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2019-06-21 12:05 53002872 Anonymous (1561041474135.jpg 894x550 322kB)
Why don't you just lower your standards? You could have a gf and sex

0 min later 53002881 Anonymous
i dont know how you can even get hard for that

1 min later 53002889 Anonymous
>>53002872 I'm pretty shallow, I wouldn't be able to love someone I'm not physically attracted to.

3 min later 53002917 Anonymous
I'm a friendless autist, I don't know how to meet women.

4 min later 53002924 Anonymous
find me a girl (of any weight) who's okay with fucking me despite my being not just a wizard but a neet. I'll wait

4 min later 53002927 Anonymous
I want a human gf

7 min later 53002957 Anonymous
I have tried, strange enough the only girls who are attracted to me are the ones I am attracted to. go figure.

8 min later 53002984 Anonymous
>>53002889 Why do you expect to be loved then? Especially if you're ugly Ugly people date ugly people unless one of them is rich >>53002917 >>53002924 There is plenty of (very) ugly girls who didn't have sex since years and would fuck anything since they know how ugly they are how do you think bottom ugly guys still manage to have sex? >>53002957 Why are you here then, fuck off

9 min later 53003003 Anonymous
>>53002984 >how do you think bottom ugly guys still manage to have sex? they don't.

24 min later 53003199 Anonymous
>>53002984 >There is plenty of (very) ugly girls who didn't have sex since years and would fuck anything since they know how ugly they are I just need one who will marry me and never cheat on me, thanks in advance.

1 hours later 53003951 Anonymous (P1040753.jpg 1600x1200 1374kB)
>>53002872 I look like that dude a lot of men already have no standards and are more than willing to fuck an ugly creature woman or man or trap or animal or anything else

1 hours later 53004004 Anonymous
>>53003951 Why the fuck would you post yourself? What's wrong with you?

1 hours later 53004103 Anonymous
>>53002872 lol she looks like my dad I'd rather stay virgin than fuck my dad

1 hours later 53004119 Anonymous
>>53002984 >Ugly people date ugly people unless one of them is rich Ugly women really dont have to datebook ugly men anymore. Now they can just hookup with Chad on tinder who is looking for an easy bang. The only time ugly women date their looksmatch is when she is settling for the guy and cucking him.

1 hours later 53004151 Anonymous
>>53004004 mental disability? please rape my asshole until my eyes bleed~

1 hours later 53004167 Anonymous
Back in November right after I quit my job I made a meet me account and started hitting up ugly girls for sex. Some girl 45 minutes away said she was good at blowjob and shit. So I drove 45 minutes to her place, some attic apartment that smelled like weed. She was fat and had blue hair. We watched the first 45 minutes of Avatar. I kept saying I'd grab the remote, shut it off, say it was boring, then grab her leg. I'd bought condoms along the way. Ended up not doing it. She shut off the movie and said it was boring. Asked if I wanted something to eat. I know she wanted to fuck but suddenly I didn't. Ended up leaving saying I had to work in the morning. Drove home for 45 minutes. Tried jerking off with the condoms a couple months later when I remembered they would expire so I should use them. They were too small somehow my dumbass bought tiny condoms and I literally had to cut them off my cock in the most nerve wracking experience ever (thank God for blunt tip scissors). Ended up throwing the last 2 away. My dicks only 5 inches so I understand how they were too small, maybe cause I have a fat chode cock. Anyway I'm going to be 25 in a couple months. Still a kissless virgin.

1 hours later 53004188 Anonymous
>>53002872 >implying I haven't tried that

1 hours later 53004208 Anonymous
>>53004167 Based, shitty sex with someone ur not rly attracted to isn't worth the regret you'll feel later

1 hours later 53004221 Anonymous
>>53002872 Who cares about ugly? Just give me a girl who finds me attractive just as I find her.

1 hours later 53004229 Anonymous
>>53004151 No. Stop doing that and fix your life, you will easily find someone who will love you and marry you and all that, as long as you get your shit together while you still can.

1 hours later 53004238 Anonymous
>>53004167 This is some pathetic shit but I'll top that. When I was a virgin at 23 I responded to a Craigslist ad about a tranny that wanted to give a blowjob so i drove like 30 minutes to meet him outside his shitty apartment in my mom's minivan and ended up getting horrible head, then he wanted to get fucked and I had condoms so I actually did it. I pulled the condom off after like 5 minutes and it smelled like shit so I drove him back to his place then drove home and literally went into the shower and cried. A year later I ended up having multiple flings with cute young cis girls and they always said how cute and handsome I was. If only I wasn't so pathetic when I was younger and actually had confidence it wouldn't have happened

1 hours later 53004239 Anonymous
>>53004208 Yeah. Some fag made fun of me for it when I got home and I told him to fuck off I'm not settling for that. He's a nice guy though and I see his point. But I disagree and I'd rather wait.

1 hours later 53004247 Anonymous
Fitness and the outdoors are a big part of my life, being with someone unable or unwilling to do the things I enjoy with me wouldn't work. Also I'm not that ugly, just autistic.

1 hours later 53004250 Anonymous
I'm about to go gay or hire a prostitute, I'm losing my mind.

1 hours later 53004259 Anonymous
>>53004229 No fuck you! You aren't my dad no matter how much I wish you were, so your words are just going into an empty void, please fill it with your cum

1 hours later 53004279 Anonymous
>>53004238 Damn. When you said my story was pathetic I almost said "oh you thinks that's bad that's not even my worst" and told you about the date my friend set me up on with a chubby blond girl I actually wanted to fuck and we went to a drive in theater and she had s blanket rolled out in her jeep but I wore cargo shorts and put on too much deodorant so she though I smelled weird and i didn't get any. But then I read your story. Holy fuck man. I'm glad you got better. But holy fuck. That tops anything I ever did.

1 hours later 53004286 Anonymous
>>53004259 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diale ctical_behavior_therapy Just do it.

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