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2012-12-29 05:26 5003228 Anonymous Historical regrets (1356680751660.png 680x680 297kB)
>tfw you accidentally the jews >tfw the Japanese get the US involved in Europe and ruin all hopes of uniting under the Third Reich >tfw amerifats and commutards are closing in on the capital >tfw the embarrassment of another failed German Reich is too much >tfw an hero in a bunker with your qt 3.14 gf >tfw even Hitler was a normalfag

34 min later 5003611 Anonymous
>>5003228 Actually, Hitler and Eva married a day before their deaths. So she was actually his qt3.14 waifu.

37 min later 5003641 Anonymous
>tfw you accidentally the jews I wish the holocaust actually happened, but nope.

41 min later 5003684 Anonymous
>tfw Mussolini completely drops the ball in Greece and Africa >tfw puppet regimes in Europe >tfw your only reliable ally is half a world away

1 hours later 5003946 Anonymous
>tfw when the 6th army is destroyed in stalingrad because of your orders to hold at all cost

1 hours later 5004001 Anonymous
>tfw you look like hitler

1 hours later 5004030 Anonymous
>tfw when you weren't accepted in art class

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