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2019-05-29 09:16 52654928 Anonymous (Screenshot_20190529-211402_YouTube.jpg 560x572 128kB)
Nobody talking bout the happening? https://youtu.be/5qO6FEYItqw

4 min later 52654994 Anonymous (sakura-has-amnesia.jpg 1366x768 73kB)
>>52654928 1 dead only

6 min later 52655013 Anonymous (armyoftwocolumbine.png 1000x1330 1851kB)
reminder that r9k is a pro school shooting board and anyone who says otherwise is a normalfag

7 min later 52655021 Anonymous
>>52654994 >conservative wants to kill people Above 5. >liberal/trans wants to kill people Below 3.

7 min later 52655027 Anonymous (shake.png 429x287 134kB)
>>52654928 this is why you beat your children senseless you want to kick their ass so hard they're too scared to be a cancer tumor on society

8 min later 52655034 Anonymous (Cm0P21TUMAQezLS.jpg 243x483 30kB)
>>52655013 Agreed, orginally

9 min later 52655062 Anonymous (230.jpg 490x586 16kB)
>>52654928 >shooter man bad >the normies did nothing wrong

9 min later 52655066 Anonymous
>>52654994 >2 shooters >only 1 kill >in a k-12 school >too pussy to kill himself and gets arrested Jesus christ imagine being this pathetic.

13 min later 52655136 Anonymous
what was this slimy little soulless mutt's motives for the shooting?

14 min later 52655159 Anonymous
>>52655136 not enough attention for its tranny transition

15 min later 52655169 Anonymous
>>52655159 what really? was that really the motive lmao

15 min later 52655175 Anonymous
>>52655159 Hear this: >he choose to be identified as a male in a shooting Welp the tranny isn't smart either.

18 min later 52655202 Anonymous (images.jpeg-12.jpg 300x245 17kB)
>>52655027 Beating children senseless is exactly what causes this type of crazy, murderous behavior. You're retarded. Id ask you to never reproduce, but I suppose the reason you're here is exactly that. Natural selection is a wonderful thing.

20 min later 52655242 Anonymous
>>52655202 >calling him a retard when you don't even realize the joke behind the shake avatarfagging

22 min later 52655274 Anonymous
>>52655202 well i was spanked a few times as a kid anon i grew up in a strict household and i turned out okay

23 min later 52655292 Anonymous
>>52655013 Yeah that's fine and all, but I can't help feeling this way >>52655066 . I would be surprised if another happening was able to top NZ for me.

24 min later 52655309 Anonymous
>>52654928 as a black man familiar with the jail system due to racism im pretty sure that red vest means suicide watch or in the mental ward

25 min later 52655321 Anonymous
>>52655292 You thought the NZ one was better than the Las Vegas one a couple years ago. Meh, we all have our different cup of tea.

25 min later 52655323 Anonymous
>>52655309 >due to racism lemme guess you did some sketchy shit and think racism was behind it?

28 min later 52655366 Anonymous
>>52655309 red means dangerous inmate retard cute attempt at race baiting though

28 min later 52655367 Anonymous
>>52654928 >Born female. Yikes.

31 min later 52655417 Anonymous
>>52655321 Vegas was crazy, but the footage that we got from NZ was superior. I never saw much of anything from Vegas beyond the aftermath or people running around and yelling with gunfire in the distance.

33 min later 52655433 Anonymous
>>52655274 >spanked a few times as a kid anon >beating children senseless pick one you illiterate baboon

34 min later 52655449 Anonymous (1481132500625.jpg 229x221 11kB)
>>52654928 wow his pussy is going to get rekt in jail

34 min later 52655462 Anonymous
>>52655433 >taking beating as something literal isn't tanning some kid's ass a beating? anyway

38 min later 52655517 Anonymous
>>52655449 >Prision pussy Wtf i love trans men now!

38 min later 52655522 Anonymous
>>52655417 Yes, the NZ stream is legendary and will most likely be never beaten. His premise however, was pretty basic. Walk in, unload, walkout. He did really, really well. (51 killed, 49 wounded with 3 firearms.) The thing that separated the vegas shooter was how he carried it out. I think he was up on a hotel, firing down at a concert. He had an insane body count. I believe it was the best individual mass shooting of all time. (58 killed, 442 gunfire related injuries)

40 min later 52655539 Anonymous
>>52655462 >senseless It's pretty clear even if hyperbolic it refers to more than spanking. I was spanked too anyways but I don't think it's the reason I'm a fuck up

40 min later 52655551 Anonymous (file.png 250x428 123kB)
>>52655274 >I grew up in poverty >had poor healthcare >and was in constant fear of lords/royalty >and i turned out okay! Faggots like you contribute to the very real cycle of parental violence

43 min later 52655603 Anonymous
>>52655551 >some autistic neet on r9k telling anyone they'd be a bad parent

45 min later 52655631 Anonymous
>>52655522 Yo basketball joke. Triple double!

47 min later 52655655 Anonymous
>>52655551 >Actually punishing your kid and spanking them making them know they can't get away with degeneracy is parental violence

47 min later 52655658 Anonymous (file.png 923x1231 667kB)
>>52655603 your right no one on here will be a parent my apologies

51 min later 52655715 Anonymous
>>52655449 Kid is going to get passed around like a joint

51 min later 52655724 Anonymous (file.png 1280x720 1550kB)
>>52655655 >The only way to punish children is to go grug mode and beat them There are faggots that unrionically treat animals better than their own children How people treat their children often reflects how they were treated. If your too retarded to see the faults in this form of parenting i cant help you. I can only pray for your children (>implying) to break the cycle

56 min later 52655801 Anonymous
>>52655715 it's not going to women's prison?

58 min later 52655833 Anonymous
>>52655801 Thats a man you bigot! >>52655715 im unironically hard as a rock thinking about that

59 min later 52655852 Anonymous
>>52655833 it's a murderer lol. so where is it going?

59 min later 52655853 Anonymous
>>52655715 Imagine the scene: >Shooter walks into cell >cellmates stare >Bubba licks his lips >The donkeys get wild >rape >place will look like a cum swamp >It's a ogre now

1 hours later 52655872 Anonymous
>>52655603 no one on this website has any business having children

1 hours later 52655989 Anonymous (disgusting.jpg 936x536 73kB)
>>52655833 That's pretty degenerate desu orignialio

1 hours later 52656057 Anonymous
>>52655989 >he does not get hard on the thought of it >letting out involuntary womanly screams >after being treated to a fourth round of cock >as its eyes roll to the back of its head >and her hips begin moving by itself what are you gay anon

1 hours later 52656105 Anonymous (1556430131943.jpg 700x944 82kB)
prison rape isn't a real thing

1 hours later 52656126 Anonymous
>>52656105 But it SHOULD be! origami

1 hours later 52656703 Anonymous (lelelele.jpg 259x194 5kB)
>>52654928 bruh, imagine living in America when school shootings has literally become a national past time. You guys have fucked yourselves so bad. Anyone looking to cause trouble would instantly think to shoot up a school now that it's happened so much And you guys keep giving out guns! *INHALES* >muh rights >muh amendments

2 hours later 52656741 Anonymous
>>52655013 Why isn't this pic "Army of Two: Columbine"?

2 hours later 52656975 Anonymous
>>52655366 its literally different for every jail dummy....in some jails and prisons the red smock means they are having trouble with gangs that might have something to do with dangerous tho

2 hours later 52656988 Anonymous
>>52656975 >that might have something to do with dangerous tho you don't say?

2 hours later 52657263 Anonymous
>>52655323 No idiot they literally put me on probation because I'm black but I live in a small town so they're not very understanding

2 hours later 52657309 Anonymous
>>52657263 >they put me on probation because I'm black I'm far from a whitey and live in the deep south i have no idea what you're going on about lmao sounds like racebait to me but okay

2 hours later 52657458 Anonymous
>>52655175 >chooses to identify as a male >gets sent to male jail, which is significantly worse then female jail >she probably still has an intact vagina >gets raped everyday because she is a woman and not a man

2 hours later 52657510 Anonymous
>>52655013 Nice try glownigger, /r9k/ is a board of peace

3 hours later 52657675 Anonymous
they wont rape him , just split the wig and peeel that muppet hair back across his scalp

3 hours later 52657730 Anonymous
he was probably bullied hard for being a fag/tranny. either way, I feel bad for the kid.

3 hours later 52657741 Anonymous
well 1 less trany to live, hope you are happy /r9gay

3 hours later 52657935 Anonymous
>>52657741 oh we definitely are trannies are not welcome even amongst other fags

3 hours later 52657950 Anonymous
>>52657730 >he anon .... i hate to break it to you

3 hours later 52658365 Anonymous
Literally copied lil peep's truck from his benz truck era. Can't get more emo than that. Good music choice tho. Shame he couldn't just od on pills.

3 hours later 52658406 Anonymous
>>52658365 >truck from truck durrrr meant hair jfc

4 hours later 52658870 Anonymous
>>52655522 >>52655417 quite braindead of you two mongs to debate over who's the "better" shooter with no scale whatsoever just to be edgy

4 hours later 52658956 Anonymous
Hes fucking hot, tfw no shooter bf also lol how he fat ugly kid tried to stop him, chad wins again

4 hours later 52658986 Anonymous
>>52655013 yes, this newfags need to go

4 hours later 52659004 Anonymous
No surprise the shooting gets memory holed because the shooter is a tranny.

4 hours later 52659059 Anonymous
>>52655013 Shame it has to be this way but desperate times call for desperate measures. I just wish these shooters would pick their targets more carefully...

4 hours later 52659078 Anonymous
>>52655136 Well he spray painted Fuck Society on his car so i assume it was the usual based shit.

4 hours later 52659091 Anonymous (1427012916953.gif 208x198 132kB)
>>52654928 >some colored haired pretty kid shoot a nerd fatty to death >/r9k/ discussing this Fuck the fuck off asshole.

4 hours later 52659110 Anonymous
HOLD THE PHONE NO FEMALE HAS EVER DONE A SCHOOL SHOOTING BEFORE Ok now that I got that out of my system, this is actually a historical event that proves males are sabotaged by their hormones.

4 hours later 52659115 Anonymous (1555557444477.jpg 1280x720 97kB)
>>52659091 it's a tranny this time so we have to care

4 hours later 52659133 Anonymous
>>52659110 youre right. balding, body hair, aggressiveness, anger, bitterness, psychopathy, mental illness its all disgusting and all men. men were a mistake

4 hours later 52659136 Anonymous
>>52659115 >/r9k/ has to care about a random tranny Delete the /r9k/ then rather than pretend this is funny. I also posted >>52659110 once I realized and remembered that they said no female ever did a school shooting.

4 hours later 52659146 Anonymous
>>52654928 >>A YouTube channel featuring cover songs. Link anyone? originalolapalooza

4 hours later 52659155 Anonymous
>>52655013 Miss when shooters would make videos that could be remixed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59u Xwk_GIfc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pe8 EsgSyfdw

4 hours later 52659166 Anonymous

4 hours later 52659223 Anonymous
>>52655309 >as a black man familiar with the jail system translation:as a white man fresh off of Wikipedia

5 hours later 52659320 Anonymous (80e1cf5e29f83766e504796de69a508f.jpg 970x1470 177kB)
>>52659110 retard do some googling at least

5 hours later 52659395 Anonymous
>>52659320 >retard >go use jewgle Maybe I'm not the one that is retarded? If it's not the first time then this is bar far an irrelevant shitpost that should be deleted from the board. Also, only retards pay the news attention, and only retards would research news when we have Internet bubbles hiding anything spicy. >>52659166 They say they have not last time I checked.

5 hours later 52659400 Anonymous (nasim-aghdam.jpg 640x380 29kB)
>>52659110 didn't catch that, what were you saying?

5 hours later 52659476 Anonymous (1554439239055.png 1101x1002 139kB)
>>52659395 well you must have checked in 1978 last time because Brenda Ann Spencer shot the principle in 1979. and you can use whatever irrelevant search engine you'd like to look that up. she's perhaps the most famous female school shooter mostly due to being one of the first shooters ever

5 hours later 52659967 Anonymous
>>52654928 I wonder how bullshit that story about that kid running at the shooter. I read several articles suggesting someone did the same in NZ but it was just some guy trying to haul ass past him down the hall.

5 hours later 52659972 Anonymous
>>52659967 It's pretty legit actually. He talked a lot about it before he actually did it. the interview says it all.

6 hours later 52660002 Anonymous
>>52657741 I always thought FTMs were weirdly chill. This is the first time I've ever heard of one going apeshit. I mean it's not like the odds of someone being born a woman and a psychopath are incredibly low, but add extra testosterone into the mix and I guess this is what you get.

6 hours later 52660003 Anonymous
>>52659476 >that image >>help meee heeelp meeeeeee >*pop* Pukiepie ruins that whole event but... Anyway, the Internet in the past has tried to convince me literally no female had ever had a school shooting. For some reason it's a footnote in my brain even though it was not true. I blame kikes (and feminism).

6 hours later 52660011 Anonymous (1535950386924.jpg 805x720 41kB)
>>52659110 That is what all the signs are pointing to, yeah ...

6 hours later 52660035 Anonymous
>>52659476 >Brenda Ann Spencer shot the principle wow look its fucking nothing compared to wanton slaughter of classmates

6 hours later 52660080 Anonymous
>>52655013 Fucking glow in the darks are at it again

6 hours later 52660111 Anonymous
>>52659110 I saw some news about a girl trying to be the first female school shooter (lol feminism)

6 hours later 52660198 Anonymous
>>52660002 >ftms weirdly chill kek you've never been in an lgbt oriented friend circle have you

6 hours later 52660623 Anonymous
>>52660198 I don't have a lot of experience, no, seeing as I am not a snowflake, I have only seen them posting in their generals on /lgbt/ and they seemed like the chillest people on the board.

7 hours later 52661093 Anonymous (unknown.png 273x474 109kB)
>>52660035 >wow look its fucking nothing compared to wanton slaughter of classmates The Grover Cleveland Elementary School shooting took place on January 29, 1979, at a public elementary school in San Diego, California, United States. The principal and a custodian were killed; eight children and a police officer were injured. A 16-year-old girl, Brenda Spencer, who lived in a house across the street from the school, was convicted of the shootings. A reporter reached Spencer by phone while she was still in the house after the shooting, and asked her why she did it. She answered: "I don't like Mondays. This livens up the day."

7 hours later 52661125 Anonymous
>>52659400 Google HQ is not a school

7 hours later 52661359 Anonymous
>>52661125 didn't actually read the post fully point still stands tho

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