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2019-06-21 12:09 53002920 Anonymous (1519725831533.jpg 1024x1024 130kB)
What's worse? Being rejected or going through a break up? Sadly I only know number one but I want to know what it feels like at the other end of the spectrum

9 min later 53003040 Anonymous
>>53002920 Being Rejected Breaking up with someone is worse because you actually formed something with them. When it's rejection, it's avoiding anything being, you know, formed between you two.

11 min later 53003062 Anonymous
>>53002920 Breakup. At least with rejection you don't have many intimate memories with them. A breakup hurts cause you will see them banging some dood months later.

14 min later 53003101 Anonymous
>>53003040 >>53003062 Both very good answers. I personally think breaking up is worse, but I've never been in a relationship so I cant asses correctly

15 min later 53003125 Anonymous
>>53002920 depends, I've broken up with someone and it was nothing but a huge relief and been rejected in a very embarrassing way, so that rejection was worse than that breakup. but breaking up is usually worse

25 min later 53003259 Anonymous
>>53002920 Breaking up is worse regardless of which party is initiating the break up. Being rejected hurts, for sure, but a relationship could have been going strong for years, and suddenly your life is completely different from what you knew. Breaking up with someone sucks too, cause theres a reason you're breaking up with them, usually you're not getting what you need. I've done it a couple times because I've been neglected in the relationship, or straight up cheated on

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