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2019-02-16 09:59 51002238 Anonymous (2670E476-3F8C-4E1B-AB8F-0FC7DD1F8CEF.jpg 1024x683 65kB)
It's about 4am. I think I'm gonna go up to McDonald's for a nice breakfast sandwich. I'm not gonna get much sleep tonight and that's the only place I can think of that's open around this hour.

1 min later 51002258 Anonymous (mcdonalds menu 1990.jpg 529x550 279kB)
The McDonalds phone app currently has a deal where if you buy 1 breakfast sandwich you can get a 2nd for 25 cents. t. Mcfatass

4 min later 51002281 Anonymous
What up, my East coast brethren. Where you at? This sentence wasn't original and I know it was me who typed it before because autism.

12 min later 51002373 Anonymous (4E65D405-2E98-4B83-9320-8697D665D8F3.jpg 3874x2906 1910kB)
>>51002258 Fuck, might actually have to try that. >>51002281 Indiana. Took me a second to get dressed, but headed out to the McDick's now. I'll keep y'all posted.

24 min later 51002487 Anonymous (mcdonalds interstate.jpg 1224x861 231kB)
>>51002373 the midwest has the best mcdicks

24 min later 51002489 Anonymous (DC305D95-1033-481F-B3D9-E3CE215E70C2.jpg 4032x2268 1969kB)
>>51002373 So lonely, having the highway to yourself.

29 min later 51002529 Anonymous (234298F7-1CF2-48C4-A56B-4372DD27C2F2.jpg 3874x2906 1640kB)
>>51002489 Made it. In line now.

33 min later 51002556 Anonymous
>>51002489 God I wish I born American so I could be a truck driver on your big comfy roads

34 min later 51002573 Anonymous (Screenshot_20190216_043245.png 374x598 237kB)
what a lame shopping center

37 min later 51002601 Anonymous (E0F240A7-98C2-405D-8A4A-D0D858BA57F5.jpg 4032x2268 1570kB)
>>51002529 Can I get a mcfuckin' uhhhhh >>51002556 I was just listening to Eastbound And Down, which imo is like the quintessential trucking song >>51002573 It's trash but the movie theater next to it is quite nice.

38 min later 51002608 Anonymous
are you eating in the car anon?

39 min later 51002613 Anonymous (1400983447193.jpg 500x375 41kB)
>>51002601 >dr pepper yuck

39 min later 51002614 Anonymous
>>51002601 Peak comfy, I would love to do late night trucking with podcasts in the background

39 min later 51002616 Anonymous (drpepper free.jpg 900x1200 366kB)
>>51002601 >I was just listening to Eastbound And Down an excellent choice along with the Dr Pepper

42 min later 51002639 Anonymous (F3F2FCBC-5352-4E89-AD30-471977187D9D.jpg 4032x2268 1546kB)
>>51002601 Package Secure >>51002608 Saving it until home. >>51002613 Man don't hate on Dr Pep

46 min later 51002672 Anonymous
>>51002639 Why didn't you eat there, OP?

51 min later 51002710 Anonymous (7751F1EE-7C2F-4CD7-AE05-ECBB4C08AF34.jpg 3956x2225 1652kB)
>>51002639 On the road again. Nearly home. >>51002672 It's drive-thru only at this time of day.

53 min later 51002722 Anonymous
>>51002710 Ahh, I see. Man, your pics remind me of here in Ohio, lol. Didn't even realize how late it was until your post.

54 min later 51002735 Anonymous (1454770451437.jpg 600x434 42kB)
>>51002672 have you seen the people who eat along at fast food restaurants?

59 min later 51002770 Anonymous (95E2C982-E033-4C0A-83DC-1E81913DA11C.jpg 4032x2268 1888kB)
>>51002710 Mission Passed. +Respect >>51002722 Only ever go to Ohio when I want to see like King's Island or something (haven't been there in years, holy shit). >>51002614 I've gone on long drives to podcasts before (I'm a big fan of How Did This Get Made, as a film nerd myself). Sometimes it's great, but unless you're well rested before the drive starts it's gonna get old quick. >>51002616 God Bless

1 hours later 51002789 Anonymous
>>51002770 what meds are those

1 hours later 51002794 Anonymous
>>51002770 what meds are you on? comfy room

1 hours later 51002795 Anonymous
>>51002789 Heartburn meds and depression meds. I don't take either as often as I should.

1 hours later 51002812 Anonymous
>>51002795 I need to get depression meds, but I also have anxiety, which means I'm never going to be comfortable with seeing someone who can prescribe me meds for anxiety or depression. Funny how that works. Eh, couldn't afford it anyway.

1 hours later 51002828 Anonymous
>>51002795 >Heartburn meds and depression meds. I don't take either as often as I should. get xanax or klonopin and you will take them all the time :D

1 hours later 51002923 Anonymous
>>51002812 There's nothing wrong with talking with a family member you trust to help you get what you need, anon. If it'll help you get better, you should take whatever steps necessary. >>51002828 I think I'm alright, thanks. Well, my belly's full and I think I'm getting a lil' sleepy. Thanks for coming into the thread, it was a comfy time.

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