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2019-04-10 09:36 51874471 Anonymous (B17E6401-BBA5-40F4-93FE-D54D2D73FD38.jpg 210x240 19kB)
>the 2010s are nearly over How would you rank each year of this decade?

1 min later 51874491 Anonymous
the decade that video games died.

1 min later 51874503 Anonymous
>>51874471 2009 was my favorite one

4 min later 51874550 Anonymous
bad bad bad bad bad meh decent tragic tragic and so far ambiguous

4 min later 51874552 Anonymous
>>51874503 that was the 2000s brainlet

5 min later 51874563 Anonymous
Worst decade ever

10 min later 51874627 Anonymous (reddit.jpg 1024x640 34kB)
>>51874552 >I applaud, gigachad

15 min later 51874703 Anonymous (1505853763833.jpg 900x900 70kB)
>>51874471 10) good 11) fine 12) "well we are not dead" 13) meh 14) meh 15) .... 16) oh 17) oh no 18) no 19) fuck

27 min later 51874924 Anonymous
>>51874471 This entire decade was a fuckload of shit for me and I don't think such an arbitrary concept like the 20's decade will change that.

30 min later 51874958 Anonymous
>>51874471 2014 2013 2012 2018 2011 2019 (predicted) 2017 2015 2010 2016

30 min later 51874963 Anonymous
a big blur

32 min later 51874986 Anonymous
>2010 - 8/10 >2011 - 9/10 >2012 - 8/10 >2013 - 7/10 >2014 - 7/10 >2015 - 6/10 >2016 - 5/10 >2017 - 4/10 >2018 - 4/10

32 min later 51874989 Anonymous
Worse every year.

49 min later 51875185 Anonymous
2010 5/10 2011 6/10 2012 5/10 2013 2/10 2014 3/10 2015 1/10 2016 3/10 2017 3/10 2018 3/10 2019 3/10 Things will not get better. Todays social media allows people to compare themselves to anyone in the world. Now that this is possible, it will never go away. Smartphones killed subculture and conservative family life.

49 min later 51875188 Anonymous
>>51874471 >2010 - 5/10 >2011 - 4/10 >2012 - 3/10 holy shit i hated this year >2013 - 6/10 >2014 - 7/10 >2015 - 9/10 >2016 - 8/10 >2017 - 7/10 >2018 - 6.5/10

50 min later 51875190 Anonymous
1) 2016 - Trump presidency, Doom 2016 and meme magic 2) 2011 - Skyrim 3) 2010 - MLP 4) 2013 - [s4s] 5) 2017 /bant/ 6) 2018 - most forgettable year of the 10's 7) 2014 - FNAF 8) 2012 - world didn't end 9) 2015 - Moot left, Undertale

1 hours later 51875620 Anonymous (xa4ez.jpg 456x320 32kB)
>>51874703 Can relate word from word

1 hours later 51875637 Anonymous
>>51874471 All originally shit.

1 hours later 51875657 Anonymous
>>51875185 This. People label each other even more than before now that we are more accessible than ever. Takes away any feeling of individuality and success.

1 hours later 51875682 Anonymous
ranking each year sounds like too much effort to be honest. overall it seems to me that part of me has died during this decade. when you are young you think you have unlimited possibilities, that you will live forever. it falls down. your trust in other people, in ideals and even in yourself. you notice your body can actually get sore, you get tired more often, the years are just passing by. I could have died at any point and what kind of stupid life would that have been. it's a shame people are so weak and need others to come and change things for them. unable to do anything on their own.

1 hours later 51875703 Anonymous
10 good 11 good 12 good 13 still good 2014 wtf happened!! 2015 what's going on!!!! 2016 will things ever be fixed 2017 what should I do how fucked am i 2018 if u only know how bad things really are 2019 x.x

1 hours later 51875758 Anonymous
>>51874471 The first half of this decade completely passed me by, I don't remember anything significant happening either in my personal life or in culture in general. When Trump announced his presidency in 2015, everything on the internet changed. 2015-2016 was one of the greatest times of my life, I spent hours shitposting on /pol/ and the TRS forum. Now everything has been compromised and the momentum has been lost since people literally got thrown in jail and the normies in the movement went underground Pop culture wise literally nothing has changed, music was shit in 2010 and its still shit now, same for tv, games, etc

1 hours later 51875767 Anonymous
you are never proud of who you were in the past. you are always changing the way you think, and maybe you are moving towards something. but towards what? senility? there is no wisdom in old age. this wretched society keeps men in perpetual childhood. we are born free but everywhere we are in chains, right.

1 hours later 51875781 Anonymous
>>51874471 Literally can't remember most of it, probably because I am quite young my time from 2010-2016 has been amazing tho, HS was an up and down but I'd rate it positively overall, I remember my schooltime not that detailed in years but overall the experiences were really great. leaves 2017-2019 2017 was fucking awful but tought me some things 2018 didn't suck but it wasn't amazing. I had some neat moments. 2019 till now has been great even though it's quite the trainwreck. Whatever, I like it that way and I learn something about myself

1 hours later 51875825 Anonymous
>>51875758 I honestly do not (at least not at the moment) have the words to describe how sad that is. The highlight of your life being shitposting, and even worse, on /pol/. I'm sorry buddy but you should probably kys right now.

1 hours later 51875859 Anonymous (czberpunk.jpg 653x960 51kB)
>>51874471 >10/11 - 5/10 >11/12 - 6/10 >12/13 - 7/10 >13/14 - 9/10 >14/15 - 9/10 >15/16 - 9.5/10 >16/17 - 4/10 >17/18 - 9/10 >18/19 - 6/10 so far. Image not realted.

1 hours later 51875865 Anonymous
>>51875825 It felt good to be part of a movement, even if it was online. There was a real reaction from people in government and media to what we were doing. I pity you if you think that's sad

1 hours later 51875885 Anonymous
>>51875781 well fom what you have writtent it seems things have been improving so gl&hf in 19

1 hours later 51875908 Anonymous (Download (2).jpg 250x202 7kB)
>>51875825 >judges and labels someone he doesn't know on the internet and tells him to kill himself because he is happy about something What the fuck is your problem bitch?

1 hours later 51875916 Anonymous
>>51875865 You were part of what is called a psyop.

1 hours later 51875937 Anonymous
>>51875865 No need, I feel way better about my life by just reading about yours. Seriously, it's beyond sad. I hope you're still young so that if you don't kys (which I still advocate) you have time left to achieve something of actual value. Any actual value.

1 hours later 51876003 Anonymous
2016 and 18 were the worse, fuck these years, 19 is also being shit

1 hours later 51876164 Anonymous
>>51875885 thanks also I just laid back and tried to remember some details about those times because I thought I'd go full early alzheimers now, but the nostalgia was real. I'd say only 2017 was really shitty, and that's probs because nothing happened aside from getting fired and the start of my depression

1 hours later 51876192 Anonymous
>>51875937 If your life is so great why are you on here pestering me? You're just a failed normalfag who doesn't belong here if you think anything out in the normie world is worth shaming me over

1 hours later 51876251 Anonymous (1234567.jpg 163x231 10kB)
>>51875937 >my l-life is great HAHA I m-mean when I compare it to yours heh

2 hours later 51876442 Anonymous
interesting on how everyone is saying the latter half of the 2010's were much worse than the first half. proof everyone on this board is 16 and just went through childhood bliss for the first half of the decade?

2 hours later 51876469 Anonymous
>>51876442 it wasn't childhood bliss it was youthful optimism. now we're getting old and we're seeing ourselves be replaced by a younger generation.

2 hours later 51876591 Anonymous
>>51874471 2010 great 2011 good 2012 good 2013 okay 2014 okay 2015 shit 2016 shit 2017 good 2018 shit 2019 shit

2 hours later 51876615 Anonymous (Capture+_2019-04-09-21-04-12(1).png 1080x974 128kB)
>>51874471 My memories of each year 10) adventure time & regular show 11) seth rogan movies 12) youtube lets plays, gangam style, & minecraft 13) frozen & old school meme culture like rage faces 14) isis terrorism & BLM 15) rise of dank memes 16) youtube drama/commentary channels, memes, & the election of Donald Trump and MAGA 17) jake paul & soundcloud rappers 18) white nationalsim/anti zionism & chan culture How much do you guys relate to mine? Oh how so much has changed

2 hours later 51876629 Anonymous
>>51876615 you're a zoomer arn't you?

2 hours later 51876639 Anonymous
>>51876629 Yes, that is correct, sir

2 hours later 51876661 Anonymous
>>51874471 2010 good 2011 ok 2012 bad 2013 bad 2014 bad 2015 terrible 2016 terrible 2017 terrible 2018 terrible 2019 terrible so far

2 hours later 51876668 Anonymous
>>51876442 close I discovered 4chan in 2014, it all went downhill from there.

2 hours later 51876669 Anonymous
>>51876615 My god, i forgot vine. Meh, I'll make another version somewhere else

2 hours later 51876673 Anonymous
>>51874503 lmao good joke friend i get it because thats not really a year in the 2010s well memed my fri3nd

2 hours later 51876828 Anonymous (IMG_0934.jpg 640x360 47kB)
2010 good 2011 okay 2012 hell 2013 shit 2014 okay 2015 shit 2016 cringey hell, although a bit fun 2017 hell 2018 hellfire 2019 shit 2009-2011 were probably the best years of my life. I feel like I could fall over and die any day now. I don't feel like myself anymore

2 hours later 51876985 Anonymous (2ttq4uyofmb21.jpg 533x800 41kB)
>>51876615 2010 that shitty oil crisis and a great winter 2011 trend addictions in school including beyblade and yugioh, 13 back then 2012 2012, more trends, church 2013 best new years eve ever and a generally great summer, ireland trip 2014 got into movies, teachers wouldnt stop throwing refugees and brexit at us 2015 YT and general internet culture, school finishing tour 2016 trump 2017 depression, getting into paranormal shiet because of the YT channels that started popping up 2018 best (only good) party night in my life and more depression I have been strangely out of contact with pop culture for most of the time

2 hours later 51877013 Anonymous (1548118387650.jpg 250x250 6kB)
>>51874471 2010 - Bah, I spent most of the summer at the sitting in the back room of a sandwich bar 2011 - Fairly good year, BF3 came out and I was still a sperglet in primary school 2012 - The year I left primary and started secondary, this is about the point that things started going downhill 2013 - Pretty much a shut in by this point, looking back I'm pretty sure this was the first time I had depression because of how little I fitted in at school; sleep deprivation and constant panic attacks etc 2014 - can't remember much good coming out of it other than moving school, it was a pretty non year for me 2015 - Still not much going for me, although the end of the year was ok, about the time I really start getting into music 2016 - Started going back down, although painfully so. I just let myself slide into the abyss 2017 - Oh god oh fuck why is this happening? This is probably the worst year for me out of all of them. Seemingly constant failure and inability to get simple things right. I made a really half arsed suicide attempt in about November, by which point I'd really had enough 2018 - Meh, things don't get massively better but life becomes tolerable again. The downside is now I'm fat and empty inside 2019 - About to take A level exams and it feels like I've just slid back into a bout of depresso espresso fretting about doing well. I have an offer from a good uni and I just don't want to let my parents down. Last year I made a promise to my great grandmother that I'd get into one before she died Is it really too much to ask just to be happy?

2 hours later 51877073 Anonymous (1488318382991.jpg 240x240 11kB)
how do you fags remember all the details about when what happened? I remember a ton about the last decade but not exactly in which years. I remember almost everything but it's convoluted as fuck

2 hours later 51877149 Anonymous (948631756.jpg 644x591 156kB)
2010 - 7/10 was still a kid at this time so I played lots of vidya and had fun, but even then I had a feeling things were becoming worse 2011 - 6/10 first year of high school, became anxious, had trouble adapting and home life was strictly vidya, but still hopeful and excited for what the future holds 2012 - 5/10 started playing skyrim and WoW 5-9 hours a day, otherwise same as last year 2013 - 6/10 start underperforming at school, start developing unhealthy habits like going to sleep at 4am and quitting sports 2014 - 5/10 parents divorce, home life awful, start to really struggle at school and notice how behind I am to everyone else when it comes to milestones, at least I made a couple new friends 2015 - 3/10 every single day is a bad day, exchanged schools and never adapted to the new one, had no friends and failed every test and exam before dropping out, immediately becoming a NEET 2016 - 4/10 spend the whole year NEETing, wondering what just happened and what went wrong 2017 - 3/10 NEET all year, start wondering if I will always be like this, spend every day wishing for better without doing anything about it 2018 - 5/10 NEET up until getting my first job in august, I see the light and slowly start improving myself, realise I was the one holding myself back all these years 2019 - 6/10 lost job but the fire from 2018 is not dead, am more confident than ever and try to improve myself every day, but will never get over the wasted time over the last decade

2 hours later 51877184 Anonymous (1503269065814.jpg 938x944 96kB)
>>51877073 Hard to say, I've just always remembered stuff from when I was really young. Like the first time I danced to music (18 months), the band in question being Joy Division. In all honesty, it's getting harder to remember everything so I should really start recording it.

3 hours later 51877336 Anonymous
>>51877149 2020 - projected 8/10 I'm at university and have an easy part-time job I love working at. I have friend circles and hobbies that I enjoy in my free time. >>51877073 I try remember what grade I was in

3 hours later 51877355 Anonymous
>>51874471 2016 was honestly a great fucking year for internet culture. Enjoyable vidya (The Division, BF1, Doom 4, etc) and the whole Trump spergery, shit was fun Rest of the decade, especially 2017-19, was fucking miserable

3 hours later 51877364 Anonymous
>>51874471 The 2010's are actually a hellscape. Everything went to shit in the 2010's and the innocent fun dried up to be replaced by political bullshit where everyone takes themselves ultra seriously

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