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2019-05-25 09:18 52592067 Anonymous Daytime Ciara Stream (S0190525.jpg 1920x1200 466kB)

2 min later 52592092 Anonymous
Any new noods? Where can I find the old ones

2 min later 52592104 Anonymous
>>52592067 god damn, she looks miserable

5 min later 52592141 Anonymous
>>52592067 Poor girl, hope she finds a better hobby

6 min later 52592147 Anonymous
>>52592067 her brain is fucking fried man. sad

7 min later 52592152 Anonymous (1527453260408.jpg 651x655 59kB)
i hope she ends up alright

8 min later 52592177 Anonymous
whats wrong with her?? origano

10 min later 52592196 Anonymous
>>52592147 I agree jesus, i have never really -followed- her but this just isn't right

10 min later 52592197 Anonymous
>>52592067 If you honestly give a shit about this attention whore fucking kill yourself

23 min later 52592370 Anonymous
>>52592177 she's a heroin addict and went through two abortions

24 min later 52592384 Anonymous
Dialated eyes at 2pm with the window open and bright sun. Yeah she's on something.

36 min later 52592556 Anonymous
You're a dead meme, kiwi whorean, fucking go away.

58 min later 52592883 Anonymous
jesus she looks ugly rip

1 hours later 52593261 Anonymous
>>52592067 Was she really on benzos in that stream where she was rambling incoherently and then fell asleep? Shit sucks, benzo addiction and withdrawal is hell

1 hours later 52593267 Anonymous
>>52592067 Fuck off with this bullshittery.

1 hours later 52593488 Anonymous
>>52593267 just enjoy the ride, obsessing over weirdos is part of the culture here yknow

1 hours later 52593510 Anonymous
Damn I hope she gets ok. Shit is fucked

1 hours later 52593540 Anonymous
>>52592067 she's old original origami

1 hours later 52593573 Anonymous
>>52592370 >heroin addict >TWO abortions into the trash it goes

1 hours later 52593605 Anonymous
>>52593573 one of those is a meme hint: it was banned recently

1 hours later 52593651 Anonymous
>>52593488 >others do it too You're part of the problem here yknow Kill yourself you weak weird loser.

1 hours later 52593659 Anonymous
>>52593605 She didn't do an abortion right?

1 hours later 52593698 Anonymous
>>52593651 just hide the thread and filter shit about her we're all gonna die today anyways

1 hours later 52593709 Anonymous (1473010706878.png 421x248 84kB)
>>52593659 yes! I knew you're a smart one

1 hours later 52593740 Anonymous
>>52592370 A heroin addict girlfriend sounds perfect for me. For like 3 hours she wouldn't try to talk to me, she'd fuck me whenever she needed smack money and she'd associate me with bliss. All of that sounds great. Plus, she'd just overdose and die one day anyway, so you wouldn't need to fear commitment

2 hours later 52593875 Anonymous (1472315762182.jpg 482x549 58kB)
>>52593740 sounds pretty comfy ngl >tfw no heroin addict gf to overdose with

2 hours later 52593892 Anonymous
>>52593875 if you're also on heroin it defeats the purpose. You'll just wind up homeless because neither your dumbass nor your bum gf is able to exist in society to support the other one.

2 hours later 52593932 Anonymous
>>52593892 naah, we'l just overdose when It gets unbearable/the money will end that's whats cooking for me anyways (suicide, not addiction), let a fren dream ok

2 hours later 52593933 Anonymous
>>52592067 damn that girl is ugly af and kinda digusting too

2 hours later 52593981 Anonymous
>>52593932 overdosing on heroin is the dumbest thing you could do if you want to die. If you want to kill yourself, go do something good for someone first so they remember you. I'm not saying you should kill yourself, but exiting earth with a needle is the most shameful thing you could do anon. Think higher of yourself.

2 hours later 52594061 Anonymous
>>52593933 around two years ago was peak Ciara looks and meme wise, now I just check on her from time o time out of curiosity and man she got old fast that's your body on heroin and two abortions a day

2 hours later 52594133 Anonymous (1.jpg 2560x1440 857kB)
look at this druggie retard

2 hours later 52594159 Anonymous
>>52594061 id still accept her as a gf

2 hours later 52594177 Anonymous
>>52593981 Dude youll be dead who gives a fuck

2 hours later 52594204 Anonymous
>>52594133 my eye does that too when I look up so I feel bad laughing at that

2 hours later 52594208 Anonymous
>>52594177 no you'll be dead, not me

2 hours later 52594301 Anonymous
>>52593709 Man I'm dying for a head pat.

2 hours later 52594319 Anonymous (1472320772229.png 1764x1746 151kB)
>>52594301 we all do, fren

2 hours later 52594331 Anonymous (1531174295426.png 600x600 833kB)
>>52592067 bruh she doesnt look well for comparison

2 hours later 52594395 Anonymous
>>52592384 >Dialated eyes at 2pm with the window open and bright sun. Yeah she's on something. Opiates make pupils smaller, like pinpoints. So re heroin addiction, if that's what you're insinuating based on dilated pupils, you're wrong

2 hours later 52594658 Anonymous
You scum. Do you realize how thankful we should be everyday to be part of this beautiful angel' wonderful life! She is so special it hurts.

3 hours later 52595274 Anonymous

4 hours later 52595732 Anonymous
>>52594658 She's unique alright. Shame that most people hate different though... As a robot I know that more than anyone.

4 hours later 52595754 Anonymous
>>52592067 What's happened? Did she break up with that guy who was old enough to be her grandfather?

5 hours later 52596273 Anonymous
topkek she's a heroin addict now. I haven't been paying attention to her for a long time.

5 hours later 52596314 Anonymous
>>52592067 wtf, she looks ugly off-heroin

5 hours later 52596481 Anonymous
https://youtu.be/SZilomZI7rw very professional Uber Driver talking To His Friend On The Phone Loudly The Whole Ride

5 hours later 52596586 Anonymous
>>52596314 she's off heroin? she looks pretty on it to me

6 hours later 52596968 Anonymous
>she's dating a 37 year old jesus christ

6 hours later 52597114 Anonymous
>>52596968 37 is not that old. She needs some mature man to help her.

6 hours later 52597169 Anonymous
https://youtu.be/3_b4HpkiTeQ Late Afternoon Ciara Stream

6 hours later 52597235 Anonymous
>>52596314 she's just irish

6 hours later 52597243 Anonymous
>>52592067 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_b 4HpkiTeQ Guess she is streaming right now. She seems really depressed.

6 hours later 52597271 Anonymous
whos this ugly tranny

6 hours later 52597355 Anonymous
lol she finally admitted to doing heroin after denying it for years

7 hours later 52597436 Anonymous
She sounds fucking retarded. God, she'll be dead by 30

7 hours later 52597488 Anonymous
>>52597355 shes still lying on the stream. shes done heroin this year. hell she probably did it a few days ago when she was in ny.

7 hours later 52597556 Anonymous
>>52597488 Proof of her doing heroin this year

7 hours later 52597604 Anonymous
This makes me sad. Poor girl, society should have taken better care of her.

7 hours later 52597607 Anonymous
>>52597355 WTF are you talking about? she has admitted that she used heroin when she was 15 in many others streams

7 hours later 52597687 Anonymous
>>52597604 It's pretty fucked when you think about it. She has really bad parents. Drug addict at the age of 16, abused and stalked by some of the worlds most pathetic & creepy men on the planet, and only survived by manipulating them as a defense mechanism. If it wasn't for all the attention she got which makes her feel better about herself she would have killed herself by now. Also that 45 year old bf she has is pretty creepy, she looks miserable every time she streams, she probably feels trapped now that he's dedicated so much to her. Ugh, imagine having that old white balding man breathing on you all day.

7 hours later 52597728 Anonymous
she's crying on stream about how much she loves jay but she literally fucked marc linden last week lmao this girl is so crazy

7 hours later 52597772 Anonymous
>>52597687 Meh, robots are greater victims at least after fucking up so bad she can still get a man in her life. Not to mention she exploits plenty of these "creepy men" for cash. They are the biggest victims.

7 hours later 52597878 Anonymous
>>52597687 No. It's not that. She comes from a well-off middle class family, I think her dad's a lawyer or something. She went to a private school. Imagine the amount of shit you have to put up with her. Your only given almost everything she's ever wanted in life, but she repeatedly can't stop camwhoring herself and doing drugs. She repeatedly gets kicked out of school and keeps fucking up by hooking with with random guys on the internet and doing hard drugs. You try your best to keep her off the internet and trying to get her away from her destructive habits, but this is to no avail. You can only watch as your daughter gets worse and worse and eventually you just give up on her.

7 hours later 52597932 Anonymous
>>52597878 >She went to a private school. Wasn't there a class photo of her with a bunch of blacks?

7 hours later 52597946 Anonymous
>>52597932 yeah, that was at the alternative (aka retard) highschool she had to go to after getting kicked out of the private school

7 hours later 52598009 Anonymous
>>52597946 >>52597687 Yeah. She's actually one of the only messed up people that I don't have any sympathy for. She had a near perfect life and just keeps deciding to keep shooting herself in the foot. Like, it's ridiculously hard to screw up her life to that extent, but somehow she managed to do that.

7 hours later 52598056 Anonymous
>>52592067 Could only watch this boring slag for 10 mins. Personality of wet cardboard under a freeway.

8 hours later 52598122 Anonymous
How desperate for attention must she be to be doing this shit every single day >I stream because people want me to stream Yeah no, that's just bullshit you fucking attention whore and you know it and hate that you're becoming irrelevant

8 hours later 52598126 Anonymous
The way she is described here is insane compared to on YouTube. Very obvious you are female hating and jealous and liars

8 hours later 52598145 Anonymous
>>52598122 lol imagine getting this angry over that stream. it was not inflammatory at all and she brushes the hate off and you guys hate that

8 hours later 52598153 Anonymous
>>52598126 t. faggot newfag She will be delighted to have one more whiteknight in her ranks, go ahead

8 hours later 52598158 Anonymous
>>52598145 >she brushes the hate off you mean she just lies like crazy

8 hours later 52598173 Anonymous
Is the right side of her face paralyzes or something? She ever only "smirks" to he left side even while talking, it's uncanny and she even ahs this big ass wrinkle on that side making her look even worse

8 hours later 52598176 Anonymous
>>52598158 You want her to get angry and upset but she has better things in her life to worry about is basically what I got from this stream vs you guys

8 hours later 52598187 Anonymous (derptwerp.jpg 625x625 59kB)
>>52598176 >she has better things in her life to worry about

8 hours later 52598189 vaginaisevil
>>52592370 >two abortions >I posted it again mom >>52592883 Prime for women today is HS ages. She's no longer HS age.

8 hours later 52598192 Anonymous
>>52592067 Unironically looks like a tranny

8 hours later 52598212 Anonymous
>>52598176 she actually doesn't have anything better to worry about lol and she seriously lies about everything from her relationship to her work to her drug use, its actually insane how much she lies.

8 hours later 52598221 Anonymous
>>52598212 no you just want her to be unhappy in her relationship and unemployed and on hard drugs everyday

8 hours later 52598270 Anonymous
>>52598221 i don't want those things to be true but they are, thats just reality. except hard drugs, she hasn't been able to afford them for the past few days. she's been somewhat more lively on stream for the past day or two because she's actually been sober (not by choice).

8 hours later 52598305 Anonymous
>>52598270 you do want it to be true otherwise you wouldnt obsessively hate post

8 hours later 52598314 Anonymous
>>52598305 post proof or evidence that i obsessively post and these aren't my first posts in weeks

8 hours later 52598323 Anonymous
>>52597488 God I wish I was on heroin rn... I need the weekly gospel thread. >ywn be a mediocre looking girl who somehow, some way, has a following online to the extent she can afford to do heroin Why live, brobots

8 hours later 52598363 Anonymous
>>52598314 i replied to a hate post you made maybe you are not a frequent flyer but you lie as well so it makes it hard to trust you when she posts about work or in uniform

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