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2012-12-29 07:10 5004443 Anonymous (monica bellucci matrix 4.jpg 293x420 10kB)
How come men can separate sex and emotion, but women can't? Sex for women=emotional passionate experience Sex for men=sex

1 min later 5004465 Anonymous
Unless said woman is a slut

1 min later 5004467 Anonymous
>>5004443 Judging how emotion men are on here. I disagree completely. While women do put emotions onto things, men do as well just as much.

2 min later 5004471 Anonymous
Because men want sex but women need it, because it's all they have.

2 min later 5004474 Anonymous
>>5004443 It is the opposite actually. Only alpha men, the type of men women are romantic towards, can seperate sex from emotions. Beta, Delta, Zeta, Gamma, and Omega men are far more romantic than a woman can ever hope to be.

3 min later 5004482 Anonymous
Many of them can. For those that can't, the main problem is the media. There are tons of TV dramas and shitty romantic comedies targeted at women that make sex out to be some huge emotional deal, so it's no surprise that a lot of women internalize that.

4 min later 5004489 Anonymous
Since when can men separate sex from emotion? Based on what men post on /r9k/, they get super emotional about sex all the time.

4 min later 5004493 Anonymous
I've actually noticed the opposite. Some men easily separate the two, but most don't. Some women can't, but most do. Mostly due to availability differences.

4 min later 5004495 Anonymous
I believe men bond more emotionally during sex than women do, but i cant remember where i read that.

4 min later 5004500 Anonymous
>>5004443 This doesn't seem to be the case so much anymore. Women today want to be like men, including fucking like a man.

10 min later 5004571 Anonymous
>>5004474 So, if you're fed a lot of sex and attention you basically take it for granted and become alpha? my chances for finding a sexually attractive emotional guy are slim.

13 min later 5004606 Anonymous
>>5004571 One trait of being an alpha is being able to get tons of sex without being needy for sex. Women love men who do not need them

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