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2012-12-29 07:24 5004616 Anonymous (iexpectednothing.jpg 500x276 21kB)
Whats your new years resolution /r9k/?

2 min later 5004658 Anonymous
Its the year I turn 20. Its also the year I kill myself if things dont get better. I'd rather be remembered as the happy teenager instead of the bitter introverted guy I became.

5 min later 5004688 Anonymous
i just want motivation to lift...

5 min later 5004695 Anonymous
Be fucking awesome beyond all standard means and measure.

6 min later 5004702 Anonymous
I just want to stop coming here... Nobody here can apparently even relate to my feels anymore.

7 min later 5004711 Anonymous
>>5004702 >you will never be able to go back in time and smash your first computer with a hammer I could have been... normal

8 min later 5004718 Anonymous
>>5004616 That picture. That's my resolution

14 min later 5004786 Anonymous
>>5004688 that motivation should come from within, you shouldn't wait for some external influence to get you off your ass. I'm not even gonna post a motivational pic from my /fit/ folder cause fuck you carpe ferrum faggot

16 min later 5004808 Anonymous
To stop being skinny fat. To be able to actually play the guitar. Not just chords Do well at uni

17 min later 5004813 Anonymous
Lose weight I'm going to start cooking my own food maybe even take up running I'll be thin as fuck and attractive to both men and women

1 hours later 5005485 Anonymous
>>5004813 Yeah, that wont happen

1 hours later 5005514 Anonymous (463.jpg 627x627 57kB)
It's to come to terms with my PTSD. That's all I want. And it'll never happen.

1 hours later 5005537 Anonymous
>>5005514 You mean you know you have PTSD and you won't come to terms with it? Fucking pussy.

1 hours later 5005551 Anonymous
Above all I want to be confident for once I'm no longer a sperglord, and I think I'm fairly attractive, but when I actually get into social situations I suddenly feel extremely insecure and believe I'm just an ugly weirdo that doesn't deserve to be liked by anyone

1 hours later 5005561 Anonymous
>>5005537 No, I guess I mean more I just want it to go the fuck away.

1 hours later 5005565 Anonymous
yo mamma

1 hours later 5005571 Anonymous
>that motivation should come from within well i guess you are straight out of /fit/, i might as well stop being depressed too

1 hours later 5005576 Anonymous
to fix myself and live my life

1 hours later 5005585 Anonymous
>>5004813 Don't believe that fucker. You can do it if you just believe in yourself!! Good luck Anon!!!!!

1 hours later 5005636 Anonymous
Keep working out, get a nice torso and abs. Run more. Get a job. Get all A's this year.

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