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2012-12-29 08:30 5005370 Anonymous (am-incense-7g.png 215x215 139kB)
What does /r9k/ use to keep the depressions away? Pic related, lasts about 30 mins but completely whacks you out stronger than the strongest weed. >tfw its actually painful spending a day completely sober

1 min later 5005388 Anonymous
>>5005370 I've always wanted to try a synthetic cannaboid as I cant get weed where I live, where should I start?

2 min later 5005400 Anonymous
>>5005370 do as you will

3 min later 5005408 Anonymous

4 min later 5005418 Anonymous
>>5005388 Well they may be called synthetic cannaboids but they're pretty different to weed bro. If anything its more of a trip with a crazy ass body load. Though its not a horrible body load like 2ci or something its quite pleasureable, makes fapping divine. Can only speak for AM Incense though.

4 min later 5005425 Anonymous
I'm digging that terminal fluorine tail bound to that (structure I don't know) napthalene ketone.

4 min later 5005429 Anonymous
>>5005388 Do not use synthetic cannabinoids. Weed is safe. Synthetic cannabinoids are typically not. Seriously. Heart palpitations and shit. You could die. You can get weed anywhere in the world. Keep looking.

5 min later 5005437 Anonymous (dashanim.gif 617x473 1269kB)
smoking spice for extended periods of time makes people crazy. literally. you become psychotic. http://www.navytimes.com/news/2011/06/navy-marine-spice-mental-effects-060611w/ to answer your question OP, what keeps the sad away for me? watching little girl cartoons. actually one specific one. Ill give you a hint pic related.

5 min later 5005438 Anonymous
Nigga i became an oxycontin/heroin addict. Found out being a druggie since 16 was actually why i was depressed / had anxiety. clean now and happier than ever. >tfw dont WANT a gf >tfw not a virgin so not desperate for affection >tfw know ill fuck a bitch when the times right >tfw put a bitch in the friendzone >tfw she is pregnant(not mine :) ) and cried and apologized to me because she thought i would be mad that we could no longer be together. >implying we would ever have been together brobots, your time will come. drugs are fun but not the answer.

5 min later 5005439 Anonymous
>not for human consumption Oh shit, nigger! What are you doing!?

5 min later 5005441 Anonymous
>>5005425 what babby chem did you learn?

6 min later 5005442 Anonymous
Escapism Playing/reading/watching stories of sci-fi or fantasy and temporarily making myself more concerned with the problems of elves and robots than my own

8 min later 5005460 Anonymous
>>5005425 Care to explain what you mean?

8 min later 5005461 Anonymous
>>5005441 I'm actually done with my chem courses for my undergrad career. I wasn't about to make shit up, I'm not at school so I can't look up the name of the structure, and I didn't feel like lying. I don't smoke, so it was the most interesting thing to comment on, brah.

9 min later 5005479 Anonymous
>>5005438 >tfw i would choose a lifetime supply of heroin over anything in the world IV heroin is the happiest I've ever been

10 min later 5005483 Anonymous
>>5005461 it was a poor display you put on. you've never done ochem, huh?

10 min later 5005488 Anonymous
>>5005439 #yolo >>5005437 Its not spice its a different chemical.

11 min later 5005496 Anonymous
>>5005479 >tfw ANY opiate addict would choose a lifetime supply over being clean lol the only reason its depressing is all the bullshit that comes with trying to maintain a steady supply. other than that, opiates are absolute god mode for confidence, feelz, euphoria, everlasting sex, etc etc

13 min later 5005511 Anonymous
>>5005496 They are god mode for everything, nothing beats the high. the only other drug I might ever want would be lsd.

14 min later 5005525 Anonymous
>>5005483 >implying we spent a lot of time on naming >implying I remember cyclic structures with nitrogens Shit son, I like syntheses. Makes me feel like I'm a surgeon putting something together (actually going to start research in the upcoming semester). When you start getting into cyclic structures the common name is pretty much the only way to go anyways.

14 min later 5005526 Anonymous
What's the easiest opiate to get a hold of?

16 min later 5005550 Anonymous
>>5005526 Where do you live? If you're in France hit the Chemist and get some Tussipax. Otherwise codeine, heroin, kratom, subutex atleast in the UK.

16 min later 5005556 Anonymous
>>5005442 5htp (for sleeping but it is a mild anti-depressant too), various opiates but mostly amphetamine. It is THE best drug out there which makes you stop thinking, at the moment you're up but I've been using quite some time and quite frequently now and I've actually got the feeling I'm dumber or something. This mathematician Paul Erdos got addicted to amphetamine, and he described perfectly how blank your mind is when you're sober: "Before, when I looked at a piece of blank paper my mind was filled with ideas. Now all I see is a blank piece of paper." Stop thinking, use amphetamines!

16 min later 5005559 Anonymous
>>5005526 Desomorphine, courtesy of your neighborhood slavs.

18 min later 5005583 Anonymous
>>5005525 >i like synthesis okay? you don't seem like you're ready to handle simple chem, let alone surgery. disappointing

18 min later 5005587 Anonymous
>>5005526 Depends on your area. Good news is to someone who doesnt use opiates, you can get all the benefits with the weaker ones. (aka dont need to do heroin or oxycontin) If you're in the us then the only legal ones you can really get is kratom and poppy seeds(make poppy seed tea). Illegal easy to gets are: Tylenol 3(30mg codiene) Promethazine w/ codiene (other syrups like robo and tylenol also exist) vicodin norco which is 2 vicodin basically w/ less tylenol in it percoset(oxycodone w/ tylenol) then after that you move up to the big leagues oxycodone oxymorphone(GOD TIER) fentanyl heroin(diacetyl morphine) etc etc.

19 min later 5005598 Anonymous
>>5005583 Your attempts will not phase me, sir.

20 min later 5005611 Anonymous
>>5005550 >>5005559 I live in Las Vegas but I know no drug dealers. I don't want heroin, I just want something to help me into confidence

21 min later 5005626 Anonymous
>>5005598 >Your attempts will not phase me, sir. i hope you 'attempt' to learn some actual chem soon

22 min later 5005639 Anonymous
>>5005611 kratom or poppy seed tea. or dig through peoples bathroom medicine cabinets until you find hydrocodone / oxycodone / codiene / morphine / etc. enjoy your new addiction while feeling like your life is complete and you finally filled the void by which your eternal suffering stems.

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