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2013-03-09 02:41 5998126 Anonymous (6791112392_865020caaf_z.jpg 578x510 116kB)
ITT: Horrible secrets that you can never tell anybody except 4chan. I'll start: Once I had a UTI and constantly had to pee to the point where I was practically wetting myself and I was rushing to the bathroom literally like every five minutes and so when I went to bed I wore one of my mom's tampon pad things so I wouldn't piss in my underpants while I was sleeping for a night.

2 min later 5998147 Anonymous
Well that's not too bad OP - you improvised with the resources at hand to solve a problem that prevented you from reaching your goal of sleeping.

3 min later 5998163 Anonymous
I have none, I told my workmate how I killed those hamsters and a dog and attempted rape at 5.

5 min later 5998180 Anonymous
I wet the bed until I was 21. Not even kidding.

6 min later 5998188 Anonymous
l'm still a virgin

8 min later 5998205 Anonymous
I used to piss myself every night until I was 17. I wore diapers to sleep until I was 10. I've pissed on my friends when I went to sleepovers on accident. I would wake up and try to clean up their beds then leave.

9 min later 5998207 Anonymous
>>5998180 How does that happen? Did you have some sort of medical problem?

9 min later 5998213 Anonymous
OPs secret is fine. I can imagine why he might be shy about telling people, but it's not like he was writing erotic dragonlance fanfic or something.

10 min later 5998224 Anonymous
>>5998180 >>5998205 Fellow bed wetting bros! Got any stories? >parents buy some sleeping piss alert system >its a bad that goes under my sheet >when i piss on it an alarm goes off and it's supposed to scare me from pissing myself anymore >doesnt work

10 min later 5998228 Anonymous
I once masturbated in front of my sleeping old aunt. Was about to come in her face when she opened her eyes and said "What". I ran as fast as possible and she's never brought it up. We get along just fine right now.

11 min later 5998234 Anonymous
I don't keep secrets, OP. I don't regret life either. Am I abnormal?

11 min later 5998242 Anonymous
>>5998207 I don't know why it happened, no one did. My dad still does it sometimes and he's almost 50. I haven't done it in 5 years

13 min later 5998257 Anonymous
I still have wet dreams at age 22. It is as if I am still 12, cumming into my jocks in my sleep, and waking covered in my own mess. Will it ever fucking end?

15 min later 5998269 Anonymous
>>5998257 I have never had wet dreams, and I dream of sex regularly. ;_;

16 min later 5998282 Anonymous
I still have a special pillow which I need to sleep. I seriously can't sleep without this thing. And yes, I regularly clean it, etc.

18 min later 5998299 Anonymous
I felt like spilling my problems out as anonymous but no one cares and I'll delete it in a few minutes anyways. I just want some validation.

20 min later 5998315 Anonymous
I have a jumper and pair of pants that I stuff with pillows and other clothing to simulate the shape of a girl. I hug it to get to sleep at night. I spray it with perfume sometimes.

21 min later 5998325 Anonymous
>>5998282 What would you do if it was stolen?

24 min later 5998342 Anonymous
>>5998257 isnt that normal? happens once in a while (im 27)

24 min later 5998343 Anonymous
I have hepatitis C Thanks to this I'm a germaphobe and scared shitless of human blood. How >internet XD girls find blood play fanfics hawt is beyond me.

24 min later 5998351 Anonymous
>>5998269 It is not what you make it out to be. Fucking annoying as shit waking at like 3am, realising your dick is cold because it is covered in staling cum, having to wash yourself off, so so. Thereafter trying to get back to sleep. You ain't missing much. It has got to the point now, where I make myself wake up before I cum, can walk into the bathroom with a dash, and cum into the toilet before it ends up all over me.

27 min later 5998365 Anonymous
>>5998342 Probably, but I think 2-4 times a month seems excessive at my age. Especially considering a masturbate regularly.

28 min later 5998374 Anonymous
>>5998351 >5998351 Ok, that sounds more like a burden than anything... Isn't there a way to get rid of it?

29 min later 5998377 Anonymous
I eat my finger nails and boogers like, all the time. I also sometimes eat my hair and scabs. I'm disgusted with myself but I can't stop.

30 min later 5998386 Anonymous
>masturbated with people around >masturbated in public bathrooms >peed in cups You need to step it up, OP.

30 min later 5998390 Anonymous
>>5998374 I dunno. Not like I talk to anyone about it. I have been thinking since I was like 15 that I would grow out of it any day now.

35 min later 5998439 Anonymous
>>5998315 Fuck that is pathetic.

40 min later 5998472 Anonymous
>>5998325 I seriously don't know. Like, I have terrible sleeping problems without this thing... I don't know, sorry...

42 min later 5998483 Anonymous
when i'm in strange places i try to fap to get myself comfortable

42 min later 5998484 Anonymous
>>5998439 I know anon, I know. I can't believe my life has come to this.

47 min later 5998522 Anonymous
Horrible secrets, lets see... Well i do masturbate with and cum in my mothers an sisters underwear whenever i get the chance, My mother is in her 50's and sister is 26 I am 20. Doing it is hotter to me than having sex with my girlfriend. And it is not because my girlfriend doesn't satisfy me or something, she is strong 8/10 in fact.

47 min later 5998526 Anonymous
I've killed three people and I will soon kill once more. It's such a rush. Not Alyssa Bustamente, by the way.

50 min later 5998547 Anonymous
I fapped to bestiality and fap to my little pony on a daily basis. I'm not ashamed in my mind, not autistic though so I'm sane enough not to tell anyone.

50 min later 5998551 Anonymous (the dick well drawn.jpg 204x248 10kB)
well ignoring the fact that a few friends know about this... I've had sex with 7 hookers over the course of 1 year (never did that shit again), done a lot of drugs from coke, ketamine, morphine, doing OTC shit like the tussin, diphenhydramine and others. I have a ton of scars on my arm from self-harm over the years. Didn't really stop until I got put in the psych ward one day and had to go under a few weeks of therapy and treatment. I usually wear longsleeve shirts all the time as a result. People become very judgmental when they realize that you used to cut yourself. Also somehow I don't have STDs, got myself checked. Condoms can work wonders apparently.

52 min later 5998562 Anonymous
>>5998547 iktf I started with furry, as a joke, but then continued to clop for reals. Clopping is more satisfying than RL porn since ponies are so innocent and cute (while women in porn are loose whores)

54 min later 5998569 Anonymous
>>5998526 >Alyssa Bustamente God damn I would rail that bitch so hard. I am really attracted to her, and I'm pretty sure it's because of the murdering. INb4 edgy

54 min later 5998570 Anonymous
Mentioned it before, but got caught by my sister (and her friend) rooting her pony Lucky they didnt catch me the other 30 or so times i suppose. Or the dog sheep goat chook.

57 min later 5998588 Mole
>>5998343 Id like to try bloodplay, but Id be donor, and get a full blood test done first. You sort of lose the fear after a lot of blood/CSF exposures... >You will never try to stabilize a road trauma victims neck and feel the back of their head cave in under your fingers..

1 hours later 5998632 Anonymous
>>5998562 I appreciate your correct use of the word "loose". Thanks.

1 hours later 5998657 Anonymous
When ever I get a kill/assists/death in DotA I pull out a pube and put it in my sleeping girlfriend's mouth. I stopped after she asked me why she had so much hair in her mouth...

1 hours later 5998672 Anonymous
I regularly masturbate to instagram/facebook photos of my youth pastors wife.

1 hours later 5998747 Anonymous
that one guy that said he blew his brother? totally saw that.

1 hours later 5998756 Anonymous
>>5998588 I can see why one gets desensitized if dealing with those things... I get pale and stricken with fear even from nose-bleeds that last longer than 15 minutes. I used to have them constantly as a kid, but it's gotten better :/ >>5998632 :)

1 hours later 5998768 Anonymous
>>5998257 Man, that feel. I dread having wet dreams and I still had them up until about age 23 or so. I'm 25 now and they're so infrequent that I don't have to worry about it anymore (that isn't to say it's stopped, but I don't think I've had one for at least 8 months). When I was a teenager I would get one about once a week. It was not fun when camping or staying somewhere else. >>5998351 I find if I wake up quickly enough, I can hold it in and not have any mess. It probably isn't that good for me mind.

1 hours later 5998816 Anonymous
>5.5 inch penis >Only had sex with three girls besides paid whores Feels fucking bad

1 hours later 5998896 Anonymous
>>5998678 >I used to give my oldest brother blowjobs when I was young. Eventually we had sex, but we stopped when he married his GF and he moved away. >I finger myself to the memories sometimes. hue hue hue people have extensions you know

1 hours later 5998911 Anonymous
I jerked off while driving home from work one day, after an overnight shift when it was already pretty dangerous for me to be driving, as I was half asleep. Fuck country roads are so boring. I was listening to music through my phone/ car speakers and had the brilliant idea to stream porn instead.

1 hours later 5998916 Mole (panslabyrinth.jpg 525x357 194kB)
>>5998756 Nah, that one affected me, Id only inducted him 2 weeks before. (mine site) We did 40 minutes of resus on him, such a waste of a young blokes life. Im not one to get used to losing a patient, probaly because I bucked the odds massively with my first resus'. Theres about a 10% chance of reviving a cardiac arrest I aced my first 3... all revived, I thought I was hot shit. So a string of fails after than hurt me. But, it only takes one day off to get over it now.

1 hours later 5998922 Anonymous
i couldnt sleep in my own bed till i was 12 (slept with my mom)

2 hours later 5999233 Anonymous
>>5998916 >mine site oh. I'm sorry for your loss, that must feel awful ;_; If my previous posts about nose-bleed doesn't give it away, then I can admit in this post that I'm afraid of dying in general: >be last year >on vacation >living on an island (I'm from the big city) >limited water resources >spending 80% of waking hours thinking I will die from dehydration I know, somewhat rationally, that one *can* survive 3 days without water .

2 hours later 5999266 Anonymous
>>5999233 >afraid of dying also: >any time I see groups of men out in the streets (regardless of ethnicity) >When I'm crossing roads >Cuts/wounds on body, afraid of infections >every time I'm on a cruise ship, in an elevator or on a train - my mind makes up 10 000 different scenarios where I die >I don't know how to talk about this IRL since I'm sure I'll get put on SSRI meds or smth I'm fine most of the time, though. Sleep is the best part of the day for me - I feel safe in my dreams, knowing the worst thing that could happen is waking up.

2 hours later 5999288 Anonymous
I like lolicon. Some people know that but they already browse 4chan, so I guess that doesn't count.

2 hours later 5999320 Anonymous
I was forced to kiss a bully's dick in kindergarten class in the bathroom. I'm a dude.

2 hours later 5999327 Anonymous
When I was like 10 I wasnt able to sleep in my own bed because I couldnt beat Crash Bash and it was frustrating me to the point that I had to cry excessively if I could even see my PlayStation

2 hours later 5999335 Mole
>>5999233 Not to make you paranoid, bot death by heatstroke/dehydration can be a few hours... Extreme weather though.

2 hours later 5999372 Anonymous
In kindergarten I befriended this guy with a mullet. We would always go to the bathroom together and suck each others dicks cause we thought we discovered something that felt really good. Thank god I switched schools after kindergarten and never saw him again. I know Mullet Cock Sucker is still out there. >still turned out hetero

2 hours later 5999411 Anonymous
I want my dog to run away. I'd kill him but I'm afraid of security cameras

2 hours later 5999428 Anonymous
I have an addiction to doing incredibly sexually depraved things. The most notable were fapping while smelling a coworkers shoe, masturbating in public, and in every room at my job, fapping at my college in an empty classroom, and fapping while using my step sisters dirty panties to help. It's not even that I enjoy it sexually, I just am addicted to the thrill doing shit like this gives. Like stealing someones laundry or some shit like that. Not all of the laundry though, would just go for the panties. Anything to give me that rush.

2 hours later 5999442 Anonymous
>>5999411 Why? If you don't want him anymore, give him to a shelter or something.

2 hours later 5999458 Anonymous
>>5999442 Shelters are mean. At least he should find someone who is not a selfish cunt who can take care of him.

2 hours later 5999503 Anonymous
>>5999428 Me again, just remembered some of the worse secrets. Had a minor watersports / scat fetish as a child, and decided to completely wreck a pair of undies in the process. Threw the under a tree in the woods when I was done, and nobody ever found out. Went around and hurt small animals such as crabs, the bigger ones, and had thought about doing it to larger animals such as a cat. Like just stomping it in on my walk home from work. Don't think I will be doing this ever though. I have a few impractical fetishes, such as femdom and chastity, although I would never want to do them for real, due to the impracticality of chastity. It prevents sexual pleasure rather than allowing more. Fuck I am weird.

2 hours later 5999537 Anonymous
>>5999442 I got him and his sister from a no-kill shelter where they kept him in a kennel for 5 months. He doesn't know the difference between right and wrong. He's gotten kicked out of obediance school. He pees on every thing to mark his territory. He is ruining my floors. He has medical issues that were not brought up to me before I bought him so now I have to spend 400 dollars a month on a dog that I hate. keep in mind that I take very good care of him, I hate him but I treat him the same as his sister.

2 hours later 5999565 Anonymous
>>5999503 >tfw rotten child >choked my mothers' two parrots just cause I wondered what it was like

2 hours later 5999571 Anonymous (Yes Mr Scratch.jpg 480x360 17kB)
>>5998526 Thank you for you cooperation, your IP is now under our surveillance

2 hours later 5999575 Anonymous
Where are all the femanons with a pee fetish?

2 hours later 5999630 Anonymous
>>5999575 >boyfriend builds me a computer for x mas >he starts acting weird when we are in bed >find out he key logged me >he now knows I've got some p fucked up fetishes >wants to try peeing in my ass every thing went better than expected

2 hours later 5999644 Anonymous
I don't know how to tie my shoes

2 hours later 5999652 Anonymous
>>5999503 >Scrawny beta whos pushed around. >Fantasises about decapitating cats to achieve the adreline rush of being the dominator for once in his sad empty life. ur fuked bro.

2 hours later 5999656 Anonymous
>>5999630 That clever, tricky son of a bitch. I want to pee in your ass, but I'd rather pee in your pussy.

3 hours later 5999751 Anonymous
>>5999652 nah i started lifting to gain control if that fuckface ever comes back to this town i will probably put him in a coma ive seen his pics on fb, he has like 0 gainz id just get amped out of my mind on some stims and fuck him up

3 hours later 5999795 Anonymous
I've physcially assualted loved ones including my ex GF but its kept very hush. I don't know why they havent disowned me. Nothing was ever said about it, it just kind've happened. It hasn't happend in along time mind you so I'm guessing everyone just wants to forget about it.

3 hours later 5999806 Anonymous
>>5999644 I know that feel... bloxkeocks

3 hours later 5999815 Anonymous
im sexually attracted to 2 of my aunts and 2 of my cousins honestly they are all very sexy so i dont feel too bad about it, but i will never admit that to anyone

3 hours later 5999819 Anonymous
>>5999537 Guess what, dumbass: it's a dog. Dogs do that kind of shit. Some are more disciplined than others but basicaly they do this. And you got a dog without knowing that you WILL have to spend money on him? Really? You thought that your expenses were only food? You can't just throw out what is your responsability. If you had a son and he was an asshole, would you give him away? Oh yeah, of course not, sweetie. And you are as irracional as your dog. You ''hate'' him for follow his instincts?

3 hours later 5999855 Anonymous
>>5998224 >tfw wet the bed when cold >tfw have to sleep under a ton of blankets year-round, regardless of how hot it is outside >tfw have to get up 3 or 4 times a night to make sure I haven't pissed myself It's like I'm fucking 80

3 hours later 5999880 Anonymous
My parents and I used to watch this show Less Than Perfect every week. There was a smoking hot redhead on the show. Whenever it would come on I'd cover myself with a blanket, bend my knees to make a tent, and then masturbate, while my parents were on the couch next to me.

3 hours later 5999884 Anonymous
I impregnated this girl when I was 13 and me and my family skipped town.

3 hours later 5999992 Anonymous
Black people are kinda nice

3 hours later 5999995 Anonymous
>>5999884 lol your parents sound cool

3 hours later 6000055 Anonymous
I once spun a Gerbil around by its tail. It them ripped out of its own tail and smacked into the wall, cracking its skull.

3 hours later 6000062 Anonymous
>>6000055 Probably should mention I was like four at the time though.

3 hours later 6000070 Anonymous
>>5999855 >have to sleep under a ton of blankets year-round, regardless of how hot it is outside You may want to look into whether or not you've got poor circulation.

3 hours later 6000072 Anonymous
I make myself cry once in a while because I can't do it naturally and I actually like being a faggot every so often, so every two months, I think about the day my mother will die and weep in my room. Makes me feel human.

3 hours later 6000077 Anonymous
Well I'm not diagnosed with mild anxiety problems and i also have OCD although its quite mild luckily. When I was 13-14 i watched some horror movies at a friends house, for weeks after i was so scared i had to sleep in my parents bed, but they got extremely annoyed. I ended up watching cheesy quiz shows all night until i uncontrollably fell asleep. Now i know it was panic attacks over not being able to sleep because every time i closed my eyes i'd see the horrible images.

3 hours later 6000104 Anonymous
I was born a girl

3 hours later 6000139 Anonymous (1355497094860.jpg 600x597 72kB)
>>6000072 >I make myself cry once in a while because I can't do it naturally and I actually like being a faggot every so often, so every two months, I think about the day my mother will die and weep in my room. Makes me feel human. I do the same, except that i don't give a fuck about my mother. I just focus on what my life is and has been for a few minutes, makes me cry evertim

3 hours later 6000188 Anonymous
>>6000000 well wel lwell wel wle l

3 hours later 6000237 Anonymous
when I was 6 or 7 years old, the neighbor girl showed me her vagina because I promised her five bucks >tfw I haven't seen a vagina IRL since

4 hours later 6000606 Anonymous
I had sex in the missionary position with a girl I loved, and came inside her, not caring if she got pregnant. she was my brother

4 hours later 6000616 Anonymous
>>6000237 tell the story robot i really want to know

4 hours later 6000637 Anonymous
I have a fetish for girls wetting the bed and secretly want one of my friends to have an accident one night when they sleep over drunk.

4 hours later 6000648 Anonymous
>>6000139 The thing is, my life ain't even that bad, it's actually pretty decent (and perfect if it weren't for the fact that I'm an ugly manlet ;_;). I just can't cry anymore unless I force myself to do so.

4 hours later 6000777 Anonymous
I touch my sister. I hate myself even more because she has cerebral palsy, and can't walk.

5 hours later 6000984 Anonymous
>>6000637 Same. I like to stand by the bathroom at parties and listen to girls pee. Drunk girls have super strong streams and make my dick hard. No one ever suspects it, I just lean against the wall while having a conversation with someone and listen. Also, drunk girls peeing outside at parties is pretty fucking awesome because sometimes they'll do it right in front of you.

5 hours later 6001157 Anonymous
I beat a man pretty badly after a football game 2 years ago. He was the ex-boyfriend of a close friend of mine who had killed her 2 dogs and left them on her porch after she broke up with him because he was a meth-head. It was after a football game and he was walking from the stadium into town. It was cold and everyone was wearing heavy clothing, so I wore an old surplus jacket and kept a latex mask and some duct tape in the pockets. He turned out of main street and headed across the train tracks onto the back road to one of the coal camps where he was staying. I put the mask on and stayed near him in the woods until he got into a quiet spot then I grabbed him and taped his wrists and mouth up. I sat down on top of him and beat on his head for a while, then jumped on one of his knees a few times until he curled up into a little ball with part of his leg facing backwards on the dirt road. I ran back into the woods and buried the mask and the rest of the tape under some leaves, then came back out of the woods at the old train station and went home. There was a lot of blood on the jacket so I turned it inside out and carried it rolled up.

5 hours later 6001279 Anonymous
Ive slit 2 peoples throats who i didnt know. Just felt like killing so i planned out and broke into a mans place and slit his throat while he was sleeping. Didnt know anything about him besides what i picked up from watching him on and off for a week. Second was a man as well. Both of them lived alone. Pretty sure the second man had a kid who didnt live with him.

5 hours later 6001330 Anonymous
I've fucked an escort, i'm riddled with stretch-marks rendering my upper body completely repulsive, i occasionally fap to tarps and i have a small peenor. No one can ever know.

5 hours later 6001354 Anonymous
>shit myself occasionally until high school >had a stomach virus and respiratory infection at once last year, started wearing a diaper because I kept coughing so hard I would shit myself (and then keep coughing and vomit) >molested by my older brothers

5 hours later 6001365 Anonymous
I drug my sister once a week and have my way with her. She's 17 now and I've been doing this for 3 years now.

5 hours later 6001397 Anonymous (1344447268914.png 300x300 76kB)
>>5998315 10/10 plsdon'tmutemeblox

5 hours later 6001432 Anonymous
>>5998257 I like wet dreams

5 hours later 6001452 Anonymous
>>5999644 slip on shoes or tuck the laces in the sides of the shoe

5 hours later 6001454 Anonymous
once I smoked a random guy's meth and kissed him because he was begging me to This is a true story and one of my biggest shames. I also don't think of myself as a whore. That was like the lowest point of my life ever and I'm never doing something that low again

5 hours later 6001498 Anonymous
I see dead people. O.O

5 hours later 6001502 Anonymous
>>5999537 kill him euthanise i nice speak

5 hours later 6001571 Anonymous
>>5998315 >that feeling of pure worthlessness when you wake up in the middle of the night and slowly realize that she's not real

6 hours later 6001584 Anonymous
I masturbate almost every night and yet, I don't know how to reach orgasm so I can do it multiple times in one night... I just want to experience it, even if just once. But I don't know how and I don't think I can. ffs

6 hours later 6001592 Anonymous
>>5999644 What shoes do you wear?

6 hours later 6001593 Anonymous
>>5998522 get the fuck out of my underwear drawer

6 hours later 6001603 Anonymous
I stab my legs with a nail file. I usually start crying afterwords.

6 hours later 6001616 Anonymous
Filmed my cousin in the shower once. I put the camera in a wicker basket where she couldn't see it I'm not uploading, fuck off

6 hours later 6001671 Anonymous
I masturbate to the thought of my late father penetrating me in the vagina. I'm a man

6 hours later 6001743 Anonymous
>>6001645 Yes, I am. And yes!

6 hours later 6001779 Anonymous
>>6000055 >>6000062 Well, that's just funny.

6 hours later 6001874 anonymous
my secret: I've had mostly diarreah for 7 years. I have to get a colonoscopy soon. I'm so young. :_;

6 hours later 6001928 anonymous
femanon here, when I was a teenager, I used to have sex with a giant teddy bear :'(

6 hours later 6001958 Anonymous
I'm writing a black comedy about two gay seahorses.

6 hours later 6002005 Anonymous
>>6000070 No, it's the fact that I have to be sweating profusely so all the liquid in my body goes out my pores and not my dick. I actually run on the warmer side as far as body temperature goes.

6 hours later 6002011 Anonymous
>>5998551 God I hate when people think that doing hard drugs is some big important thing.

6 hours later 6002023 Anonymous
>>6000139 /r9k/-narcissism

6 hours later 6002036 Anonymous
>>6000062 You didn't know their tails lose their skin when you pull them, did you? Also, were you sad?

6 hours later 6002045 Anonymous
I have a strong desire to eat and gain weight until I am morbidly obese. I must control this desire every day of my life.

6 hours later 6002070 Anonymous
>>6001958 Can you send me a copy of the manuscript?

6 hours later 6002093 Anonymous
I slept with my mom until I was 20 years old because I was afraid of sleeping alone. Holy shit, this is something that I can't even admit to my girlfriend.

6 hours later 6002106 Anonymous
>>6001874 It's not bad. If you go to a nice doctor, he will put you to sleep before doing the examination. You won't feel a thing.

6 hours later 6002113 Anonymous
I've always sworn i wasn't gay or bi. But my best friend and i frequently have gay sex. I wouldnt do it with any other guy though, and im way into grills.

6 hours later 6002162 Anonymous
>>6002113 You do know that having gay sex makes you a faggot

6 hours later 6002202 Anonymous
>>6000984 I was walking down the street with one of my friends and she just squatted down and took a piss on the sidewalk. she wasn't even drunk when she did this

6 hours later 6002210 Anonymous
>>6002202 I need friends like this.

6 hours later 6002223 Anonymous
>>6002202 Are you Romanian?

6 hours later 6002225 Anonymous (1362791754562.jpg 500x667 81kB)
I'm listening to Tegan and Sara right now. I really hope my mom can't hear it.

6 hours later 6002244 Anonymous
I suck my two middle fingers. I eat boogers. I enjoy bbw porn but I don't fuck bbws.

6 hours later 6002249 Anonymous
>>6002210 man it was fucking hilarious, it was like 2 in the morning and she said "wait a minute I have to piss" and she just squat down and pissed right on the sidewalk, funniest part is shes one of the "hot girls"

7 hours later 6002262 Anonymous
>>6002249 I wish more girls did this, I had a friend who did but she wasn't really hot, kinda just a tomboy. I'm always amazed at how powerful a girl's stream is when she needs to go.

7 hours later 6002268 theblack/co/mrade
>>6002225 I just want back in your head is now playing manually.

7 hours later 6002314 Anonymous
>>6002262 Jesus you piss fetishists are fucking weird.

7 hours later 6002372 Anonymous
I never learned how to ride a bike. lazyparentsblox

7 hours later 6002492 Anonymous
>>6002070 Would love to, but sorry, I can't.

7 hours later 6002504 Anonymous
>>6001671 I'm not even sure what to ask about this.

7 hours later 6002555 Anonymous
>>5998180 >>5998207 >>5998224 My brother wet the bed till he was like 7 i think. He's an alpha male now and no ones knows now except my parents and I (even then its not something I always think about). I remember them having to attach this clip to his dick that would send a little shock to his dick or something that was supposed to wake him up or somrthing if he started to pee. Well it woke him up and everyone else in the house because he would start crying. I mean who wouldnt when their dick was being shocked and they were pissing themselves. I felt bad because he would have to bring diapers to sleep over at his friends house and he tried to keep it a secret (which I think he did). Horrible secrets for me would be I shit my pants when I was 18 and driving in my car. I had to go so bad I was doing 90 mph down a road to get back to my house and I having horrible stomach cramps. I pulled into my driveway and stopped the car and it just came out of me. I shit everywhere.

7 hours later 6002729 Anonymous
>>5998547 i fap to bestiality too, great orgasms but feels bad man after

7 hours later 6002758 Anonymous
>>6002372 Why did you feel the need to post that? >Horrible secrets Not autism secrets, anon.

7 hours later 6002759 Anonymous
I only piss myself when I black out coz of alcohol

7 hours later 6002840 Anonymous
>be 8 >hiking with family, cousins, etc >cousin, also 8 is annoying me >starts dancing around me like a douche >push him >he intentionally falls over, smiling like a dick to get attention and get me in trouble >rolls down a small hill >whole thing is grassy, small rock at bottom >he hits his head >brain damage >potato for 4 months then dies >15 years later, guilt still haunts me My parents were amazing though. Stood by my side even though it meant the rest of my family disowned them. Everyone else blamed me.

7 hours later 6002854 Anonymous
>>6002840 how can you feel guilty about a freak accident where the kid did most of the work? yeah its a shitty situation but come on idiot

7 hours later 6002874 Anonymous
>>5998180 >>5998205 I pissed the bed until I was 15. Wore pull ups until I was 13

7 hours later 6002881 Anonymous
>>6002854 Aunt and uncle made it out to be my fault. Made it sound like it was something I did intentionally. Rest of my family sided with them because they were the rich ones. I don't blame them, they lost their son... I was 8 though so it haunted me.

7 hours later 6002893 Anonymous
I don't understand the appeal of pissing in asses/pussies or getting your ass/pussy pissed in. I have a MAJOR piss fetish, but I'd definitely want it in the mouth.

7 hours later 6002898 Anonymous
>>5998257 Start fapping more.

8 hours later 6003034 Anonymous
>>6002893 Are you female? Why do you like it in your mouth?

8 hours later 6003272 Anonymous
I have devised at least 3 plans to kill every person I see each day and get away with it. I don't want to kill them, and I don't expect I'll need to kill them, but if I ever did have to. . . Everyone thinks I'm normal and charming, though, so it's fine.

9 hours later 6004378 Anonymous
>>6001454 Well, don't feel too bad if it was just a kiss. That's not comparable to whoring yourself out in my opinion. I hope you stay away from meth, though. It's sad to see people waste away on it; especially if they IV it.

9 hours later 6004410 Anonymous
>>6003034 I'm a guy. I just think a really hot female pissing in my mouth and on my face would be so...freaking hot. You can't taste or smell with your ass or pussy as far as I know. I'd want a girl to piss in my mouth and then make out with me or jerk me off while I was just in sexual heaven, drenched in her warm golden vaginal liquid. It is a constant fantasy of mine.

9 hours later 6004451 Anonymous
>>6002106 Yeah, it's pretty much exactly the same as getting an endoscopy. They'll get an anesthesiologist to determine which drugs to knock you out with. Most likely it will either be Propofol by itself, or a mixture of a benzodiazepine (lorazepam, temazepam etc.) and an opioid (hydromorphone, morphine etc.). You'll get a shot and be unconscious in seconds and you'll wake up with it entirely over. Last month I had to get an endoscopy and then have a test that involved having a tube about half an inch thick go from outside my mouth all the way through to the bottom of my stomach. Even though I'd wake up and have this horrible choking sensation afterwards (this is not part of a regular endoscopy) they gave me so much dilaudid that I was basically nodding out the entire procedure. It was awesome.

9 hours later 6004497 Anonymous
>>6004451 >have a test that involved having a tube about half an inch thick go from outside my mouth all the way through to the bottom of my stomach Oh yeah, this part of the test lasted 8 hours. Which was why the dilaudid was so nice to have. That's a different test than endoscopy, though. So don't worry about this happening to you from an endoscopy.

10 hours later 6004664 Anonymous
>>6004451 >>6004497 The hard part is not the colonoscopy/endoscopy, that's easy as fuck because they knock you out in seconds with drugs and you don't feel/remember a thing. The HARD part is having to drink all that horrible-tasting stuff that gives you tons of burning diarrhea to "clear you out" the day before. That was fucking torture.

10 hours later 6005032 Anonymous
>>6004664 I've got an idiopathic stomach condition (great diagnosis) so I've had quite a few endoscopy's. I think what you're talking about barium solutions, but that's for CT scans and some x-rays if I recall. I just think you might be thinking about that because I've had 5 endoscopy's now and I've never had to drink anything the day before them. They just make me stopping eating about 24 hours before it (except for medications) and the only prep they give me for it is the IV drugs.

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