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2019-02-16 10:43 51002652 Anonymous (klt3xkbumun11.png 758x769 28kB)
Imagine what robots and fembots could have together if they replaced their resentment for each other with love.

1 min later 51002662 Anonymous
>>51002652 youre living in the clouds brother

2 min later 51002668 Anonymous
>>51002652 kids?orgy

2 min later 51002670 Anonymous
>2 mentally ill people start a relationship what could possibly go wrong?

3 min later 51002675 Anonymous (mpv-shot0011-3.png 400x400 238kB)
There is no such thing as a fembot. I don't resent femanons, we all gotp roblems otherwise we wouldn't be here, we'd be spending time with our loving families.

33 min later 51002928 Anonymous
>>51002662 This. OP is high.

35 min later 51002944 Anonymous (feel cry.jpg 509x619 67kB)
>tfw no touch-starved fembot to engage in mutual touch and contact together with, to alleviate both our skin hunger and our anxiety about close contact with another person

38 min later 51002972 Anonymous
>>51002652 Imagine if fembots were real and not just larpers

44 min later 51003015 Anonymous
>>51002944 I need this so badly. Normie women could never understand my needs.

54 min later 51003119 Anonymous
Fembots would rather be beaten and anally raped by Chad every day than have a loving relationship with a robot.

1 hours later 51003232 Anonymous
>>51003119 Because robots are ugly and boring to be with.

1 hours later 51003338 Anonymous
>>51003232 The truth is robots are just as likely if not more likely to cheat or be abusive, and no one wants that shit in their life.

1 hours later 51003404 Anonymous
fembots are boring to talk to desu

1 hours later 51003407 Anonymous
>>51003338 Half the men here like >>51002944 worship the ground any woman walks on, you can't seriously believe they would do anything like that. Stop projecting your experiences with Chad onto everyone else.

1 hours later 51003431 Anonymous
>>51002652 Imagine what /r9k/ could be if we replaced fembot threads with actual good content

1 hours later 51003468 Anonymous
>>51003431 I don't think fembots are the ones making most these fembot bait threads. Most of the OP's are either hostile towards them, or they're asking something sexual.

1 hours later 51003472 Anonymous
>>51003407 So anyone that's horrible is chad and anyone with a heart of gold is a robot. Riiiiight. You ugly, bitter fucks are the worst people on the planet and people like that post you link lie, or don't, or who knows, you don't even know that person.

1 hours later 51003476 Anonymous
>>51003472 what are u even doing here??

1 hours later 51003486 Anonymous
If I could kill every last person on the planet who self identifies as a piece of shit "robot", I would. I'd press that button. Then we can finally delete this fucking board, we can't rn because it contains you absolute seething, cock lusting faggot virgins.

1 hours later 51003497 Anonymous
>>51003468 >asking something sexual daily I am told they want me raped and killed

1 hours later 51003519 Anonymous
>>51003497 Yeah that's why I mentioned the hostile threads as well. Don't take me it to heart though, most of the robots doing this are just mentally ill shitposters.r

1 hours later 51003521 Anonymous
>>51002652 unlike robots fembots are all ugly af i better die alone than be with an uggo

1 hours later 51003523 Anonymous
If I had enough money, I'd buy this website and I would be the head mod, IP banning every single faggot that even dares LARP as a robot and no one would care because you're all HOMOSEXUALS. Delete /lgbt/ too. But I'm not rich, so continue being gay.

1 hours later 51003541 Anonymous
>>51003519 Aight ignore the typos, I don't know what happened here.

1 hours later 51003542 Anonymous
I might just buy it and delete the entire thing honestly. Name one good thing that comes off this fucking website.

1 hours later 51003545 Anonymous
>>51003472 Not what I said. There can be kindhearted Chads and horrible robots, but the norm is the other way around.

1 hours later 51003562 Anonymous
>>51003545 No it's not. Chads are well adjusted people, with jobs, friends and girlfriends. Robots are autists and terrible people, who couldn't change even if they wanted to, who think Stacey is the answer to all their problems.

1 hours later 51003574 Anonymous (1550272978237.png 553x536 466kB)
>>51002652 I tried to open myself to a femanon, got ghosted right away.

1 hours later 51003633 Anonymous
>>51003562 Do you actually know any Chads? They cheat on their girlfriends and wives constantly, and brag about it when they aren't around.

1 hours later 51003636 Anonymous
>>51003562 Fuck off neurotypical roastie piece of shit

1 hours later 51003637 Anonymous
>>51003633 That's just a male thing.

1 hours later 51003639 Anonymous
>>51003497 Don't pretend you do not desire that as well.

1 hours later 51003649 Anonymous
>>51003636 You crave tranny dick way more then us "roasties". How many times did you cum while looking at a pair of succulent balls you fucking gay.

1 hours later 51003668 Anonymous
>>51003637 Bullshit. Robots want wholesome dates with affection and love, want a life partner. Chads just want to slay pussy.

1 hours later 51003679 Anonymous
>>51003668 You're full of shit. You need an adult abortion.

1 hours later 51003693 Anonymous
>>51003649 never fapped to trannyshit you dumb cunt go get pumped & dumped by a well-adjusted and a handsome Chad and leave us alone.

1 hours later 51003700 Anonymous
Yeah, I'd have to put up with disgusting fucking retards. I'll keep my hate.

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