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2019-06-21 12:13 53002968 Anonymous (1560721790617.png 685x626 199kB)
what's the story (if any) with that robot who offed himself live with the shotgun I watched the video on a gore site before I started coming to r9k

38 min later 53003554 Anonymous
>>53002968 Literally a secret discord of crossdressers with feminization fetishes blackmailed him

41 min later 53003604 Anonymous (155478900848.jpg 900x708 66kB)
>>53003554 you've made your claim, now where's the evidence to back it up?

43 min later 53003619 Anonymous
>>53002968 I heard he was raped/molested as a child and the mom didn't care. I didn't follow the story closely though its just what I heard in a passing moment.

44 min later 53003634 Anonymous
>>53003554 That's just a meme. The Reiko bullshit had literally nothing to do with the guy killing himself. He probably did it because of other personal issues.

1 hours later 53004456 Anonymous
>>53002968 The people watching the live stream at the time, they were in a group video chat type of thing. My guess is they put him in a lose-lose situation and since he didn't know where to find and kill them he chose to kill himself and hoped the authorities would find them and arrest them for having pushed him into committing suicide. You heard how fake the girls crying and pleading was? It was to make it seem as though they weren't responsible for what happened. People don't just kill themselves over nothing especially not while on video chat. He told them he'd do it and they egged him on, then pretended to be against it to distance themselves from the situation. We never found out if the police interrogated the people in the chat who knew why he was doing it, which leads me to believe they went out of their way to cover their tracks and hide. That makes them guilty as far as I'm concerned, we live in a guilty until proven double guilty, society.

1 hours later 53004534 Anonymous
>>53002968 He was mixed race and /pol/ convinced him to hate himself

1 hours later 53004535 Anonymous
>>53003554 >>53003554 >>53003554 this >>53003604 this is one of the faggot trannys

1 hours later 53004539 Anonymous
>>53004534 Wrong. He was paki

2 hours later 53004600 Anonymous
>>53003554 >>53004535 what did they blackmail him with? crossdressing pics? >>53004456 interesting, only I remember the guys in the chat didn't seem fazed at all. I couldn't really tell if her crying was genuine or not

2 hours later 53004609 Anonymous
>>53004600 I only*

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