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2018-12-31 04:53 50158368 Anonymous (1546016712725.png 800x600 273kB)
How dead will this place be tonight when all the normies leave to party and have sex?

2 min later 50158416 Anonymous
>>50158368 Hopefully dead enough

10 min later 50158524 Anonymous
>>50158368 why don't you go to a bar, get drunk and have sex too?

11 min later 50158540 Anonymous
I'm 22 almost 23 and am spending this new years with my mom and dad drinking some beers and eating some food. My older brother might come with his gf. I like spending time with all of them. Feels Good Man.

13 min later 50158565 Anonymous
>>50158368 Don't care how dead it'll be. I'll hang out with you anons. Happy new year.

14 min later 50158581 Anonymous
>>50158524 >>50158540 niggers stop making feel like a loser

46 min later 50159047 Anonymous (1543078419709.jpg 657x718 106kB)
Anyone want to get drunk and play vidya with me tonight desu I'm a Tennessee boi who likes a lot of games

49 min later 50159083 Anonymous
>>50158524 I can do all of those things but I won't be able to find a woman that wants to hang me that I want to bang

50 min later 50159099 Anonymous
>>50158368 I ve spent the last 5 new years on R9K. Gonna be a "party".

53 min later 50159146 Anonymous (1545661966012.jpg 675x675 184kB)
>>50158540 same here. but its "feels bad man" for me

55 min later 50159164 Anonymous
>>50159047 What games do you play? Im planning on getting drunk tonight too and playing games

57 min later 50159190 Anonymous
>>50158524 >go to bar >order beer >try to make smalltalk with someone >they ignore >buy second beer >fiddle around with phone >occasionally look up to see everyone else having fun >get up >wander around a bit >sigh and leave >know that the only people who noticed you are happy you're gone because they thought you were going to shoot up the place that's how it always goes for me, nothing good comes from me going to a bar. Fuck off with your normalfag advice, normalfag scum

1 hours later 50159250 Anonymous (frenstruck.jpg 439x363 46kB)
>>50159164 A lot of stuff anon. I'm a competitive overwatch player (peak 4400 sr) but other than that I casually play league, hots, magic arena, hearthstone, deep rock galactic, vermintide 2, payday 2, I have a lot more games I can install that I quit for one reason or another like siege. I don't mind buying a game if you want to play something else since there's a few games and I don't mind trying new things. I've been eyeing some games anyways like blops 4, dead by daylight, last year, etc. but don't want to buy without someone to play with.

1 hours later 50159272 Anonymous (1534823447156.jpg 803x711 67kB)
>>50159250 I fucked up the last paragraph since at work on phone sorry desu

1 hours later 50159299 Anonymous
>>50159272 Whats your job tendy boi?

1 hours later 50159319 Anonymous
last year it was dead and comfy here. It felt like spending NYE with friends.

1 hours later 50159329 Anonymous
>>50159272 Thats okay anon, Im at work too. Do you have a discord I can add you on? Ill add you when I get home

1 hours later 50159331 Anonymous (comfy.jpg 670x424 25kB)
>>50158368 Holidays are the best time to be on /r9k/ for precisely this reason, all the normalniggers are gone. New Years, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the best.

1 hours later 50159385 Anonymous
>>50159190 If a fat ugly neck beard wearing an anime/cartoon-comic/pony/ shirt tried talking to me at a bar I'd ignore him too, maybe try wearing something that doesn't give away your powerlevel

1 hours later 50159387 Anonymous (rider_of_black_fate_apocrypha_fate_grand_order_and_fate_series_drawn_by_bianyuanqishi__sample-d45533.png 850x1202 1052kB)
>>50159299 Payless shoes manager. I hate it lol. >>50159329 Sure it's HonHon#9896

1 hours later 50159414 Anonymous
>>50158368 I never stay on 4chan on New Year even though I've got nowhere to go There's that irrational idea that if I start doing something productive, maybe this year will be different

1 hours later 50159422 Anonymous
>>50159387 At least you get to scope out feet all day lol. Any good stories? I used to work in a dollar store LOTS of crackhead stories.

1 hours later 50159450 Anonymous
>>50159190 what do you do when its 00:00 and everyone is kissing and screaming and jumping?

1 hours later 50159522 Anonymous
>>50159450 The normalfag who gave that advice didn't consider how much this fucking sucks since he has never had to go through it. This year and the last 2 years I have turned down NYE invitations from my friends. They're all married or engaged so it's going to be a bunch of couples doing couple shit and then me standing in a corner if I went. I'd rather be home alone shitposting with anons instead of putting myself through being the one single person in a room full of couples as the ball drops.

1 hours later 50159552 Anonymous (1471927956928.jpg 482x549 58kB)
>>50159422 Not really. Only story I've had is I almost got fired because a pair of ladies came into my store expecting a discount they were not entitled to. My subordinate went against me (her manager) in front of them and then the 3 of them berated me for what felt like an hour. After that the younger of the two said i was acting hostile and making them feel uncomfortable (I never even raised my voice lol but she did) and threatened to call mall security. Then started flagging down men leaving the store and walking by asking them not to leave because I was apparently scaring her (I never even left the counter until I went to the back to call my dm lol) They caused a huge scene and called corporate over nothing because I didn't want to give them like 70 percent off a pair of shoes for no reason. The company apologized and made me look like an idiot, told them I was fired, and froze my coworkers status in the company so we couldn't fire her in "retaliation" (we wouldn't have. She's a terrible employee who was going to be fired anyways) They did some even worse shit to me I made a thread about earlier today. This company sucks.

1 hours later 50159591 Anonymous
>>50158368 I'll just play league of legends and a bit dark souls

1 hours later 50159667 Anonymous
>>50159522 Oh god get over yourself

1 hours later 50159682 Anonymous (307.jpg 680x591 34kB)
>>50159450 >what do you do when its 00:00 and everyone is kissing and screaming and jumping? >transform into firebreathing frog that can shoot tendies from cock >no one notices yet, kill bartender with tendie right between the eyes >hop over bar to find her shotgun and key >hop to front of bar using stealth boy >lock door >someone sees floating shotgun >W-Whu the fuck?! >blow his brains out and hit the naenae >stealth boy wears out and everybody screams at the dancing frog >this angers me >start projectile vomiting poison over everyone and spraying into crowd with shotgun shells and tendies >start dabbing and intermittently sniffing cute feet >everyone ded nao >light place on fire >hop home >transform back to incel >get best sleep of whole year >mfw

1 hours later 50159769 Anonymous
>>50159552 That's pretty shitty man. I finally got a good job but feel i may lose it any week now for incompetence. I'd sooner die than go back to being constantly berated and mocked by coworker and customer alike. One chill thing about retail is the dating potential. Granted i only went on one with a ugly chubby girl, but still. Do you have a plan out?

1 hours later 50159872 Anonymous (1543026216134.png 322x361 201kB)
>>50159769 Yeah my manager says he'll back up any lie I make for my time as an assistant manager so I can get another management job (This was my first one and I did a damn good job. The company is just dogshit.) So I'm updating my resume, adding him as a former employer, and going for higher paying management jobs. I'm confident I'll find one. As for dating I never got close to a date. But I did find one girl who both my coworkers thought was into me. She was really pretty too. But I got nervous when she tried to talk to me and sperged out saying "oh I don't remember you" when she said "I think we had this same conversation last time I here, anon." So welp. Lol. Good manager, awful possible bf.

1 hours later 50160025 Anonymous
I'm so fucking tired of listening to you incapable fucking retards who are afraid even to start a small talk and then everyone else is somehow guilty. Oh just get some fucking balls and call someone, go drink alone and you will find some people to have fun, you don't have to find some 4chan fags or talk about 4chan things and jokes for fucking god sake, adapt, try to be with the normalfags and you will see that not everyone is normalfag, they are just undercover normalfags. Get up and do something instead of wining around like little bitches.

1 hours later 50160084 Anonymous
>>50159872 What console are you using? And do you have an opinion on the fake upscale payless commercial?

1 hours later 50160087 Anonymous (get_bent.jpg 703x685 154kB)
>>50160025 >be a normalfag Nigger when I get drunk I get really racist and talk about the jews and how they've corrupted me and many others. I also think I confess my sissy fetish. I refuse to take a chance on drinking in public.

1 hours later 50160129 Anonymous
>>50160025 its not that fucking easy. I bet you've met some fucking losers in clubs and bars. those people who just really stand out, who say those stupid fucking things no one cares about and you just smile and walk away. and afterwards you talk to your friends about that fucking loser who was just standing there talking about shit anoying people. some people just are like that and i can understand if they dont want to go out anymore.

1 hours later 50160141 Anonymous
Failed norman here. I have a few options for tonight but I can't be fucked. I'm going to drink the bottle of champagne I got from grandparents alone in my room, hope that r9k is more fun and play some red dead. I have some weed as well. Sucks knowing my parents will be downstairs talking about how much of a loser I am.

1 hours later 50160142 Anonymous (1505903775436.jpg 582x756 35kB)
>>50160084 Console, anon? And not really. No one here knew about it ahead of time. The company doesn't tell us shit. I personally don't care lol. Payless will be bankrupt again for good by 2019 or 2020 at the latest.

1 hours later 50160143 Anonymous
>>50160087 Lil' bitch I talk the same shit but I don't really mean that just doing it for fun. Well you can't just talk about your fucking disgusting fetishes with the people you just met, you're fucking retarded. It would be funny tho but you just can't. If you find someone with a good sense of humor and If you analize that person and If you see that they are actually cool then you can throw some of those nasty stuff. It's really not that hard you just have to try a little.

1 hours later 50160156 Anonymous
>>50160142 I mean do you pc game or use ps4?

1 hours later 50160163 Anonymous
>>50160025 fuck off, I spent 5 years doing this, it's easy enough after a few pints. Hell, if I get fucked I can mimic a chad with no effort. But it's fucking shit, everyone is boring and basic with zero interests outside of generic TV shows, sports and what girls they've been staring at. In return you have to spend tons of money on drinks, it's freezing (at least in my country) and boring standing around in some club smoking area just to force yourself to make the right facial expressions at some gormless art hoe.

1 hours later 50160172 Anonymous
>>50160129 Ofc I met some fucking boring npc losers, and when I realize that I just go off to some other people or back to my buddie/s again.

1 hours later 50160176 Anonymous
>>50159146 Why is a "feels bad man"? Do you hate your family?

2 hours later 50160198 Anonymous (1536275586955.png 227x179 65kB)
>>50160143 Did you miss the part where both of us are very drunk in this scenario? Drunk people don't have good decision making you moron. Unless you've never been proper smashed then I understand why you'd say something that stupid.

2 hours later 50160203 Anonymous
>>50160172 and jet you say those people should hang around the normal fags like you. get fucked idiot.

2 hours later 50160216 Anonymous (1545337899431.jpg 288x288 22kB)
>>50160156 Oh PC desu. I play a lot of things but primarily overwatch. (high grandmaster) but also casually play other stuff

2 hours later 50160225 Anonymous
>>50160163 Well Jesus Christ where the fuck do you live? I don't even go to night clubs because there are mostly retards there, I just go to pubs. You don't have to mimic chads it's not that crucial dude. But the point is that you can find people to talk to or drinkg to, I have numerous situation where I did that with strangers ofc when I'm drunk because I'm a little bit shy too but not that much nowadays. I was really shy before till I just understood that that shit leads to fucking nowhere, there is no point.

2 hours later 50160262 Anonymous
>>50160203 You are just idiot who is full of anger because he isn't capable to have a simple social act. I understand you.

2 hours later 50160306 Anonymous
>>50160262 true, but i doubt you understand how miserable it is nor how hard it is to be socially accepted.

2 hours later 50160389 Anonymous
>>50160216 Dont have a pc, mate. Did you watch birdbox?

2 hours later 50160403 Anonymous
>>50160306 I understand man, because I was socially retarded too and knew a lot of people who were the same just like me. It is miserable and that's why you must collect your balls and do something about it, you will fail def but you will win too most def. I'm talking from my own experience. I love you faggot, you can do it.

2 hours later 50160441 Anonymous
>>50159682 And it never gets easier...

2 hours later 50160486 Anonymous (1544759571212.png 568x433 124kB)
>>50160389 Birdbox? Can't say i do but what is that anon desu.

2 hours later 50160518 Anonymous
>>50160486 Its a new netflix movie. I was on pornhub and its one of the top searched lol

2 hours later 50160573 Anonymous
>>50160306 Hey man, let me tell you something. I used to be very very socially awkward when I was younger and always tried to fit in and all of that, but I realised after a while that it was preciesly that conformist mentality that made me awkward. I started to embrace myself as well as my idiosyncracies and it was then I started to become accepted by normies. The key is to embrace your non-normieness and become someone that normies look up to.

2 hours later 50160625 Anonymous
>>50160403 >you will win too most def now tell me WHAT can I win?

2 hours later 50160684 Anonymous
>>50160441 Is it supposed to senpai?

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