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2019-01-25 11:54 50619735 Anonymous (1547293256316.jpg 686x1024 80kB)
Is it just me, or are there almost no gay posts on /r9k/ anymore? Did they finally leave?

1 min later 50619744 Anonymous
>>50619735 Yeah, the normies finally won.

5 min later 50619777 Anonymous
>>50619744 lmao fags and trannies ARE normies, gtfo

7 min later 50619789 Anonymous (1460924377201.png 720x644 31kB)
>>50619777 Based and redpilled reply righth ere.

7 min later 50619792 Anonymous
I can identify three fag threads nearly adjacent to your thread alone.

9 min later 50619812 Anonymous
>>50619789 dont reply to me tranny fag, lmao

10 min later 50619819 Anonymous
>>50619812 I am not a tranny or a fag. Fuck you, fren.

11 min later 50619826 Anonymous

12 min later 50619833 Anonymous
>>50619819 he's not me, fren, he's trying to sow divide

2 hours later 50621003 Anonymous
>>50619735 After they figured out they cant get any more attention from here they left. And thank god for it. Finally we are free.

2 hours later 50621017 Anonymous
>>50619777 Imagine being this brainwashed, seriously

2 hours later 50621127 Anonymous
>>50619735 we have had a surge in hookers thread lately

2 hours later 50621235 Anonymous
>>50621127 And that is a very good thing.

2 hours later 50621259 Anonymous
>>50621235 it is just the way forward, prostitution will be legalized virtually everywhere soon, it might take a few more incel mass shooting to convince the public/politicians tho

3 hours later 50621824 Anonymous
>>50619744 >>50619812 >>50619826 >>50621017 Why do gays get so unreasonably angry when all you ask from them is just to please stop spamming the only board we have. Why is this? Do they think they are entitled to being liked by people? Do they think that if someone doesnt allow them to literally cuck them out of the only board they have it means that they hate them or something? And then i dont get what follows. Instead of counterattacking, which is what most people would do if they feel like someone hates them, they try to manipulate you to like them instead. Its such odd behaviour. Do you hate me or do you want me to like you? Do you hate me for not giving this board to you for free, or do you hate me because you think i dont like you? What is it? Do you want to take this board because you want "revenge" on us for not liking you, or do you want it because you like us and want to be around us? But then why would you hate us? I really do not understand them. What do they even want?

3 hours later 50621849 Anonymous
/r9k/ gets periodically raided by various discords at random times most gay shit is contained in the r9gay thread and actual gays are pretty civil and stay in their lane

3 hours later 50621867 Anonymous
>>50619735 https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/154827141400 3.webm

3 hours later 50621921 Anonymous
>>50621824 I don't think you understand, /r9k/ is a gay board. If you like it here that's great. We're nice so we'll let you stay. As long as you don't try to throw an autistic shitfit over the fact that it's our place and you're jealous.

3 hours later 50621982 Anonymous (Pepe-the-Frog-official-stuffed-doll-_1.jpg 400x400 26kB)
>>50621921 >/r9k/ is a gay board (origami)

3 hours later 50622005 Anonymous (1403579876841.jpg 960x960 179kB)
>>50621982 >the frogposter is a newfag

3 hours later 50622019 Anonymous
>>50621921 >/r9k/ is a gayboard >calling anyone else a newfag Back to /lgbt/

3 hours later 50622023 Anonymous
>>50622005 >posting a dead reddit meme

3 hours later 50622030 Anonymous (1526059344056.jpg 864x1239 176kB)
>>50619735 Based futa posters scared them away.

3 hours later 50622043 Anonymous (1525369271905.jpg 576x1024 126kB)
>>50622019 >>50622023 Shouldn't you be at school right now? Does your mom know you're skipping?

4 hours later 50622160 Anonymous (1372485266770.gif 700x350 1498kB)
>>50622043 >Resorting to personal insults The gayboy has run out of arguments

4 hours later 50622188 Anonymous
>>50622160 I know better than to argue with an idiot. It's like talking to a brick wall. You'll stuff your fingers in your ears and choose to ignore the truth. Like always.

4 hours later 50622217 Anonymous
>>50619744 yeah you wish. seriously you guys are no better than incels or degenerate fembots when it comes to shit behaviour and rank in the same annoying league as furry/brony

4 hours later 50622240 Anonymous (1537926955286.png 566x755 317kB)
>>50622188 Oh yeah? And what's the truth faggot? That gayfags tried to take over the board starting in 2015 and have never really been welcome here, starting the trap meme and trying to indoctrinate young men who are lost in life to becoming "trannies" and ruining their lives with hormones? Fuck off. Literally no one besides your own kind wants you here, fuck off back to a board dedicated to being a faggot, faggot.

4 hours later 50622248 Anonymous
>>50619735 there's like /b/,/lgbt/,/hm/,/cm/,/y/,/gif/ and they still keep spamming their faggy threads on r9k

4 hours later 50622273 Anonymous
>>50622248 they've been on /r9k/ since the beginning. we just have more normies now

4 hours later 50622292 Anonymous
>>50622240 So let me get this straight. You really think that there's some international gay internet conspiracy targeting you and /r9k/? That doesn't sound fucking insane and ridiculous to you? I honestly think you should talk to your doctor about this. Paranoid delusions are textbook schizophrenia.

4 hours later 50622357 Anonymous (82f (1).jpg 680x560 59kB)
>>50622292 >international gay internet conspiracy Way to make a wild implication in an effort to strawman my argument into a conspiracy theory, but that's not gonna work on me No, theres a small community of gayfags that use discord to use /r9k/ to convert you impressionable men into trannies. See: the reiko trap harem The rest of you gayboys are just gucking annoying and constantly posting about how robots should all be gay, etc. And no one wants to hear it.

4 hours later 50622385 Anonymous
>>50622357 This shit is obviously made up. Exaggerated at best. You're just a gullible idiot that's eager to believe the worst.

4 hours later 50622424 Anonymous (1541097990840.jpg 721x499 69kB)
>>50622385 Regardless of whether or not you think that's true, gay dudes and traps on /r9k/ are no better than the roasties they despise. Shilling their bodies on the internet for gibs and attention like a fucking woman. Noyhing is more normie than that.

4 hours later 50622516 Anonymous
>>50622385 No. You're either being intellectually dishonest because you have an agenda or you're wildly naive.

4 hours later 50622658 Anonymous
>>50619735 Glory hole demon?

5 hours later 50622755 Anonymous
>>50619735 They all got aids and ded

5 hours later 50622795 Anonymous (219385.jpg 1440x2560 756kB)
man this thread is a shitfest accept the fact that there are some gaybots and get over it, its really not so hard

5 hours later 50622826 Anonymous
>>50621824 If you exclude reiko tranny shillposts, the only gay thread there really ever was was /r9gay/

5 hours later 50622860 Anonymous (1548398931081.png 966x900 357kB)
>>50621921 >r9k is a gayboard over my dead body you absolute faggot go find your own fucking board or better yet site you utter cunt

5 hours later 50622896 Anonymous
>>50622860 This is my board. It's a gay board. You can stay if you want even if you're not gay. Just don't be a dick about it. Respect the fact that this is a gay space. If you can't do that, you need to leave.

5 hours later 50622952 Anonymous
>>50622795 Unoriginally I refuse

5 hours later 50622962 Anonymous
>>50622896 I refuse to accept that Go back to >>>/lgbt/

5 hours later 50622983 Anonymous (download.jpg 262x192 10kB)
>>50622896 fukkin kek >don't be a dick about it please don't offend my gay sensibilities WAAAAAAHHHH

5 hours later 50623065 Anonymous
>>50621921 But it's not though. It something that started around 2017 and is ending now already. You are just trying to take this place from us for a reason i still dont understand. You all came here around the same time, and you all only talk to eachother. Nobody else interacts with gay posters or gay content but other gay people, and none of you are native to here. Nothing you talk about even has anything to do with r9k, you just for some reason insist on posting it here. It makes no sense. You can do all of this on countless other boards and even different sites, but for some reason you randomly chose to and insist on posting it here. We on the other hand are not only the natives you are attempting to forcefully take this board from, but even if we wanted to leave, there is nowhere else to go for us. No other place wants to hear about lonely autistic losers complaining about their lives, even on 4chan if people notice you're a robot on other boards they tell you to fuck off back to r9k. I really do not understand why you are like this. Why cant people just leave us alone.

6 hours later 50623300 Anonymous
>>50622962 You're going to have a bad time here then, since it's a gay board and we're not going anywhere. >>50622983 I'm not saying please or crying about anything. If anything you idiots are the ones that are offended. Like this guy: >>50623065 Just because you got here in 2017 doesn't mean it started then, newfag. You are trying to take this place from us. It's our place to begin with. I've been here since before /r9k/ was made the first time a fuckin decade ago. You have everything backwards. Like some straight normie walking into a gay bar and getting upset over all the fags and why isn't anyone watching sportsball on the TV ree get out of my sports bar.

6 hours later 50623330 Anonymous
>>50619735 No there's still posts about traps

6 hours later 50623364 Anonymous
First it was da joos, next it was bbc, then it was traps and prison gayness... As the old shill saying goes... >switch tactics

6 hours later 50623449 Anonymous
>>50623300 Why do this man. Everyone knows gays are not native to this board. What is all this machiavellian manipulation for. We are talking about an imageboard. Why do fight so hard to take this from us. I dont understand it. I am not your enemy. There is no reason to wage this war you are waging on me. I am not your enemy because i dont want to give my only house to you. If i would give it to you, i would have none. You have plenty of houses already, why do want to take mine from me, knowing all well i have no other house and i'll freeze to death without one? What did i do to you to deserve all this hate?

6 hours later 50623618 Anonymous
>>50623449 It's my house dude. I built it. I've been here since then. My home. You could go anywhere. Go to r*ddit with the other normies. Stop being a pest in my home. It's ridiculous. You have this completely backwards.

6 hours later 50623881 Anonymous
>>50619735 fuck off homosexual this isn't /lgbt/ faggots are seen here the same way /pol/ sees them

7 hours later 50623966 Anonymous
>>50623618 It's not your house though, you did not build it. There were no gays before 2015.

7 hours later 50623987 Anonymous (ed2.png 680x1483 184kB)
>>50623618 >It's my house dude. I built it. Pic related, you on the right

7 hours later 50624013 Anonymous (wojak.png 1000x1000 121kB)
>>50623618 You are still trying to manipulate and doing machiavellian tricks. I dont understand this viciousness in the war that you wage on us. Its pure and utter hate just because i dont want to give you the only house i have that i need to simply survive. I dont understand this. You have all these houses but you insist on taking this from me as well. You clearly dont need it so the only possible conclusion here is that its just spite. But this much? Its pure, deep, burning hate. You're acting as if i murdered your entire family or something. All we want is just to be left alone and people dont even want to give us that

7 hours later 50624022 Anonymous
>>50623300 >It's a gay board and we're not going anywhere Then why are there less of you now?

7 hours later 50624132 Anonymous
>>50623966 I'm gay and I've been here since 2006. You're objectively, factually wrong.

7 hours later 50624144 Anonymous
>>50624013 You're trolling. Stop. It's just silly.

7 hours later 50624156 Anonymous
>>50619735 They are here but fucking a sissy or twink bottom is straight so I wouldnt count those threads as gay

7 hours later 50624175 Anonymous
>>50624132 There was no /r9k/ in 2006 you silly billy

7 hours later 50624206 Anonymous
>>50624175 Yes, I know. I'm saying I've been here since day 1. Saying that there weren't any homos back then is ridiculous. I don't know why I subject myself to talking to you people.

7 hours later 50624213 Anonymous
>>50619735 Most of them migrated to /r9gay/. We've successfully contained the faggotry.

7 hours later 50624243 Anonymous (13.jpg 1280x896 152kB)
Looks like the normies are forgetting their place. I'll have to make a few gay threads to remind them.

7 hours later 50624245 Anonymous
>>50624206 I'm saying the flagrant gay posting didn't start until 2015, the trap shit, the conversion threads, the sissy cuckold garbage. I have no problem with gay people, but you aren't robots

7 hours later 50624251 Anonymous
>>50624243 Gays are normies though, literally just male roasties

7 hours later 50624257 Anonymous
based and also logarithmically redpilled

7 hours later 50624259 Anonymous
>>50624245 If you're straight you can NOT be a robot. You are a normalfag in denial kid.

7 hours later 50624261 Anonymous
>>50619777 Fags and trannies make up less than 2% of the global population. That's dumb to think they are all normies.

7 hours later 50624271 Anonymous
>>50624132 What is your point? No one said that there were absolutely no gays here at all. Statistically even if they are only 1% of the population, there are still gonna be some of them around. The point is that they were never an actual group on here and there was barely if ever any conversation about being gay before 2016. The recent influx of gayposting and gayposters is an obvious invasion as these people have their own subculture that has nothing to do with the rest of this site, they only talk to eachother and no one else talks to them. It makes no sense for them to even be here as they are doing the exact same thing they do here as they do wherever they came from (probably tumblr). I understand by the way that you are not part of this group. As i said, not all gay people on 4chan are part of them. Some have always been here. But they have always basically been random users that just happened to be gay. I have nothing against that. I see you as a fellow 4channer (as cringe as that sounds i have no other word for it lol), and exactly because of that i expect you to side with us against this invasion. You are not part of them unless you choose to.

7 hours later 50624274 Anonymous
>>50624259 Only straight people can be robots, gay people get endless attention from other horny gay dudes

7 hours later 50624299 Anonymous
>>50624274 Straight people could also all get some gross fatass tumblrina to want to fuck them. Doesn't mean all gays will appreciate attention from crusty old men.

7 hours later 50624301 Anonymous
One of them was supposedly responsible for a suicide and it was leaked that they make concentrated efforts to shit up the board, so once names started dropping fags started hopping.

7 hours later 50624309 Anonymous
>>50624144 How would you even arrive at that conclusion? Im trying my very best to reason with you but all you do is keep attacking. If anyone here is a troll its you. Whatever. Its impossible to reason with you. You are so blinded by hate that you are seeing red in front of your eyes. I cannot reach you. All i can hope is that one day you'll realize im not your enemy, i dont hate you, i just cant give you the only place i have left. Im sorry. Even if i wanted to. This is the last thing i have left, i am welcome literally nowhere else on the internet. I just cant do it.

7 hours later 50624312 Anonymous
>>50624299 This sounds awfully familiar...where have I seen this argument before?

7 hours later 50624317 Anonymous
>>50624299 >Straight people could also all get some gross fatass tumblrina to want to fuck them Wrong, at least you get attention. Still get gross men to give you money online. Still act like sluts when given the chance. M A L E R O A S T I E

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