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2019-02-16 11:00 51002786 Anonymous (1457880531912.jpg 388x275 29kB)
Strongest openers? I'd say Holy Wars or Wesley's Theory

21 min later 51002979 Anonymous
>>51002786 Dont know what Wesleys theory is but Holy Wars is one of the best songs of all time anon, I agree.

23 min later 51002994 Anonymous
>>51002786 xtal

24 min later 51002995 Anonymous
>>51002979 That is the opener to To Pimp a Butterfly from Kendrick Lamar. A polar opposite. I'm glad you agree with Holy Warts

1 hours later 51003365 Anonymous (1495840687407.jpg 750x780 65kB)
>>51002994 Oooh good choice

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