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2019-06-21 12:17 53003022 Anonymous (44vf9jf1xjky.png 604x516 90kB)
>decide to go out in the forest for a run >really pushed myself and came home sweaty and tired >felt happy for the first time in weeks You should all try this. I think maybe that's how we are supposed to live, moving and being in nature you know

1 min later 53003045 Anonymous
>go for a walk in the forest >come back with million ticks in your hair gg

32 min later 53003515 Anonymous (shigeru-miyamoto-profile-1200x630-c-ar1.91.jpg 650x604 40kB)
Come with me, my child

41 min later 53003644 Anonymous
Running feels great I do it with my dog all the time. I try to do it in the dead of night for max comfiness but faggots are always out driving at 3 in the morning. >Tfw no athletic GF to exercise with I'd even take a chubby GF who wants to lose weight

1 hours later 53003948 Anonymous (1555340358258.jpg 1149x891 142kB)
>>53003644 would u take a 5'8, 85kg one though anon

1 hours later 53003981 Anonymous
>>53003022 >Walk for 10 minutes >Heart rate of a hummingbird >Feel like I'm going to die >Start to panic >Push through it >Only feel relief because it's over and heart rate is going down Not fat and heart itself works fine but something else is wrong and it feels like I will die. If I ran I think I'd have a panic attack.

1 hours later 53004006 Anonymous
>>53003045 This is why you go for walks on the beach instead.

1 hours later 53004050 Anonymous
>>53003022 You know, a few years ago, I did try that. Several times. Three times a week for several months, as a matter of fact. I never once felt happy or satisfied or anything else I'd describe as positive. I hated every single fucking second of it. Eventually I decided I hated exercise more than I desired to be in shape, and I quit.

1 hours later 53004059 Anonymous
that's a cute pet rat the frog has

1 hours later 53004067 Anonymous
>>53003981 how the fuck do you have a panic attack from walking

1 hours later 53004075 Anonymous
>>53004050 good times, good times. hell yeah \,,/

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