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2012-12-29 04:16 5002536 MegaMan_xl (asdfsadf.png 763x608 268kB)
ITT: Stories about chicks getting what they deserved >Go to a hardcore gig >meet a q2p2t with bluehair >she's full of shit and tumblr >go in to the mosh under the scene >knock her fucking out during slamdance >singer starts to punch me >get kicked out

2 min later 5002565 Anonymous
>>5002536 nice man, bitch shouldnt expect guys to treat her like a princess

7 min later 5002625 Anonymous
>>5002536 wow SO HARDCORE dude!

7 min later 5002626 Anonymous
>be best friends with girl >have girl blow your concert plans off >she goes snowboarding >she falls hard and smacks her head on ice >concussion >thought i knew her better >w/e dumb bitch got what was coming to her obv

7 min later 5002628 Anonymous
>girl comes to local metal show >starts laughing her ass off at all the metalheads headbanging >starts arguments all the time >her boyfriend stares down anyone who calls her out >last band go on >her boyfriend is in the band, huge black guy >while he's onstage about 30 people target this girl >she walked out halfway through his band's set covered in blood and crying serves you right for laughing at metal fans at a metal show. If you don't like the scene, don't go to the shows, bitch.

11 min later 5002673 Anonymous
>>5002625 I'm sorry, is that sarcasm? There's been an unbelievable amount of newfags and cancer lately, I wouldn't be surprised if you were dead fucking serious

12 min later 5002685 Anonymous
>>5002673 damn straight its sarcasm nigga

13 min later 5002700 Anonymous
>>5002536 >q2p2t is that an abbreviation of "cutie patootie"? you guys are pathetic

24 min later 5002809 Anonymous
>>5002700 seconding qt and qt3.141 is bad enough. Fuck,

31 min later 5002865 Anonymous
>>5002809 mfw your post finally made me realise what qt3.141 means. i cant believe i never realised

38 min later 5002928 Anonymous
>>5002673 Nothing in that post implies newfaggotry or cancer retard you beat up on a girl with blue hair for using tumblr? the fuck do you want us to tell you? go get a life pls loser

1 hours later 5003639 Anonymous
>went to a slayer show in 7th grade >was a 5'0 80 pound13 year-old girl >my first concert >go into the mosh pit >accidentally knock out a 47 year-old man >start crying and call my dad to pick me up

1 hours later 5003665 Anonymous
>mom has some kind of cancer >doesn't want me going on a roadtrip to see AnCo because she's afraid she'll die while i'm gone >same shit she gave me about seeing Jeff Mangum instead of going to my grandma's funeral >dad steps in and says I can't go >next day, he comes into my room and hands me a vinyl of Exile on Main Street >"In 1973, my dad told me I couldn't go see the Rolling Stones with my friends and he wouldn't tell me why. I got pissed at him and thought it was just because he didn't like my music or something. I didn't find out until later that he thought he might have cancer at the time, and fortunately he didn't, but he didn't want me going. He gave me this after he saw how upset I was. Now, I already had a copy of it, but he didn't know that, and mad as I was, it was the nicest thing he'd ever done. I know you're upset right now, and I don't blame you, but I thought I'd give you this to say I'm sorry things worked out how they did." >And I'm just like, holy shit dad, the stones are the most entry level dadrock garbage, they're even worse than the beatles, but I say it in, like, a nice way >He seems upset and asks if I wanted to keep it and I said, y'know, no, it's fine >Next day I see him listening to it on his old vinyl player which is such a piece of shit it'd sound better if he just listened to it on his fucking iPod mini from 2000 >he's crying, sitting on the floor, listening to All Down the Line >who the fuck cries at the fucking stones? >my dad is such a fucking pleb

1 hours later 5003700 Anonymous
>>5002673 God, the fucking irony. I can't take it.

1 hours later 5003702 Anonymous
never been to a music gig but this is the closest thing Ive got >Be ~7 years old >At a church kids event >~30 year old magician showing tricks >After he's done he notices my fly is down >It's stuck at the very beginning of the zipper >He takes me into another room to try to undo it >Decides using his teeth will work best >Sticks mouth an tongue into my little kiddy jeans >~5 minutes later he zips it up The worst part is I didn't realize what happened until about 10 years alter when I had this random memory flash of that night. At the time it seemed totally legit; he was just zipping up my pants. I practically cried when I realized what really happened.

1 hours later 5003756 Anonymous
>18 years old >going to a show with a girl i've been friends with for 6 months but i loved her (i still kinda love her) >i know she will never look at me the way i look at her but i don't want to cut her out of my life >night goes on and it's about 2am >her and i are absolutely drunk at this point and we've been talking all night and touching >this is it! she finally likes me >we stare eachother in the eyes for awhile until her ex interrupts (he was at the show too) >he's some tattooed douche in some shitty mosh hardcore band >they talk and i just stand there until they ask me to buy them a beer, hell pay me back >i come back and they are making out >pissed off, i take their beers into the bathroom and start filling his beer with piss ,MDMA and GHB >i come out and give them their beers and i walk home crying my eyes out >the next morning the guy had to go to hospital and lost the use of his left arm >mfw his shitty band broke up shortly after and they have no idea it was me

2 hours later 5003815 Anonymous
>7/10 asian bitch >3edgy5you, has supported communism, anarchim, /mlp/, PETA, hipster, etc. >constant need for male companionship >thus has periods with slutiness, multiple boyfriends >has liked me a lot in the past >be like 14/15 at the time >get drunk >bump into her >says something, im disregarding her >gets pissed, says shes the only reason im passing math >mfw she's right >call her kim jong-il >really awkwardly (shes drunk too) goes for either a hug or a slap (different stories) >in retaliation RIGHT HOOK TO THE FACE >everybody shocked but laughing >puke 3 times >tfw she forgave me and liked me again multiple times afterwards >tfw no one gives me shit, people are amused when i tell them big ups to bboy kevin and filipino matt if youre reading this

2 hours later 5003823 Anonymous
>>5003665 I know dem feels, anon. Parents can be such selfish dicks.

2 hours later 5003828 Anonymous
>>5003756 Yeah. This didn't happen. You would have to be buttfuck retarded to not taste/smell that there was something up with that beer. Even small amounts of molly taste like absolute fucking shit and it doesn't go away from just drinking.

2 hours later 5003845 Anonymous
>>5003828 he was allreaady pretty fucked up on beer and probally something else(molly?)

2 hours later 5003850 Anonymous
Now, I DO go to hardcore shows and go in the pit, and I never expect guys to "treat me special" But to specifically target someone because you don't like how they look? You're a fucking child.

2 hours later 5003866 Anonymous
>>5002628 I hate that. I already dislike it when non-metal girls date metal guys.

2 hours later 5003893 Anonymous
>>5002865 i still don't get it

2 hours later 5003895 Anonymous
>>5003665 You're a cunt. Can you not see how your Dad was trying to connect with you and pass something along to you that had seriously sentimental value to him? Music has different values to different people. He's from a different age with different music, you don't know why sort of feelings or memories he tied to those songs. You're the reason why parents beat kids.

2 hours later 5003909 Anonymous
>good looking latina girl talks about how she likes black guys >ends up getting pregnant, her boyfriend left town Gets me everytime.

2 hours later 5003929 Anonymous
>>5003895 Nigga you got trolled.

2 hours later 5003945 Anonymous
>be 24 >tfw no gf, foreveralone neckbeard >FINALLY go to a slipknot concert >12 year olds, 12 year olds everywhere >Get into the mosh and start DESTROYING these fucking kids >this random fat girl comes out of nowhere to give me a high five >close line her right in the middle of the gig >It's so dark and loud that no one notices I am stomping on this girl's stomach as hard as I can for what seems like hours >puke and shit everywhere >I dip the fuck out and nobody knows it was me

2 hours later 5003949 Anonymous
>>5003895 Dude, chill. No reason to believe his mom was being anything other than a needy clingy controlling bitch (a woman, in other words) and she probably didn't die after he missed AnCo after all that. And his dad...only hipsters listen to vinyl, and when did the Stones ever do anything original, much less getting all weepy about? Shitty dadrock is shitty dadrock. You sound...old. Maybe you're on the wrong board or something.

2 hours later 5003974 Anonymous
>>5003945 omg this is seriously disturbing if it is true.

2 hours later 5003990 Anonymous
>>5003945 Fuck that made me lol hard.

2 hours later 5003992 MegaMan_xl
>>5003974 nah m8, made my night, hope its true, fuckin hate entitled fat chicks

2 hours later 5003994 Anonymous
>>5002536 OP you're a dick. >be at metal concert >concert is over >not even in the mosh pit >talking to ex bf waiting for people to clear out >some dick comes up behind me and punches me in the back of the head for no reason at all Fuck you and your ilk.

2 hours later 5003997 Anonymous
>Like girl >She dates Alpha McDouche >She gets chlamydia from him

2 hours later 5004016 Anonymous
>>5003702 >molested by a magician that is fucking awesome. are you male or female?

2 hours later 5004027 Anonymous
>>5003665 4/10 almost got me there ye bucko

2 hours later 5004036 Anonymous
>>5003702 Why didn't he just use magic?

2 hours later 5004102 Anonymous
>have gf >she goes to britain to meet friends >she ends up fucking one of the friends >turns out you're not a lesbian huh >fucking hurts her >she gets no pleasure in fucking >gets drunk all the time and fucked all the time because she's drunk >it always hurts her Can't wait until she gets pregnant.

2 hours later 5004109 Anonymous
>>5004016 I guess it was a magical experience.

2 hours later 5004112 Anonymous
>>5002536 Jesus fucking christ, you guys are retarded. I'm not going to say it's "hard" to be a female metal fan because there are obviously worse things in the world, but how would you feel if every time you tried to see a band, you felt like you were going to get assaulted? And no, I don't do stupid shit like stand in the middle of a mosh pit surrounded by beefy, tattooed 6'4"s - simply standing anywhere at a metal gig is dangerous for a 100lb female. You guys should be a little more considerate of people who are smaller and weaker than you and maybe even try looking out for them if they're surrounded by a crowd of adrenaline-fueled guys at a show. It's the nice thing to do and might get you laid.

2 hours later 5004125 MegaMan_xl
>>5004112 >nice thing to do >get you laid. pick one cunt

2 hours later 5004138 Anonymous
>Earlier this month >Wintersun show in Seattle >Got up front early, right near the stage >Some chick and her boyfriend come up just before the show starts >Chick is batting her lashes and getting really close asking to be let in front of me >"Nah, have fun in the pit." >Her boyfriend calls me an ass >They're still behind me when the show starts >A pretty calm pit happens right where they're standing >I get in the pit about mid way through the set because I was tired of being squished up front (the venue sucks and get's really hot) >Wintersun's set ends >Go outside to cool off >See girl and her boyfriend outside >She's got a black eye and a bloody nose >Laugh to my self >Meet Jari as he's heading back to his tour bus. >Thank him for putting on a great show and for coming to the U.S. >"It really means a lot to hear fans say that. Thanks." >Feel fucking awesome I got to meat Jari. >Go back inside and get drunk while the last band plays. Good times.

2 hours later 5004158 Anonymous (100boer.jpg 524x393 41kB)

2 hours later 5004184 Anonymous
>>5003909 >>ends up getting pregnant, her boyfriend left town Once you go black, you're a single mother.

2 hours later 5004192 Anonymous
>going to metal show >predrink in alley behind venue >about 20 of us there hanging out >have good time >go into show >have good time >go home fuck you guys assaulting women

2 hours later 5004201 Anonymous
>at metal show >see qt >walk up and pinch her butt to the beat >"get lost fucking creep!" >implying you weren't asking for it >punch her tits, then face (cop a feel too) >qt gets on the floor >everybody walks the dinosaur

2 hours later 5004330 Anonymous
>>5004192 What, can you read you fucking tool?

2 hours later 5004418 Anonymous
>>5003945 >>this random fat girl comes out of nowhere to give me a high five >>close line her right in the middle of the gig >>It's so dark and loud that no one notices I am stomping on this girl's stomach as hard as I can for what seems like hours >>puke and shit everywhere Reduced me to a tearful, slobbering, mess of laughter.

2 hours later 5004453 Anonymous
>>5004112 >It's the nice thing to do and might get you laid. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no it wont you stupid bitch

2 hours later 5004504 Anonymous
Is this a lame attempt to make a "lolscreencapdisshit" thread, or is everyone in here retarded enough to think that they are only suppose to provide stories from metal shows?

2 hours later 5004517 Anonymous
>>5004504 It's just personal experience broham.

3 hours later 5004541 Anonymous
>>5003994 metal concerts are all lovely-dovey friendly bro times where everyone helps you up if you fall in the mosh pit, but hardcore shows are about trying to cause harm to people around you.

3 hours later 5004566 Anonymous
>>5004541 Most metal shows are like this, but ever since the mixing of the genres, you get a lot of hardcore faggots who try to punch and kick people at shows. Those assholes get their shit stomped pretty damn quick though.

3 hours later 5004599 Anonymous
>>5003893 how was that the first time "i still don't get it" posted that's such like i would expect that to be blocked i'm too high for /r9k/ the robot is freaking me out

3 hours later 5004639 Anonymous
>>5003992 I don't understand how she was being a problem. Asking for a high-five seems innocent enough. You were just looking for an excuse to abuse a woman.

3 hours later 5004682 Anonymous
>>5004639 it's because this is some newfag from /b/ that thinks that's what 4chan is

3 hours later 5004684 Anonymous
>>5004599 that what i thought when i was typing it

3 hours later 5004740 Anonymous
girls at hardcore shows are one of my biggest hates, half the time they just stand at the back while their boyfriends mosh and throw down, if not they're camped out the front of the stage sitting down hoping to grab the lead singers dick. I secretly laugh my ass off when i see a girl get hit and she starts balling her eyes out

3 hours later 5004776 Anonymous
>>5004740 >if not they're camped out the front of the stage sitting down hoping to grab the lead singers dick Why on earth do people do this

3 hours later 5004778 Anonymous
>>5004453 Are you kidding me? The two guys who were most protective of me in the pit were people I rode until dawn. I don't even care if people "treat me special" when I'm at a show, I don't demand it, I put myself in the pit. But when guys are like that, HNG it just makes me want to hop on their dick.

3 hours later 5004789 Anonymous
>>5004778 this some pitiful shit right here my nigga

3 hours later 5004790 Anonymous
>>5004778 You have a penis/10

3 hours later 5004814 Anonymous
>>5004778 >go to concert >someone looks out for me >I'll should fuck this guy

3 hours later 5004817 Anonymous
>>5004112 There was one of you in the pit once, and I kept accidentally elbowing you in the face. I felt so bad. You're a trooper, though.

3 hours later 5004834 Anonymous (Laughing Barack.jpg 240x300 18kB)
>>5004778 >mfw i helped a fat girl up at a show and she wouldn't leave me alone for the rest of the night and tried kissing me and asking for my number its fucking funny seeing her at shows now because she actually thought i liked her just because i was the first person to help picked her up

3 hours later 5004841 Anonymous
>>5004566 Are you telling me if I go to a metal show I'll be able to find some douchebag hitting random people and nobody will be mad if I kick the shit out of him?

3 hours later 5004881 Anonymous
>>5004834 Shit like that is the worst. I picked up some goth chick in a Kataklysm pit (they were there with Devildriver, which is the band I went to see). She hung to me the whole night. Even followed me back into the pit for Kataklysm (where she fell down again). It's one thing to get up and say thanks or whatever, but seriously, don't fucking hang on the person that picks you up, that's just weird.

3 hours later 5004887 Anonymous
>>5004841 Kinda, yes. I've done it before. Just make sure the guy is actually being a douche.

3 hours later 5004892 Anonymous
>>5004841 people will probably try and break up the fight if you start on him or probably hit you too, metal shows are wierd

3 hours later 5004896 Anonymous
>>5004841 If you're at a deathmetal show and some faggot is punching people and trying to start fights, drag his ass outside and beat it till he learns where he's at. You don't do that hardcore shit at metal shows.

3 hours later 5004907 Anonymous
>>5002536 the house? her hair was purple

3 hours later 5004998 Anonymous
>>5004112 You're pathetic. Get out of the fucking way if you don't want to get knocked into. When I go to shows, there is a big fucking bubble around the cunts who walk into the pit because none of the guys will touch them. Other girls decide it looks like fun and after a couple minutes it's just a handful of hipster whores standing there picking up coins while the guys scatter.

3 hours later 5005019 Anonymous
>>5004998 There are no bubbles at the pits I've ever been invloved in. I feel sorry for you and all those at the shows you go to if that's common in your area. Pits in Seattle don't stop because some pussies walk into the pit.

3 hours later 5005043 Anonymous
>>5004834 >>5004881 Well fortunately I'm not that person who follows people who help me around all night, they're usually guys I at least already know by name, who specifically go out of their way to watch out for me most of the night.

3 hours later 5005045 Anonymous
>>5003994 See shit like this pisses me off when people don't even have the balls to not hit you from behind. It's so fucking cheap.

3 hours later 5005090 Anonymous
I remember, back when emos were a thing that was real, a bunch showed up at a metal show. This one guy started screaming about how everyone should stop, since this is a dance floor and not a place for violence. 4 guys grabbed him, one to each limb, and carried him through the mosh pit, where he began crying and lost his shoe. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

3 hours later 5005110 Anonymous
>>5002536 Chicago Hardcorefag here, why is it so hard for me to find dudes to go to shows with? ;_;

3 hours later 5005136 Anonymous
why are all these stories fucking "HARCORE BR00TZ" concert stories

3 hours later 5005137 Anonymous
>>5005110 talk to dudes that you see at shows all the time?

3 hours later 5005144 Anonymous
>>5005136 OP started off with a hardcore show story, other brobots shared theirs, who cares

3 hours later 5005179 Anonymous
What the fuck did I just read Did you forget to put up the reason you beat that girl up? Or did you really just tell us a story of random assault for no reason? This nigga is a bully

3 hours later 5005182 Anonymous
>>5005019 That's California for you. All the hipsters show up to Hardcore and (real) Punk shows and share their feels, smoke American Spirits, etc..

3 hours later 5005201 Anonymous
>>5005182 God that must suck. Give em a stomp for me at the next show you go to and tell em an anon in Seattle says "No pussies in the pit."

3 hours later 5005212 Anonymous
>>5005110 Al?

4 hours later 5005221 Anonymous
>>5002628 Damn, I thought metalheads were mature and shit. I didn't know they get in their feelings at a bitch making jokes or stirring shit. They just target people they don't like to beat up at concerts? Sound like some high school bitch shit

4 hours later 5005265 Anonymous
>>5005221 No, a lot of us old assholes just don't like little shits coming to shows and ruining our fun.

4 hours later 5005275 Anonymous
More stories of beating up tweens pls, laughing my ass off

4 hours later 5005301 Anonymous
>>5005265 So you beat them aren't old people supposed to be wise?

4 hours later 5005324 Anonymous
>>5005301 You're at a metal show. If you were causing shit in a park or something I'd just tell you to fuck off (and I normally do once at a metal show). If you keep being an ass I'm going to drag your spoiled little ass out side and beat some sense into you. That's just how it goes. You're lucky if the venue staff kick you out first for being a little shit.

4 hours later 5005325 Anonymous
>>5002536 >q2p2t Took me two minutes to work this out. Just get out.

4 hours later 5005328 Anonymous
>>5005201 Will do, Anon from Seattle. Reminds me of the best show I ever went to. >be 16 >at a show in SF >pre-hipster movement shows up >girls in pit, men decide to leave >circle pit time >twenty girls running around in a circle, giggling and what not, in a tiny storage unit >suddenly, a wild bear appears >6'7", 350lb body mod guy -- not even fat >joins circle pit > going the wrong way It was like watching bowling.

4 hours later 5005330 Anonymous
>>5004112 I'm 6'3" and 150 I got to shows all the time and pretty much everyone there could be the fucking shit out of me and you don't see me complaining. Also explain how you feel like you'll be "assaulted"

4 hours later 5005353 krokodil
>>5003665 I know this is a troll story but god damnit it broke my heart

4 hours later 5005354 Anonymous
>>5002536 Wow you're a fucking faggot and everything wrong with hardcore. >hur I dont like her so I'm going to use a pit as an excuse to hit her.

4 hours later 5005359 Anonymous
>>5005328 >going the wrong way Oh god, I would pay to see something like that.

4 hours later 5005361 Anonymous
>>5002928 >beat up on a girl Do you know what a slamdance is?? Clearly OP's story was an accident and anyone with a brain should know to watch their shit when they're next to the pit

4 hours later 5005379 Anonymous
>>5003665 6/10 some people will get colon collapsed.

4 hours later 5005394 Anonymous
>>5005324 Okay, do what you do but dont pretend that shit is rational

4 hours later 5005399 Anonymous
>>5005328 >going the wrong way I don't understand what this means.

4 hours later 5005412 Anonymous
>>5003945 loled pretty heartily

4 hours later 5005433 Anonymous
>>5005399 everyone normally runs in the same direction. He ran against the current.

4 hours later 5005436 Anonymous
>>5005394 Listen, I don't think it's normal for anywhere but a metal show. This isn't the 80's anymore where you just beat the shit out of anyone you don't like. But at a metal show, if you're being a huge asshole and you get told to quit, and you don't, you're gonna piss the wrong person off. And when you've pissed off the venue staff, they didn't see shit. It may not be normal anywhere else, but I'll be dammed if it doesn't still happen at about one in every ten to twelve shows I attend.

4 hours later 5005446 Anonymous
>>5005399 A circle pit is a retarded thing where everyone runs in the same direction in a circle. What fucking cool guys. There is a reason punk is dead.

4 hours later 5005476 Anonymous
>>5005436 I guess. But the problem starts when someone gets offended and annoyed over dumb shit like op and a lot if people in this thread. But I get it, every group has their own rituals and shit

4 hours later 5005484 Anonymous (circle_pit.jpg 500x332 150kB)
>>5005399 The pit is an open area where nobody stands, and is circular. All the girls were running around the edge of the circle, going the same direction (like the shitty random picture off google i attached). He went the other direction.

4 hours later 5005515 Anonymous (oshit.gif 260x190 101kB)
>>5005328 Oh jesus I'm dying here

4 hours later 5005847 Anonymous
Instant Karma >be 16 >steal a knife from my brother >sit in the park and wait for someone I could mug to come by >see these two about my age walking towards me >rush them >pull the knife out >demand their money >one throws me her purse >the other hands me 15 bucks from her pocket >total of 20 seconds >I take off running >run out of the park and across the street >duck into an alley to get the money out of the purse >counting it >59 dollars >so excited >someone comes up on my left >it's a rather large dude >tells me to give him the money >pull the knife >he grabs my wrist >twists >I drop it >he pushes me backwards >bends over and grabs the knife >I try to run >he catches me >pins me to the wall >I throw the money screaming take it >he puts the knife against my waist and cuts me >shallow quick cuts >think he might kill me >wet myself >he pulls me to the ground >cuts my thighs >gets up and gathers the money >"here's your knife" >drops it beside me >get up and limp home Jesus I never so thought of hurting or stealing from someone again.

4 hours later 5005877 Anonymous
>>5003945 FUCKING DIED LAUGHING/10 Goodjabgoodeffort I love you. Fucking 5 star post.

5 hours later 5006348 Anonymous
what is hardcore? I only listen to metal

6 hours later 5006433 Anonymous
>>5006348 it's heavier punk with shit-tier yelled vocals

6 hours later 5006489 Anonymous
>q2p2t Totes adorbes.

11 hours later 5008546 Anonymous
>>5002536 OP is a massive faggot and I'm not even whiteknighting. when you're on a concert and see someone fall down during a mosh pit, you fucking stand them up, not use the pit to hurt somebody. basic concert etiquette. I seriously hope somebody will stomp you on the next concert. also lel so edgy guiz xD

11 hours later 5008592 Anonymous
>>5003665 I like this obviously fake greentext, 8/10, would read again

11 hours later 5008640 Anonymous
What the fuck do you listen to this music for people? Hardcore and Metal? Also saw some one openly admit to being at a Slipknot gig in here. Also, what the fuck has happened to moshing where you run in a pit and do a gay little dance, when did it change from people just having a good time and running in and pushing each other?

11 hours later 5008649 Anonymous
>>5003828 >>5003828 dunno about mdma, but ghb is tasteless

11 hours later 5008660 Anonymous
>>5005847 He should have raped you.

11 hours later 5008714 Anonymous
>Be on date with girl in starbucks >Just getting to know her >She begins talking about how we should give more aid to africa >Oh shit nigger >I tell her that's a bad idea, it would be better to invest money rather than drop food and clothes on them, so that they could build up their own infrastructure and local business. Dropping food on them only helps exacerbate their overpopulation problem >She says "so you're saying there are too many africans?" >I tell her yes, the land can't support that many >Her calm demeanour disappears >She throws her (coldish) coffee remnants all over me >Shouts at me for being a bigot, tells me how awful and racist I am, what a disgusting excuse for a human being I am, etcetera >Everyone in starbucks now looking at me with hate in their eyes >wtf, that's not fair >she keeps ranting >I ask her to be quiet because she's making a scene >Shouts about how I'm selfish and how she's right to out me publicly as a racist and a terrible person >Stand up >Smack her in the face >She falls off her chair into the puddle of coffee on the floor >Silence for a moment >She starts sobbing >Take my coat, throw a five pound note on the table, leave >She tears up whenever we go past each other on campus now Felt awesome man. No repercussions.

11 hours later 5008728 Anonymous
>>5005847 You little bastard, fuck you for being a mugger

11 hours later 5008744 Anonymous
>Metal concerts I remember when I was 15

11 hours later 5008761 Anonymous
>>5002700 i used to think this. My time on /r9k/ has desensitised me to this

11 hours later 5008822 Anonymous
>>5008714 quality work robot

11 hours later 5008831 Anonymous
>>5008714 >LE MONKEY FACE! Anyone got more retarded liberal hipster Starbucks stories?

11 hours later 5008840 Anonymous
>Girl friendzones me >Made out at party with another girl >Bitch saw me kissing and got mad >Don't talk me anymore >Next week she tried to kiss one of my bros, kinda revenge mode >He didn't and tell me to get out with him >She got mad again >He got a girlfriend some weeks ago >I got a girlfriend some weeks ago too >She is still mad and don't talk to us anymore

11 hours later 5008855 Anonymous
what the hell does qt3.141 means? 3.141 = pi -> qtpi what?

11 hours later 5008863 Anonymous
>>5008855 cute-e-pie

12 hours later 5008953 Anonymous (Dafuq am I reading.jpg 738x654 106kB)
>>5003815 >call her kim jong-il NIGGA WHAT JUST WHAT

12 hours later 5009019 Anonymous (thumbs up.jpg 398x500 43kB)
>>5008714 She got what she deserved. Thank you, robot, for making the world a little bit better.

12 hours later 5009041 Anonymous
>>5005847 >instant karma Now you know better.

12 hours later 5009099 Anonymous
>>5003815 >MLP >14/15 Underageb& detected.

12 hours later 5009128 Anonymous (1300614565297.jpg 407x521 62kB)
>>5002536 >Knocks her out >Singer interrupts the show to whiteknight for her What a beta

12 hours later 5009148 Anonymous
>>5003665 agh god damn it. I know it's a troll post, but shit. Fuck you for even being able to think of something so sad.

12 hours later 5009238 Anonymous
>>5008714 Why did you throw five pounds on the table? You pay before you get your coffee in starbucks. Unless it was for her, which doesn't make sense.

12 hours later 5009281 Anonymous
>hardcore show >first band has girl lead singer >later in the night, said girl is standing on the side of the pit >random dude smacks her right in the fucking eye >she doesn't even flinch and just rubs it away I heard the fucking smack through the band that was playing at the moment. She'd probably rip my cock off. on another note >another hardcore show >somehow some sceneish band gets on the bill >old friend punches some scene girl in the face accidentally >tooth knocked out, septum knocked out, lip busted open Hardcore kids aren't dicks, people just don't know show etiquette and think they don't need to pay attention for some reason.

12 hours later 5009294 Anonymous
>>5003815 What is edgy about supporting communism, anarchism, /mlp/, PETA and hipsters?

13 hours later 5009328 Heath
>>5002536 How are any of these chicks getting what they deserved? Most of the stories are just women getting assaulted at concerts for doing nothing. Not a whiteknight but i'd prefer they were getting knocked out for actually being bitches not for no reason.

13 hours later 5009346 Anonymous (widegrin.jpg 428x510 71kB)
>>5005476 >>5005436 >>5005394 >>5005324 >5 >>5005301 >>5005265 >>5005221 >>5002628 >mfw I was at a metal festival and this one asshole gets beaten half to death and the security guards just give the attackers a high-five while they beat the hell out of the fucker

14 hours later 5009827 Anonymous
>>5005484 This looks more like a konga line than a circle pit.

14 hours later 5010069 Anonymous
>>5009328 >Implying women don't deserve it just for being women Be newer

15 hours later 5010635 Anonymous
>>5003945 Funniest shit I've ever read

15 hours later 5010716 Anonymous
Let me get this straight. OP beat up another person because he didn't like them, though they'd actually done nothing to him. Really? She "deserved" it because she was "full of shit and tumblr"? Fucking robots. OP deserves to be knocked the fuck out, not the other way around.

16 hours later 5011055 Anonymous
>>5003945 my face hurts, 10/10 story

16 hours later 5011063 Anonymous
>>5003945 Just about fucking died laughing I am a bad person

17 hours later 5011803 Anonymous
> obtained the ex's new phone number > keep stalking her on whatsapp for a month > most status and avatars/pictures were implying of how she hates my guts. > one day get rustled a status and text that bitch up > get threaten to press harassment charges > fuckthepolice.txt > give her the reality check: no friends, nobody likes you and you're a cunt > happyfrog.*

18 hours later 5012321 Anonymous
>>5003756 Didnt happen but still it gives me unusual feels

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