be fine. Full disclosure: I jumped straight into edible valley early in my weed career before spending a couple years in dab town. Good times.

4 hours later 53006392 Anonymous (image.jpg 300x300 86kB)
>>53005627 I personally loved 300/300. I got tons of OEVs and auditory hallucinations. I remember at one point a black pillow sitting across the room tuned into a black cat and walked around my room a bit. Also music sounded god tier during the come up I'd recommend taking the DXM first and then the DPH exactly an hour later

4 hours later 53006428 Anonymous
im gonna be so high in a sec

4 hours later 53006496 Anonymous (1526292850064.jpg 1920x1080 235kB)
>>53003679 U want to throw up?

5 hours later 53006508 Anonymous
>>53006266 Can confirm, yes.

5 hours later 53006520 Anonymous
>>53006428 Are you high yet, anon? I sure as hell am

5 hours later 53006530 Anonymous
>>53006233 I'm bipolar. was prescribe klonopin for a while and it helped. I'm not on it anymore but smoking weed helps a lot too. smoking a bowl before I go to bed helps even out my moods for a little while and get a good nights' sleep. paired with seroquel it's quite nice

5 hours later 53006559 Anonymous
>>53006388 You can get away with some drug usage if you have bipolar disorder, but generally speaking we're much more vulnerable to mania, addiction, and other problems. The only drug I even think about any more is mushrooms, and even those scare the hell out of me.

5 hours later 53006646 Anonymous
>>53006559 >some drug use Ohoho i've gotten away with a lot more than that, anon In fact the drug that did the most damage to me was lamotrigine -- the drug they gave me for my bipolar issues.

5 hours later 53006664 Anonymous
>>53006530 I actually saw a study once that said that bipolar people commonly used weed to medicate and that they generally reported positive results. Also the only other bipolar guy I knew fucking loved weed as well haha.

5 hours later 53006792 Anonymous
I'm not sure if I actually took cid the other night, but I trusted the source. So here's the deal: 1.5 blotter tabs (~260ug), 2nd time (1st was ~75ug and gave me a decent weed like high) no visuals, LOTS of sweat, confusion, lots of pacing, lots of fidgeting, insanity, no deep thoughts or profound insights about things and happenings in my life, just paranoid and mania. Come up took about 2 hours and I was in the trip for roughly 8-10 hours. It was tasteless and odorless, and didn't leave my mouth feeling numb. I am on no medication nor do I have any officially diagnosed mental disorders. What gives? Was this probably some random RC? Shitty acid? Was that it? and I just didn't have the right setting or something? (I was in my apartment alone)

5 hours later 53006809 Anonymous
>>53006792 I did manage to have moments of uncontrollable laughter about random nonsense, so it was completely shit trip.

5 hours later 53006941 Anonymous
>go outside for a cigarette >notice my mom came in my room and turned off the light >this post of mine, >>53006081 was clearly visible on my desktop unless 15 min had passed for my monitor to go to sleep I dun fucked up again lads. i really hope she just glanced at the screen and chose not to read anything. the last thing i need is her to know im using h goddamn this is the worst night ive had in ages. and last night was the best ive had in a long long time. Its funny how drugs tend to cause that kind of shit >>53006189 sorry anon, I already apologized for this and acknowledged i was being a dick, >>53003866 when another anon checked my opi-rage. and im shamelessly check'n my own devils numbs there >>53006058 as the other anon said, dxm should not be mixed with MDMA cause of serotonin. ive had serotonin syndrome once, trust me, you dont want the risk. i had a siezure for an unknown amount of time and sweat about a fuckin gallon. it was not from this drug combo but still. also taking xanax will reduce the effects of mdma and lsd, probably the others too. although that might be good. using 5 drugs at once is usually not a great idea. just cause it fucks you up more doesnt mean it will be more fun or that it will be worth the risks and unknowns. its a bit hypocritical of me, as I'm on 4 drugs rn and considering smoking weed but 3 of the 5 youre picking are quite strong experiences by themselves and all are quite different, its like the drug equivalent of mixing 5 different paint colors together, and 3 are pastel. ive smoked weed while candyflipping and had a good time but I would never have added dxm cause its dangerous and weed+candyflipping is already a powerful experience. the only reason I take benzos while candyflipping is to trip abort basically, which for you would defeat the purpose of taking all the drugs at all. u do u anon but stay safe >>53006792 other than no visuals, it almost just sounds like a bad cid trip but idk, could be an rc i guess

5 hours later 53006999 Anonymous
>>53006941 Tolerance goes up really fucking quick with opiates. It's only a matter of time before you end up spending more and more often to get a high. I hate to say this, but you're pretty much absolutely going to become a regular junkie if you don't quit soon.

5 hours later 53007031 Anonymous (comfy_room.jpg 2000x1532 867kB)
Anyone have any experience with extended and consistent use of dph and dxm? I'm really hoping Im not frying my brain here.

5 hours later 53007060 Anonymous
>>53007031 >I'm really hoping Im not frying my brain here. You are

5 hours later 53007196 Anonymous
I'm on an SSRI (citalopram) and I plan on taking 1P-LSD tomorrow. I stopped taking the pill on Sunday, and the elimination half life is apparently 35 hours, do you think 5 days has been long enough? Or am I going to seizure myself to death? What's a good starter dose for someone who has never taken LSD?

6 hours later 53007244 Anonymous (1486864861647.png 450x434 145kB)
>>53007060 Wow, thanks for the two word response faggot. Really enlightening. Everyone says this same dumb shit and no one ever provides any evidence or even go into any meaningful detail other than >dementia hurr durr Everyones just parroting what they saw an anon in the previous thread say because you fags think youre all "enlightened pshyconauts".

6 hours later 53007257 Anonymous
>>53005627 I'd add more dph if you want oev but if your just looking for music enhancement 300/300 should do fine

6 hours later 53007267 Anonymous
>>53007196 Pretty sure SSRIs and psychs aren't overly dangerous, it's more MDMA and stuff that you have to worry about

6 hours later 53007488 Anonymous
>>53007196 600 ug should be fine

6 hours later 53007493 Anonymous
>>53006999 nice trips anon >Tolerance goes up really fucking quick with opiates. yes, im aware. Ive used H a few hundred times, its nothing new to me. i know how quick the tolerance rises. it sucks and feels even faster tbqh this time >It's only a matter of time before you end up spending more and more often to get a high. I can handle myself. I've quit maybe 8 times before, always force to do it or deliberately run out before I get very addicted it has worked each time before and it will work again when the time comes. I think I will change something though. This time I really shouldnt use on consecutive days very often. its very tempting and its what I always ended up doing in the past but I dont have enough dope and the tolerance will make me run out way too fast if I dont. I want to maximize the amount of blissful nods rather than just getting high the max # of possible times with this much dope. at the current rate, daily, id run out in about 11-12 days. not gud enuff its v /comfy/ how H hits you in waves sometimes. like rn I barely feel high but I was nodding hard, mashing 3 letters on my keyboard 30 seconds ago and like 7 other times writing this post. >>53007196 lsd affects serotonin?? i didnt know that, is this true?

6 hours later 53007507 Anonymous
>>53007488 I bought 10x100ug blotters, should I just take 5 orally and stuff 5 up my ass?

6 hours later 53007543 Anonymous (image.png 738x457 240kB)
DPH is actually bretty gud for music enchantment in the low to moderate dosages

6 hours later 53007551 Anonymous
>>53007244 The reason people mention dementia over and over again is because that's the only thing scientifically speaking they can mention. the side effects of recreational dph use have not been studied because practically nobody does it. there probably is long term nagititve side effects mentally and almost defiantly physically but nobody can tell you of them because nobody so far has cared enough to research it. I've done the dph/dxm combo a few times and I stopped because I started getting pains in my kidneys they eventually went away and this doesn't seemingly happen to everybody but at least dph can cause kidney problems and can possibly lead to dementia.

7 hours later 53007936 Anonymous
what are you assholes listening to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lC MUkqpI7o

7 hours later 53007959 Anonymous
>>53006941 I'm the dude who checked your opi rage and i'll admit I was kinda being a dick too haha. Best of luck with the whole mom not seeing your post thing. It doesn't sound like she saw anything. Even if she did, she probably couldn't tell that it was your post specifically.

7 hours later 53007967 Anonymous
>>53007936 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_C D_-7FxZw Going to finish moving my shit from storage tonight into the new place, smoked a bowl of some high THC indica. Life looks at it's best for the first time in years, planning another acid trip soon.

7 hours later 53008160 Anonymous (samejima.jpg 500x375 18kB)
The cough syrup I chugalugged is starting to kick in. Gonna be a comfy night, dear friends, and I'm so glad that you're all here with me in spirit. I might be a complete fuckup but for now I'm free and I'm happy. Any recommended cartoons or anime I should watch as I robotrip?

7 hours later 53008176 Anonymous
>>53007031 Define "extended" and "consistent." Do you mean you're taking them every day? If so, you're the fag here, not us.

7 hours later 53008284 Anonymous
>fapping while stoned >horny as fuck, really make me explore and enjoy my fetishes and favorite porn >remember I'm suspecting that my gf cheated on me with a friend of hers >start imagining this happening, major cuck shit >get off on it I never felt more disgusted with myself. I can't believe even my highs this bitch is ruining, in such a humiliating way also.

8 hours later 53008369 Anonymous
Does anyone here have experience with Flunitrezepam (Rohpynol)? I have a few 2mg pills laying around.

8 hours later 53008395 Anonymous
Smoked weed while taking a bath. Now the whole bathroom smells weird. What do I do?

8 hours later 53008464 Anonymous (1560906388977.jpg 750x910 120kB)
About to take xanax and hit a fat vape weed What to expect?

8 hours later 53008511 Anonymous
>>53008464 expect relaxation

8 hours later 53008675 Anonymous (1558828226421.jpg 427x345 26kB)
>>53008395 open the window, turn on the exhaust fan, tidy up the bathroom and wipe the toilet or bath tub with bleach. Cop some ozium and use it next time retard. Check em and roll faggots

8 hours later 53008722 Anonymous
>just got through TSA with my stash God that's stressful as fuck and not worth it

8 hours later 53008836 Anonymous (image.png 1000x1000 40kB)
I'm about 42 hours no sleep and I'm also on 200mg doxylamine (a sister drug to DPH) and I'm getting quite a bit of visual hallucinations, especially when I'm zoned out from the induced sleepiness. The jacket that I have hanging on my wall has already turned into several different people for brief periods of time Damn am I tired, but I gotta stay up to enjoy the hallucinations and music euphoria

9 hours later 53009081 Anonymous
>>53008160 >I might be a complete fuckup but for now I'm free and I'm happy hit me in the feels bro.. i watched a shitload of adventure time roboing and it was bretty good

10 hours later 53009691 Anonymous (a.jpg 2120x1912 827kB)

10 hours later 53009719 Anonymous
>No job. >Sleep depraved. >Nothing to do tomorrow. >10 hits of acid just sitting in my drawer. Been contimplating dropping or sleeping.

10 hours later 53009782 Anonymous
>>53008284 oh yeah were you that anon that was all in your own head about ur gf cheating? if so what did u think sober

11 hours later 53009836 Anonymous
>>53007196 600ug isn't fine lol, i hope you didn't take that advice Try 100ug, maybe even 50 if you'd really like to ease into it

11 hours later 53009886 Anonymous (1535821362034.jpg 720x529 29kB)
>>53007493 hi longpost anon i dunno if youre still up hope your ma didnt notice i just wanna put a gram into my arm and not wake up all the other girls at work were talking about kids the ones they had/the ones they wanted to have etc then they just looked at me with pity when i said i couldnt have kids i wanna be a ma too i cant even do the most important thing for a living thing Mother still wont answer me She promised me a baby but i know She wont ever respond to me i lost my chance im just gonna smoke myself into a coma hope youre all okay i love you drugfriends

11 hours later 53009945 Anonymous
>>53003031 you guys think it'd be bad for someone with some experience with acid to take an 1/8th of shrooms for their first time

11 hours later 53009977 Anonymous
>>53009945 That's not bad. Honestly I've never broke through with shrooms. From my experience you'll be fine.

12 hours later 53010525 Anonymous
>>53009719 Well fuck it 800 ug and been tinkering with electronics. I'm ready to get weird man.

12 hours later 53010568 Anonymous
>>53010525 nigga damn wtf have fun tho senpai ur brave af make some crazy revelations about existence

13 hours later 53010711 Anonymous (3616-14983-25336.gif 250x251 1022kB)
>Regular speed high feel better than presumed mdma ???? what's up

13 hours later 53010805 Anonymous
>>53008836 I call bullshit when I'm on dph the last thing I give a fuck about is 4chan and I certainly don't type this well.

13 hours later 53010906 Anonymous
Coke gang? Hate how quick it is to blow through a $200 bag.

14 hours later 53011406 Anonymous
>>53010906 That's one night imo

14 hours later 53011568 Anonymous (1560354065034.jpg 1121x726 212kB)
Addy gangers, I ordered some NAC per your advice. Does it actually do anything?

14 hours later 53011581 Anonymous
>>53011568 >I ordered some NAC per your advice bruh look at this dude >Does it actually do anything? OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO

14 hours later 53011607 Anonymous
>>53011581 I did some basic research beforehand, seems legit.

15 hours later 53011655 Anonymous
eat my funny nootropics

15 hours later 53011752 Anonymous
psilocybin growkits yes or no

15 hours later 53011820 Anonymous
Dude weed lmao, orangutan.

15 hours later 53012079 Anonymous
>>53011406 Its 0.5g. Australia can really suck with everything

15 hours later 53012081 Anonymous (1554011838668.jpg 750x553 523kB)
>out of adderall day 4 I want to die

16 hours later 53012717 Anonymous (b.png 1246x1342 1815kB)
>>53012081 rip anon posting a bottle of Sandoz in your honor

17 hours later 53012914 Anonymous
>>53012717 They're so pretty... I feel weak. Amphetamine might not be addictive in the way that you get sick if you run out, but your brain definitely develops a dependence. Running out of dopamine has physical effects as well as mental. I just hope when I get a refill late next week I'll have reset some tolerance. My tolerance was jacked.

17 hours later 53012951 Anonymous
Some people have a gene mutation that makes them less likely to enjoy marijuana. Those with a variant FAAH gene are less anxious and are less inclined to like marijuana. They actually experience a decrease in happiness when smoking marijuana. Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/08/ opinion/sunday/the-feel-good-gene.h tml >i can't even enjoy weed, i guess I'll stick to alcohol

17 hours later 53013004 Anonymous
>>53003893 Bro are you all right?

17 hours later 53013089 Anonymous
>>53012914 > Running out of dopamine has physical effects as well as mental. nothing some coffee and/or pseudoephedrine from the pharmacy can't alleviate

17 hours later 53013181 Anonymous
>>53008160 Every time I Robo I end up seeing my ex for some reason.

18 hours later 53013304 Anonymous
>>53008464 Comfiest combo, 4mg and a fat rip will have you being comfy in your own skin for hours

18 hours later 53013787 Anonymous (20190621_010056_compress21.jpg 4032x3024 1852kB)
>>53010805 Not bullshit at all. It did take me quite a while to type that message up yesterday and I had to proof read it several times Also doxylamine produces a milder form of delirium compared to DPH, although I was still able to get a ton of OEVs in low light settings like in my bedroom in pic related

19 hours later 53014062 Anonymous (stop it.jpg 326x310 12kB)
>tfw no money left and withdrawals are coming no no no no

19 hours later 53014141 Anonymous (1467700347041.gif 675x227 70kB)
>>53014062 good luckers and have fun

19 hours later 53014159 Anonymous
>>53014141 i guess i'll have to steal i hope my grandpa still has diazepam

19 hours later 53014179 Anonymous
>>53014159 >bartard stealing >bartard stealing from an old man okay never mind I hope you don't have fun.

19 hours later 53014363 Anonymous
>>53014179 i don't feel like breaking my face on the floor during a seizure old man has a bad luck

19 hours later 53014779 Anonymous
>>53014363 >i don't feel like breaking my face on the floor during a seizure See medical services/a doctor that does tapering schedules. It's a legit medical emergency if you're that deep in benzos. that being said good luck finding a doctor that won't have a look of disgust on their face don't involve your family in your own stupid bullshit

20 hours later 53014995 Anonymous
planning on seeing toy story 4 in the cinema while on 2g of shrooms, should be fun right? Would any rec a different drug to go to the cinema on?

20 hours later 53015115 Anonymous (maxresdefault.jpg 1280x720 94kB)
Pic related is going to be my new setup next week, can't wait Meanwhile I'm going to smoke hash spliffs and save my bud for future vape seshs basically.

20 hours later 53015521 Anonymous
done meth a dozen or so times (usually oral but smoked and snorted a few times). I've also taken vyvanse 3 or 4 times before and enjoyed that more actually so I decided to buy some speed (even though I'm american so it's a waste of money compared to meth, wish I was european) Funny story about getting it though >hadn't come after 2 weeks >worried, so I message the vendor >oh sorry, I completely forgot to send your stuff somehow, I'll send mail double the amount you ordered out first thing tomorrow >skeptical >then 3 days later it actually comes, and actually is double what I ordered pretty based desu

20 hours later 53015546 Anonymous (everyday is a neverending nightmare.png 726x805 222kB)

20 hours later 53015608 Anonymous
>>53015546 holy shit that's orignalium?

21 hours later 53015648 Anonymous
How long does mdma on an empty stomach take to kick in?

21 hours later 53015660 Anonymous
>>53015521 have fun spending hours of your life drying it, acetone washing it and nasal spraying it up your nose

21 hours later 53015708 Anonymous
ate 1200mgs of NAC >my stomach doesn't feel right >very minor sensations in my brain I'll take the afternoon Adderall later and see if anything interesting happens.

21 hours later 53015789 Anonymous
Anyone here know if Zyprexa has any interactions with Heroin? Couldn't find much googling it. Also, does anyone else get restless legs syndrome from H? I mean, i had a few times before, but very rarely. Maybe once a year. I've been on a bit of an H binge 2 weeks ago and when withdrawals hit me, i couldn't get any sleep. I'm getting meds against it now, though.

21 hours later 53015830 Anonymous
>>53015660 It came as a powder and not a paste but I'm definitely still gonna acetone wash it. I'm probably just gonna oral dose though, I don't see any reason to put it up my nose.

21 hours later 53015880 Anonymous
>>53009782 Yeah thats me. Sober I wasn't so certain about what I thought while high, its still quite possible that they fucked though. Anyway, I don't really trust her or find her behaviors acceptable anymore, i'll just focus on self-improvement and being self sufficient to be happy with my life without depending on shitty women.

21 hours later 53015882 the guy who drew this banner
>>53003031 I really got to flesh out that banner desu

21 hours later 53015986 Anonymous
>>53015830 nasal spraying eurospeed > oral adderall Trust me on this one. I could get high as fuck off of 5mg sprays because the ROA was that much better. I would do 3 5mg bumps a day and be on the moon. Had an Adderall script for a while. I just eat Addies nowadays since it's less degenerate. At the same doses oral Adderall never produces a rush so it's a lot more boring. I have a half-full spray bottle somewhere I haven't used in almost half a year, totally left that thing behind. I've accepted my fate of doing amphetamine the inferior way. I've done anecdotal comparisons between good oral eurospeed and Adderall. As far as I can tell they're so similar I would have a hard time in a blind test. You gotta acetone wash it's the most important step.

21 hours later 53016143 Anonymous
>>53015986 don't care, I'm still doing it in oral doses. I'm well aware of your experiences, you post about it at least once a day here it seems. It's not as if I'm a newcomer to stimulants though, I've done meth before as I said and never found much of a benefit for snorting over oral doses

21 hours later 53016194 Anonymous
>>53016143 Enjoy it, eurospeed is fucking great. Not many people in this side of the hemisphere will ever get anything like it.

21 hours later 53016404 Anonymous
what kind of people do deliriants? let's not talk about underage kids who can't get any illegal drugs, I mean other than them

21 hours later 53016430 Anonymous (IMG9501801.jpg 1536x2048 249kB)
How is phenibut in comparison to xanax?

21 hours later 53016456 Anonymous
>>53016404 maniacs and fools

22 hours later 53016642 Anonymous
>>53016430 I like phenibut much more, it feels more euphoric and less sedating. It's much more useful for social anxiety because it makes me talkative unlike benzos which just kinda make me space out. Also if you use psychedelics phenibut is much more useful too, you can take 1-1.5g along with the psychedelic for a great, anxiety free trip.

22 hours later 53016780 Anonymous
>>53016642 Does it fuck with your memory the same way?

22 hours later 53016796 Anonymous (zzzz73je.jpg 1484x998 666kB)
>>53010906 bout to blow through 300mg that was sold at 500mg but 'uncut' by my dealer which just means he's mixed in less adulterants than the previous 1000 people that have stepped on it since south america :^)

22 hours later 53016802 Anonymous (poppy seeds.jpg 1119x1500 298kB)
Poppy seed tea is the best legal high.

22 hours later 53016808 Anonymous
>>53014995 2cb or at least lsd but 2cb is the god tier do anything other than trip drug

22 hours later 53016826 Anonymous
>>53015789 it'll be more sedating and less euphoric

22 hours later 53016866 Anonymous
>>53016808 do you buy 2cb pills or powder? would love to get some powder but no mg scale

22 hours later 53016965 Anonymous (1559506837799.png 400x399 110kB)
>when the 1,5g edible hits

22 hours later 53016989 Anonymous
Sup, dropped 20mgs of Valium, should I take another half dudes?

22 hours later 53017002 Anonymous
>>53016780 no, that's the other thing I like about phenny more than benzos. To be fair, xanax specifically never gave me much memory issues at reasonable doses, but other benzos like etizolam definitely have.

22 hours later 53017030 Anonymous
>TFW newly NEET again >TFW going through dank like water >have no control to stop because I have nothing else to do as a NEET >TFW went through an $130 half oz in a week >also got a little under a gram of dmt recently extracted >met girl at subway the other day who gave me her number because I mentioned I had some >texted her a little but haven't for a week >she said she works like 60 hrs a week what should I say to her ??? i want to trip with her and have the secks,

22 hours later 53017056 Anonymous
Will lsd or mushrooms have any effect if i'm on an ssri? I've gotta taper off this shit

22 hours later 53017109 Anonymous (1512408878613.jpg 483x366 200kB)
just got done with work for the week and now im just chilling sniffing heroin, having a beer and listening to comfy old reggae music. feelsgudman >>53009886 hi anon i was asleep when you posted that >i just wanna put a gram into my arm and not wake up too true pham I still need to know what putting it in my arm even feels like anyway. its such a bitch to get needles here though and even if I had them it would be a bitch to teach myself to shoot up sorry that you cant have kids in a way that makes you like one of us lol. I cant have kids either, cause no girl will ever fuck me. might as well be sterile, itd make no difference. its for the best though. i know im not fit to be a parent and you sure as hell dont sound like it either. theres no shortage of fucked up kids out there who have mentally ill drug addict mothers. at least you wont add to the problem no matter what. imo everyone has the right to use whatever drugs they want including heroin of course but i think having kids forfeits that. popping out another human being is a drastic decision that certain people shouldnt even consider >Mother still wont answer me ik you dont mean mother in the literal sense, but do you mean it in some kind of religious or spiritual sense? or something else entirley just curious. >im just gonna smoke myself into a coma i feel that ik you didnt mean that literally, but ive heard conflicting things about smoking too much H ive seen people say that you cant od from smoking, and that you cant really smoke too much, it just stops working if you smoke a shitload. is any of that true? i liked smoking it when i tried it before but i dont want to overdo it or waste any H im gonna smoke some again tonight cause I dont think this batch will kill me. >i love you drugfriends I love you all too. this place is comfy and y'all are the only friends ive got that I can talk to about H please no mindless arguing or hating! for my part, i promise to leave the dxm posters in peace

22 hours later 53017131 Anonymous
>>53016802 this i can vouch this works. its literally the biggest open secret in the world. only reason they havent banned it is cause barely anyone knows they have morphine on them.

22 hours later 53017293 Anonymous
Got some dxm from alibaba 100g for $90 USD. It is different texture and less bitter than dxm I've got before but it had some effects. Is it just a different mfg process? Difference between dxm hbr and dxm hbr monohydrate? How can I prove if its cut with something so I can get a refund?

22 hours later 53017307 Anonymous
>>53017293 >dxm from alibaba what??? this is an actual thing? like from aliexpress? where do you live?

23 hours later 53017354 Anonymous
>>53017307 Alibaba not aliexpress. Plenty of pharmaceutical wholesalers that sell dxm but you have to find the ones that offer sample quantities like <1kg because that's way too much. Ordered it 3 times and the first two were good but like I said something's wrong with this third order so depends on the seller. In USA btw

23 hours later 53017394 Anonymous
>>53017354 i see, i'd definitely be wary about it though, chinks can sell any random RC just like what you might be experiencing right now

23 hours later 53017468 Anonymous
>>53016866 a decent scale costs like $20 on amazon dude

23 hours later 53017486 Anonymous
>>53017468 do you not think it's a suspicious item to be ordering if you are also receiving dn packages? not to mention how incriminating such an item is if they raid your place and find it along with different drugs, you will be automatically trialed as a dealer

23 hours later 53017560 Anonymous
>>53003031 how the fuck do you guys do psychs as loners? I dont fucking get it? whenever I did drugs when I was a friendfag I just did shit with my friends and we found shit to do and laughed and had a good time now im an anxious lonely fuck. I feel like any video I watch is going to give me anxiety. I sat in a drugfeels thread one time and tripped with other people and it was fun. idk what to do. I feel like anything on youtube could send me into a spiral of anxiety easily I dont wanna be on here high either I dont wanna have porn pop up while tripping

23 hours later 53017562 Anonymous
>>53017486 its only suspicious if they already knew about the dn packages, otherwise its meaningless. dont worry about amazon, get a scale so you can weigh your drugs and be safe. scales have saved my life before.

23 hours later 53017628 Anonymous
>>53017562 This, Amazon doesn't care what you order. I bought weed growing supplies from them for YEARS and YEARS. It was the best. They give no fucks about what you order anon, they just want your business, they aren't going to report you to the fbi for buying a fucking scale lol.

23 hours later 53017662 Anonymous
>>53017562 >>53017628 yes, but what about the post office/LE? don't they xray packages? seeing a scale might not make them do anything directly but couldn't they monitor packages coming after the scale more carefully and bust a dn order because of it? or am I being too paranoid?

23 hours later 53017764 Anonymous
>>53017662 You're being paranoid. Get the expidited shipping so it comes through UPS or FEDex if you're so paranoid. I have a small post office in my town, they have no xray devices, they have no way of knowing what's in there. Or get Prime Service(I swear i'm not a shill,) and you get free UPS on all your orders, bypassing the post office entirely. UPS also wants your business, so they also give few fucks. They have bomb sniffing dogs of course but drugs or scales or whatever aren't very high on their list of shit to care about, if at all.

23 hours later 53017791 Anonymous
>>53017764 >Get the expidited shipping so it comes through UPS or FEDex i'm not an american

23 hours later 53017808 Anonymous
>>53012079 You're paying 200 for 0.5g? Sounds like you're being ripped off hard i get 1g for 80

23 hours later 53017865 Anonymous
>>53017791 he suggested ups or fedex for ordering drugs. ignore this fucking retard. dont take one piece of advice he says. just order your shit your fine.

23 hours later 53017879 Anonymous
>>53017560 answer the question you fucking faggot retarded fucks

23 hours later 53017894 Anonymous
>>53017879 yeah i'm sure you'll get many answers now. tuk tuk tuk... moron!

23 hours later 53017908 Anonymous
>>53017865 >reading comprehension he's talking about UPS or fedex for a scale from amazon you retard

23 hours later 53017913 Anonymous
>>53017791 IF you have amazon setup in your country it will come through the package express equivalent you have. Also UPS and FEDex are international, I see no problem on your end ordering from amazon for anything, you're being paranoid. I don't know how to order drugs online through the mail, but buying scales and HPS lights and growing mediums and organic pot nutrients from amazon should have tipped a few red flags but it didn't, i'm perfectly safe from big bad amazon. My orders are fractions of rounding errors that wouldn't even register in a full on IRS audit. Back to ordering drugs through the mail, I'm too stupid to figure out how to turn my real money into bitcoin or whatever it is vendors take to mail me drugs. I don't know how to go about finding sites or reliable dealers, so you're a step ahead of me on that, so, you should be find if you can figure that much out.

23 hours later 53017922 Anonymous (1535048817349.jpg 258x245 12kB)
>>53017894 >tuk tuk tuk... moron!

23 hours later 53017938 Anonymous
>>53017662 yes. there's nothing suspicious at all about a fucking scale, it'd be way too much work to start monitoring anyone that ordered something that *might* be able to be used with drugs.

23 hours later 53017982 Anonymous
>>53017913 thanks and here i'll throw you a bone since you gave me the advice http://dreadditevelidot.onion/post/ 7c643ff1d365ec21/#c-3431302e44be get tor to access that link and it's a pretty up to date guide about doing everything, follow it to the word for best safety, practice good opsec, don't just use your regular windows 10 OS, use monero instead of bitcoin as it's untrackable, but i believe everything should be covered in that guide, after that you can browse dreaddit to see which markets are currently good to use, some larger ones got closed some months ago but there's still active ones

23 hours later 53018056 Anonymous
>>53017908 >They have bomb sniffing dogs of course but drugs or scales or whatever aren't very high on their list of shit to care about, if at all. you're the fucking retard

23 hours later 53018065 Anonymous
>>53017982 Thanks my dude. I copied your instructions for later use, i'm broke right now so I can't buy shit, but next month on payday..oh fuckin' boy. Thanks for the bone my brother, it was rather meaty.

23 hours later 53018102 Anonymous
>>53018056 that part had nothing to do with the "fedex/UPS" part though. it was just to put that other anon's mind at ease

23 hours later 53018172 Anonymous
>>53018065 no problem, since you are american it would be best for you to order domestically from the usa, which is a shame for you actually, for me in europe I can order things from the netherlands, customs don't check packages because EU has free trade the dutch have the best quality and the best prices, i just recently bought 5 grams of crystal mdma for 20 eur, which is like $22, i don't think you can get prices like that in the us, you guys only get meth

23 hours later 53018194 Anonymous (722825FF-6778-4D10-B372-5BEA4C031951.png 225x225 48kB)
>>53003031 Tianeptine withdrawals

24 hours later 53018271 Anonymous
>>53018172 Yeah, getting drugs here sucks unless you like meth. I don't, I don't like hard shit, I just like opiates and benzos and relaxing in my room.

24 hours later 53018348 Anonymous
>>53018271 you should be able to order those things domestically from the USA, shouldn't be too much trouble afaik

24 hours later 53018423 Anonymous
>>53018271 Well I already get benzos from my doc, I'd mostly just be after the opiates. Though I don't think I have the cash to buy huge quantities of them. Shit like this makes me wish I lived in the EU sometimes. And where I live in the US, no, getting anything like that would be at least a couple hundred. Goddamn. Even meth is expensive even though everyone and their mom knows how to make the shit(low quality garbage at that,) and every couple weeks you hear about someone blowing themselves up and going to prison lol.

24 hours later 53018443 Anonymous
>>53018423 >And where I live in the US, no, getting anything like that would be at least a couple hundred what i mean is getting it online, but i don't know really, i only take hallucinogens, never fucked with downers or stims

24 hours later 53018477 Anonymous (dank.gif 116x206 2081kB)
>>53003031 Anyone know if Ativan has a decent high?

24 hours later 53018566 Anonymous
>>53018423 get kratom. 50 dollars a pill fuck that. and opiates are so god damn weak. I get higher off a pile of kratom then I do a single Percocet 30

24 hours later 53018575 Anonymous
>>53017030 how do i get her to have teh seccks??

24 hours later 53018592 Anonymous
>>53017030 >>53018575 how did you extract dmt? any links, what plants did you use and also most likely she just wants to buy the dmt off of you like a dealer, i doubt she is interested in anything more if you haven't actually been texting and hitting it off, sadly

24 hours later 53018613 Anonymous
>>53018566 I can get Kratom literally anywhere in the state. Gas stations sell it, the farmers markets sell it. It's not the same buzz for me, but I find it enjoyable even if it tastes like the purest form of ass when I eat it. A perc 30 sounds magnificent right now. I'd love to get some of that shit. >>53018477 Was on it for awhile. It's decent, just don't go too overboard on your dosage. if it says take 1-3 daily, take like 4 or 5 and you should be good for most of the day. Don't snort it.

24 hours later 53018649 Anonymous
>>53018613 have you tried actual kratom from the web tho?

24 hours later 53018671 Anonymous
>>53018613 >Ativan Will do. Thanks for the tips.

24 hours later 53018683 Anonymous
>>53018477 ativan is like alcohol if you subtract all the euphoria. it sedates you and is good at removing anxiety but I wouldn't say it has much recreational value.

24 hours later 53018690 Anonymous
kratom sucks on peepee

24 hours later 53018712 Anonymous (60156.jpg 665x1071 202kB)
is this going to make me shit my brains out

24 hours later 53018774 Anonymous
>>53018613 It's so hard to find good kratom. Most IRL shops have only shitty Kratom. I have a site that has good shit, but they just went members only. Double m herbals (it's a forum) usually has some pretty good reviews on vendors.

24 hours later 53019104 Anonymous
Mix dxm with dph

25 hours later 53019247 Anonymous
>>53018690 No u suck on peepee Kratom a good boy

25 hours later 53019281 Anonymous
huh so what i thought a few days ago was underweight, turned out its actually from a different vendor than I thought. instead of being 20% underweight, it was actually 60% over. and, the other, actual larger order came and was 10% overweight too! all in all i got an extra 4 points. dont know what to make of the quality of either yet though >>53017662 TONS of people have bought scales over the last 10 years online. they would have to actively monitor millions of people, when hardly any of them even have ever used a dnm before or even know what they are. There are reasons to be cautious but this isnt one of them anon

25 hours later 53019464 Anonymous
>>53019281 nice, which drug?

25 hours later 53019549 Anonymous
>tfw bipolar >can't even smoke weed or drink

25 hours later 53019567 Anonymous
>>53019549 well i mean you can

25 hours later 53019582 Anonymous
>>53019549 you just gonna keep posting this? wtf are you gonna do about it

25 hours later 53019627 Anonymous
So, I have this...fetish, basically of getting into relationships with younger girls and then exposing them to a variety of drugs with the goal being they like one a lot and subsequently I get them hooked on it. I did this twice before: once with a girl and Xanax, and the other a suicidal depressive and Ketamine. Both times it felt amazing. The girls I get are usually younger, 23-24ish, and tend to be unhappy and depressed making my job easier. My dream is to have a girl so addicted to a drug, and me her only supply, that she basically becomes dependent on me and I can then treat her however I want because she needs me now. Just wanna say that online markets have been a Godsend for this endeavor. It's amazing how squeaky clean girls all have one or two drugs they've "always been curious about".

25 hours later 53019647 Anonymous
>>53019627 >squeaky clean girls all have one or two drugs they've "always been curious about". Really, this doesn't seem true to me at all, how do you get them to tell you about the drugs they are curious about?

25 hours later 53019648 Anonymous
>>53019567 puts me at risk of mania, psychosis, and depression >>53019627 freak

25 hours later 53019684 Anonymous (1544657251158.gif 800x528 678kB)
>tfw when cushty setup w reliable & sound dealer comes to an end because i gotta move cities it has been over three years, routinely my only man for all my resource and stash needs for over a year. I feel like i owe him some gratitude. I saved all the 20s tubs I got this year. Like some kind of magic dip, picking up in winter. Thought I'd build a pyramid out of them. This aside is related; as a dealer, would receiving about eleven or so 20s tubs, possibly in the formation of an art project, be a clear "thank you for being consistent and sound" message

25 hours later 53019699 Anonymous
>>53019627 you're like a movie villain congrats on this anon

25 hours later 53019717 Anonymous
>>53019684 that sounds gay as fuck bro

25 hours later 53019718 Anonymous
>>53019627 >get girl addicted to drugs >leave her alone for 15 minutes >she robs you and takes off with a drug dealer

25 hours later 53019741 Anonymous
>>53019281 oh, i guess i didnt say, heroin. although the smaller pack, the one ive been using is actually some kind of undisclosed mix of synthetic opiates. I assume its got fent in it. I didnt realize that was the pack i had been using cause it smells a lot like tar but im sure thats the synthetic one. I find that its similar in potency and effect to most H that ive used but it doesnt last nearly as long. im gonna try some of the other H later so I can compare them better >>53019627 i hate you anon. youre stealing all the good druggie gfs. I just want a fucked up qt addict gf. I wouldnt exploit her addiction, i would just enable it and get addicted with her

25 hours later 53019780 Anonymous
>>53019717 yeah well maybe you don't understand modern gesticular art

25 hours later 53019856 Anonymous (linUuius.jpg 567x743 70kB)
>>53019780 More like modern testicular art Lmaoooo I'm not him, I just couldn't resist

25 hours later 53019872 Anonymous
>>53019741 >I just want a fucked up qt addict gf And I just want a qt gf

26 hours later 53020182 Anonymous
>>53019647 Well I won't lie, sometimes I'm kinda the one to put the info into their heads. Girl 1 just obviously had anxiety problems. I told her my mom used to take something when she was stressed and I had a couple. We took half a bar each, had a couple beers, and watched Ru Paul's Drag race. Soon, Friday night was "Xanny Friday". She's in another state now and is buying them illegaly from the same Mexican cartel Emailer I used before Bitcoin made the process not terrible. Girl 2 has massive depression. 80mg Prozac + Abilify type shit. I shared a news article I saw about Ketamine being tested as an anti depressant. Mentioned softly that we could get some to try if she wanted. A week later I had a 4.3GPA headed to Law School banging lines with me off my kitchen counter. Girl two's uncle died of a cocaine overdose when she was young. She said she would never do it because of that, but there was a darkness in her that I knew I could turn with some time. Unfortunately we broke up so she could go back to school. Miss her.

26 hours later 53020203 Anonymous
Dont respond to the larper

26 hours later 53020267 Anonymous (Jeb!.gif 800x533 1620kB)
For me, it's Percocet

26 hours later 53020291 Anonymous
>>53020203 This, guys stop stroking some sperg's cock over the internet.

26 hours later 53020310 Anonymous (unnamed.png 332x443 173kB)
>>53020267 Por me, it's Fercocet

26 hours later 53020335 Anonymous
>>53018649 It -was- actual kratom. my buddy ordered a fucking kilo off the net and gave me a few ounces. Lasted me for months of daily imbibing. Was pretty cool. The shop stuff is the real deal as well, they can't sell the fake shit here, but they don't have kilo bricks, only like 100g bags tops. it sucks because i like it. >>53018683 >no recreational value in chilling the fuck out Ok man.

26 hours later 53020398 Anonymous
Jut found out the antidepressants I get are actually a hallucinogen. Anybody ever trip on Mirtazapine? Thinking about giving it a go.

26 hours later 53020495 Anonymous
>>53020398 I was on it for a while, but didn't notice anything. I'd research more on that before you start OD'ing on something that might not even work.

27 hours later 53020685 Anonymous (61661110_680345192393835_2114352676622099240_n.jpg 480x480 49kB)
My crush at work got mad and said this to me today >No. Why are you so weird? Fucking bone chills I haven't felt since high school. It never ends robots.

27 hours later 53020695 Anonymous
>>53020398 I was on it and I did get some weird dreams on it and general sluggishness but no actual trip

27 hours later 53020782 Anonymous (47947.jpg 590x400 72kB)
I took 2 ml GBL... proved to be too much... vomited... passed out... I got up and took another 1 ml.... vomited again... throwing up nothing but bile Now taken another 1 ml and gonna fap... hope I don't vomit during session lol

27 hours later 53020920 Anonymous (1548465050975.png 555x795 228kB)
>rough week >have to take mountains of phenibut and modrafanil to get through it >get home from work friday >mothers passed out drunk on the deck in her bathrobe at six in the evening Not a great feel lads. Guess Ill take a ton of phen and join her in inebriated slumber.

27 hours later 53020954 Anonymous
>>53020920 >inebriated on phen enjoy underage b& camp faggot

27 hours later 53020983 Anonymous
>>53020920 >phen lol legalfag get out of here... unless you're ruining your life on heroin and your mom is crying every day because she feels like she raised a failure then you don't belong on /drugfeel/

27 hours later 53021038 Anonymous
>>53020782 Don't you know what commas and periods are?

27 hours later 53021050 Anonymous (owzizwipmkt21.jpg 4096x2574 1068kB)
>>53020954 I am almost 30 anon. If I take more than 10gs or so of phenibut I get pretty woozy man. >>53020983 I'm on probation for some drug related charges and have to take urine tests. I really like phenibut tho. Glad I found it. I mostly use it as an anxiety reliever but it has some recreational value. I've had a pretty shitty couple of days and everyones being mean to me so I guess Ill fuck off. Have a nice night /drugfeels/.

27 hours later 53021219 Anonymous (Jeb! turtling.jpg 636x382 53kB)
mmmmm, this fresh batch of H is pretty potent and comfy. hope it lasts longer than that synthetic stuff i got also. I had a drug testing kit that was capable of testing for H, for fentanyl, carfentanyl and a few other relevant drugs but now I cant find it. I'm really curious about the fake heroin. the vendor stated it openly, i think for safety reasons so at least he's not cutting it without telling people or anything i was very slightly alergic to some of the crap in the synthetic stuff, but maybe I'll finally get lucky and this batch of real H isnt cut with anything that will make me cough up phlegm and/or blood like all the other dope ive had in the last 6 months. If its not, Im going to switch to smoking H most of the time >>53019872 it goes without saying anon-kun >inb4 "i just want a gf" and so on >>53007959 its cool pham. keep checkin the rage. we gotta keep these threads /comfi/ i still have no idea if my mom knows. my parents are super super passive so they wouldnt say anything if they did know. they did this when they smell my weed. i think they know i smoke cigarettes. my mom once acknowledged that I "use a lot of drugs" which implied she knew that there was a lot more than weed but no specifics one time she came in my room when i was sober but on my desktop screen was Erowid heroin dosage page. pretty fuckin incriminating. I didnt see her make direct eye contact with the screen but i wasnt looking the whole time. wish i fuckin knew if she knew about H but theres no way to tell >>53020685 that sucks anon, im sorry. that kind of shit hurts deeper than it seems like. on the bright side, at least you are on speaking terms with your crush >>53020267 Poor Jeb! has really fallen from grace. its a real shame he's become another victim of the opiate crisis Even his mom said he shouldnt be president. on TV. twice. after he asked her not to Jeb!, you gotta get clean buddy. get off the pills JWB Slow and steady wins the race. Please clap

28 hours later 53021270 Anonymous
>>53021038 commas are wat u are in when youre a vegetable periods are when a girl has blood come out of her baby cannon what a strange pair of questions anon why would you ask silly things like that when you already know what those words mean silly anon youre on drugs you are probably too high to make sensible posts here friend

28 hours later 53021319 Anonymous (1544649967208.jpg 800x1000 594kB)
>>53017109 yea if i ever had kids theyd be adopted save a kid from a shitty life in the system Mother is my creator, She made me and used to help me but She hates me now and i dont hear from Her on the smoking thing its said you cant od cos its extremely hard to it hits quickly like shooting, but you cant smoke a gram instantly so you have to smoke your way to a lethal dose but you'll fall asleep or nod out way before you hit the lethal threshold its the safest of the ROAs cos its gradual and you feel the effects faster comfy cozy drugfeel stay comfy friends

28 hours later 53021422 Anonymous
who here /triphop/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwt VUeWmfCI

28 hours later 53021441 Anonymous
im back on dph bros :(

28 hours later 53021476 Anonymous
>>53021050 I'm sorry about that anon. Hope everything gets resolved. I did probation for 6 months. 3 Day per week urinary analysis... shit sucked but I'm done with it Stick with phenibut for as long as you have to ... going back to jail isn't worth it...

28 hours later 53021633 Anonymous (1523460754066.png 1024x768 118kB)
Took 150mg DXM one and a half hours ago and 450mg DPH about five minutes ago. I'm pretty sleep deprived right now, so this dose should have me tripping pretty hard. Last time I did DXM/DPH I was having conversations with imaginary people and tons of auditory hallucinations. Music sounded pretty amazing and the trip had no dysphoria at all Wish me luck, my fellow DPH bros

28 hours later 53021648 Anonymous (open wide.jpg 2048x1366 383kB)
wow, this new heroin is reaaallyy strong holy shit. I got another 13mg weghed out 30 muin ago and almost took it but fuck now im so ga i didnt do that i wouild be fucked. oops i nodded out there for a few minutes and just had to delete 12000 of these: ]]]]] lol bossa nova is such a good kind of music for high opiate doses. its so happy and comfy without being too fast or aggressive. its not too loud, its lyrics are in portugese so they are beautiful and dont distract from nodding or actual thinking. its such a comfy genre already but I think it just vibes sooo fuckin well with heroin this song is so pretty and comfy, one of my favorite bossa nova songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iM qobP1KOs other ones almost sound like something you would play to calm mental patients in the ward, its like taking sedative pills in musical form. pic from top tier movie related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8V PmtyLqSY o god damn how I want a friend to use heroin with. I just want that feeling of solidarity with another person of being a total hedonistic fuck up, indulging ourselves >>53021319 thanks for answering anon. i think im gonna roll a weed/tobbacco cig and sprinkle in about 15mg as a test run to make sure i dont have a allergy. then ill just wait to smoke till tmw just to make sure its safe to. yea more people should adopt anon. its such easy way to make a genuine difference. why add a literal problem child when you could help save another kids childhood. every time someone pops out a kid when there are others waiting for parents is a giant fuck you to all those kids. ppl are so desparate to pass on their DNA that they forget why theyre raising kids at all. >>53021441 >back on dph implying you like dph, >:( ?????? thread is a bit slow rn but its comfy at least. Make some posts anons. tell us how your high is going. share some comfy music for your drug of choice.

28 hours later 53021708 Anonymous
>>53021648 im sad because every time i use dph i spend a month in a high daze because i compulsive redose, hence the :(

28 hours later 53021720 Anonymous
Took DXM for the first time tonight, I've dosed 250 mg about 2 hours ago and I'm starting to get nauseous. How long does the nausea usually last? Any tips on how to make it better? It's starting to kick in but I don't think I'll be able to enjoy it very much if the nausea stays throughout the whole trip.

28 hours later 53021735 Anonymous
>>53021648 Nah you don't want a friend to do heroin with. It might sound like a good idea on paper. A friend who nods with you and you support each other when you're sick or have no place to stay. What will happen is either you or him will start acting like an asshole and start taking the slightest misstep in your relationship (you got mad or said something the wrong way) and the fucked up chemicals in his brain will interpret that as you being disrespectful and will talk him up inside his fucked up mind and he will cheat or rob you.

28 hours later 53021749 Anonymous (1540247864111.jpg 2081x2440 379kB)
>>53021648 that second song is so comfy love it so cute and warm and comfy my highs okay my pneumonia is getting really bad woke up from my nap and couldnt breathe hate coughing too bad i cant afford a hospital trip right now just tryna make it til my stuff arrives again

29 hours later 53021801 Anonymous
>>53021720 Take a gravol smoke some weed and lay down still in your bed also you should have taken more 250 isn't much

29 hours later 53021811 Anonymous
>>53021720 Weed and/or 25-50mg of DPH will take away the nausea

29 hours later 53021840 Anonymous
>>53021801 I don't smoke weed anymore but thanks, it's actually already starting to go away already. I know it's not much but it's my first time so I didn't really know what to expect. What dose would you recommend next time?

29 hours later 53021868 Anonymous
who here /techno/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkP 3Uk7BUic This is trance-y at some parts

29 hours later 53021890 Anonymous (16b.gif 425x481 1580kB)
>>53003031 I have weed 700 mg of dph and 300 mg of dxm next to me right now I've never done delirants before but I'm feeling extra devilish tonight. I don't want to do this because there's people home so I'd have to do it in public in the middle of the night. but at the same time I really want to do this! Shall we delve tonight anons?

29 hours later 53021901 Anonymous
>>53021840 I'd recommend 6mg/kg for a good 2nd plat dose

29 hours later 53022036 Anonymous
>>53021720 honestly, other than standard sober remedies for nausea, smoking weed is the only real cure short of dramamine. >>53021708 thats pretty fucked anon, good luck with that. honestly that sounds more dangerous than a compulsive heroin habit. at least I have full knowledge of what im doing and act fairly rationally and have a near full memory of what goes on. dph throws all that out. you gotta do somethin to stay off that shit anon. it sucks that its so available everywhere you go >>53021735 yea youre probably right. i dont need a friend who is already a junkie, i just wish I could share one nod with someone else i guess what i wish is that one of the couple of friends that I have, did heroin. they all know i do it and dissapprove, i trust them all though and we would never steal from each other. i trust 3 of them with anything as if they were my brothers. i cant even imagine serious conflict arising with any of them. we know each other too damn well for any petty disagreement to escalate. they just wont do H goddamn it.

29 hours later 53022057 Anonymous
>>53021749 glad you like it anon-kun. bossa nova isnt even known to most people in this generation it seems. like a forgotten genre. youd probably enjoy the whole album then. its one of the quintessential bossa nova albums, and cause of that song it was actually played in the US for a while. the rest of the album without any english in it is quite good though: https://youtu.be/ckmcdcQ2mEg >my pneumonia is getting really bad shit anon, didnt realize you had that. i assume its heroin related right? I had such a horrific cough and my lungs were filled with phlegm and liquid for 3-4 weeks in march. i think it must have been bronchitis or pneumonia based on the symptoms whatever it was, heroin caused it and made it way way worse and it lasted way longer because of the dope too. i didnt have a doctor at the time and i was too high and depressed to do anything about it. if it gets worse please go to the hospital anon. i have almost suffocated to death several times for several different reasons and trust me its not a fun way to (almost) die. its my greatest fear now desu just be careful cause h weakens your lungs soooooo much its crazy if you know for sure its pneumonia maybe try to find some antibiotics?

29 hours later 53022187 Anonymous (1495818599560.jpg 640x462 20kB)
this girl has the comfiest little indie rock songs. shes got such a unique sound. anyway, ill let it speak for itself. it just happens to go with heroin very well for similar reasons, tempo, lyrics, tone, fuckin everything. theyre sad songs but in a happy kind of way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5a 0N7_JFaY heroin makes me so bad at describing music that I like lol god shes talented though its fun to go through all the music that I found before the first time i tried heroin and listening to that music for the first time on H to see what really holds up under the scrutiny of a good ol' nod

29 hours later 53022206 Anonymous
>>53021890 Nvm I'll just take the dxm weed and a couple benadryl how are nightwalks on dxm/weed?

29 hours later 53022295 Anonymous (1507255202144.gif 500x399 466kB)
>>53022206 i find walking on DXM to be more difficult than ketamine but its still possible. i thoroughly reccomend /nightwalk/s on damn near any drug though and this is one of them, you should do it. then again I do live in a rural area where I can nightwalk hundreds of times and never ever see anyone on foot. only once in my whole life and he announced himself first so it wasnt creepy though it scared me at first cause shrooms. fuuuckkkk i am one satisfied customer with this heroin damnnn sooon. im gonna have to wait a bit b4 smokin more but imma b ready as soon as its safe love you all, drugfeel friends. I hope you feel 1 tenth of the comfy I feel cause you would still feel very very comfie-aye-ayyyyyyyyyyy

29 hours later 53022350 Anonymous
150/450 DXM/DPH anon here The DPH is definitely hitting me pretty strong, but I've already redosed another 150mg so the visuals can get stronger. My mouth is a desert, but other than that it feels pretty pleasant

30 hours later 53022391 Anonymous (R-391379-1523156978-3150.jpeg.jpg 600x600 155kB)
>>53021038 I'm sorry anon, but this is actually the best heroincore music. They wrote most of this album on heroin and most of it's about heroin and the lead singer sounds exactly like kurt Cobain who also liked heroin. Also it slaps like a mother fucker.

30 hours later 53022408 Anonymous
>>53022391 Whoops meant to originale quote >>53022187

30 hours later 53022483 Anonymous (1479759904219.jpg 873x927 63kB)
>>53022391 >>53022408 I'm very intrigued anon, i like the album art. I will give it a listen whence i return from my hitherto excursion to the beach to go smoke some cigarettes and a heroin laced joint the extra heroin should make the album better too

30 hours later 53022523 Anonymous
>>53022350 Fucking retard, imagine abusing Benadryl lmao

30 hours later 53022551 Anonymous (h.png 1026x768 1244kB)
>>53021868 my techno nigga, here's some recs, old and new https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFT 9nx_NIXY https://soundcloud.com/marcus32x/ag arthans https://soundcloud.com/meda-fury/dj -seinfeld-season-1-ep https://soundcloud.com/1080pcollect ion/friendly-chemist-queen-of-sword s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aD E6rVxELE

30 hours later 53022596 Anonymous
>>53022523 But hallucinations are fun and DXM/DPH is crazy vivid

30 hours later 53022765 Anonymous
>>53022483 Radical If you enjoy the beginning but get bored in the middle then skip to "the nurse who loved me" and go from there.

30 hours later 53022804 Anonymous
>>53022523 chill out pham, dont ruin the /comfy/ status quo here tonight. i would never use dph recreationally myself but that doesnt mean im gonna be a dick to that guy who likes benadryl

30 hours later 53022848 Anonymous (tenor.gif 400x388 1468kB)
>adderall 30mg ir prescription filled june 19 >10 pills left fuck me, I haven't slept for more than in hour in like a weeek

30 hours later 53022863 Anonymous (1540297340203.png 900x900 580kB)
>>53022057 yea ive been having issues since like february? sometimes it goes away then it comes back my lungs sound like bags of sand when i try to breathe im sure smoking heroin isnt helping but it was an issue when i was sniffing it too im just expecting to choke in my sleep but its whatever lol i hope youre able to avoid any breathing issues longpost anon

31 hours later 53023217 Anonymous
wow man i m so hfukvd up confused and disoriented. this eroin it its so hard to tpe rn i cabnt so gioodnughtn anons see ya in tmorow i typed below a while ago. goodnight anins >tfw on day 3 of H use and i used 185mg heroin tonight. so far. lol i was hammering a large staple inno wood but then i noticed tjat the hammer didnt exist and that i was just waving my hand back and forthjj in a hammer motion lol] fuck i keep forgetting and nodding out goodnight everyone im sniffin more ha

31 hours later 53023319 Anonymous (15456305757981.jpg 854x960 115kB)
>>53022848 >take pills as directed instead >laughing all the way to the bank for now

31 hours later 53023426 Anonymous (1526618264781.png 500x457 108kB)
>>53022206 >how are nightwalks on dxm/weed? DXM will seriously fuck with your physical ability to walk properly after a certain point, they dont call it robowalking for no reason. ~150-250mg + definitely bring tunes for a pleasant, light soiree Weed - absolutely no good, I get paranoid like a mofo and am constantly checking my 6 like every 30 seconds with elevated heartrate, i see shadow people in shrubs and between houses. Can't chill, not worth it. Drunken nightwalks are like literally 25x better than weed nightwalks for me. I live in a nigger-infested suburb tho but close to the downtown city core, when I'm high i fear for my life, when im drunk niggers dont scare me (nothing does)

32 hours later 53023597 Anonymous
>>53023319 >do that for years, stops working >i miss not having to take 120mg adderall just to feel emotion again for a few hours. I am not trying to be cute or dramatic when I say I literally feel physically hollow when I am not on it. It physically feels like there is an empty cavity inside of my chest where when i was a kid there would be tingles and ups (butterflys?) and downs and feelings of relief etc, there is nothing there anymore.

32 hours later 53023789 Anonymous (1538877547299.jpg 1080x1080 165kB)
>>53023597 Cheer up pal, life gets better for a while if you let it happen. I wish I could say some platitudes that help more, sorry. I love living because I get to steer the wheel. I hope you enjoy the same.

32 hours later 53023878 Anonymous (139709527780.png 705x607 299kB)
>was having oneities due to gf being a shitty 3/10 that was treating me badly >smoked weed and saw some pic and sextapes and sex audio recordings that I made with my ex of 2 years, that was a qt 7/10 for me >opened my third eye >saw why I was obsessed with the current shitty one, because I forgot how good I could have >that also explains why she had to be a FWB for 2 years after me and my ex breaking up, it was the time that took for me to forgot how good I had and could have now if I put some effort getting a decent chick >the audios while on weed made me feel an strange kind of nostalgia, like I was brougth back to that time and remembered everything, how it felt like, its like I was there again >cured my oneities with current shitty one >didn't cause oneities with the ex, because 2 years, I already moved on, but realized I can still remember the good memories and not be sad, finally understood this normie concept that never clicked with me Thanks little plant

33 hours later 53024039 Anonymous (5A3BDBA5-F8FC-4EF3-B5F9-A12AC4573A79.png 750x1334 1468kB)
>>53003564 >legitimate drugs I can tell near instantly that I dislike you. As a person. Imagine not realizing you can 1) extract the dxm or 2) BUY powder dxm, no syrup needed, cause, get this: some people like the wonky high Jesus nigga get off your pedestal. People like what they like. Some of us wanna shoot up heroin, some of us wanna dex. The only asshole here is the one who judges

34 hours later 53024425 Anonymous
>>53017109 >imo everyone has the right to use whatever drugs they want including heroin of course but i think having kids forfeits that. i personally dont think anyone should have kids but my friend's dad has been a heroin user since before he was born and it didnt fuck up his life. his dad didnt like stop supporting him or anything. hes also one of those fucking parents that'll do shit like turn off the electricity to your room if youre playing vidya and he can smell the undone homework

35 hours later 53024915 Anonymous
>>53024039 Can you buy dxm powder off of dnms? Never saw it

35 hours later 53024930 Anonymous
Not a big drug guy here but MDMA is the only thing I've ever enjoyed, and my hookup got out of the game. Any decent way to get good shit without a personal connection?

35 hours later 53025019 Anonymous
>>53024930 Order it online. Are you EU? MDMA in the US is not as common and it's expensive

35 hours later 53025121 Anonymous
>>53023878 comfy, i'm glad you experienced that anon

35 hours later 53025135 Anonymous (1522462093553.jpg 1200x1600 383kB)
>almost out of dope >cant stop smoking it welp looks like i get to go into town and try and cop sometime soon hate dealing with most of the guys around here but hey its better than withdrawal aha whatre you guys' experiences with street dealers?

35 hours later 53025145 Anonymous
>>53025019 US, sadly. Shit's hard to get. My old friend had a connection with a dude in the pharma industry and could get the pure shit and then he mixed it with vitamins and shit based on my weight and experience level and shit, it was legit as fuck and I felt good for like a week after taking any of his stuff. Wish I could get that again.

35 hours later 53025154 Anonymous
>>53025135 >whatre you guys' experiences with street dealers? i buy weed off of highschool kids, me and a couple of friends actually know a few high level dealers in our hood, we can buy 100g for around $150, the guy also sells speed, coke etc, but I'd never buy something like that off the street, imagine how many times it was cut

35 hours later 53025175 Anonymous
>>53025145 ah, that sucks. i guess you could still check the darknet markets for any US domestic sellers of mdma, there might be some, but I know that for you guys it's much more rare and more often than not you just get meth. you could try ordering from europe but packs from europe to the US get seized by your customs sometimes, especially if it's from a place such as the netherlands. for me in EU since we have open borders/free trade I can order from the netherlands without much worry, I just recently bought 5g of mdma crystals for $22. i guess you could try to find an NL/EU seller with good stealth that claims their packs can make it into the US

35 hours later 53025178 Anonymous
>tfw weed doesn't work for me I fucking hate it bros, shit's legal here and everybody else smokes it and looks at me like I just said I rape puppies when I say I don't smoke, but all it does is give me panic attacks and days of depression after I come down and shit. I smoked a bunch back in the day and it was a gradual transition from having fun to a nightmare too so I know it's not just a tolerance thing or anything either. I wish I could just light up and feel relaxed and shit, it's not fucking fair.

35 hours later 53025182 Anonymous (1541340065683.jpg 671x800 87kB)
>>53025154 yeah some of the shit i get off the street is bizarre one time i got some powder that cooked neon orange and made me puke dont even wanna know what was in it the quality i get ranges from not even close to heroin to some of the best ive had its getting really hard to find anything decent at this point id take a fent cut heroin over the mystery cuts ive been getting

35 hours later 53025184 Anonymous
>>53025178 smoke less or less strong weed

35 hours later 53025191 Anonymous
>>53025175 Yeah I think it's probably too sketch to waste my money on. Sucks though, shit was like a chad pill for me, I never got the touchy feely rave shit people talk about but it just made my anxiety go away. I did it at anime expo once and ended up making out with a super cute azn girl, shit was amazing.

35 hours later 53025204 Anonymous
>>53025184 I've tried pretty much everything, nothing has worked. I think I'm allergic or something.

35 hours later 53025247 Anonymous
>>53025191 >was like a chad pill for me >I never got the touchy feely rave shit people talk about i'm sorry anon but it doesn't seem like you were getting mdma, the thing is, you can't simply "not get" an effect such as the love/empathy from mdma, that's the main point and the main effect of mdma, it would be like saying you took LSD but didn't get any visuals perhaps what you were getting was amphetamines(speed, or what you americans call it 'adderall') or perhaps it could have been meth but i feel like you would know if it was meth can you describe some other effects you felt from the thing your friend gave you? and how often did you take it?

35 hours later 53025290 Anonymous
>>53025247 I don't think so, I've done adderall and coke and stuff and they didn't have similar effects, plus the guy I got it from was pretty reputable as drug dealers go. I have a severe anxiety disorder and MDMA used to be prescribed for anxiety before they figured out that people would build a tolerance pretty quickly. Also, some other friends got stuff from him at the same time and had more normal MDMA effects. I think it's just that affects me differently because I have fucked up brain chemistry. FWIW DMT just makes me feel drunk and I once did a bunch of coke and then fell asleep, so shit definitely doesn't work on me like it does for most other people.

35 hours later 53025304 Anonymous
>>53025290 yeah I guess it's possible in that case, if you were doing mdma more often than once every 2 months you would definitely lose the empathy effects, didn't you feel them at least on the first time you took it? but taking mdma as often as that is very bad for you, it's neurotoxic and harmful for your brain

35 hours later 53025314 Anonymous
>>53025304 No, I never felt them. I also didn't take it that often, maybe 2 or 3 times a year, only when I went to big events. The friend I used to get it from did way too much back in the day and was totally fried, spoke in a monotone all the time and stuff, and that scared me off from abusing it.

35 hours later 53025367 Anonymous
>>53025314 I see, look up phenibut, it's technically a food supplement, might still be legal in the US and you can get it on ebay, people claim it alleviates social anxiety and makes them chads, would be worth checking out for you But you can't take it multiple days in a row, otherwise you will get withdrawal symptoms

36 hours later 53025841 Anonymous
ok time for honesty do you regret ever trying opioids or drugs in general? i surely do. nothing gives me joy, i'm in constant physical pain and all the time out of cash only positive that i see is that i'm not overweight anymore

36 hours later 53025905 Anonymous
>>53025841 never done opioids don't regret trying hallucinogens, why would i?

37 hours later 53025954 Anonymous
>>53025905 >why would i they can cause some mental issues if one is predesposed besides that hallucinogens are probably the safest it gets with drugs

37 hours later 53026074 Anonymous (1557898969960.png 1024x576 54kB)
there are actual junkies here? like hahahahah dude just don't inject heroin into your veins, just take LSD ahahahaha

37 hours later 53026168 Anonymous (1546226366239.png 599x596 598kB)
>>53025841 do i regret using oxy then heroin? mm sometimes a little but i wouldve killed myself otherwise it was a last ditch effort to feel something other than nothing wanted to get away from the delusions and loneliness and trauma and it helps i feel warm and distant and usually content but im always broke constantly oh well tho >>53026074 pretty low tier bait anon apply yourself desu

37 hours later 53026179 Anonymous
is there a way to filter all the junkies who for some reason all post like this regex gods, please help me

37 hours later 53026199 Anonymous (1231412312.png 564x542 110kB)
>>53026179 >all the junkies its just me it helps me keep from having run-ons and shit it helps organize my thoughts or else i just have a block of gibberish sorry anon

37 hours later 53026271 Anonymous (1546178311562.png 1125x681 154kB)
>>53026199 it's exactly the same as tripfagging and avatarfagging(which you are also doing). cut that shit out and post like a normal anonymous person like everybody else here, otherwise look for a forum with identifiable usernames for every poster which might be a better option for you, such as reddit

38 hours later 53026479 Anonymous (13A7E902-155A-4FB3-BE95-51C943DC3CA0.jpg 1096x1944 242kB)
>>53026271 >avatarfagging I know what you're tryna say but I don't I just haven't updated my image folder in a while Sorry I have a way that I type in general Not just here Also calling me reddit is ironic after not knowing what avatarfagging is Been posting here almost about a year now too So, no u

38 hours later 53026528 Anonymous
>>53026271 kill yourself queer you dont get to tell people how to talk or type on an abu dabi sand sifting forum. go snort some borax and sugar

38 hours later 53026536 Anonymous
>>53026479 different anon but you technically are avatarfagging due to your repeated syntax/easily recognizable style. I can tell when it's you every single time you post, avatarfagging doesn't actually require you to have a literal single avatar that you use

38 hours later 53026558 Anonymous (brainlettttt.jpg 800x450 45kB)
>>53026528 >orbiting avatarfag junkies

38 hours later 53026611 Anonymous (1550083661996.jpg 645x773 56kB)
>yes i do heroin

38 hours later 53026654 Anonymous (E757FB2D-7815-4D84-87FC-CB0924B49F51.jpg 1198x1200 657kB)
>>53026558 >>53026611 I'm sorry you're agitated anon Hope you feel better soon I'm gonna head to bed, been up a long time Hope you sleep well

38 hours later 53026701 Anonymous (amp.png 800x500 246kB)
>have been bashing around 50mg of speed every day for the last 2 weeks What should I expect when I comedown? Apart from the usual low mood and depressing thoughts.

38 hours later 53026902 Anonymous
going to try benzedrex with dr pepper you just put the cotton ball from inside the container in the bottle and let it sit right? only saw one post about it so wanna make sure

39 hours later 53027138 Anonymous
>took 1/3 of a those 500euro pink E pills on Thuesday >feel it after 1 hour, doesn't give me that instant rush when it hits but feels great >take 3/5 of half of the pill 2 hours later >good night overall, danced and had fun etc ... >take 0.5 of the SAME pills on Friday (last night) >No rush, no euphoria at all etc >take 1/3 of pill as a reload 2.5 hours later as thought dosage was low due to me rolling the night before >meh, nothing special overall, had an OK night but not what I could've had I know it was a mistake doing E two nights in a row, but I just went with it. Also took magnesium, D3, CDB oil and some puffs of sativa during the day. Now my questions are, why the big difference between the nights? It had been 2 years since I had last rolled on E. I took nice healthy meals, didn't feel hangoverat all yesterday and not even today. The important question, should I take E again tonight or is it simply not worth the risk?

39 hours later 53027472 Anonymous (1529877352065.gif 425x237 488kB)
>>53027138 >>take 3/5 of half of the pill 2 hours later but to answer your question, mdma releases serotonin in your brain. basically, your brain creates excess serotonin and stores it, then releases it whenever it wants to reward you. mdma releases all of it at once. when you took it again the next day your brain didn't have time to make any new serotonin, so you didn't feel any effects other than an amphetamine-like stimulation. so no, you shouldn't take it again today if that much wasn't obvious

40 hours later 53027542 Anonymous
>>53027472 all is cool with that post and makes sense but wasn't dopamine THE reward chemical?

40 hours later 53027587 Anonymous
just took 100ug of 1p-lsd and had a shower, I'm kinda noided because my brother came home unexpectedly right as I got out of the shower.

40 hours later 53027612 Anonymous
Should i try some hash yogurt or it's a shit high?

40 hours later 53027617 Anonymous
>>53027542 There's multiple for different purposes, AFAIK dopamine is the reward chemical and serotonin is the happiness/love chemical

40 hours later 53027631 Anonymous
>>53027587 Would he disprove of lsd use? In any way don't worry, being on 100ug is easy to keep hidden

40 hours later 53027669 Anonymous
>>53027612 Doesnt sound very tasty desu lad

40 hours later 53027734 Anonymous
>>53027631 >Would he disprove of lsd use? Yes. His friends offered him shrooms and he turned them down, he doesn't even smoke weed even though it's legal. Plus the fact that I'm currently NEET, I'm sure he would use it as an excuse to be a butthole to me.

40 hours later 53027771 Anonymous
>>53027472 I **know** I shouldn't but considering it is my last night partying in Netherlands, I will probably throw rules outside the window. Would coke be fine?

40 hours later 53027815 Anonymous
>>53027734 I see, there's no need to worry though, I've tripped on such low doses often while my mom and sister are home. Do you have your own room? Just chill out on the computer or lie on the bed on your phone, if he tries making any larger conversation with you and you don't feel up to it just excuse yourself with a stomach ache or something like that, I would always feel paranoid about talking to people who think I'm sober but really at such low doses it's no different than hiding a weed high Put on some good music, I like listening to this one while tripping on LSD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFs Zg4YrFZg >>53027771 yeah the md use wouldn't affect coke as far as i know, it would be as fine as any other time doing coke, which means not very good for your body but nothing bad will happen as long as you don't make a habit of it. i've never done coke though, have you? also you could try to get 2cb, it's psychedelic pills that give you visuals and a slight euphoric mdma-ish feeling, you can even take them multiple days in a row without it being harmful. Hell you could even take lsd, acid is a great time while partying

40 hours later 53027827 Anonymous
>>53027771 but if you meant taking md again for the third night and taking coke as well with it, i'm not so sure about that, it might be taxing on your heart as they are both stimulants, make sure to keep yourself hydrated and cooled down any time when taking mdma

41 hours later 53028543 Anonymous
revive 4f

41 hours later 53028555 Anonymous
Just ate some decarb hash, i'll see if im on the ground in 2hours

41 hours later 53028671 Anonymous
>>53026902 Your supposed to shake it a lot and keep in in the pop for multiple hour's before drinking it. it's also recommend that you chew/suck on the cotton afterwards. some people say you should cut it into pieces before putting it in the pop to get more into it but I'm not sure if that actually does anything.

41 hours later 53028697 Anonymous
unironically benzedrex is really underrated

42 hours later 53028701 Anonymous
>>53028697 so does it have the same effects as meth?

42 hours later 53028719 Anonymous
>>53028697 even though I've heard it's really bad for you I'd love to just try it once to see how it feels compared to other stims, too bad I can never fucking find any of those in stores.

42 hours later 53028756 Anonymous (zszmbml1in621.jpg 652x430 15kB)
>>53028701 yea pretty much but meth is way better. though its literally pretty much meth and im amazed its legal, pic related. based on my experiences i'd say meth is by far the best stim, but benzedrex can be a bit more euphoric than adderall. benzedrex feels a lot more recreational, i dont think i could study or really be productive on this stuff

42 hours later 53028781 Anonymous
>>53028719 it's probably the worst stimulant for your body even more so than meth. it's sold as a nasal decongestant and that works by constricting the blood vessels in your nose. when you ingest it it also does that but throughout your whole body. there isnt really much research done about the effects of abusing this though since it's not intended for consumption

42 hours later 53029214 Anonymous
What's the point in dealers cutting drugs with actually dangerous shit? Like I can understand cutting it with other drugs, either weaker/cheaper or more addictive ones, but what's the point of putting something like rat poison in their drugs?

42 hours later 53029228 Anonymous
>>53029214 >falls for anti drug propaganda

42 hours later 53029241 Anonymous
>>53029228 I mean I've seen posts on drug forums and shit about people encountering drugs cut with stuff like that (usually speed or coke) and fucking up their noses/getting horribly sick

42 hours later 53029257 Anonymous
>>53029241 show me the forum posts where you've seen people say their drugs got cut with rat poison

42 hours later 53029290 Anonymous
>>53029257 I never had any reason to save them though

42 hours later 53029300 Anonymous
>>53029290 ok f

42 hours later 53029308 Anonymous (5074-19843-23565.jpg 680x346 65kB)
This hash edible don't do shit but i just smoked and im pretty fucking high rn so its all good

43 hours later 53029535 Anonymous (1494766152662.jpg 532x502 63kB)
will 2 days t break even help that much? been smoking too much weed every day this week so told myself i would stop on weekend, but now i'm trying to convince myself not to by saying 2 days wont even make a difference.

43 hours later 53029543 Anonymous
>>53029535 lmfao weed addict

43 hours later 53029548 Anonymous
>>53029535 1week minimum

43 hours later 53029549 Anonymous
>>53029241 Actually that's because the drugs are distributed as hydrochloride salts, so they release hydrochloric acid when you snort them. It's not dealers cutting shit, it's people snorting too much of a drug too often and doing prolonged acid damage to their nose. Remember, your doctor can tell if you love snorting drugs haha. Obviously kick him in the nuts if he gets all judgemental, but still.

43 hours later 53029585 Anonymous
>>53029549 Well I know for sure that snorting drugs even in their pure forms is bad for your nose (which is why I don't do it much), nose damage alone wasn't really the issue I was asking about because the problems I've heard people talk about with weird, toxic cuts in their drugs isn't limited to people who use it intranasally.

43 hours later 53029600 Anonymous

43 hours later 53029742 Anonymous (toasted mushrooms.png 949x355 57kB)
>>53029585 lol, the amount of bullshit out there is insane.

43 hours later 53029759 Anonymous
>>53029585 If we are going outside the specific realm of snorting, a lot of toxic reagents are left over in improperly done synths. For instance, mephedrone use led to a lot of manganese poisoning because the most common route used potassium permanganate iirc. Overall, I wouldn't say it's malice on the dealer's part that leads to these things, but rather incompetence on the part of the chemist or malice on the part of the CIA agent poisoning new drugs with plausible contaminants to aid their prohibition. Of course dealers who cut drugs with other drugs to make their product "fire" and don't tell their customers deserve whatever recourse they get.

43 hours later 53029791 Anonymous
>>53029759 >potassium permanganate wait mephedrone can be synthesised from ephedrone?

43 hours later 53029840 Anonymous
>>53029791 Idk, but the route i'm referencing is on the wikipedia page for mephedrone and it says that they used it to reduce 4-methylephedrone, which still has the 4-methyl group that ephedrone doesn't.

43 hours later 53029854 Anonymous
>>53029840 >>53029791 Sorry 4-methylephedrine not ephedrone

43 hours later 53029872 Anonymous
>>53029840 >>53029854 Fuck i'm so high, it's also oxidize not reduce. Jesus fuck i'm done posting.

43 hours later 53029944 Anonymous
>>53029872 don't worry we all make fuck ups chemistry ain't easy

44 hours later 53030116 Anonymous
so you're saying I can get high on pomegranates?

44 hours later 53030177 Anonymous
>>53030116 >so you're saying I can get high on pomegranates? no

44 hours later 53030211 Anonymous
>>53030177 not even if I mix it up in a smoothie with bananas (for the potassium)?

44 hours later 53030226 Anonymous
>>53030211 how old are you kid i'm honestly wondering, please do tell me

44 hours later 53030238 Anonymous (50977148_793531234335086_3488684191485365782_n.jpg 427x427 79kB)
how to deal with not having LSD???????????

44 hours later 53030251 Anonymous (1496021582005.png 247x246 72kB)
about to smoke a bowl lads who comfy here

44 hours later 53030280 Anonymous
Shrooms today lads Gonna go on a neature walk with a friend What's your comeup ritual?

44 hours later 53030306 Anonymous
>>53029214 Ironically the only "dealer" to have done that is the United States government during prohibition.

44 hours later 53030334 Anonymous
>>53030226 come on dude just tell me how to make the potassium pomegranates

44 hours later 53030335 Anonymous (1556447598350.jpg 578x512 26kB)
>>53030280 >What's your comeup ritual?

44 hours later 53030348 Anonymous
>>53030280 On that note, how do you guys make your shroom tea? I was just gonna grind em, let em sit in tea, and drink that. Should I boil the ground shrooms? >>53030335 Ok I'll try and use 4chan bugman speak "How do you faggot niggers like to MAGA with mushrooms? Also based and redpilled"

44 hours later 53030357 Anonymous
>>53030334 i'll tell you if you truthfully tell me how old you are, honest.

44 hours later 53030375 Anonymous (1530667859211.jpg 474x474 18kB)
>>53030280 >comeup ritual

44 hours later 53030409 Anonymous (1535973873110.jpg 1280x720 113kB)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOq blSqx_VI almost went by a day without listening to this

44 hours later 53030489 Anonymous
>>53017056 Probably not. My friend took the same amount as me while on ssris and while I tripped balls he didn't feel anything. He then took more shrooms to see if it would hit and he kind of saw some colors but no trip.

44 hours later 53030656 Anonymous (wc102.gif 471x670 113kB)
>>53030348 Dude you're so funny you should be a comedian

44 hours later 53030686 Anonymous
>>53020398 https://psychonautwiki.org/wiki/Mir tazapine

44 hours later 53030817 Anonymous
>>53030656 I'm honestly so fucking sick of you faggots and your endless "wow this guy posted something a little bit out of the window of acceptable canned phrases, better call him an outsider! Fucking Reddit! Haha gottem!" Let's have good posts here.

45 hours later 53030822 Anonymous
>>53030817 feel free to go back any second now

45 hours later 53030899 Anonymous
>>53030817 Yeah, different anon but I unironically don't see how "comeup ritual" is reddit. Maybe that's just because I don't go on reddit though so I don't have a good idea of what common phrasings they use

45 hours later 53030902 Anonymous
i hardcore miss my benzos type pills plug, it was nice to hang out with him and smoke weed, now i cant find anyone in this tiney 14k town who'd have sth. and "normal" drugs mostly won't work since im on SSRIs. okay thanks for listening to this vent

45 hours later 53030931 Anonymous
>>53030899 It isn't even reddit. Nothing posted here is reddit. It's an autistic canned phrase that people use for no reason. They just say it because they think it's the right thing to say. Look I Reddit spaced! Get upset, niggers!

45 hours later 53030995 Anonymous
>>53029535 Don't overhype the withdrawal so much. I mean I don't have you're problems but withdrawal from cannabinoids is literally nothing when compared to shit like MDMA and LSD. Just be patient, roll with the punches. I believe in you, anon.

45 hours later 53031008 Anonymous
>>53030238 Take the time to integrate anything you gained from your experiences with it.

45 hours later 53031069 Anonymous (10398-612-24884.jpg 812x800 119kB)
im fucken high

45 hours later 53031070 Anonymous
I just smoked a cigarette for the first time so I think I have the rite to post in these threads.

45 hours later 53031092 Anonymous
>>53030817 Notice how I didn't reply to your comeup ritual post, but rather the one where you act like this thread is somehow /pol/ because it's on 4chan. Look, kid, everyone's gonna call you reddit at some point. If this is honestly your first time, then welcome to 4chan.

45 hours later 53031135 Anonymous
>>53030931 One guy posted an image of the reddit mascot in response to your post and you act like everyone on this site is exactly the same. Instead of a come up, come down off your high horse you drama queen. You said something dorky and we made fun of you for it. Have you honestly never seen this happen before? See, it's your reaction that reinforces the "this guy hasn't been here long" posts.

45 hours later 53031277 Anonymous

45 hours later 53031441 Anonymous (1552852038593.jpg 641x530 25kB)
>>53030995 >withdrawal from cannabinoids is literally nothing when compared to shit like MDMA and LSD what??? MDMA and LSD both also have no withdrawal, what are you on about...

46 hours later 53031599 Anonymous
>>53031069 fucken love that pic

46 hours later 53031659 Anonymous
>>53031070 those first times with tabacco surely have that psychoactive effect but if you get into habbit you wont feel shit smoke contains nicotine which releases dopamine and small ammounts of MAOI so yeah feels good on a chemical level

46 hours later 53031795 Anonymous
>>53031441 >MDMA and LSD have no withdrawal Okay this might just be me but does nobody else get depressed and incurably drowsy for at least a couple of days after doing these substances? Might just be me.

46 hours later 53031819 Anonymous
>>53031795 that's not what withdrawal means, but no, that's not an effect of lsd, and mdma can give you that effect if you abuse it and don't wait a few months between taking it

46 hours later 53031962 Anonymous
>tfw speed and benzos became everyday thing even tho i said to myself im better than that on the other hand even when i dont take them for few days i dont feel any worse so these drugs arent really doing much damage to me. maybe in the long run...

46 hours later 53032010 Anonymous
but what else am i supposed to do me without drugs >low enegry >low libido >very weak erections >cant think properly >cum in 15 seconds >not social i was fucked up before i even took a pill. all i'm really doing is self medicating.

46 hours later 53032055 Anonymous
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tG3 kGn-WFqQ This for the people that taking drugs everyday (Yup) Fuck what they say let the pain go away (Aye) migos know whats up

46 hours later 53032209 Anonymous
>>53031795 >arguing that LSD and molly have withdrawal jesus christ anon you have to go back how the hell do you not know that they don't?? are you underage or something? do you know what the word withdrawal even means?? >>53032010 anon, 50% of your stated problems in life are masturbation related. maybe you should look into why that is. >low libido >very weak erections >cum in 15 seconds perhaps there is more to do in life than having back to back 15 second unenthusiastic fap sessions with your limp noodle dude >low energy you expend too much energy polishing the pud bro >cant think properly you are too focused on punishing the pope >not social have you tried putting your penis away when you are in public? this may have a significant impact on how some people perceive you and clinicians believe keeping your one eyed trouser snake in its trouser lair will also increase your self esteem the world is your oyster anon. you dont need drugs to make life bearable. besides, your week long binges on cialis and adderall have adverse effects on your heart anon.

46 hours later 53032283 Anonymous
There's a cat that's been hanging around my backyard these past few days and he's super cuddly and social, but I think he's a stray and I want to feed him, but at the same time I know that I shouldn't. Fuck boyos, I just want a kitty to cuddle with. I had one when I was a kid and she was super antisocial, but she was cuddly with me. I've never played with a cat while high, but I feel like it'd be maximum comfy.

47 hours later 53032378 Anonymous
>>53032241 well thats good anon, but it does seem a bit suspicious that half the problems you mentioned are related to fapping? no?

47 hours later 53032411 Anonymous
>>53032209 I think that anon is mixing up withdrawal with comedown

47 hours later 53032516 Anonymous
>>53032411 Yeah I concur Oh to be that naive again...

47 hours later 53032709 Anonymous
>>53031795 That is not withdrawl, that is the come down because your brain is exhausted

47 hours later 53032747 Anonymous
>>53031795 withdrawal is when you shit yourself and get seizures because you have not taken a drug what you are describing is comedown or afterglow

47 hours later 53032838 Anonymous
Should I try snorting sodium chloride?

47 hours later 53032904 Anonymous
>>53032838 better try injecting sodium hydroxide

47 hours later 53033116 Anonymous
>>53030817 >Let's have good posts here. Dude just go back.

47 hours later 53033209 Anonymous
>>53033116 Not caring about post quality here is unironically the reddit thing to do though. Redditors come here solely to make epic shitposts and piss people off because when they want actual discussion they can just retreat to whatever stupid subreddit they go on. Some people here don't actually go on reddit though and would prefer this site not to be a dumping ground.

47 hours later 53033237 Anonymous (1533612939670.jpg 1000x829 383kB)
>>53033209 >n-no you are the reddit!!

48 hours later 53033290 Anonymous
>>53033237 fucking this, i wish the guy went back already

48 hours later 53033536 Anonymous
>"bro lmao you're from reddit" >"let me write an entire paragraph in earnest as to why that's false" >"you're so reddit" >"let me write an entire paragraph in earnest as to why that's false" ... >"let me write an entire paragraph in earnest as to why that's false for the eighth time" Dude just stop. You're so reddit that I had to check my fucking address bar to make sure I didn't end up on the wrong site.

48 hours later 53033594 Anonymous
>>53030817 leddit detected >>53030931 leddit

48 hours later 53033665 Anonymous
>>53003893 That's really dangerous, man. You're putting massive oxidative stress on your body. It's not good.

48 hours later 53033961 Anonymous (lsdredpill].jpg 1024x768 158kB)
day 4 of heroin. yeah at this point I realize that all the self control that I thought I had cultivated over the past few months was imaginary. I started using just a few hours after I woke up and I will keep using all night for the next 7-8 hours. its funny how fast you can get dependent on it when you arent careful for the first week. yesterday I used like 205mg which is a fuckin ton for me even when I have a lot of tolerance which I dont yet. >>53032411 to mix them up you would have to be so goddamned uninformed about drugs like i cannot comprehend how someone could think that in the 21st century with internet access or even just familiarity with pop culture depictions of LSD and MDMA. its so fuckin retarded and out of touch that it doesnt make any sense in this day and age. it reminds me of the infamous pilot episode of Dragnet in 1967, "Blue Boy" where a teenager uses acid and paints his face blue and yellow and buries his head underground to get "far out". he is wearing a jacket that says "down with the fuzz" when the cops find him. at the end of the episode, he is found dead with his friend who is tripping on acid too. his friend says "he wanted to get farther and farther out. he just kept taking them. after a while he got real quiet" so they never said he overdose but its very obvious thats what theyre implying happened. they also claim that the episode is true and that only the names have been changed "to protect the innocent". gotta wonder if Blue Boy was real lol So yea i think it was understandable to believe misinformation like that in 1967... but now?? you can just google shit like "is acid addictive and you get a resounding NO!" I kinda gave some spoilers but if you have a sense of humor about it, the episode is actually really funny, you guys will probably like it. Heres the 5 minute condensed version, watch it you wont regret it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5i FVfwMnG4 I showed it to my friend the first time he tripped on acid

48 hours later 53034018 Anonymous
had a bad experience taking too much 3-meo-pcp actually got arrested for indecent exposure. oops anyway, i ordered some tianeptine and memantine. anyone know about this stuff?

48 hours later 53034127 Anonymous (1552508539482.gif 255x255 260kB)
>wanna get super baked >lungs sore due to intensity of recent smoking sessions what do

48 hours later 53034152 Anonymous
>>53034127 eadibles

48 hours later 53034164 Anonymous (1510198025489.jpg 320x240 30kB)
>>53033961 lmao that video is funny af the dialogue is so shitty

49 hours later 53034239 Anonymous
>>53034127 Buy concentrates

49 hours later 53034273 Anonymous
>>53034152 >>53034239 ok hold on looked up some stuff and apparently big long drags are bad, thats what ive been doing. maybe i just take bunch of baby hits and i'll be fine?

50 hours later 53035060 Anonymous
what is wrong with me im already high so why am i spending my whole day obsessing over weed

50 hours later 53035089 Anonymous
>>53035060 Probably due to dopamine. Dopamine is strongly correlated with motivation and reward-seeking. If the weed caused a lot of dopamine to be released in your brain, it may motivate you to think more about what caused that dopamine release and how to keep doing that thing.

50 hours later 53035094 Anonymous
man, I'm sure alcohol sucks for people who have no other drugs and have to resort to using it all the time but let me tell you For someone who doesn't drink often, 4 beers feels pretty fucking nice

50 hours later 53035121 Anonymous
>>53035094 yeah now smoke a joint it's even better

50 hours later 53035169 Anonymous
>>53035121 Don't have bud but a couple minutes ago I was hitting my THC vape. I'm being very cautious though because usually with alcohol+THC I overdo it and puke my guts up

50 hours later 53035289 Anonymous
Tried oxy for the first time days ago Can't stop thinking about it... It was so fucking good....

50 hours later 53035345 Anonymous
>>53033961 Lol have fun with the OD

50 hours later 53035410 Anonymous
Does GHB show up in drug tests? Regular GC/MS or whatever do they look for GHB or no? Please tell me am I in trouble...google says it can show up but apparently they were using forensic tier equipment for rape kits

50 hours later 53035436 Anonymous (1560712484655.jpg 325x325 27kB)
I'm fairly interested in making DMT sometime based on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAl VWLqlsJA anyone have some advice or better sources???

50 hours later 53035501 Anonymous
>>53035289 welcome to opiate comfyland you can either leave now forever or proceed in you cannot choose both once you taste a good opiate like oxy or heroin you can never forget the way it felt When I used H for the first time I felt like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz when she stepped out of the black and white house into color-filmed Oz. We're not in Kansas anymore once you learn what color looks like, the black and white world you are accustomed to becomes unbearable even though it is the same as always I'm not telling you which one to pick, thats for you to decide. But I am saying that you are at a crossroads and the big decision is right now whether you like that or not. It is impossible to delay it, because to just try a 'few' more opiate experiences is the same as choosing that route. gl with that decision anon. neither answer is objectively the right one. >>53035345 for some of us the OD risk is one of the perks of opiates bro using a lot of heroin is much easier than pulling the trigger what kind of a fuckin post is that anyway??? >oh bruh you use heroin?!!?!?! oh youre gonna OD man! damn wat a loser the fuck

50 hours later 53035545 Anonymous
>>53035410 Please help me bros I am scared shitless

50 hours later 53035573 Anonymous
>>53035545 https://erowid.org/chemicals/ghb/gh b_testing.shtml Erowid says that standard tests don't test for it, but I don't know.

50 hours later 53035586 Anonymous (1512205607649.jpg 319x319 16kB)
>>53033961 >What's your name son? >You can see my name if you look hard enough! >Come on now, what's your name? >Dont you know my name! My name is Blue Boy based blue boi just bluepilled sgt. friday right there

51 hours later 53035779 Anonymous
>>53035573 Ok but are they talking about the standard 6 drug panel they dip in urine? I'm talking about lab GC/MS... they aren't specifically looking for GHB but I had it in my system last time I pissed I'm afraid they are going to detect it for some reason I thought GC/MS would turn up everything you consumed I had recently acquired a liter of GHB and I'm hiding it in my parent's house... if I fucked up and they really detect it then I'm going to be exposed and my parents will look in my room and throw the GHB away Please I need a definitive answer

51 hours later 53035790 Anonymous
My favorite thing to do on drugs is get off 4chan and the internet in general.

51 hours later 53035808 Anonymous
>>53035779 >>53035545 GHB is literally a naturally occurring thing your body produces it itself there are tests to see if you take it, but a standard drug panel will not

51 hours later 53035842 Anonymous
>>53035808 OK just in case i am going to hide the liter in the air conditioning central unit ... gonna pop that bitch with a screw driver and hide it inside the return conduit if all goes well then it's all well... but if something goes wrong at least I'm not losing a fucking liter. Party up boys

51 hours later 53035931 Anonymous
Goddamn cid would be so much better if not for the goddamn nausea

51 hours later 53035959 Anonymous
>>53035931 I've never once gotten nauseous off acid

51 hours later 53036103 Anonymous
yeah i smoked way too much weed lads lungs feel like balloons and can tell all my pipes are fucked

51 hours later 53036270 Anonymous
If I put a sticker in a pipe and smoke it, will it get me high?

52 hours later 53036574 Anonymous
>>53036270 Like a sticker off an apple?

52 hours later 53036592 Anonymous
>>53036574 Yeah, or maybe from a soda bottle

52 hours later 53036760 Anonymous
>>53035501 oh give me a fucking break. oooh my body feels good oaohaoha I'm addicted now! life will never the same because I have a slight body high!

53 hours later 53036960 Anonymous
>>53036760 I think you misunderstood the point I'm trying to make or perhaps I wasnt clear cause im a little fucked up right now. I'm not saying that the two choices are addiction and being squeaky clean. I know there is a middle ground and thats actually where I am myself so I know its rather easy to use heroin and not be an addict. What I am saying is that having a fuckin great nod on heroin will be an experience you will not soon forget (or probably oxy too). For a lot of people its really hard at this point to tell yourself "I'm never going to feel that good again as long as I live." cause that would be depressing. So im not saying the second choice is addiction, instead the second choice is to be enamored with the feeling you get from opiates forever. And for some people, they are better off just not knowing great opiates can really feel. I'm not saying you are or arent one of those people, I have no idea. I'm not even sure if I am or not lol. and yeah I was also being a bit melodramatic cause i was super high then lol but what i was getting at isn't wrong basically, kansas kinda sucks, so visiting Oz too much can be a problem cause it reminds you how shitty kansas is when you wouldnt really care otherwise.

53 hours later 53036975 Anonymous
>>53036960 woah dude...the feeling of being on the verge of falling asleep...so life changing...

53 hours later 53036991 Anonymous
how to acetone wash amphetamine? just mix into acetone and then pour through coffee filter right? >>53036270 what the fuck is with the retard questions today? first pomegranates, now fucking stickers?

53 hours later 53037030 Anonymous
>>53036991 >what the fuck is with the retard questions today So are you saying that if I put a sticker in a pipe and smoke it, it will not get me high?

53 hours later 53037045 Anonymous
>>53037030 the better question would be what made you think that in the first place? what chemical is in the stickers that you assume is psychoactive dunno why I'm responding to a troll, I must be really bored tonight

53 hours later 53037059 Anonymous
>>53037045 I don't know what chemicals make a sticker sticky, and I thought maybe whatever chemicals are in it could maybe get you high. Has anyone tried it?

53 hours later 53037078 Anonymous
>>53037045 Sniffing glue can get you high, why not smoking stickers?

53 hours later 53037125 Anonymous
what strain are you all smoking tonight? pineapple kush here

53 hours later 53037133 Anonymous
>>53036975 are you the guy this was actually addressed to? the one talking about oxy? and regardless why are you being such a dick about it? lighten up bro im just trying to give advice cause i know what the fuck im talking about, and im not a fuckin junkie either >the feeling of being on the verge of falling asleep bruh if thats what you think a great heroin nod feels like then you: a) have shitty dope, b) didnt dose it well, or c) havent tried heroin and havent even used a high dose of oxy yet. I'm betting C. its a lot more enjoyable than "falling asleep" ffs. why do you think so many people are addicted? They arent self medicating for insomnia. >>53037045 youre right, hes a troll. i wonder if thats who im responding to also. for fucks sake they always fuck this thread up

53 hours later 53037174 Anonymous
>>53037133 I think it's just an autistic stim addict honestly. I mean look at how persistent he is about a joke that's clearly not funny and doesn't accomplish any meaningful trolling. I've noticed similar posting over the past few days. It's like he's so lonely and isolated that he's trying to dredge up any little bit of socialization he can. Like an alcoholic dry heaving into a trash can at 5am, trying to dredge up any little bit of foul bile he can to end his nausea.

53 hours later 53037268 Anonymous
>>53037174 gross analogy pham, im a little nauseous cause im halting this heroin binge for the day and reading that that made it a little worse lol. goddamn it why do people put so much effort into ruining the comfiness here. if you are right about him then he's a druggie just like us ruining this place, nor some straightedge shill trolling cause he hates drug users i wish there were more opiate posters around. usually its just me and one other easily recognizable heroin poster. there used to be some legit robots who started using H and migrated here but idk what happened to them all. i was in these drug threads siunce before I even tried H

54 hours later 53037734 Anonymous (1489899803396.png 403x433 164kB)
bump dreag bread dont let uncomfy trolls cause tread deth

54 hours later 53037933 Anonymous
I blew my nose and what came out looked almost identical to the raw black tar (heroin) i put in there throughout the night. cause of the super dark color it went right back in my nose, carefully placing it in the crevices where it would best be absorbed >tfw just un-picked my nose its like recycling i suppose.

54 hours later 53038098 Anonymous (1499364072549.png 500x500 226kB)
>>53037125 been smoking a lot of death star tonight, its some potent shit

54 hours later 53038117 Anonymous
wow, things that are normally very subtle are super pronounced with lucy try watching some media you've watched many times before and see all those little details you missed

55 hours later 53038158 Anonymous (image0 (3).jpg 493x658 36kB)
>>53038098 You fancy people being able to know your strains. Ive been smoking unidentifiable dabs for some time and when I took a small 4 day t break I drank some grapefruit juice and it made me feel slightly high some how. Idk wtf is in my shit. pic related.

55 hours later 53038228 Anonymous
Dude if youre tripping rn watch this shit i linked before in >>53033961 if you want some entertaining media. This is what the media thought about LSD in the 60s heres the link https://youtube.com/watch?v=u5iFVfw MnG4

55 hours later 53038383 Anonymous (1541012605504.jpg 790x767 160kB)
>picked up a bit of dope in the city >did a small test bump >20-ish mg at most, barely anything for me >nearly drop, pull my narcan out and am ready to dose myself before im gone >manage to compose myself after a few minutes, still super fucked up i know i joked about preferring fentadope to the mystery cuts but holy fuck this is how people fuckin die dealer just said it was normal dope like usual >>53033961 hey longpost anon hope youre doing okay and being careful nearly got fent'd again at least itll last a while but this high sucks fents nasty desu

55 hours later 53038457 Anonymous (0donut.jpg 1076x1105 285kB)
These threads always start off comfy but then everyone starts arguing and it ruins the mood. It's been raining all week which is nice, I'm about to drop 25mgs of 4-ho-met, should be funn. I'm curious what kind of musics other drugfrens listen to, always cool to hear new stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuT Zn_DmdEk

55 hours later 53038582 Anonymous
I'm back after my first LSD trip, it was pretty underwhelming. My body temperature was fluctuating like crazy, I would feel normal, then minutes later I would be cold, then boiling hot and sweating. Very weak visuals, lots of flashing in my peripheral vision, few fractal patterns, no crazy colors or anything. Faces started appearing on on blanket at one point, but I kinda just laughed and rubbed my hand over them and they went away. I suspect my prescription brain drugs weren't fully out of my system and they put a damper on things.

55 hours later 53038613 Anonymous (658A23A3-F8AF-4C2F-81F9-6DC68F14C8C6.jpg 4032x3024 1783kB)
took my vyvanse late and drank all day then smoked later. nothing feels real, but at least my phone works.

55 hours later 53038645 Anonymous
any of you niggers take adrafinil? doctors think i'm fucking drug seeking so my adhd is untreated and i can't go on like this.

56 hours later 53039019 Anonymous
>>53019741 how do i get a druggie gf anon. like where do i find one/how should i act? i live in the east coast and i KNOW theyre around i just dont know where :/

56 hours later 53039263 Anonymous
>>53039019 i met my bf here t. kinda former junkie (just not doing meth or h anymore)

57 hours later 53039484 Anonymous
>>53032283 >I know that I shouldn't. ...why not?

58 hours later 53039883 Anonymous
>>53035501 Would taking some oxy once every three months be fine? Just 20mg.. Just to temporarily erase the pain.

58 hours later 53040136 Anonymous
reeeeeeeeeeeeeee god I@ wish I could fap on heroin >>53038383 hey that sucks about the fent pham, be careful with that shit Still jealous of your irl plug anyway lol ive been looking all over for my drug testing reagent but i cant find it anywhere get. The vendor called it a "mixture of synthetic heroin" diluted to mimic actual heroin but it suspiciously looks feels and smells just like tar. I think it lasts a lot less long than H. Wish i knew what it is though I smoked some of the other H and it didnt fuck up my lungs or anything, so i can finally start smoking good doses of it >hope youre okay and being careful ever since my h got here i havent felt like kms so i dont think i will be intentionally ODing like i had been thinking about. Tho i havent been careful either lol. Ive been on one big binge since it got here stopping only for work and sleep. i gotta reign this shit in soon or I'm fucked >>53038457 >these threads always start off comfy then everyone starts arguing and it ruins the mood this thread got cucked by that dude who was baiting people by shitting on their drug choices. We gotta stop responding to him, tho I fell for the bait too >>53039883 Idk dude it really depends on the person. A lot of people can easily just use oxy a few times a year like that. For others its just an excuse that they will later use to justify using more and more frequently. Or you'll substitute heroin "for cost reasons". Theres no way for me to know which one you are and you would just have to guess anyway. Thats part of the danger with opiates in general: they legitimagely test your self control and personality and all that. Im not saying dont do it, im just saying its not really possible for you to know what will happen and make an informed decision based on that

58 hours later 53040239 Anonymous (deb63d21.png 757x1329 638kB)
Addy gang here with the NAC report >it's a pretty nice supplement Actually took less Adderall than usual for the past 2 days, weird. I think it's just a coincidence.

58 hours later 53040243 Anonymous
>>53040136 The only thing all my life I battled against as a real addiction (got in trouble, haven't eaten, slept, self harm, depression, money, waste of time etc) has been only sex. Sex addiction, porn, masturbation, finding sex, not being able to live without certain experiences... It lasted for all my life and I'm still not totally out of it. On the other hand substances never ever gave me that problem. I usually take substances only for therapy reason (ketamine for depression, dexamphetamine for adhd etc) but this time I wanted to try oxy to finally understand what "No pain" really felt like... It was good and the next morning I felt a new person, reset. No worries, no fear, no nothing. That night oxy also made more open about my problems with people I wasn't really honest with and I took choices about my life, it was a fantastic experience. But the group I was chatting with on tripsit me strongly suggested me to throw away the other pill I had, even tho I didn't feel like craving oxy in the future at all, but they said that it will have happened eventually. Now I feel like having another time with it, perhaps once every 2/3 months. I'm not craving it, I don't feel like I can't live with it.. I'm really used to pain and I don't want to escape it with addiction. It's more of a "Well it was good, why not taking it sometimes, always same dose, max every once a month or two". It was just like weed the first time, it made me relax so I kept smoking, but never got hooked. What do you suggest? Just leave it as a good experience or take it sometimes?

58 hours later 53040341 Anonymous
>>53020398 Wtf? I used to take this and smoke weed right before bed when i was taking it for depression. I just thought it lowered my tolerance, didn't realize i might have been adding to the high

58 hours later 53040346 Anonymous
>>53040136 Also I have adhd diagnosed so my brain is never totally relaxed and always looking for stimuli and long lasting dopamine... Usually it was weed to help me with that, but ended up giving me paranoia. Then sex, but for sex dopamine I needed more and more excitement, to fuel my horniness and got me in a horrendous addiction. But oxy was different. Oxy just made me feel constant pleasure, all lasting without having to feel in fear or skip my life to fuel it.

58 hours later 53040384 Anonymous
I'm out of weed and I was at work while the weedman was around this week and I missed him, but I already paid him up front. Now I have to take a bus to his town today and I really don't want to. They want to party and drink tonight ect but I can just about afford the bus out and back again. I want to get this out of the way as early as possible.

61 hours later 53041671 Anonymous
>>53040243 >sex addiction fuckin christ anon you aren't making it easy to empathize with your alleged problems here If i just pretend like that's a real thing for a second (which it isnt), it makes me ponder a few things. Do I have an addiction to my own virginity? or perhaps am I not depressed and anxious but instead addicted to the rush of lonliness and self loathing? you cant be addicted to something that isnt physically addictive, for example: LSD, weed, hitting yourself in the head with a 2x4, and sexual intercourse. you can of course choose do do those things way too much but that doesnt make you addicted to them even if its unhealthy all you have is a lack of self control, which is incredibly common honestly having read those posts I think you should stay away from opiates you sound like a person that who is looking for reasons to avoid responsibility for your own actions. stuff like sex addiction isnt real, its just an excuse to act like you are not in control of yourself or how many people you fuck. I have depression and adhd also but I dont allow either of them, adhd especially, to force me to tailor my own behavior to that disorder i dont mean this as an insult so dont take it the wrong way. you just genuinely sound like the kind of person who would just try opiates a few times, do some stupid things on them, put little to no effort into staying sober, then cry addiction, and take no responsibility for anything you do from then on. all that being said, im gonna go compulsively sniff some heroin to start my day at 7:40 AM :/ >>53039019 dont ask me anon, I have no fuckin clue. I've never had any kind of gf. you might want to ask chaddy mcchad the sex addict who I just replied to here who is most likely fucking 3 different druggie qts right now

61 hours later 53041877 Anonymous (1539578796757.png 1024x682 78kB)
>>53040136 ooo glad you were able to smoke some i wish my dope was like that synthetic rn cos i think its just pure fentalogue id love some stuff that care was taken on dunno if theres hotspots in this batch hope not im taking tiny bumps to try and avoid trouble like you said tho it sucks and only lasts like an hour at best sucks so much, but yea heroin makes me not wanna kms too glad youre doing okay aha, we all binge sometimes i just woke up to amazon taking me down to $-18.90 in my checking so im a lil exasperated, taking some small lines to just go back to sleep and forget a out it all good morning tho aha, hope youre well love ya drug friends

61 hours later 53041901 Anonymous
>>53041877 how do you get junkiebux

61 hours later 53041912 Anonymous
>>53041671 Yes anon, sex addiction IS a real thing and it can ruin your life as heroin can do to most people. Saying it isn't a real thing to someone who almost killed himself for such a thing isn't a really good feeling, trust me. And no, I'm not the type of person who doesn't want to take responsibility, I have a huge problem with sex addiction (which again, it's real, get informed please) since all my life, since I first got into adolescence and I went through everything despite all I tried to change my life. Haven't slept, haven't gone outside, haven't eaten most days, got into fights, had compulsive masturbation, developed paraphilias, felt my brain drained and always needing that feeling and that stimuli in my brain, getting depressed after and promising myself to not do it anymore, and eventually getting on it again again and again. I tried everything from blocking porn to preventing myself to search for sex and nearly nothing has worked. You don't know how bad can this be, in certain case even WORSE than substance addiction. It really hurts to read such ignorance around, just like people saying that depression doesn't exist when there have been studies as well and counting how many people suffer and die from it.

61 hours later 53041927 Anonymous (1471472880522.png 1920x1080 699kB)
>>53041901 i work anon overnight at a retail store help move all the stuff around at night i kinda miss closing ngl but at the same time i havent had a kid or parent scream at me in weeks its a lot less social at night and i enjoy that a lot

61 hours later 53041929 Anonymous
>>53041912 get the fuck out and back to facebook/instagram/reddit or whichever hole you crawled out

61 hours later 53041952 Anonymous
I experienced something interesting yesterday. Basically i smoked like 10 joints without even realizing because my memory kept looping and in my mind i was smoking a single joint when in fact i smoked as fast as i can roll one out. In the end i passed out and woke up 5 hours later still sitting on my chair. Anyone else lost count like this and effectively blacked out?

61 hours later 53041964 Anonymous
>>53041671 I ended up in a psych ward as well for my sexual problems and nearly killed myself. So stop talking about topics you are not familiar with, seriously, it's a tremendous life to live and talking about "doing it to not get responsibility" is just the same as people telling you don't have adhd because you're just excusing being lazy or daydreaming. And no, I never have been addicted to anything else, when I talk about addiction I mean it. Wanting and trying everything to stop (therapy and medication included) and not being able to. Also because along adhd and dopamine search I suffer from compulsive disorder as well and Borderline, both accentuate the sexual impulse and addiction. This is one main thing I'd never whish to anyone, neither the worst person in my life. Also I don't get how can you talk about whether it exists if you don't have any experience or sorts. But please don't ever take lightly or say something like sex addiction does not exist.. I spent days, weeks, if not even months not doing anything except thinking and acting for that purpose. I degenerated in something I've always hated, I did experience that I despised, I couldn't grow in the person I wanted, I couldn't get to the goals I've worked my ass off in the past, I had to bear with people I hated, I spent days in bed without eating obsessed with sex, wasted YEARS of my life for that. Sex addiction is real, and if I did not throw blood and tears to get somehow out of it I would have ended in jail or dead, trust me. It's not about responsibility when you can't control yourself and the only way to feel better and functional is to go back being miserable with your addiction.

61 hours later 53041989 Anonymous
>>53041929 Never used that shit anon Sorry to disappoint you I never had any friends and always found occasional sex alone, without entering any group or activities, just searching around If I could get back from where I started, perhaps even before watching my first porn... I'd change fucking everything. I'd give anything to be able to do it, my life would have been different.

62 hours later 53042053 Anonymous
>>53041671 You don't need to be a Chad to get pussy btw I'm not social, I never get called by anyone, I only have 3/4 acquaintances and I always searched for sex by singular girl You just need to be yourself, seriously I also have refused and ghosted many good looking girls because they were so annoying not even my need to fuck could bear with that If you treat girls like a regular dude you don't have these kinds of problems If you're a virgin it's because you're most likely the problem, and I had to learn it the hard way if I wanted to fuck and avoid get insane from my needs. You don't need to be a Chad with friends, popular and naturally super good looking, only incels think that. My main issue with girls was because of my mental illnesses (I have been more of a mentalcel) and I had to work on it before avoiding spilling my spaghetti every time Being confident with oneself attracts because you psychologically give a sense of security to others

62 hours later 53042064 Anonymous
just dont respond to the larper

62 hours later 53042071 Anonymous (1546226057258.jpg 1900x1376 1542kB)
>>53041912 >>53041964 >>53041989 >>53042053 anon i believe its a real thing yea but this isnt a woe is me thread desu im sorry youve had to go through that but dont spam walls of text about how awful your life is please you asked if occasional oxy use is okay, and got a good response then you go on a tangent about your sex addiction this also really isnt the board to complain about having sex, even if its a problem many of the guys here have never been able to have sex so it comes off as douchey and plebbit of you to discuss it here dont get offended when theyre not too empathetic about that issue this is a cozy thread about durg use and the surrounding community like, neat, you have a problem and it sucks you have it but many many posters here have problems >be yourself okay nevermind anon kys

62 hours later 53042111 Anonymous (1487462343313.gif 390x293 467kB)
>>53041912 look anon, i believe you that you have legit issues, depression of course and probably some more serious ones. its likely that you have sex a lot as a result of a legitimate and serious issue, but sex addiction itself is nothing but pseudoscience. the causes for why you want to fuck so much stem from your legitimate issues, its not a stand alone disorder that has nothing to do with your other emotional issues. sorry you almost killed yourself over it, i can certainly empathize with suicidal thoughts its like when people call obesity "food addiction". obesity is real and serious and can be caused by emotional issues, but calling it food addiction is a big mischaracterization of whats really going on, which isnt helpful to the person suffering nor is it accurately describing a real addiction. (which pisses off people who know what it feels like to be physically addicted to something.) sex addiction is a similar mischaracterization and mislabeling of other legitimate issues. you cant be addicted to your biological imperative anyway, whether thats food or sex. whatever, i guess theres really no reason to argue about this cause its just semantics. I do feel very strongly that it would be best for you to avoid taking more opiates. its not worth the risk, you have a lot of issues already that you have to deal with. taking opiates certainly wont help you with them and obviously they could really make shit worse too. >Also because along adhd and dopamine search I suffer from compulsive disorder as well and Borderline, both accentuate the sexual impulse and addiction. Those are all excellent good reasons that you should be extra careful to avoid physically addictive substances than most people should. Its not worth the short little dopamine rush anon, trust me on this one. *sniffs another 25mg loudly* Also just so we're clear, this: >>53041929 wasn't from me, its someone else. I dont want you to think im trying to be a dick about it

62 hours later 53042114 Anonymous
>>53042071 I got told that sex addiction isn't real so I just explained why it fucking is, what are you blabbering about? Also yeah, from someone always avoided by every human being and especially girls who had to wait YEARS before losing his virginity despite wanting it since he was 12 and already hypersexual, if you want pussy you need to BE YOURSELF If the only thing you can say is "yeah kys" you don't deserve change in your life. Being yourself means not trying to impress anyone, be the best versione of yourself, realized and confident, act as you are, say what you think, be yourself and that's it if you what to get sex as well. That was what I personally learned. But after reading some of your messages it's not wonder why you are virgins in your 20s tho. I'm sorry to tell you this.

62 hours later 53042159 Anonymous (1546503873914.png 633x720 353kB)
>>53042114 nice try anon but im a 20 yr old with a loving bf ive had sex a couple times all but one time was non consensual though >wah ppl avoided me wow anon youre so brave welcome to the club i know i shouldnt respond to the larper but holy fuck you started the whole "sex addiction" talk after the anon said it depends on the person if doing oxy a couple times is okay then you start fucking blabbing about >The only thing all my life I battled against as a real addiction (got in trouble, haven't eaten, slept, self harm, depression, money, waste of time etc) has been only sex. reeee stay out of the comfy threads

62 hours later 53042187 Anonymous
>>53042111 Sex addiction it's not pseudo science, you seriously need to be an autistic virgin trapped in its bubble to believe something of such. Look at what hypersexuality is and Brain on Porn, you'll see what it's all about, even tho I doubt you'll ever want to grow up from your ignorance. I'm done with you guys, I can get being pathetic and deluded, but you're just arrogant about topics you are not even familiar with and that's pretty ridiculous Also about food addiction, there is something called bulimia nervosa, so it is indeed a psychiatric type of addiction (I've known some in person who still are in a ward, not a funny thing) "That's why you should be careful with opiates" I would rather be addicted to that than sex and I'm not even joking after what I've passed. Also, I'm not talking about abuse, since I never abused any substances, I'm taking about taking it from distant periods because my brain clearly cannot totally relax due to constant search for stimuli and dopamine The only time I tried oxy was the only time I slept like a baby and my brain felt reset.. No paranoia, no need to spend all day earning that reward, only bliss Also because of this stimuli missing I suffer from narcolepsy and have been in hypersomnia as well

62 hours later 53042205 Anonymous
>>53042159 Are you really this autistic? I talked about my sex addiction because we were talking about addictions in general, I never had any with substances so I talked about the only serious one that concerns me since all my life What is your problem exactly? Are you traumatized coz you've been raped and now have the need to vent here? Kys

62 hours later 53042224 Anonymous
>>53042159 kek @ the thing he told you, serves you right for replying seriously to a redditor, hopefully you learned for next time

62 hours later 53042237 Anonymous (1509379121236.jpg 1150x1266 137kB)
>>53042224 yea i fell for it couldnt help myself lol just annoying to see the threads shitted up learned my lesson tho some extreme autism this morning

62 hours later 53042244 Anonymous
>>53042224 Kek anon it's so funny when you slightly touch the sex topic and everyone here starts screeching at you without any reason, even when you ARE a robot in your life or if you had issues with sex first-hand As if you need to have relationships to get sex Pathetic autists in this board

62 hours later 53042261 Anonymous
>>53042237 >Talks about autism > Posts reply with anime girls to appear smug Go back being raped faggot

62 hours later 53042271 Anonymous
>>53042237 it's shit up because people like you reply to them, if you hadn't replied it would only have been one unnoticed post

62 hours later 53042272 Anonymous
>>53042159 > Had sex a couple of times and one was rape > I KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT SEX LOL I'm really sad that we don't have death squads anymore for subumans like you

62 hours later 53042285 Anonymous (1536970372116.png 540x510 127kB)

62 hours later 53042296 Anonymous (608.jpg 680x734 37kB)
>>53042071 >>53042159 good responses anon, somehow you're always a voice of reason ironically lol >>53042187 >>53042205 If you are a sex addict then what does the withdrawal feel like? >autistic virgin I gave you an honest, extremely long answer that I put a lot of my own time and effort into writing and now you come at me with insults just cause I dont believe in astrology tier pseudoscience Im done arguing or replying this, its ruining the comfy, its annoying, I cant tell if you are larping and its messing with my heroin feels. >>53042224 ahg youre totally right, i dont know why I ever did. I ALWAYS fall for it, fuckin shoot me. i always make those giant text walls when im on heroin and I've been trying to be less of a dick on here lately so I was trying to be diplomatic. I should have just ignored it altogether though. >>53042271 You are right, its my fault. im sorry to everyone in the thread that i replied to the reddit chad, i will try to be more diligent about that. goddamn i just tried to be less of a dick and it backfired massively

62 hours later 53042303 Anonymous
>>53042296 >replies to him again fucking junkies man pay attention

62 hours later 53042304 Anonymous (large.jpg 500x333 35kB)
Guys everyone who got sex without getting raped is now a redditor larper, got it?

62 hours later 53042327 Anonymous
>>53042303 i know man, youre right, I already had it typed and I fucking hate deleting shit that i wrote, especially when im fucked up and its hard to type anyway. if you see me doing this kind of shit again (massive replies to something you identify as bait or a larper) fuckin let me know. I miss it sometimes when I'm really fucked up

62 hours later 53042348 Anonymous
>>53042327 alright man you got it what got you doing opiates?

62 hours later 53042353 Anonymous
>>53042296 > I put a lot effort and you are just insulting boohoo Into what anon? Repeating out of ignorance that you believe sex addiction is not real after getting silenced about it? Also, insults kek.. Really? I told you what I think about you based on your (autistic) answers and since you don't seem even by far interested in getting yourself educated on the topic before talking about it, that's really everything there is to know Keep thinking to be making fun of someone with your pepe pics and calling me redditor or Chad while you're the only one you're making a fool of since the beginning anon :) Perhaps get a little bit informed when you're done with the high and if you ever recover a quarter of your brain

62 hours later 53042370 Anonymous
>>53042296 Omg you're all so edgy > A junkie and a raped faggot calling out someone about being a redditor chad only coz he has a sex life I'm laughing my ass off guys

62 hours later 53042376 Anonymous (1535405029686.jpg 781x1022 136kB)
>>53042370 >raped faggot >he doesnt know its so easy to find the newfriends longpost

62 hours later 53042396 Anonymous
>>53042376 Oh hey there raped faggot, how's your anus feeling today? Btw please stop posting weeb content along your autistic replies thx

62 hours later 53042403 Anonymous
>>53042376 anon! no more replies to him, pls just ignore it. we all know damn well he's new. dont correct him, its fine.

62 hours later 53042405 Anonymous
>>53042376 check out >>53042303 v

62 hours later 53042410 Anonymous
>>53042376 >publicly talks about getting raped >OMG LARPERS topkek.wav

62 hours later 53042414 Anonymous (1545184759736.jpg 216x212 9kB)

62 hours later 53042418 Anonymous
>>53042403 If by new you mean being here since 2011 then I dunno what you call people from last year kek

62 hours later 53042420 Anonymous (20181005_11.14.53.jpg 184x205 22kB)
>>53042403 gah im sorry im sorry couldnt help it im gonna try and go back to sleep got work tonight take care anons

62 hours later 53042430 Anonymous (1454168336624.png 420x420 273kB)
>come to drugfeel thread >it's opioid junkies falling for reddit-tier bait again

62 hours later 53042433 Anonymous
>>53042414 >4chan >Calls it "anime website" Kys filthy weeb

62 hours later 53042446 Anonymous
>>53042430 How comes people having sex are always seen as reddit baits here? Are you people so much virgins that you see sex as something legendary? Perhaps pseudoscience as well? Hahahahahahahahahahah

62 hours later 53042478 Anonymous (42a.jpg 650x429 61kB)
Imagine living in a western country and being a virgin at 20

62 hours later 53042479 Anonymous
dont link it

62 hours later 53042508 Anonymous
>>53042430 im not one of the opiate junkies but fucking hell i would rather have them over the cesspool of literal 15 year olds who ask a thousand questions of high school tier drugs like dph and dxm

62 hours later 53042514 Anonymous
>>53042508 that's the same reply you always make, junkie

62 hours later 53042553 Anonymous
>>53042514 lmao i barely do any opiates (mostly cuz of no availability) but hell seeing high schoolers legit killing braincells doing the most bottom tier drugs sucks

63 hours later 53042571 Anonymous (hespeaksthetruth.gif 400x251 768kB)
>>53042348 depression and boredom is the short version I had tried vicodin twice and loved it, and tramadol was ok. then at the beginning of last summer i got this new doctor, at the time i fell for the metal health services meme, thinking i should 'get help' and tell them the truth about suicidal thoughts, drugs, etc. she asked me about my depression, (big mistake even telling them i was depressed), then asked if i had suicidal thoughts, i said yes which is like half true, but i certainly was not going to kms then and at the time had never really been serious about it, just very very depressed. they asked me if i owned guns and i said yes (but I own old milsurp only, theyre like historical pieces to me, the youngest is 50yo and the oldest is 154yo. no elliot rodger guns or handguns or anything that ppl buy to shoot actual people), but she didnt ask what so she probably assumed i have an elliot arsenal. she changed my antidepressant, put me on a new shitty experimental ADD med, and i left 11 minutes after meeting her. when I got home, the cops were there. She called the police, told them I was a threat (she didnt specify to myself of other people). the idiot cops here assumed she meant like elliot rodger threat not kurt cobain threat to himself. they called every cop in town and let them know. one of them is my dads step brother and my co worker. he called my dad who was there by the time i arrived home to all this then my mom showed up. the cops pulled a few other crazy shit like having my dad steal my grandfather's gun for them. my dad volunteered me to go in and do a meeting with the cops without my consent and I argued with him about that cause it was wrong of him to volunteer me to go talk to these cops who already incorrectly think im a psycho, he got so upset that he cried in front of me, its the first time i ever saw that. our relationship has been pretty fucked ever since. thats pt1 of the autistic longpost about why i started using heroin.

63 hours later 53042587 Anonymous
>>53042553 dxm does not kill brain cells and is much less harmful for you in moderation than opioids

63 hours later 53042622 Anonymous
>>53042571 well that sucks man but you really fell for the meme hard, telling them all that

63 hours later 53042644 Anonymous
>>53042587 nigger have you done dxm? people (including me) literally cant think for like a day or more afterwards. killing braincells thing might be inaccurate but it certainly isnt damage free also opiates barely have health problems minus addiction and like constipation. look it up

63 hours later 53042666 Anonymous (20190623_161954_Richtone(HDR).jpg 3264x1836 1642kB)
got my hands on some fentanyl guys

63 hours later 53042684 Anonymous
>>53042666 a enjoy your death

63 hours later 53042703 Anonymous
>>53037133 >a) have shitty dope, b) didnt dose it well, or c) havent tried heroin and havent even used a high dose of oxy yet. >I'm betting C. wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong

63 hours later 53042737 Anonymous
>>53042376 gee, how dare someone not keep up with avatarfags well enough to know that you're a girl

63 hours later 53042819 Anonymous
>>53042644 opioids also completely tank your hormone levels

63 hours later 53042854 Anonymous
>>53042703 no use trying to reason with him. he's a heroin addict, he unironically thinks heroin is the greatest thing on the planet by far and nobody is allowed to disagree

63 hours later 53042858 Anonymous
>>53036991 don't give me that shit the dude literally said that potassium+pomegranates makes methadone

63 hours later 53043049 Anonymous
>>53042622 >>53042571 >>53042348 p2 I did fall for it hard. it was stupid but oh well. I have(had?) a friend who tried to khs a few years ago and went in the psych ward and did the whole mental health meme and to some extent it worked for him. hes a bit older than me and at the time i looked to his advice for guidance for mental health shit. he was one of the people suggesting that I tell the whole truth. so anyway to continue, I was petrified that word would get out about me to other people in town. I live in a very small town where everyone knows me and my family. id say 50% of the people in this town know my dads name for example. People in small towns loooove rumors, so if one of the cops told his wife, and she told someone else, and so on, it would be like a game of telephone with the story getting more and more distorted as it spreads around town. I was afraid the story could turn into how "did you hear about X? his son, Anon is crazy and they thought he was a threat or something so the cops came to take all his whole arsenal of guns away! I wonder what he was planning." I am still terrified that more people than just my family and the cops know. meanwhile my grandfather got really pissed off at me cause he thought i was keeping his guns indefinitely, pretty much stealing them. He of course didnt know that the police chief asked my dad to sneak into the house, take my grandfathers guns and bring them to the police locker. just so I would have less access to guns lol.

63 hours later 53043170 Anonymous
>>53042348 >>53042571 >>53042622 >>53043049 p3 my best friend had been planning on visiting here for the first time ever the week after I got Nogunzd, and one of the main reasons was that he wanted to shoot funs for the first time in his life. he shares an interest in guns with historical value from ww1 and ww2 etc. I couldnt think of a lie to tell him that would explain why I was last minute cancelling, so instead I had no choice but to tell him the truth and cancel the visit. He knows me well enough that I had already told him i have occasional suicidal thoughts, but now that he knew that a mental health pro thought i was crazy, that changed his opinion of me a lot I think. nobody wants to keep being friends with someone if you think they are going to kill themselves no matter what, its depressing and from his perspective: what if I did it? so hes been extra distant since. During that summer I just focused really hard on doing all the bullshit that I needed to do to get my guns returned. That doctor made that goddamn decision withn 11 minutes of meeting me (and diagnosed me with SAD, gave me a new antidepressant, and a new adderall variant ALL IN THOSE SAME 11 MINUTES) and she fucked my life over so bad from doing that. I had to keep going to therapy even though it was useless because i needed the therapist to know me better so that he could vouch for me to help get my guns back. my actual therapist knows im not a lunatic though and he helped move along the process to get my guns returned though. So about a month into all this bullshit (there was a few other shitty things going on to) i decided, fuck it, I just want to feel ok for a little while. I had thought about it before, but this was it, I scored a bunch of H and fell in love with it. It relieved so much of the stress i was going through at that shitty time in my life and actually made me feel happy for the first time in years p3/4

64 hours later 53043321 Anonymous
>>53042854 >he's a heroin addict no, im not addicted to heroin rn >he unironically thinks heroin is the greatest thing on the planet by far I wasnt saying its the greatest thing on the planet, i just think that there its waaay better than just feeling sleepy which is how you described it You seriously think that all opiate addicts are just trying to chace "being on the verge of falling asleep"??? disagree all you want, just dont make gross understatements about drugs you have little experience with >>53042348 >>53042571 >>53042622 >>53043049 >>53043170 p4/4 The NP who called the cops on me ended up getting fired (i assume for unrelated reasons) and I got her to sign some papers saying that the cops should return my guns before she left. it took almost 3 months to get them returned, but it felt good to get some of the damage reversed. unfortunately it didnt fix the fact that parents, friends, and others will never really look at me the same way again. meanwhile Im always worried that word will spread, or has spread without my awareness. this still bothers me all the time. whenever I meet someone around town cause of my job I always wonder if they have a brother who is a cop or something and maybe he mentioned it or something. its unlikely that those insidious thoughts are true but i cant turn them off. Fuck small towns and fuck the mental health meme industry. if this was too long to read, moral of the story is: dont tell your therapist the truth im not a junkie though. That next semester I had my highest gpa ever in 4 years of college and I have never shot up. i still have my job. Using heroin hasnt really fucked up my life that bad. certainly its done less damage than that one phone call that nurse practioner made in her halfhearted attempt to 'help' me.

64 hours later 53043382 Anonymous
>>53043321 >disagree all you want, just dont make gross understatements about drugs you have little experience with you're just proving my point mate. you assume that the only way someone can possibly not be in love with heroin is if they haven't done it when I can assure you that's not true.

64 hours later 53043436 Anonymous (1551908323105.jpg 600x800 73kB)
>>53043321 >had to do a whole bunch of cleaning before i can sleep ree im sorry to hear about all that anon ive had similar luck with the mental health industry i never recommend it to anybody im sorry you had to deal with all that people are so fucking shitty i hope you manage to get past it all and find something that makes you happy if even for a little nini for real now hope you have a good day longpost anon

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