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2019-02-03 02:21 50767829 Anonymous (animemask.png 1080x1288 1510kB)
Any zoomers here born between '01-'02?

4 min later 50767898 Anonymous
>>50767829 >01-02 don't they like just start in 1st grade or something? fuck i'm getting old >mfw 01-02's are starring in their first porns these days

5 min later 50767915 Anonymous
>'02 was 17 years ago. Reported

6 min later 50767931 Anonymous (jesus 2.jpg 488x599 32kB)
>>50767829 [/spoiler] 01 i'm sorry [/spoiler]

8 min later 50767960 Anonymous
>>50767829 The first spoiler does not have the / anon. Only the second one

9 min later 50767967 Anonymous
>>50767829 '00 are the chosen Zoomers

9 min later 50767982 Anonymous
>>50767898 Starting September 12 we will start to have girls entering porn who were born after 9/11

12 min later 50768016 Anonymous (1533884612586.jpg 321x312 11kB)
Anyone born after Sept 11 2001 here? I wanna kick your asses.

13 min later 50768041 Anonymous
I'm a 2000 zoomer. >reminder that the most aesthetic birth years are 1999 & 2000

16 min later 50768082 Anonymous
As a 97fag I feel too old to be a zoomer, but too young to be a millennial. I do, however, feel superior to both.

16 min later 50768086 Anonymous
>people born in 2001 can post on 4chan now lol

17 min later 50768100 Anonymous
>>50767829 '01 zoomer here, turned 18 a month ago and am about to start university. I've been browsing 4chan for about 4 years at this point and I really resonate with r9k. I only came to this board about two years ago as I used to go on /g/, and then /o/ once I got my licence. I relate to many of the feels expressed here, I've never had any sort of romantic affiliation with a woman, I've never even been able to express interest in one since I know it will end with rejection and embarrassment. I know my life will not be a happy one but still I drudge through it

18 min later 50768129 Anonymous
>>50767931 >zoomer >doesn't know how to spoiler heh don't worry, I'll take care of you now

21 min later 50768170 Anonymous
>>50768100 You can't know shit you stupid fuck you're barely even old enough to know how to fucking function

22 min later 50768174 Anonymous (1547004242364.png 450x472 193kB)
>>50768100 God damn this place has fucked up another young one's mind.

22 min later 50768187 Anonymous (1547375056265.jpg 960x720 150kB)
>>50767829 >tfw 01 >been browsing for 6 years I really fucked myself up from the start, didn't i?

23 min later 50768193 Anonymous
>>50768129 How are you supposed to use spoiler? I looked it up on know your meme and even clicked the spoiler button.

25 min later 50768218 Anonymous
>>50768193 >I looked it up on know your meme Fucking disgusting. Look at the FAQ you faggot zoomer.

25 min later 50768222 Anonymous
>>50768193 what spoiler button? just highlight the text you want to spoiler and hit Ctrl+S

26 min later 50768234 Anonymous
>>50768100 >spending 4 years brainwashing yourself in your most formative years when you should be socialising YA DUN GOOFED, ANON

28 min later 50768273 Sage
>>50768042 >>50768187 fuck off underage fags

30 min later 50768307 Anonymous
>>50767829 '01here, turned 18 a month ago. /b/tard since middle school, only came on r9k recently. also go on /int/ some and /sp/ when it's world cup time. I always wonder what my life would be like if I had started earlier, I almost went on /b/ when I was 8. somehow I've gotten less and less autistic over the years since using 4chan, partly me maturing I suppose but I remember everyone hating my guts in middle school. Maybe it allowed me to truly believe in something, ideas that I sought out by myeslf. I now pass as a normie somewhat and am kinda successful in life so far. Any questions on zoomer life?

32 min later 50768319 Anonymous
>>50768273 I'm pretty sure if every underage person left then half of the threads on this board would disappear.

34 min later 50768347 Anonymous
>>50768319 And that would be a good thing. The quality of /r9k/ would instantly increase. Discord trash instantly cut by 90%, orbiter shit by 50%.

36 min later 50768373 Anonymous
>>50768307 >somehow I've gotten less and less autistic over the years since using 4chan I've experienced this as well, browsing r9k has made me see all the eccentricities and odd behaviors that people engage in, and has shown me how to avoid these social pitfalls.

38 min later 50768404 Anonymous
>>50768347 To some extent you're right, but to act like it's only underage people who post that is naive; there are plenty of people 21+ who spam and contribute to Tranny, Orbiter and Discord threads.

47 min later 50768537 Anonymous
>>50768404 >but to act like it's only underage people who post that is naive I don't think I really acted like that. I agree it's not just them. In Discord's case I think older anons definitely use it much less; 25+ threads basically never mention discord yet the "youth generals" always have it.

55 min later 50768629 Anonymous
>>50768537 True, the whole /soc/ culture is ruining the board, but first the r*ddit greentext culture needs to go. It could be worse however, we could've ended up like /b/.

1 hours later 50768701 Anonymous
>>50768086 >people born in 2001 can post on 4chan now Yea they're in their edgy faze right now, '00 zoomer myself, newfag who went here after r/incel was terminated

1 hours later 50768704 Anonymous
>>50768629 what do you mean? this board used to br famous for its greentexts

1 hours later 50768805 Anonymous
>>50768704 I know, its the fact that greentexts are being posted to reddit, then reddit users are coming here to get upvotes back on reddit. You see them all the time getting posted, you can tell as theyre usually unfunny, overused or purposely exaggerated. Stuff like: >be me >see qt 3.14 girl at school >she smiles at me >wut.jpg >accidentally shit myself >she runs away >particles of shit entered her nasal passage >basically lost virginity >seeya virgins

1 hours later 50768849 Anonymous (1525650135764.png 866x769 72kB)
>>50768704 >this board used to br famous for its greentexts They use to be of much higher quality, and not just reddit trashheap-tier

1 hours later 50768894 Anonymous
>>50768849 >that pic boy does that explain a lot.

1 hours later 50769150 Anonymous
>>50767829 I'm from 00 but I wouldn't consider myself a zoomer cause I think fortnite is fucking garbage. Also, anyone want a chubby teen bf?

1 hours later 50769218 Anonymous
>>50768849 >i saw a picture with a dude sticking his dick inside a dead chicken i love this site no filters on anything say whatever the fuck you want without some snowflake finding your facebook and trying to get you fired there is no place like this in real life a place where you can speak your true mind

1 hours later 50769223 Anonymous
>>50768805 oh kk sorry i misunderstood. i agree.

1 hours later 50769300 Anonymous
damn I remember posting back in 2015 when I just hit 18 seeing people write "people born in 1997 can post here wtf" and shit talking 25+ year olds on here i feel old even though i'm "young"

1 hours later 50769319 Anonymous
>>50769300 im only 28 and i feel "get off my lawn, you stupid kids" old

1 hours later 50769471 Anonymous (Fortnite-Galaxy-Skin-770x513.jpg 770x513 58kB)
Feburary 2nd 2001

1 hours later 50769535 Anonymous
>>50767829 yes but I can't tell you which one. why?

1 hours later 50769570 Anonymous (1523516997575.png 420x420 21kB)
>>50769535 >I can't tell you which one.

2 hours later 50769610 Anonymous (1515976021193.png 390x390 19kB)
>>50769570 yeah, it's just not an original comment i don't know how else to let you know

2 hours later 50770020 Anonymous
>>50768100 Hey man, me too. Turned 18 today and wasted the last five years of my life here. Started university in the fall. Also I understand your feels.

2 hours later 50770049 Anonymous
>>50770020 happy bday anon, what'd you do?

2 hours later 50770119 Anonymous (1541343610982.jpg 648x1000 96kB)
>>50769218 Even better. The creator shared fapping pictures on his own site!

2 hours later 50770373 Anonymous
>>50770049 worked a ten hour shift, said no to two invitations to parties, currently on 4Chan. would not recommend

2 hours later 50770377 Anonymous
>>50770373 why'd you decline the party invitations?

3 hours later 50771053 Anonymous
>>50770377 because my parents flip their shit whenever I don't come home from work immediately plus I'm socially retarded

3 hours later 50771067 Anonymous
yes, i just turned 19 a few days ago i have been using 4chan since i was 13 because reddit introduced me to it.

5 hours later 50771889 Anonymous
>>50768404 >there are plenty older that shitpost like petulant bad egg HS kids Literally you can't prove this.

5 hours later 50771905 Anonymous
>>50768082 >50768082 we're millenials dude.. the word was practically invented to describe young people when we were 18..

5 hours later 50771922 Anonymous
>>50768082 >>50771905 >'97 >millennial you're both dumb zoomers. if you can't remember a pre-9/11 world, you're a fucking zoomer

5 hours later 50771940 Anonymous
Yes and from Russia.

5 hours later 50771959 Anonymous (1547597958201.jpg 236x226 13kB)
>>50767829 zoomer here, loud and proud. '01 baby and been on r9k for longer than most of you faggots anyway. i've literally been BTFOing you retards since i was 13 ama

5 hours later 50771973 Anonymous
>>50771922 I graduated in 2014 a year early so I was in school with 96 kids literally, at that time, when the term millenial was coined, it was aimed exactly at people like me, people who were 18-25 and my graduating class was 19-20 then

5 hours later 50772013 Anonymous
>>50771973 nigga i'm not gonna argue with you, you can't relate to anything millennials experienced, including the entirety of the 90s. you're a zoomer, and that's the end of the story kid

5 hours later 50772022 Anonymous
>>50771973 96/95 babies actually because I was born very early in the year. Growing up around '95 babies my whole childhood and through hs and college, yeah. just to inform you, that's prime time millenials and I experienced pretty much a classic example of what our society has become with that.

5 hours later 50772046 Anonymous
>>50772013 and yes I remember perfectly clear pre 9/11 I was in elementary school in class when it happened I remember clearly the changes afterwards and what was happening at the time maybe you underestimate what an intelligent child remembers, or the depth of those lives' around you. I can guarantee I've had 100x more varied experiences than you have had in your life.

5 hours later 50772047 Anonymous
>>50767829 Im a 2000 zoomer. how does it feel now that girls you age are doning porn legally?

7 hours later 50773183 Anonymous
>>50767829 >born in 93 which camp do i fall in

7 hours later 50773229 Anonymous (1549148280785.jpg 300x168 6kB)
Been here since '08. That Nagger ubamer got into the white Mans house.

8 hours later 50773728 Anonymous
I was born on the last day of 2000

8 hours later 50773823 Anonymous
>>50773728 last day of the 20th century

9 hours later 50774497 Anonymous (Screenshot_20190104-221433.png 1080x1072 646kB)
'01 Zoomer reporting in, Old enough to count as pre-9/11, too young to remember it

9 hours later 50774617 Anonymous
>>50767829 >boys and girls born in 2005 can legally suck my dick in my country

9 hours later 50774642 Anonymous
>>50768100 Retard. You can still save yourself. Stop falling into the self-fulfilling prophecy pit of complacency and romanticization of mediocrity.

10 hours later 50774786 Anonymous
>>50768222 >Ctrl+S >not typing it yourself i bet you also highlight the text and press the post number to greentext you fucking nerd

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