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2019-05-12 01:37 52375424 Anonymous (JPEG_20190414_183606.jpg 516x516 40kB)
Well friends, this seems to be it. Currently standing on a windowsill, truly serious about jumping this time. Anything that I should take into consideration before ending it all for good?

1 min later 52375448 Anonymous
>>52375424 >Don't do it. Life gets bett- Sorry I can't lie to you anon.

1 min later 52375452 Anonymous
You should first become famous rockstar! I help you write big hit!!

2 min later 52375460 Anonymous
>>52375424 idk if I was ending it I wouldn't jump the last few moments would be uncomfy. do helium or OD on something and listen to your favorite music as you drift off

3 min later 52375476 Anonymous
>>52375424 Seriously if you try that make sure it's high enough because I don't want you to barely survive and be all fucked up for the next 30 years.

4 min later 52375494 Anonymous
>>52375424 >Anything that I should take into consideration Different decisions on the way DOWN will prove sort of futile. Whatever you do, I hope it works as you intend.

4 min later 52375497 Anonymous
Make sure to leave your computer/phone open on this page and don't break it on your way down so authorities find it and everyone who posts in this thread becomes legally implicated for not helping prevent your suicide.

5 min later 52375499 Anonymous
>>52375424 I'd try to talk you out of it but that would just be fuckball of lies

5 min later 52375513 Anonymous
>>52375424 don't do it please but if you do take out some jews first

6 min later 52375520 Anonymous
>>52375424 livestream it originegro

6 min later 52375521 Anonymous
>>52375497 It'll be 404'ed by then.

6 min later 52375529 Anonymous
>>52375424 Just one thing: make sure you have fun on the way down.

7 min later 52375543 Anonymous
>>52375521 >tough luck fbi, i can post anything i want and then it just goes away Threads don't 404 anymore lol.

9 min later 52375569 Anonymous
>>52375424 Can you send some money over paypal first? Thanks

9 min later 52375577 Anonymous (images.jpg 300x168 10kB)
>>52375424 Try 5DMT

11 min later 52375596 Anonymous
>>52375476 about 15 meters down with a hard concrete surface, planning to go head first so no worries >>52375513 time spent on /pol/ paid off I see, actualy glad to see this

14 min later 52375633 Anonymous
Im starving myself and not drinking any water, hopefully it wont be too painfull. Always wanted to go and freeze to death but that actually takes some effort.

16 min later 52375653 Anonymous
>>52375424 Remember is gonna be an eternal void for you if you do. Do you want that?

19 min later 52375697 Anonymous
>>52375424 You do know there's nothing after death right ? Have fun in the void instead of just fixing ur life faggot

19 min later 52375711 Anonymous
>>52375596 >>52375424 Don't know if this is real or a gag, so I'll respond as if it's both. If you have a speaker/phone, what's a song you're going to leave playing on the windowsill? You have any meaningful final words you've picked out, or is silence strong enough?

21 min later 52375740 Anonymous (1509902072370.gif 379x440 202kB)
>>52375424 What's the reason though OP?

31 min later 52375840 Anonymous
>>52375424 Why is nobody asking for a pic from OP's vantage point?

31 min later 52375855 Anonymous
>>52375653 >>52375697 yeah, I'm aware >>52375740 Well, the girl I loved gives zero fucks about my life, I have too much to do in too little time and I don't see the point, also I'm about to be forcefully pulled of alcohol, which was pretty much what was keeping me alive up to this point >>52375711 Silence will suffice I guess

36 min later 52375939 Anonymous
>>52375855 Anon what if I told you that in do time you will one day meet someone that truly cares and respects you for who you are?

37 min later 52375953 Anonymous
>>52375855 You didn't answer the question about giving us your money

39 min later 52375982 Anonymous (67f86aee3b07f6704fad53c94b8b5cfbe279ef40r1-286-429v2_00.jpg 286x429 17kB)
>>52375855 >Gives zero fucks about my life Well better for you, this girl is not worth you if she's being so light-hearted and meaningless. >I've too much to do in too little time Not so much details to work on for me, but I guess I would try to suck it up, surely I wouldn't do it with the first or fifth attempt, but in the end I would succeed if not, oh well. I tried. I won't feel so bad then. >Forcefully pulled of alcohol I imagine how I would be forcefully pulled out of anime or games, that would be really bad for me, but then I would try to do other stuff that I like like drawing and learning languages. Try to do something similar. If you'll stabilize, you can say to those people to fuck off and keep drinking alcohol, but not so much, please.

42 min later 52376023 Anonymous (tumblr_plygtip6w21t0lt8go1_500.gif 500x533 891kB)
>>52375982 Also I would like to add, that if you've came here to notify us, degenerates about your decision, that means that deep down you don't want to die and you still have little hope. Ah yes, in case you'll prove me all wrong and do it anyways, could you please send me some money? I'm poor af rn, but I hope you'll be thoughtful of your decision.

44 min later 52376035 Anonymous
>>52375424 What's the appeal of jumping? Seems like it would be a horrible way to go.

44 min later 52376040 Anonymous
>>52375939 >what if I spout some sweet nonsense that I can't prove or will even give a fuck about in 10 minutes Not op, but hearing those platitudes is going to make ME consider the big plunge next.

50 min later 52376120 Anonymous (received_450758899011454.jpg 768x1262 21kB)
>>52375840 pic rel, can't do any better, sorry >>52376023 >>52375953 I have about $5 on me as of now, not much use >>52375982 >>52375939 There comes a point in time where lying to myself doesn't quite cut it anymore and it would seem that point is now >I'm holding it off until I see my last sunrise at this point, dunno why, it's in about 2 hours

52 min later 52376145 Anonymous (1548813777494.jpg 480x480 44kB)
>>52375424 instead of taking your life just get angry. take up boxing and climb your way to the top beating the shit out of all who oppose you! also listen to disturbed music during this point of your life to garner more violent determination. boxing gloves are cheap and you can watch ZNA productions tutorial on making a punching bag from tires. trust me fren violence is fun!

55 min later 52376181 Anonymous (chika.gif 380x214 774kB)
>>52376120 Anon, that doesn't seem high enough up. I'd hate for to jump from there only to fuck it up and make your life much worse than it already is.

55 min later 52376184 Anonymous (1556395352168.png 335x348 92kB)
>>52376120 Excuse me, but did I mentioned something about lying to yourself? You're not lying, you're just trying to do something. Please don't do it and don't give me that: "So I will suffer more?" Surely you'll suffer a bit or more, but after that shittery something good will come out of it, life is not just downsides for everyone and you as I'm not some kind of special snowflake to only have downsides, also I think I would just break my legs or something on this height, but still would be alive.

55 min later 52376188 Anonymous
>>52375424 you should livestream it if you do it. Tbh, i believe you shouldn't do it, it's way more rational to not kill yourself, but.. to each their own

59 min later 52376243 Anonymous
>>52376120 nigga get the fuck back inside

1 hours later 52376260 Anonymous
peace be with you my friend

1 hours later 52376283 Anonymous
>>52376188 oh and if you do it at least make it a meme so you can be remembered

1 hours later 52376295 Anonymous
>>52376120 >That picture Holy shit anon. Suicide should only be a last resort answer that you need to be 100% sure on. The fact you seem hesitating and defecting by going on 4chan seems like there's still some doubt in you. I don't want to tell you how to live your life and I don't know your story but suicide doesn't seem like the right answer

1 hours later 52376368 Anonymous (wat.png 720x676 748kB)
>>52376120 If you feel very sure that life isn't worth living anymore and that suicide is the only option, go for it; but for the love of god if you're gonna jump, jump from somewhere much much higher. Holy shit you dummy, if you jump from there, you are gonna fuck yourself up and still be alive to deal with it.

1 hours later 52376398 Anonymous
>>52376120 I hope you are not killing yourself, because it's "clown world" If you are I am gonna steal your soul before it passes to next realm.

1 hours later 52376421 Anonymous
>>52375424 If you're driven to this you have your reasons. Just be happy when you do it.

1 hours later 52376466 Anonymous (50E7391E-539A-428E-8E51-06611CF335CF.png 645x773 42kB)
>>52376120 That's definitely not enough When I kill myself I'll jump off the golden state bridge.

1 hours later 52376744 Anonymous
Isn't it rich? Are we a pair? Me here, at last, on the ground You in mid-air Send in the clowns Isn't it bliss? Don't you approve? One who keeps tearing around One who can't move Where are the clowns? Send in the clowns Just when I'd stopped opening doors Finally knowing the one that I wanted was yours Making my entrance again with my usual flair Sure of my lines No one is there Don't you love farce? My fault, I fear I thought that you'd want what I want Sorry, my dear But where are the clowns? There ought to be clowns Quick, send in the clowns What a surprise! Who could foresee? I'd come to feel about you What you felt about me Why only now, when I see That you've drifted away? What a surprise What a cliche Isn't it rich? Isn't it queer? Losing my timing this late in my career And where are the clowns? Quick, send in the clowns Don't bother They're here

1 hours later 52376789 Anonymous
> wants to kill himself > makes 4chan post > doesn't consider murder-suicide what the fuck Anon? we taught you better

1 hours later 52376910 Anonymous
>>52376789 yeah. take someone with you, or live stream it, or do a flip, something. this is the only death you will ever get to experience. Make it memorable.

1 hours later 52377002 Anonymous
Don't do it anon. Get help, talk to someone you know irl about you feelings etc. There's always a chance that it will get better.

1 hours later 52377021 Anonymous
Is op gone yet?

1 hours later 52377023 Anonymous
>>52375497 Gee, I feel so guilty about not doing something. Damnit. Guess I'll just go eat some ice cream now. Fuck off with your "muh 1-800 suicide line" crap. It's OP's choice, not yours or mine or anyone else's.

2 hours later 52377129 Anonymous (1491700309722.png 650x650 10kB)
>>52377021 If OP jumped, he's probably on his way to the hospital after someone found his paralyzed ass on the concrete. No way are you gonna kill yourself from that height.

2 hours later 52377183 Anonymous
>>52377129 He was counting on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1O y0oK38gc#t=40

2 hours later 52377205 Anonymous
I hope you're still there op.

2 hours later 52377251 Anonymous
>>52376120 >15 meters That is BARELY enough to MAYBE kill you. Go somewhere higher come on

2 hours later 52377340 Anonymous
>over an hour since OPs last post F

2 hours later 52377387 Anonymous
>>52377340 I thought he was going to wait about 2 hours. Absolutely no way OP is dead. This is all bait, or he really did jump like an idiot and lying on the pavement a cripple wishing he was dead.

2 hours later 52377389 Anonymous
>>52377340 My most original F

2 hours later 52377417 Anonymous
Is OP kill ? Guess my words weren't enough to stop him wasting his life

2 hours later 52377490 Anonymous
See ya space cowboy, better luck in the next one.

2 hours later 52377508 Anonymous
OP if you jumped post pictures of your fucked up body now.

2 hours later 52377536 Anonymous (cryingnpc.png 629x758 127kB)
>>52375497 >everyone who posts in this thread becomes legally implicated for not helping prevent your suicide. At least in the US, it is only illegal to actively promote an individual to suicide. It is not legally obligatory to prevent someone from committing suicide. Also, found the virtue-signaling cuck in the thread. Fuck you high-moral faggot.

2 hours later 52377539 Anonymous (glare.png 1366x768 1533kB)
OP isn't fucking dead. Look at the picture of his view again. That is nowhere near high enough. You people are pretty fucking stupid.

2 hours later 52377679 Anonymous
>>52375424 Out of curiosity, what state/country do you live in? Just asking so if you do happen to go through with it, I can read it on the news tomorrow.

3 hours later 52378084 Anonymous
>>52375424 Don't do it bro really

3 hours later 52378098 Sritzel

3 hours later 52378297 Anonymous (1557226005861.jpg 650x683 109kB)
>>52375424 wait for WW3, for the lulz

3 hours later 52378326 Anonymous

4 hours later 52378444 Anonymous
>>52375424 congratulations anon you've seen through the normalfags lies and are finally about to be free. god bless

4 hours later 52378545 Anonymous (Ultra_rare_museum_grade.jpg 700x600 80kB)
>to scared to suicide >to scared of the fact nothing may exist after >to scare of the fact god might send me to hell forever If I do there is no escape, not even suicide sets us free. dont do it OP.

4 hours later 52378833 Anonymous
suicide is a human right, it's your life. DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH IT.

5 hours later 52379019 Anonymous
>>52378545 Honestly if you are stupid enough to fall for religion you deserve the extra suffering you are inflicting upon yourself. Meet you 6 feet below when you finally redpill yourself.

5 hours later 52379059 Anonymous
>>52375424 Do not. All is well. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.

5 hours later 52379199 Anonymous
>>52375424 Please don't do it anon. Things are hard right now, but they will get better, I promise you. There are people in your life who love you and want to help you. Your parents would much rather have you alive than dead. Please anon.

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