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2018-12-23 08:57 50008918 Anonymous (1541373460417.jpg 500x375 68kB)
>that cringy shit you did in high school that keeps you up at night what was it /r9k/?

2 min later 50008964 Anonymous
Repeating a joke after it stopped being funny

16 min later 50009215 Anonymous
>>50008918 Getting into /r9k/.

19 min later 50009253 Anonymous
>>50008918 >be me, freshman year of high school >have a THOT teacher just graduated college, she's 25 >I had her for English >Learn the method of hands free fapping >felt great >3 times a week in her class I would fap to my teacher >Other kids around me would notice me acting all stiff and shit >I try not to think about it now.

29 min later 50009429 Anonymous
>>50008918 Used to lay face down on the ground motionless and wear autistic wrap around sunglasses, back in the rage comics era I would tell my friends I was a "Memer" I want to an hero

31 min later 50009462 Anonymous
>>50009253 >learned the method of hands free fapping how do?

31 min later 50009464 Anonymous
>>50008918 During 11th grade I think, I was tired in class and fuck up this whole activity the class was doing. That shit haunts me to this day, since I looked like a fucking retard.

42 min later 50009624 Anonymous
>shitting in the pissoir >lying about it later >bullying a fat kid for poking his nose I could go on. It's pretty bad.

43 min later 50009640 Anonymous
>>50008918 >Asked out several different guys by walking up to them, saying I like you, and running away >Hallucinated a relationship with a metalhead guy for 4 months while going through psychosis, ended up walking up to him and asking to hang out after staring at him for the entire lunch period "telepathically communicating" with him, he said no >Sat at my lunch table screaming every day about random shit with my friends >Joined the MTG, programming, and LGBT after school groups >Used to be a dude weeder for a while, drew pot leaves and got sent to the office for it, when asked why I smoke weed, quoted the Beatles "I like to get high with my friends" >Was generally cringy just all throughout my school career

57 min later 50009846 Anonymous
>>50009640 >Joined the MTG, programming, and LGBT after school groups hahahahaha kill yourself

1 hours later 50009879 Anonymous
>>50009846 Too afraid to kill myself, my only fear is death

1 hours later 50009903 Anonymous
>>50009879 face your fears and die

1 hours later 50009937 Anonymous
>saying "lol","xd","pwned" on conversation >groping a girl's boob out of the blue and make her cry

1 hours later 50009978 Anonymous (9c0.jpg 426x341 31kB)
>>50008918 >have crush on girl >she had flat tits for ages after other girls developed budding mounds, yet her butt was incredible >firm, gravity-defying peachy bubble butt sticking out >diamonds whenever I walked behind her >one day we are in German class and the teacher isn't there yet >my crush has a scab on the back of her hand from some injury >showing it to people for some reason >joking about needing it kissed better >one of the other girl's says 'I bet anon will kiss it' >they look at me >mfw >she holds out her hand, palm downwards >i gingerly take it >kiss it softly and gently >i feel like I am 1000 degrees celsius, probably gone bright red >my heart is beating 200bpm >sit back down in my chair, trembling, and wait for the teacher >realise later that the girls were giggling, so much blood rushing was through my ears that I didn't notice >masturbate furiously to it later >still think about it today as a 35 year old virgin

1 hours later 50010039 Anonymous
>>50009978 At you, not with you.

1 hours later 50010155 Anonymous
>be 9th grade >end of day, last class ends >walking to meet dad at parking lot >approach car >realize i left my phone in class >oh shit gotta run fast >run as fast as the wind to retrieve phone >run past group of cuties >remember that ezio got laid in assassins creed >run like ezio auditore >they laugh at me

1 hours later 50010237 Anonymous
>freshman >piss off girl in my spanish class, i think she was a sophomore because annoying and immature >she slaps me and everyone looks and heard >kind of spergish kid anyways, so everyone on her side, listen to her talking shit about me to everyone, sitting right next to her so ignore it but really feel bad for being so stupid >try to apologize later in year >she screams "why the fuck are you talking to me", makes scene >feel like shit because i deserved it after a few more situations like this throughout hs, i finally got the message after basically a lifetime of being annoying to everyone that i should just stop interacting with people, and honestly my life has improved somewhat, or at least for those around me.

1 hours later 50010260 Anonymous
>>50010237 I meant i was annoying and immature, she was a completely normal person.

1 hours later 50010295 Anonymous
every single second of it was plagued with so much cringe that I debate killing myself everytime I see someone from Secondary School

1 hours later 50010415 Anonymous
>>50008964 repeated a joke that was never funny

1 hours later 50010563 Anonymous
>>50009462 Go on imgfap and type it in the search box

1 hours later 50010735 Anonymous
>>50009937 I knew a kid who slapped 4 girl's asses at the same time, don't know whether to consider him a predator or an absolute legend

2 hours later 50010859 Anonymous
>was a brony >orbited a girl so much that the entire class knew about it >listened to Nine Inch Nails so loud on my earbuds that everyone else in the class could hear it >had an autistic fit and threw my backpack on the ground when I heard some rumor about my crush fucking her prom date >went through a woke phase where I was constantly trying to bring shit up in class about social justice-y stuff >wrote the most god awful fiction and poetry but thought I was destined to be the next great writer So yeah there was a lot of cringed shit but now that I'm thinking about it there's one moment that always makes me feel really mad at myself when I think about it >standing outside of a graveyard with my friend >we are both edgy teens who think we are going to change the world and we're the best shit ever >start talking about how most of the dead people in the graveyard probably never accomplished anything in their entire lives, gloating over it

2 hours later 50010974 Anonymous
>>50010735 did he face any consequences ? a guy dared me to fight him after class and i body slammed him

2 hours later 50011114 Anonymous
>>50010974 I'm not certain but they probably didn't care enough to tell anyone who would do anything about it

2 hours later 50011184 Anonymous
>>50008918 >Be me with some girl I liked in a pub >Was supposed to be our first date, sort of >Was talking constantly uninteresting crap due to my fear of having an awkward silence moment >She was obviously not interested in the stuff I was saying >She goes to the bathroom and stays there for like 10-15 minutes >I'm at the bathroom entrance chatting with some friends >She comes out of the bathroom and in a moment of autism turned to 11 I yell out " DID YOU POOP?" >the look on her face >the look on my friend's face Still haunts me after all these years

2 hours later 50011207 Anonymous
>be like 13 >be in water park with family >on my own, not sure where rest of family is >suddenly see sister standing on the edge of the pool with her back turned to me >decide to scare her >go underwater and sneak-swim up to her >burst out of the water and slap her ass for some reason >she turns around >it's not my sister but an unrelated girl >she and a group of her friends stare at me with shocked, disgusted looks >I panic and slowly sink back into the water and swim away and avoid everyone for the rest of the day

2 hours later 50011209 Anonymous (feels like shit.jpg 315x308 46kB)
mumbled tf2 quotes to myself. I met a kid in freshman year who remembers me saying "im runnin circles around you" over and over. my life was basically just tf2 from the transition of 8th grade to sophomore/junior year of high school. I also couldnt talk to girls and anytime i tried it was just one giant cringefest because all i knew was tf2 and computers

2 hours later 50011216 Anonymous
>>50010735 there was a kid who was a senior when i was a sophomore who wore a mask and slapped the librarians ass and ran away before he could be caught. the principal threatened to cancel prom unless he came forward. he came forward and I dont know what happened to him after that. i dont know who it was.

2 hours later 50011228 Anonymous
Nothing. That's it. I did nothing. I didn't go outside, I didn't date, I didn't go to parties save for once. I stayed in my bedroom. That's all

2 hours later 50011233 Anonymous (drowning.png 640x626 99kB)
>>50011207 looking back on that, it must be pretty funny anon. also pic related was you

2 hours later 50011363 Anonymous (250px-Scout_taunt_laugh.png 250x364 111kB)
>>50011209 >I met a kid in freshman year who remembers me saying "im runnin circles around you" over and over.

2 hours later 50011451 Anonymous (1491089266907.jpg 261x192 8kB)
>cafeteria line has metal bars like a theme park ride >see kids hopping over them often when nobody is in line >seems easy enough >try it >fall flat on my face >staff and kids are laughing at me

2 hours later 50011491 Anonymous (sweating Solaire.jpg 200x220 10kB)
literally...everything one specific memory that haunts me even when i i am taking a shit was me saying "Deus Vult" 5 times to a guy cosplaying as Solaire of Astora one day at a costume competition

2 hours later 50011657 Anonymous
>>50011610 man is lost

2 hours later 50011684 Anonymous
>attention seeking pseudo-intellectual posting on facebook >literally used to be one of those black and white images with a quote posters and used facebook like a blog and basically an sjw before I personally heard of the term >dressed kinda eh >hung out with the wrong crowd >would have been better off alone since it led to bad activities >acted a part just to play a role in a group I never really was a part of should have just spent my time reading in the library

2 hours later 50011708 Anonymous
>>50011657 oops :3c

2 hours later 50011782 Anonymous
>walking in the school hallway >girl and i try to dodge each other to the same direction for about 4 times >try to say fuck under my breath >for some reason yell it out loud >she had the look of pure terror on her face >realised what happened about 5 seconds later and kek with my friends while dying inside

2 hours later 50011893 Anonymous
>>50008918 >QT3.14 talks to me while were both standing in the middle of the cafeteria. >because I'm such an aspie fuck my social anxiety skyrockets and my face turns beet red >she asks me what the fuck is wrong with me` >I am frozen, completely stuck, no words, nothing >she walks away >I stand there for a few more seconds then leave the cafeteria

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