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2018-12-23 08:55 50008885 Anonymous (871F82FB-C383-4899-B635-7804061DA215.gif 132x140 59kB)
Dubs decide the meaning of life Trips decide who the messiah is

15 min later 50009163 Anonymous
>>50008885 a really good poop

18 min later 50009198 Anonymous
the messiah was Terry Davis, but he died

18 min later 50009207 Anonymous
The meaning of life is whatever you want it to be.

20 min later 50009237 Anonymous (1542089341065.jpg 750x750 91kB)
>>50008885 >Dubs decide the meaning of life killing niggers, jews, faggots and enslaving women >Trips decide who the messiah is Taylor Swift

23 min later 50009296 Anonymous (13532425_f520.jpg 520x293 34kB)
the meaning of life is entertainment, and rejoicing in the downfall of subhuman zasshus Messiah = Gilgamesh

27 min later 50009338 Anonymous
>>50008885 >TempleOS >Terry Davis

55 min later 50009799 Wittgenstein
It's religion, mate.

1 hours later 50010108 Anonymous
>>50008885 the meaning of life is to live

1 hours later 50010137 Anonymous
Experience for the sake of experience is the base package, any "meaning" beyond that is up to your tastes. Meaning is a human desire.

1 hours later 50010193 Anonymous
>>50009799 And thus, originally, so it is.

1 hours later 50010251 Anonymous
>>50008885 The Messiah is Jared Kushner

1 hours later 50010255 Anonymous (1537389244943.jpg 1024x1024 57kB)
>>50008885 If pic related isn't the messiah, there's no point living

1 hours later 50010703 Wittgenstein (0f881bb33fd90eac0f6678da970eec97.jpg 768x945 61kB)
Our Messiah is our Lord Jesus Christ.

1 hours later 50010722 Anonymous
Hitler is the messiah.

1 hours later 50010749 Anonymous (pepe-the-frog.jpg 1920x1371 139kB)
>>50008885 I feel that if the messiah is to be chosen by trips, it must be kek himself

1 hours later 50010772 Anonymous
>>50008885 Nothing. There is nothing. Stop looking for things that are not there. Stop looking for excuses as to why you are miserable. It is your fault. No divine power will pull you out of this. You build yourself up or you die dark and alone. There is nothing else in this world.

1 hours later 50010806 Anonymous (eric harris.jpg 186x271 8kB)
>>50008885 >>50010790 lets try the other holy eric

1 hours later 50010807 Anonymous
The Messiah will be the next newborn Rothschild family member.

2 hours later 50010861 Anonymous (4567543436365.gif 269x198 403kB)
>>50010772 everyone dies you fucking moron. and if having people staring at you watching you die especially one you claim you love brings you comfort you're a weak maggot

2 hours later 50010896 Anonymous
>>50010861 I'm not talking about surrounded by people, I'm talking about making peace with yourself. Everyone here is insufferable and childish. No wonder nobody likes you people - you can't even begin to live with yourselves. Imagine dying with yourself.

2 hours later 50011428 Anonymous
The messiah will be a nigger

2 hours later 50011543 Anonymous (1544603126623.png 600x600 130kB)
Meaning of life: pic related Messiah: Robbie Rotten

2 hours later 50011581 Anonymous (961c0d1f3b0a67fcd121f552bdcb9db0.jpg 2250x858 342kB)
>>50008885 The meaning of life is to create the Singularity and turn the entire universe into hedonium.

2 hours later 50011612 Annoynimous
>>50008885 The meaning of life is to cross into eternal life, Jesus is the messiah

2 hours later 50011619 Anonymous (screen-shot-2017-07-05-at-9-11-44-am.png 571x175 32kB)
>>50008885 The Messiah is an AI.

2 hours later 50011647 Anonymous (11224264_1528235110829006_8372114894212124682_n.jpg 720x317 55kB)
>>50010703 >>50011612 Jesus is a kike cunt

2 hours later 50011730 Anonymous
>>50008885 The meaning of life is "kill fags without any restriction" The messiah is moon man

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