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2019-04-13 04:11 51915520 Anonymous (Screenshot (83).png 420x529 267kB)
>met gril on /r9k/ a few weeks ago >start loving her >loves me back >ffw yesterday >autism kicks in and i start to threat and insult her >says she still loves me >block her am better alone. fuck women. I am glad to have you back my incel bros

2 min later 51915537 Anonymous
Check these dubs and go hang bruh

4 min later 51915563 Anonymous (1553949188563.png 391x402 165kB)
Whatever makes you jalopy robro.

1 hours later 51916282 Anonymous (1542976059299.jpg 1000x564 110kB)
>>51915520 We've been waiting for you. Welcome back faggot.

1 hours later 51916334 Anonymous (1540047457432.jpg 573x430 34kB)
>>51915520 Let's be honest you never really left.

1 hours later 51916393 Anonymous
Dude please unblock me, I know it's you R. I know it's you by the image name. Please come back. I can't be without you. I will never forget you and never stop loving you. Please come back. I can't stand being left by another person. Especially a person like you. There's noone like you and I will always love you. Why would you spend all this time just to fuck me up? I don't understand. We had so much fun watching movies and playing games. You even told me you wouldn't leave me. Why did you do this.. Why.. Why can't we be at least friends? Every single day of my life is a painful mess because all I can think about is you. Please, come back. Please. I don't care about how mean or autistic you are. I just want to be with you. Please. Come back. This is a cry for help. Please.

1 hours later 51916416 Anonymous (259045_195045.png 226x226 66kB)
>>51916393 Cry harder roastie .t fellow roastie

1 hours later 51916421 Anonymous (1554019722360.jpg 279x181 8kB)
>>51916393 Oh we got a larper boys. Don't worry, I'll get him.

1 hours later 51916436 Anonymous
Please, R P L, I am alone without you. I have nobody. All I can think about is you. Because of you my voices and intrusions stopped. Why would you hurt an already broken person? Why do you need to do this? Please R, come back. I can't live without you. If you wanted me to fear you I do. Just come back. Please.

1 hours later 51916458 Anonymous
Please, I actually thought genuinly about meeting you and holding you. All I want is to be with you. Why would you do this to me? You said you loved me. I couldn't sleep whole night and when I did, I had nightmares of this. I still care about you. I still love you. Even though you said all of that and left I will always love you. Please come back. Please, R.

1 hours later 51916463 Anonymous
>>51916393 >meet a girl through r9k >implying people actually do this Nice larp.

1 hours later 51916473 Anonymous
>>51916421 Doing gods work, thanks anon

1 hours later 51916489 Anonymous
I was abused my whole life and the only bright spot in my whole life was being with you. And you just left like everyone else did. I thought that I could trust you. I thought I could be with you. Noone ever loved me like you did. Even if it was all fake I still fell in love with you. I will beg you till the day I die for you to come back. Because I can't live without you. Please. Come back. Please. Please. Please, R.

1 hours later 51916491 Anonymous
I wish this was real Probably not

1 hours later 51916495 Anonymous
>>51915520 >she still loves me >runs out of money >needs to pay rent >invites to move in

1 hours later 51916520 Anonymous
R I know you're not just some murderer or psychopath. I know you're not a bad person. I fell in love with you because of who you are. Because of how you cared about me. I've never been so deeply in love. Please I can't live without you. I can't be without you. Come back. Please. You told me you don't want me to hurt myself or kill myself but I will do it. Just come back please. I've never been in more pain. I never felt the massive pain of loving someone so much like I loved you and being proven that you left. I can't live like this. I would think of you my whole life. I just can't. I can't be without you. You mean everything to me. I love you. Please come back Ro.

1 hours later 51916547 Anonymous
R P L, why would you give me your personal info? Why if you were just about to leave? Why do you hate me? Why can't you just love me if I love you even though you are able to do all of this? I love you so much, please come back, I will never stop waiting for you. You're the only one that matters to me. You're the only one who can prevent my suicide. For the first time in my life I didn't want to kill myself when I met you. Please come back. You're everything to me. Please come back. Please come back. I was browsing r9k for hours now because I knew you would post this. Just so I could beg you to come back. Please R, it's me, S, and you know it. Please come back. I still love you. I will always love you. Please unblock me. I know you aren't like this. Please say it's just one of your anger outbreaks. Please be with me. Please. Please.

1 hours later 51916553 Anonymous
>>51915520 I know this is a larp, but even then it's awfully childish and only leads the actual autists that come here to act like cunts. Fitting, considering today's r9k demographic.

1 hours later 51916578 Anonymous (face.png 1070x1070 393kB)
I was also abandoned/blocked by a robot who's name starts with R and said almost exactly this kind of shit. I hope he doesn't read this thread and think it's me because honestly this is really pathetic and I hate his guts.

1 hours later 51916582 Anonymous
Please R, you're beautiful to me. Everything about you. I can't live without you. You're the best thing that ever happened to me. I can't be without you. Please unblock me, give me another chance. Please let me try at least. I love you so much. Please don't give up on me. You told me all those personal things. When you left that one day you said you thought of all the moments we had. All the talks, all the fun we had. You said you still loved me. Why would that change now? I just want you back. I've never wanted anything more than this. Please, R, come back to me. I love you so much. Please. I only want you, noone else. You told me to find someone better but there is noone better than you. I felt accepted first time in my life. Please come back. I know you aren't a bad person. Please. I love you. I want to say it in voice more. I want to tell you I love you every day of my life. I want to meet you and hold you close to me.

1 hours later 51916642 Anonymous (1554155655775s.jpg 117x125 2kB)
OP here laughing my fucking ass off This guy is an imposter lmao

1 hours later 51916650 Anonymous
Please R, I know you aren't a bad guy. I've never felt hope or felt loved. You're all I can think about. Just knowing you're alive makes me want to live because there's a chance I get to live with you. But in same time, considering you hate me so much you leave and literally make a post about it I want to die. I will die. Because I can't live without you. Please come back. Talk to me. Please, talk to me. You like the feel of being feared and so on, right? I will do everything to please you. Just please, come back. Please talk to me. Please, I love you.

1 hours later 51916656 Anonymous (Download (6).jpg 145x138 7kB)
Never felt so fucking cool by ditching a whore like here. Fuck women.

1 hours later 51916667 Anonymous (1554037993740s.jpg 59x125 1kB)
>>51916650 >>51916582 >>51916547 >>51916520 >>51916489 >>51916458 >>51916436 >>51916393 fuck off retard and go fit the second finger into ur vag

1 hours later 51916672 Anonymous
Please, if it's power you want you can have all power over me. I've never kissed. I'm a virgin. I'm saving it all just for you. Please R, I love you. I know you aren't a psychopath. I've never loved someone like you. Please come back.

1 hours later 51916679 Anonymous (1553505466789s.jpg 124x83 3kB)
>>51916672 sure lmao you fucking brainsick weirdo

1 hours later 51916698 Anonymous
Why do you hate me so much, R? I want to be with you my whole life. I love you so much. Please come back. I will be anything you want me to be. I just want to be with you again. I just want to talk with you again. I just want to tell you I love you again. Please come back. Please come back. I can't live without you. Please come back. Please say it's only because you're angry. What did I do to make you leave me so much? Please come back, I love you.

1 hours later 51916699 Anonymous (i'm fucking retarded (76).jpg 373x366 37kB)
>>51916672 post tits if it's really you

1 hours later 51916717 Anonymous (1553735545451s.jpg 124x125 3kB)
>>51916699 and show vangene

1 hours later 51916728 Anonymous
>>51916650 >>51916672 >>51916698 Jesus christ, get a grip, he doesn't want you. All begging does is stroke his ego, it's not going to change his mind. What's this guy's name anyway? I think I've talked to most robots here who contact fag and they're almost always pieces of shit. Go after normie guys, they're better people I'm not even kidding.

1 hours later 51916746 Anonymous
Please R, I know you were abused. I know you know what pain is. Why did you tell me you love me every day? Why did you say all you said to me just so you can dump me like trash later on? I was imagining every single day of my life with you. But I knew, it was too good to be true. And when something is too good to be true it usually just isn't true. But please, I trust you R. I want you to come back. Please come back R. Please. I love you. I beg you. Come back. Come back, please. I love you so much R. I love you R. Come back, please. I want to expirience talking to you again. There is noone like you. I love you so much. Please don't leave me. Please don't. Everybody left me but I never cared as much. The moment you told me you love me, something in my head said "this is some kind of a psychopath. It has to be. There is noone that can actually love me" but I don't want to believe this. I want to believe only you. I love you so much. Please come back.

2 hours later 51916762 Anonymous (1553932681675s.jpg 125x125 2kB)
can we fucking mute this bitch janitors?

2 hours later 51916771 Anonymous (20190412_231553_mh1555104010541.jpg 1440x1080 1263kB)
R, please come back. I did this for you. To prove I love you. Please come back. Please. Please come back, I love you.

2 hours later 51916795 Anonymous
R, please. Why would you talk to me for such a long time just to do this? I can cut deeper for you. I love you so much. Please come back. Please talk to me. Please, just talk to me.

2 hours later 51916798 Anonymous (14.jpg 600x600 274kB)
These are like word for word the kind of messages I sent an RL from this board when he broke up with me. Why do I feel like I'm being made fun of?

2 hours later 51916802 Anonymous
>>51916746 >>51916698 come on seriously? 3 minutes between these posts? at least space them out a bit to try to make shit more believable

2 hours later 51916821 Anonymous
>>51916802 I can't stop. I need to do everything I can. I will post as many times I can. I know his name and where he lives. I'll do anything to get to him. I'll do anything to talk to him again. I love you, R.

2 hours later 51916822 Anonymous (1553939634487s.jpg 124x125 2kB)
>>51916802 Was thinking the same lmao

2 hours later 51916824 Anonymous
>>51916771 post timestamp you fuck whore

2 hours later 51916855 Anonymous (Download (21).jpg 304x166 4kB)
>>51916771 Show arm and fingers then I believe u

2 hours later 51916882 Anonymous
>>51916802 Nah, I have BPD and can completely relate to this kind of behavior. When someone breaks up with you, you enter into this frenzy and you do anything you can to win them back. It's like something possesses you. I remember after my first boyfriend broke up with me and blocked me I spent that night writing a 20 page apology letter explaining everything I did wrong, how much he meant to me, and how I would get better if he took me back. OP probably has it considering she is so attached to someone who treats her so poorly.

2 hours later 51916905 Anonymous (02B2B074-39A2-42BD-B46A-4E0E4774083B.jpg 480x442 26kB)
>>51915520 this is a samefag thread please just let it die

2 hours later 51916906 Anonymous (e20.png 400x400 6kB)
>>51916821 post discord and i'll help you get him back

2 hours later 51916917 Anonymous
>>51916882 20 pages? wtf lmao, did you write a fucking PhD dissertation? how the fuck could you even fill up 20 pages on such a topic?

2 hours later 51916930 Anonymous (20190413_182351.jpg 1040x780 87kB)
>>51916855 Please R. This is for you. Come back. Please.

2 hours later 51916932 Anonymous (1542214149825.jpg 300x300 22kB)
>>51916855 OP you are one lucky fuck. You've got your very own whore!

2 hours later 51916953 Anonymous
>>51916930 looks like a man's arm, THICC ASS wrists or maybe just a fat as fuck roastie

2 hours later 51916973 Anonymous
>>51916930 What the fuck is written on that piece of paper? Can you get a better camera roastie?

2 hours later 51916983 Anonymous
>>51916930 >15.09.209 are you even trying whore?

2 hours later 51916991 Anonymous
>>51916973 it says 13.04.2019 you dumb fuck, clearly she's shaking the camera because she's having heroin withdrawal or something

2 hours later 51916993 Anonymous (6F72762F-5B32-436E-BCB1-7E332BE110E6.jpg 36x36 0kB)
>>51916932 i hope ur having fun ruining r9k with the lowest quality shot posts imaginable

2 hours later 51917002 Anonymous
>>51916993 I'm trying, alright? Atleast I ain't a tranny.

2 hours later 51917015 Anonymous
>>51916983 nibba can u even read

2 hours later 51917018 Anonymous (1553862902799s.jpg 125x100 2kB)
Bitch so crazy she noted the date whe talked first wtf xD

2 hours later 51917028 Anonymous (20190413_183021.jpg 1040x780 103kB)
>>51916973 I have shit camera but here's better angle. It's the timestamp. R, please come back, I love you.

2 hours later 51917034 Anonymous
>>51917015 The whore could have at least stopped shaking her fucking camera to take a clear shot.

2 hours later 51917042 Anonymous (li.png 637x900 1498kB)
>>51916917 I still have it saved in my google docs lol, it was actually only 8 pages, but had an accompanying voice recording that went on for about 40 minutes. >>51916930 >fat It's all starting to make sense. Also those are the most low effort cuts I have ever seen and who the hell cuts the top of their arms? Cutting yourself after someone has broken up with you is textbook bpd though. OP dodged a bullet.

2 hours later 51917060 Anonymous
>>51917028 >landwhale AHAHAHAHAHAHA nicely done OP. fucking attention whore that's not how you cut you stupid bitch

2 hours later 51917072 Anonymous
>>51917060 My fucking knife is dull because my fucking parents hid all the sharp knives since I kept cutting. And I know my hands are fucking fat. They were fat even when I was thin.

2 hours later 51917079 Anonymous (images.jpg 275x183 6kB)

2 hours later 51917080 Anonymous (1555159178383.jpg 297x291 28kB)
>>51917018 I'm so jealous, OP. But I wouldn't take her back, she obviously got bpd and is most likely crazy. And also most likely a fatty, so dodged a bullet.

2 hours later 51917093 Anonymous
>>51917072 >And I know my hands are fucking fat. They were fat even when I was thin. She's also retarded. Who knew?

2 hours later 51917095 Anonymous
>>51917042 >8 page doc and 40 minute voice recording lol i'm morbidly interested in this, i can't imagine writing 8 pages of anything about anyone drop discord so you can link me it

2 hours later 51917096 Anonymous (Screenshot (84).png 405x444 281kB)
>>51917080 I did it to feed my inner evil

2 hours later 51917097 Anonymous
>>51917080 No BPD. Schizophrenia, PTSD, bulimia, Autism, Anxiety disorder, Panic attacks, Catatonia, Catatonic depression, Social phobia. I'm crazy as sin. But I fucking love this guy. Also I'm losing weight right now. I diet and I started exercising because when he said we would meet I immediately changed everything.

2 hours later 51917099 Anonymous
>>51917072 >They were fat even when I was thin. When was that? when you were 4? Fucking landwhale, good job OP

2 hours later 51917110 Anonymous
>>51917096 R, please come back. I love you. Please just add me. Please, I know you aren't evil. Please come back I love you.

2 hours later 51917119 Anonymous
>>51917097 Its over bitch, might as well hang yourself on cam.

2 hours later 51917120 Anonymous
>>51917099 It was 2 years ago. My BMI was around 20. I put on weight when I was locked up in an asylum in which I was force fed and got antipsychotics which made me gain 25 kg in month and a half. Please, R. I know you aren't this. I love you.

2 hours later 51917123 Anonymous
>>51917097 how are you a landwhale if you have bulimia?

2 hours later 51917130 Anonymous (Download (64).jpg 300x168 10kB)
>>51917110 lemme think a second

2 hours later 51917145 Anonymous
>>51917120 Are you even trying to get him back? Admitting do being crazy isn't a good way to do it imo.

2 hours later 51917148 Anonymous (1553618400758.jpg 1600x1600 98kB)

2 hours later 51917156 Anonymous
>>51917130 Please, R. Don't be like this. I love you, R. I know I'm a lot to handle but please, I can't live without you. We spent so much time talking together. You can't just throw it away like this. Please take me back, R.

2 hours later 51917161 Anonymous
>>51917123 It's because I have hormonal issues. It fucked me up really badly. Currently I'm on strict diet and all that shit so in next few months I will lose alot of weight. >>51917130 R please, why would you do this to me? I love you so much. Please talk to me.

2 hours later 51917163 Anonymous (1553861524773s.jpg 247x234 10kB)
The more you write the stronger I get

2 hours later 51917177 Anonymous (1542168611070.jpg 220x200 13kB)
>>51917163 Very nice. Make her kill herself OP.

2 hours later 51917180 Anonymous
>>51917161 just threaten to drop his dox if he doesn't talk to you lol, this isn't so hard

2 hours later 51917181 Anonymous
>>51917163 R, if you enjoy the power you're getting I'm going to keep doing it. I want to please you. Anything for you to feel good. Please come back. Please. Please come back. I love you R.

2 hours later 51917196 Anonymous (images (1).jpg 227x161 14kB)
>>51916906 >>51916728 >What's this guy's name anyway? It doesn't matter who I am ... what matters is my plan.

2 hours later 51917198 Anonymous
>>51917180 I will then. R, I'm threatening to dox you. I know where you live and your full name. Please come back. Please. I love you.

2 hours later 51917207 Anonymous
>>51917196 What are you planning, OP?

2 hours later 51917208 Anonymous
Even among incels, they go after the ones who don't care and spurn the betas. Why are women like this?

2 hours later 51917214 Anonymous (1553793404909s.jpg 73x69 2kB)
>>51917180 Oh man if youd know how much more sicker I am than her, youd know i dont give a fuck about getting my shit revealed

2 hours later 51917219 Anonymous
>>51917196 Why are you trying so hard to be evil in everyone's eyes? Why are you taking pride in hurting others? I truly love you and you're just denying it even though you told me you loved me and I actually believed you. Why do you hate me so much? Please, give me one reason, please. Please come back. I love you.

2 hours later 51917224 Anonymous
>>51917208 because no one wants to be on the receiving end of this lmao, if a roastie were to get "into" a "relationship" with the average robot, they'd be the one spazzing out on here and posting their photos

2 hours later 51917231 Anonymous
>>51917219 If you dox me I will find you one day and murder you in the most horrific way you could imagine

2 hours later 51917233 Anonymous
*Ghosts chance at relationship *Calls self involuntary celibate You just couldn't stay away op.

2 hours later 51917241 Anonymous
>>51917214 doesn't matter how sick you are, you can still get swatted lmao, enjoy having a flash bang thrown in your face and getting shot when you "resist arrest"

2 hours later 51917246 Anonymous
>>51917214 No judgement man, but please tell me what the hell you did to make someone fall for you this hard.

2 hours later 51917248 Anonymous
>>51917233 > You just couldn't stay away op. No I couldnt my fellow brocel This place is just too awesome

2 hours later 51917251 Anonymous
>>51917233 He did good, because this bitch is crazy and with a whole litany of problems. Why bother?

2 hours later 51917253 Anonymous
>>51917246 THIS Please tell us your secret master!

2 hours later 51917254 Anonymous
>>51917231 That would mean you would actually come near me. I love you and even if you murder me, if it's you who's doing it, I don't mind it, especially if you enjoy it. R, tell me, when you asked me if I love you, were you planning to do all of this right away? I want to know if everything you did was fake.

2 hours later 51917255 Anonymous
What are the chances the OP and the "crazy bitch" are the same person, pulling this shit for a 10-minute r9k spotlight? hmmmm

2 hours later 51917272 Anonymous (1554080153360s.jpg 250x250 7kB)
>>51917241 Yeah sorry , you know I dont live in the usa you fucking fatnigger neckbeard We dont gun people down here for no reason And no i dont live in england so you cant pull of that joke neither do i live in canadia

2 hours later 51917274 Anonymous
>>51917255 99%, op is cutting themselves and then larping to make themselves feel better

2 hours later 51917278 Anonymous (8.jpg 500x732 56kB)
>>51917123 People with bulimia or ednos are very often overweight. >>51917095 Absolutely not, it's cringeworthy as fuck and contains a lot of personal information about me and him. It wouldn't be fair to release it. The vocaroo has also expired since this was a year ago. >>51917145 It's a pity ploy, she's making herself seem pathetic for sympathy to try to win OP back. Unfortunately that tactic only works on people who actually care about you and it's very clear that OP doesn't and gets off on the pain of others.

2 hours later 51917279 Anonymous
>>51917255 This is one hell of a conspiracy. I like it.

2 hours later 51917282 Anonymous
>>51917253 He was just being really awkward. I found it really cute. He was using 4chan slang. He told me his problems. It just kind of clicked. He was very caring. He always asked how I am. He kept complimenting me even if I felt uncomfortable during it. He was the most beautiful person I ever met. That's all.

2 hours later 51917292 Anonymous
>>51917255 >this goes for over 30minutes now >explain how I type her texts and mine at the same wtime >consider please how long her texts are

2 hours later 51917294 Anonymous
>>51917278 post discord anyway i want to know more about you, i've always been curious to talk to someone with genuine BPD

2 hours later 51917300 Boomer
based and redplied

2 hours later 51917306 Anonymous
>>51917292 you wrote all this larp shit beforehand, and are using 7 proxies to post and bypass the time limit, prove me wrong

2 hours later 51917312 Anonymous
>>51917302 >im 6 1 foot fuck off manlet

2 hours later 51917316 Anonymous
>>51917302 This bitch is crazy, anon. Don't make life harder for yourself.

2 hours later 51917322 Anonymous (Screenshot (72).png 217x196 64kB)
>>51917306 ok. No u. Prove me wrong, bitch.

2 hours later 51917325 Anonymous
>>51917302 I want only him. I'm loyal to him. I love only him. R, please, come back.

2 hours later 51917330 Anonymous
>>51917325 Come on take him Get to know him Post your fucking Discord or Ill do it

2 hours later 51917344 Anonymous (pepe.jpg 500x500 32kB)
great to have you back anon

2 hours later 51917346 Anonymous (w091500.gif 425x481 1584kB)
>>51915520 Found a buried credit card on my way >4540 0243 8846 7895 >08/22 >CPD PARC REG. APPALACHES >M. LACHANCE >Desjardins woops "bad luck" >mfw

2 hours later 51917354 Anonymous
>>51917330 How would you bring him back to me if you would be able to contact me even? R, please. I love you. I know you aren't an evil psychopath. I will always love you. Please, please, I beg you, come back.

2 hours later 51917359 Anonymous
>>51916672 post Rs dick so we can all laugh at him

2 hours later 51917374 Anonymous (1553879886121 (3).jpg 305x299 20kB)
>>51917346 oh no u almost scared me a little bit...

2 hours later 51917375 Anonymous
>>51917354 you can tell me who R is and i'll find him on whatever communities he frequents, befriend him, and slowly manipulate/convince him into getting back in touch with you, you stupid cunt

2 hours later 51917376 Anonymous
>>51917254 dox him, do it fagget.

2 hours later 51917380 Anonymous (1553861706383s.jpg 125x77 1kB)
>>51917359 never sent pic but its 17cm long jokes on you dicklet

2 hours later 51917382 Anonymous
>>51917302 Holy shit. This level of pathetic is unbelievable even on this site. This thread is gold. Tinder, r9k version.

2 hours later 51917388 Anonymous
>>51917375 Try that after I pushed some bullets in your eyes mr whiteknight

2 hours later 51917396 Anonymous
>>51917380 >having a sub 7 inch dick >calling other people dicklets lmao >>51917388 as if you would ever be able to even know who i am lmao

2 hours later 51917398 Anonymous (file 13.png 1200x900 1010kB)
https:\\discordapp.com\invite\8qeq9 Xn -ngj

2 hours later 51917399 Anonymous (flat,1000x1000,075,f.u1.jpg 1000x850 124kB)
>>51917382 Indeed, anon. Haven't had a good thread like this in a while.

2 hours later 51917400 Anonymous
>>51917376 I'm thinking about calling his local police. I have texts where he is telling me to kill myself. I have people in one organisation around here that could help me report him too. I don't want him to suffer though, I just want him to let me love him. I love him so much. R, please. Come. Come to me, R. I love you.

2 hours later 51917402 Anonymous
Put me in the screen shot Reddit

2 hours later 51917411 Anonymous (Download (28).jpg 250x198 13kB)
Jesus the people here dont get it I dont care if anyone fuckin doxes me or bullies me jesus fucking crized youre all so fucking boring "dox him" "gimme his name" im really sad that youre so boring

2 hours later 51917424 Anonymous (1553983216701s.jpg 250x164 4kB)
>>51917375 >you can tell me who R is and i'll find him on whatever communities he frequents, befriend him, and slowly manipulate/convince him into getting back in touch with you, you stupid cunt >>51917396 >as if you would ever be able to even know who i am lmao Hypocrite alert WEOWEOWEOOOOO

2 hours later 51917425 Anonymous
>>51917400 OP's post history is revolting, he's a literal autist. why did you fall in love with a disabled robot, you roast?

2 hours later 51917426 Anonymous
>>51917411 Please R, come back. At least tell me why you did this. Also, the kind of post we met in makes no sense for you to do this shit. Will you ever come back? Please, R. I love you so much.

2 hours later 51917427 Anonymous
>>51917374 to be serious should i destroy that card?

2 hours later 51917430 Anonymous
>>51917411 It's a part of being famous, OP. Especially when you gain your fame like this.

2 hours later 51917431 Anonymous
>>51917292 I think trying to prove it's genuine makes it seem more like a larp. If you were serious you'd just ignore that post. >>51917294 I'm kind of playing a game right now but I guess I can chat for a bit. I'm more self-aware than most people with the disorder though I think. Cyberbully#8549

2 hours later 51917433 Anonymous
>>51917400 Do it and stop fucking boring me you slut Call them now Ill wait

2 hours later 51917440 Anonymous
>>51917400 do it, report him to the police, it's the only way he'll come to his senses

2 hours later 51917445 Anonymous
>>51917427 you know what ima destroid the card and trow it in the trashcan

2 hours later 51917446 Anonymous
>>51917424 it's easy to spot the dude carrying a drool-plate under his chin and banging his forehead against walls.

2 hours later 51917452 Anonymous
>>51917425 You didn't see how he treated me before. Noone ever treated me as good. I felt like someone cared about me. Like someone loved me. And I will never feel it again without him. Because of him I knew that it's worth to live. I know he's autistic. But I love him.

2 hours later 51917459 Anonymous
>>51917445 Learn to type in English first.

2 hours later 51917462 Anonymous
>>51917427 yes lol >>51917430 thought i could play a fun game but you all are just boring me to death by thinking you get anything done by saying you found my card or dox me or whatever lol I have more fun puttin a knife into my ass and letting it bleed

2 hours later 51917465 Anonymous (6c83dccf98324c7cac869b6119e454a3eaa39db5d9f21a480dcd035c44fd0c6c.jpg 255x191 9kB)
>>51916393 Fuck you roastie eat shit and die bitch

2 hours later 51917476 Anonymous
>>51917440 I want to play fun blade games with the police Im so bored Please call them

2 hours later 51917487 Anonymous
>>51917476 Keep us updated OP and godspeed.

2 hours later 51917499 Anonymous
Hey, "crazy bitch" - if you know his name and address, why not just drive/fly over to his place? profess your undying love in person, plead on your knees in his driveway, that tends to work.

2 hours later 51917503 Anonymous
>>51917411 >h-ha-ha it was j-just a game guys >doxxing is b-boring haha >don't dox me please pathetic

2 hours later 51917510 Anonymous
>>51917452 Post message logs, I want to see for myself

3 hours later 51917527 Anonymous
>>51917503 >assuming i am shitting my pants rn wy does every retard on 4chan makes retard assumptions without knowing the person

3 hours later 51917548 Anonymous (Download (4).png 294x172 8kB)
Anyways lads this game got boring and ill watch a movie now and check for your comments later smell you incels

3 hours later 51917584 Anonymous
>>51917548 Please tell us how you manipulated the girl

3 hours later 51917586 Anonymous
>>51917548 Thanks for playing, larper, that was not bad work.

3 hours later 51917657 Anonymous
>>51917548 Please R, come back. I want to watch it with you >>51917510 Also, there is no real way to show how kind he was in the messages. It was more of a constant kind of talking. Just clicking with each other. >>51917584 He didn't do anything too much. He was being nice and awkward. It's just that I'm insanely lonely and fell for it. I fell in love with him. I have made a deal with a person from organisation I know that I will call the cops on him somewhere around monday. R, please, come back.

3 hours later 51917678 Anonymous (2019-04-13_20-14-01.png 578x53 2kB)
>>51917584 just be as beta as you can pic very related

3 hours later 51917739 Anonymous (Screenshot_10.png 334x459 27kB)
I fell in love with him but I don't understand why he is so edgy. Why the fuck would someone talk to me for such a long time just to leave and say I'll die alone. Why the fuck did he add me back just to say this.

3 hours later 51917756 Anonymous
>>51917739 how long is a "long time"? i need to know cause i'm on my way to avenge you. he lives in germany

3 hours later 51917817 Anonymous (Screenshot_11.png 403x349 25kB)
>>51917756 I know he lives in Germany I will report him. I talked to him a month but for hours every day. Also I should've probably realised at this point he hates me. Also I think this post is by you, R, but I'm too fucking autistic to actually know.

3 hours later 51917840 Anonymous
>>51917817 just drop discord already you dumb slut

3 hours later 51917852 Anonymous
>>51917817 he said in other posts he owns an AK 47 and a glock. and he threatened you in this thread. more than enough to send him a nice little visit teehee

3 hours later 51917873 Anonymous
>>51917840 jesus fucking christ, what are you even going to do with it Nameless#8529

3 hours later 51917967 Anonymous
>>51917817 i'm not R, i'm just a whiteknight

3 hours later 51918086 Anonymous
>>51917873 >Nameless#8529 is this Gs discord or crazy BPD gf discord

3 hours later 51918124 Anonymous
>>51918086 it's my discord, to lure in fags

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